Balangan Beach, Uluwatu - 2020 (Photos & Reviews)
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About Balangan Beach

For those who love beaches and for those who want to be a part of a dream destination, head straight to Balangan Beach. Balangan Beach is a white sandy beach stretched for about 200 meters to the Indian Ocean enveloping the hues of the sunset. From scuba diving to Snorkeling, adventure lovers can have a wide experience of making this a thrilling trip. The Beach is a wonderful experience for professional surfers because the large wave makes this experience truly challenging and nerve-wracking. If you are not an adventure junkie then you need not fret because there are other ways to have a great time here.

The beach is located in a white stone hill in Pecatu located in the southern part of Bali in the Uluwatu peninsula making it one of the most famous beaches of Bali. The tropical atmosphere and the cool sea breeze make it an apt place to spend time for relaxation and a romantic day out. 
Witnesses the white sand go golden every day during sunrise and sunset where sand flows like sheer gold ingots.

Balangan Beach is featured with reefs with the longest left-hander breaks on the island which attracts a huge number of enthusiastic travelers from across the world. The beach is also called as ‘Pantai Balangan’ by the locals. There are many shacks, bars and even guest houses that perilously border the beach completing your tour of the beach. The beach is a true surfing paradise 

Balangan beach is also popular for a number of things to do in and around its vicinity. Bali has many beaches but among these glorious sanded beauties; Balangan Beach stands tall for its sheer beauty, peace and wonderful sights it has to offer. Balangan Beach is a tropical paradise for beach lovers and a heaven for those who seek peace and calm.

How to Reach Balangan Beach

The airport is located close to 18 km from the Beach. The best way to commute from the airport to the beach is by hitting the road. You can hire a car and drive but we recommend you to take a cab which will prove to be the most cost-effective way of reaching your destination. 

Best Time to Visit Balangan Beach

Balangan Beach apart from being an absolute delight keeps changing based on different settings of the weather. Weather conditions like any tropical zone are never harsh to an extreme level and each weather has something to offer.

If you enjoy sunbathing and the cheering crowds, then we recommend you to come here in the summer months between April and July. If you do not like crowds and would like to have the entire place to yourself, September and October will be your best bet. But the months from December and March are surely considered the best because the weather is pleasing and less humid.

What Not to Miss at Balangan Beach

Places to visit near Balangan Beach

Balangan beach in itself is a gratifying experience, but you can enjoy the true beauty of Bali by visiting places close to it to enhance your holiday experience. 

1. Padang Beach:
We all know that the island of Bali has some of the best beaches in the world, and among the treasures is the famous Padang Beach that is worth visiting. Like Balangan Beach, this beach is also considered great for surfing and attracts crowds all around the year. The beach is also layered with several stalls selling colorful ensembles, jewelry, sarongs and much more. The Golden sand with aqua blue waters is tempting enough to enliven your true adventurous spirit. 

2. Kayumanis Spa and retreat
: Healing is a time-taking process but with the customized packages of spa offered here, you will experience the rich Asian healing culture along with the finesse of the massage experts. Here spas are just not massages but also rituals that are conducted to interact with the body and make it stress-free. One of the finest massage places in Bali, a trip here is not to be missed. 

3. Suluban Beach
: The Beach has one of the most unique shores which is hidden in limestone formations and can be reached through the narrow steps by way of gaps in the rock. A great place for sun loungers to relax because not many crowds frequent this beach. 

4. Uluwatu temple
: Located atop a cliff 70 feet above the waves are 6 temples considered to be the true spiritual spots of Bali. The defining moments of the spot are the unmissable sunsets, the waves that hit the rocks to and from that can be viewed from the top along with the Kecak Dance that is held every day at an amphitheater close to the place. The architecture of the temple represents Bali traditions and adds to the appeal of the temple.

Things to do at Balangan Beach

For those who plan to visit Bali anytime soon, we have enlisted the best things to do at and near Balangan Beach which will keep you indulged and entertained for a long time. From engaging in adventures galore to relaxing at the shores to shopping and visiting hotspots, you can have a gala time forgetting all your woes and stress.

1. Witness the vibrant Lively Legian Beach Festival
: The outdoor beach festival conducted throughout the day and night takes place in August. The beach Bazaars come to life along with other games and eateries stalls that increase the participation of the visitors. Live music, dance, and surfing competition with local Balinese food make this festival more enjoyable and memorable.

2. Camel Safari:
One of the unusual offerings near the tropical beach is the Camel Safari The camels give you a unique tour of the beach which is one of the atypical ways to sun-soak yourself. The camel guides will assist you throughout the trip and the entire camel tour provides a great opportunity for photo sessions.

3. Beach lounging and water sports:
The azure waves and the white coast is a great place to relax and lounge in the sun. You can also participate in surfing activities along with other water sports like wakeboarding, snorkeling, parasailing and a lot more. 

4. Visit the Sea Turtle conservation cent
er: The sea turtle conservation center has endeavored to save turtles. They have put in attempts to ensure that the turtles are hatched and released safely. Truly an educational experience, this Kuta point experience is a unique way of preserving the environment and its species. 

Other Essential Information About Balangan Beach

- Location:
Balangan Beach is located in South Kuta, Badung Regency in Bali, and the beach capital of Indonesia.

Timings: The beach is open 24 hours from 12.00 AM to 12.00 PM. 

- Price: Entry to the Balangan beach is free of cost. There are no charges for local and foreign tourists.

Tips for Visiting Balangan Beach

There are no particular strict rules or regulations which you have to follow but if you are here for the first time, there are some pointers which you need to follow.

1. Your documentation especially visa verifications have to be full-proof as the Indonesian authorities are alert and very strict about any loophole.

2. If you want to get to the island as fast as possible then a taxi ride along the coastline is considered as the best way to do so.

3. The Hotels located near the beach also provide shuttle services to the beach making it convenient for the visitor to travel to and fro.

4. Carry a backpack with all the needed items like water, sunblock, goggles, a hat, and some eatables if you like so.

5. Do not surf if you are not confident enough to take on the enormous waves.

Places to Stay near Balangan Beach

There are many reasons why people love visiting Bali. One of the prime reasons to do so is to lounge on beaches, especially the popular Balangan Beach. We want you to enjoy your beach volleyball and surfs and not worry and waste time over hotel bookings. We provide a list for you to look at and book your accommodation right away.

1. The Westin Resort
: Famous for its unparalleled hospitality the Westin Resort is the most preferred place for accommodation. The resort provides a wholesome experience and has rooms designed like villas.

2. The Kana:
A beautiful and large resort that promises comfort, quality, and the best price, The Kana promises an enriching stay. It one of the most luxurious four-star properties of Bali located very close to the Beach. 

3. Hard Rock Hotel
: The iconic Hard rock bar is one of the prime attractions of this place. A prime property that is usually housed by many popular faces and natives, the Hard Rock Hotel is a hip place to visit and enjoy. 

4. Balangan Beach Amangati:
The hotel faces the beach with a fusion architecture whose designs are inspired by local Balinese culture and modern culture. This lavish abode offers easy access to the best surfing spots on the beach.

5. Flower Bud Bungalow
: Close to the beach is yet another relaxing spot in the form of bud shaped Bungalows. The place has a rustic feel to it and gives a taste into the countryside of Bali in the truest form. 
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People Also Ask About Balangan Beach

  1. Is Balangan beach worth visiting?

    Balangan Beach is one of the most visited beaches in Bali. It is a great zone for surfing and other water sports adventure activities. Yes, the Beach is surely a great visit and needs to be added to your list when you visit Bali. Apart from being a spot where you can relax, the beach is also a great place to have fun with your company.
  2. Can I visit Balangan beach with my family?

    The beach is frequented by several tourists every year and in its list of visitors are people of all ages and profiles. Hence if you visit here with family, it will be a great experience for all of them. It is also safe for kids and women, which makes Bali a safe venue to discover.
  3. What kind of Medical Facilities at/near Balangan beach?

    Usually, travelers tend to feel that they might contract some disease on their visit to a new destination but becoming ill is something that is not in our hands. Medical facilities for serious and minor injuries, Flu and temperature are easily accessible from the beach and the tourists need not worry about the same.
  4. Are ATM facilities available?

    There are many ATM points near the beach and in Bali. Good ATM facilities are also available in the non-rural areas of Lombok. Most of the international cards are accepted here and the exchange rates also are really good. Before making a withdrawal from an ATM we recommend that you check with your home bank about the charges they will levy on withdrawal. If the charges are exorbitant then it is always better to take the required amount with you.
  5. Are there any lockers available?

    Currently, no such facility is available at the beach and visitors to have to ensure that their property is safe with them.
  6. How long is Balangan Beach running track?

    The running track is close to about 200 meters.
  7. Is it possible to find sun loungers and umbrellas at Balangan Beach?

    Balangan beach is famous for surfers and loungers. Ocean lovers can enjoy the high aquamarine rides and sunbathers can rest under the very many loungers and umbrellas that are available lined at the beach already. You will be able to find a sun lounger or an umbrella if you come here on time. If you are late then the umbrellas might get occupied.
  8. Can you do camping at night on Balangan Beach?

    Balangan Beach is famous for surfing and perhaps has the largest crowd for surfing in the summer season especially. Since the beach is open to all 24 hours, you can engage in camping but you have to ensure you do it with a group rather than do it alone. There are many companies which also organize the surf camp which is an ensemble of surfing, night stay and much more included in it.