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  • There are beautiful locations for getaways in South India and some amazing team outing places in Chennai for off-site visits. A historically significant and busiest city in India, Chennai boasts of some amazing resorts, it is one of the most beautiful coastal scenic places. The Radisson Blu Temple Bay at Mamallapuram is a 5-star luxury stay preferred by the corporate teams for a short getaway with their employees for its scenic beachside location and its amazing amenities and facilities. This resort transports you into a magical world and helps you rejuvenate and relax before you step out into the real world again.

    The Ideal Beach Resort along the Mahabalipuram stretch is a beautiful resort with full amenities and facilities and has a beautiful view of the beachside. With its own private beach, this resort has a great spa with amazing therapists to help you relax and distress. This resort offers a lot of activities and recreational facilities for the whole team. Beachside Frolic Resort is one of the more affordable getaways for corporate outings and also doubles up as a heritage site.

    Ideal for hosting team building exercises, its most popular activity is the beach kabaddi and everyone ends up enjoying it. There is a museum on the premises which showcases local art and craft making it worthwhile for art lovers while providing a great cultural experience. Indeco Resort is also a beautiful heritage hotel which is in Mahabalipuram and close to the iconic Shore Temple. It still retains the old world charm of the British era and is engulfed in nature making the stay rustic and peaceful.

    Then there is Sparsa Resort in Thiruvannamalai, one of the leisure and eco-friendly resort with a Zen like atmosphere making it one of the top choices for team building outings. The Adventure Arena Resort in Andarkuppam village in Chennai has a designated outdoor adventure arena, making it great for team building exercises.

    Here are some of the most popular places in Chennai for corporate outings:

  • 01Radisson Blu Temple Bay, Mamallapuram

    The Radisson Blu Temple Bay is also another favored destination for corporate team outings as it offers only the best amenities and facilities, making it a fitting place to pamper employees for all the hard work they invest.

    The resort is a 5-star beach haven that is situated in the small but beautiful town of Mamallapuram, offering stunning views of the beach.

    This stay is also close to the main city and is perfect for a weekend team outing. The suites and rooms on offer are well-furnished and equipped with all the basic amenities, and a few surprises.

    The famous Shore Temple, a place of immense historical significance can also be viewed from the resort. These features and other facilities make the stay among the most amazing team outing places in Chennai. The peace and calm which the place offers makes it ideal for teams to host seminars or workshops over the weekends.

    One of the standout features of the resort is its spa which is equipped with all the basic facilities for visitors to enjoy a relaxing massage as well as other spa treatment which are provided by trained therapists.Ladies and gents can avail of the various beauty treatments that the spa provides.

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  • 03Ideal Beach Resort

    Ideal Beach Resort is perhaps one of the more famous beach resorts in Chennai for a team outing. Located along the famous Mahabalipuram stretch, it offers fantastic views of the surrounding beaches.

    Team outings are perfect here because they have a host of things to do to ensure that they get to interact with one another. Each of the various suites and rooms are well equipped with all the basic amenities that one can get in their own home, thereby making it among the finest team outing places in Chennai.

    The resort is also quite affordable and is therefore a hit among families, tourists and corporate teams. One of the main highlights is the spa and wellness centre which allows guests and teams to enjoy a relaxing massage as well as other beauty and body treatments. The therapists are careful and provide treatments that are best for the ailments you are suffering from.

    The other main attraction is the swimming pool which is located at the centre of the resort. Also, the stay has its very own private beach for beach team building activities and strolls along the beach. The staff and their hospitality set this place apart from other options in the area.

    They check on you at regular intervals to make sure that you have everything you need. You also can avail of room service and eat in the comfort of your room.

    Where food is concerned, the restaurant offers some amazing local as well as world cuisine that caters to a wide palate. Also popular here is the sea food prepared by the local chef. Ensuring the best for its guests, this resort is apt for a one day outing in Chennai for a large team, family, friends and couples.

  • 04Beachside Frolic Resort

    Beachside Frolic may not be one of the more well-known resorts in the vicinity but it sure makes for a perfect getaway for corporate teams that want to host their annual retreat at an affordable venue.

    The resort is unique as it is doubles as a heritage site as well, making it interesting to the regular tourist. Located not too far from the main city, this stay is ideal for hosting conferences and supporting team-building exercises. The conference hall in here can accommodate a sizeable amount of people.

    The area surrounding the resort is vast and can therefore be hired for use by a corporate team to host certain games and other fun activities among employees to ensure better bonding and revelry. In fact, beach kabaddi is a game that most teams love to play when they visit this place. The stay also has a swimming pool where a fun game of water volleyball can be played.

    It provides the perfect environment to host corporate teams for their annual getaways, making it one of the preferred team outing places in Chennai.

    In the premises of the resort is a museum that showcases some of the beautiful art and crafts of the local artisans. The team can enroll for special pottery and painting classes to relax and unwind. Another option is a pony ride on the beach.

  • 05Indeco Resort

    Considered as one of the premier heritage hotels in the area, this chain of hotels have been constructed with a firm adherence to environmental norms. The chain of hotels can be found in different parts of Chennai and are all renowned for their high quality and service standards.

    Designed by world-famous indologist, Steve Borgia, the hotel in Mahabalipuram is close to the iconic Shore Temple. The entire stay is set right in the heart of natural greenery, giving it a rustic feel and vibe. It also has a unique British charm to it in addition to it being inherently Indian in some aspects as well.

    This hotel is also home to a heritage museum in its premises. It showcases ancient artefacts and other articles of historical relevance which have stood the test of time since the end of the British Raj in India.

    The stay also has a beautiful ayurvedic centre which offers relaxing treatments and massages that are all nature-based. This place is perfect for a team outing as it offers a relaxing and peaceful environment as well as activities which will allow team members to de-stress. This makes it among the most relaxing team outing places in Chennai.

    The hotel is also perfect for teams to host seminars, workshops and retreats. A majority of corporate houses book the hotel for meetings and conferences quite frequently.

    Also, picnics and get-togethers are organized here as the hotel possesses the necessary infrastructure to support these various activities. The hotel at Mahabalipuram is special and well-known as it is walking distance from some of the important historical tourist attractions in the area.

    It is perfect for a team outing for it has the ability and infrastructure to support such large gatherings with ease.

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  • 07Sparsa Resort, Thiruvannamalai

    The Sparsa Resort is considered as one of the premier leisure resorts and in visited by a cross-section of people ranging from families, corporate houses as well as International tourists.

    Situated right in the heart of Thiruvannamali, the holy town, the resort is an embodiment of the rich cultural and religious heritage of the place. As it is not too far from the city, it is perfect for a one day outing In Chennai. The resort houses some of the best landscaped gardens with Mount Arunachala in the backdrop, providing a spectacular view and a peaceful setting.

    The entire stay is eco-friendly as every aspect of it conforms to strict environmental standards. The material used to construct the place is sustainable and environment-friendly too. It has earned the resort the distinction of being one of the best Ecotel Resorts in the world.

    Smoking and alcohol is prohibited here as it believes it goes against the very nature of its strict environmental policy. The team can relax and soak in the peaceful and zen-like atmosphere without having to worry about deadlines, client pressures and the likes.

    The entire resort embodies the essence of this historical town which dates back to the period of the Cholas in India. It is also walking distance from Mount Arunachala and is not far from the main city. The tranquil feeling that one experiences is a welcome relief from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

    The resort only serves vegetarian dishes that are wholesome and healthy to eat. The menu is custom-made to ensure that your body receives the nutrients it deserves. The stay can also be used to host special functions and wedding ceremonies in addition to birthday parties, conferences and other social events.

    The conference hall here can accommodate close to 100 people comfortably. It is great for a team gathering and other fun indoor team activities as well as team-building exercises. Therefore, this resort is regarded as one of the perfect team outing places in Chennai.

  • 08Adventure Arena

    The Adventure Arena in Chennai is located in the beautiful Andarkuppam Village which is a half an hour drive from Anna Nagar. The resort is unique because it has been specifically designed to ensure that families and teams experience the thrill of adventure.

    The world-class adventure and excitement which it provides is safe and secure for all. They follow only the most stringent rules and regulations to ensure quality service to all of its guests. The activities that this place provides are designed for various groups – families, educational institutions and corporate teams.

    What makes this place ideal for team outings is that it provides a specifically designed outdoor training program in order to enhance camaraderie, team spirit and friendships among members of the team. The arena holds the title of being the only place in Chennai to provide such activities under one roof.

    All activities cater to various age groups and levels of skills which different people who visit the place possess. There is a designated area for training and character development in addition to well-equipped and tastefully furnished accommodation for the entire team.

    The food and service are some of the main highlights of the place. The surrounding environment has a very rustic feel to it. There is a team of professional trainers and guides who are headed by a Centre Head.

    These certified guides help oversee all of the activities, rides, housekeeping, safety as well as other operations that fall under the purview of the area. The Adventure Arena is also perfect for a one day outing in Chennai.

    In order to ensure that guests receive medical aid in case of a mishap or accident, the resort has an emergency vehicle on standby as well as first aid kits and a tie-up with one of the local hospitals in the area.

  • 09Le Pondy,Pondicherry

    This premium luxury resort is unique as it is the only heritage and historical resort in the area.  A natural paradise, it is situated in historical Pondicherry and is nestled between the vast Chunnambaran and the mighty Bay of Bengal.

    This retreat celebrates the history of Pondicherry very well. It is an architectural marvel just like the other monuments and buildings found in the area. The stay also offers ayurvedic treatments and other therapeutic packages which can be availed of during all the seasons of the year.

    Some of the highlights of this program include a rejuvenation package as well as other clinical packages. These are aimed to give your skin a natural glow, thereby making you feel good.

    The packages can also be catered to suit your requirements and skin so that you get the best out of the treatment.

    The resort also has a spa which provides relaxing treatments from well-trained therapists that help ease the body and mind making it favorable spot for couples. Rejuvenate the body and mind with one of these specialized treatments that can be adapted to suit your preferences and desires.

  • 10The Windflower Resort, Pondicherry

    Another famous resort in Pondicherry, it is the perfect mix of east meets west. The stay is rooted in tradition and yet possesses modern amenities and facilities that can be found in any spa around the world. Each room here is equipped with all the basic amenities that one might require to feel right at home.

    The spacious bed offers a spectacular view from the French windows. A laundry service will ensure that your clothes are washed, dried and cleaned on a daily basis. The room staff is very obliging and provide good service.

    The resort has a huge swimming pool which is perfect for a large team on a retreat of office gathering. The team can also dine at the multi-cuisine restaurant which has an attached lounge for casual gatherings to enhance team bonding. Also, for those members of the team that enjoy keeping themselves fit there are a wide array of indoor games as well as other board games.

    In here is a modern board room and conference room which are equipped with the latest technology. These conference halls come with an attached banquet to host dinner parties and office get-togethers.

    The resort has a spa which has been inspired by the Balinese school of massage. The therapists use only natural ingredients to give you a good massage that will help ease the tension from your body as well as soothe and calm your mind.

    The therapists also employ ancient techniques which have been proven to be effective in healing the body of all aches and pains. It is ideal for members of a team who need to de-stress and relax their bodies.

  • 11VGP Golden Beach Resorts, Injambakkam

    One of the more well-know resorts in Chennai which is perfect for a team outing is the VGP Golden Beach Resorts which is situated in picturesque Injambakkam.

    Not many people, local and international, are aware of this best kept secret because it is tucked away in one of the discreet and nondescript parts of the area. The resort has its very own private beach and the isolation that it provides from the busy city life is what makes it ideal for a huge team gathering.

    The stay is luxurious and is also considered as one of the premier 5-star ones in the area. The sheer subtle grandeur and opulence leaves nothing to be desired.

    All the rooms (65 in total) offer a spectacular view of the beach, making it a joy to wake up each to the sounds of the birds chirping and the cool sea breeze gently tapping at your window. It is one of the best team outing places in Chennai.

    If you do not like the outdoors and prefer staying indoors, you can relax in your well-furnished room and make full use of the room service option available. The resort also offers its guests a range of outdoor and indoor games which will keep everyone active and spirited. There are two swimming pools for the team to relax and unwind and build new friendships.

    Also, the stay houses two large boardrooms which can accommodate close to around 300 guests and is well-equipped with the latest audio equipment.

    The resort also has a variety of food options available, catering to the specific needs and desires of the team. These restaurants serve cuisine from different parts of the world as well as some wonderful seafood dishes.

    In this stay, you can avail of the resort’s spa which offers the best massages and other treatments which are soothing and relaxing. The ayurvedic treatments on offer are preferred by a majority of guests as it ensures body relaxation.

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