Best Places To Stay in Chennai

Time and age have shown great changes in India over a few decades. Some for the best, some still struggling to put the bad things to rest. All those western influenced habits taking over the metropolitan cities, Chennai brings you the authentic flavours of traditions and culture deeply rooted from their ancestor’s kitty. The capital of Tamil Nadu and formerly known as Madras, this city had seen its establishment during the reign of British in the years of sixteen hundred and the colonial architectures left behind them are still found intact around the city, now used by the government officials. There are best and unique places to stay in Chennai, some of which are influenced by the British Architecture. Lying on the Eastern Ghats and opening up to the waters of the Bay of Bengal, Chennai even after being very close to the equator and receiving the blazing sun, the tropical weather here is wet and dry. The city feels like it is being baked every day, but the cool sea breeze keeps the population calm helping them go about their day to day lives.


The food habits of the city followed by the people here also focus on keeping their bodily systems cool and hence when you are traveling here you will unconsciously start living their life styles and before you realise it, you are one of them. Strolling the streets of the biggest Coastal city in Tamil Nadu, you will encounter stalls selling tender coconut water at the turning of every corner and quick-bite vegetarian joints, serving their authentic dishes all over the city. Chennai is rich in diversity with some of the most ornamental religious architectural establishments enchanted with the tales of the past and flooded with devotees coming from all over the world to complete their pilgrimage. At any given time of the year, this city is always vibrant with the celebrations of festivals. It could be the celebration of harvesting season or the birth of a Prophet, this city knows how to keep you engaged. One can the best and most unique places to stay in Chennai.

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Chennai Stays FAQs

Which are the best resorts to stay in Chennai?

You can always find a good reason for a little celebration. Long holidays, family time, fun with friends, happy get together, festivities and occasions; whatever might be the case Chennai has some of the best resorts around the city to add more value to your memories. The simple gestures of the hospitality teams in the below mentioned Resorts will covet your minds to extend your stay longer:

Orchid Resorts
Southern Mermaid Resorts
Signature New Cloud 7 Resort
Golden Bay Resort
Samarah Villa and Resort
Meenakshi Resort

Which are the best beach resorts to stay in Chennai?

Vacationing in Chennai would pretty much be incomplete if the waters of the seas were not visited by you. For the ones who are all about long walks on the sandy beaches, watching the sun going down in the horizon, Beach Resorts in Chennai is an ideal pick for stays. When the scorching sun is brightly shining over this enormous city, one can always stay indoors and enjoy the whistles of the sea. Following are some of the best options in Chennai for a Beach Resort to suit your budget:

Blue Lagoon Beach Resort
Beach Park and Club Resort
Golden Sun Beach Resort
Silver Sands Resort
InDeco Resort
Mamalla Beach Resort

Which are the best places for camp stays around Chennai?

When the need to disconnect from the world and social media arises, one of the liberating actions to indulge in is to get away and get camping. Hiking up the heights, skipping over cracks, swimming into freedom and lying in the arms of nature, quietly breathing the fresh air rejuvenates the soul from within to set off for future conquests. Chennai city has some of the best camping sites and tours only a few kilometres away from all that chaos one has to deal with every day.

  • Bamboo Rustles Camp - Konganepalli
  • Mango Orchard Camp – Sri City Tada
  • Vineyard Camp – Cumbum Valley
  • Adventure Sports Camp - Madurantakam

Which are best places to stay near Chennai International Airport?

Chennai known for being masters in the industries of manufacturing, technology, healthcare, research centres and many others, has evidently brought in more and tourists to this city on purpose of business. With no time to waste, people are always in a hurry to wrap-up their meetings and dealings quick and head back to their routine destination. In such instances checking-in close to the airport is ideal and below are some of the budgeted and luxurious stays for travellers to opt from:

  • Quality Inn Airport
  • Trident Chennai
  • ITC Grand Chola
  • Lemon Tree
  • Hablis
  • Hotel NK Grand Park
  • Saibala Grand
  • Treebo Grand Marena

Which are the best homestays in and around Chennai?

Looking for a home away from home to lay your head for a few days and get some rest while you are in the land of Chennai? Rich with traditions and culture, Chennai offers some of the most authentic homestays serving the most bona fide cuisines and embracing you with the most humble livelihood lead by the people from this city. The homestays are well equipped and provide the best of the facilities of the hotels at affordable budgets and within your convenience.

  • Krithika Homestay
  • Soukya Homestay
  • Easdale
  • Ekta Homestay
  • Bhuvi Home Stay
  • Veedu
  • Aditi Homestay

What are the best romantic resorts in Chennai for couples?

Been long since you have spent some quality time with your loved one? Both of you feel the need of closeness away from the daily hectic lives keeping you apart? It can also be one of those private celebrations only in each other’s presence and the assuring warmth that still lingers between the two of you demanding for a little attention too. Chennai houses some of the best romantic resorts for the joining hearts of the couple to find a great get away.

  • Hudson Hotels & Resorts
  • Pleasant Days Resort
  • Ayur Resorts
  • Green Meadows Resort
  • The Grand Beach Resort
  • Aqua Green Hotel and Resort
  • The Leela Palace Chennai

Which are the best places to stay within 100 Km of Chennai?

Stretching over the Eastern Ghats and touching borders with the neighbouring states, Tamil Nadu is naturally blessed with the beauty of flora and fauna. From Stoney Mountains to lush green cliffs to tropical forests to sandy beaches, Chennai gives you many reasons to step outdoors and explore a place not seen before for those long weekends lined up in your calendar. For your leisure breaks, following are the best place to stay within 100 km away from Chennai:

  • Mahabalipuram – Welcome Hotel Kences Palm Beach, Grande Bay Resort and Spa
  • Kanchipuram – Pine Tree, Regency Kanchipuram
  • Pondicherry – The Windflower Resort, Le Pondy, Ocean Spray

Which are the most luxury resorts in Chennai?

The coastal City of Chennai has been a traveller destination for many around the globe. The ones in love with the heat of the sun, cannot get enough of this place. The population living here often looks for a break from their lives, yearning to indulge in the comforts of hospitality and service. If you are looking to pamper yourself away from all the daily chaos and juggles, below are some of the best luxury Resorts in Chennai to scoot for a blissful rest:

  • Radisson Blu Resort Temple Bay
  • MGM Beach Resort
  • Fisherman’s Cove – Vivanta by Taj
  • Chariot Beach Resort
  • Country Club Jade Beach Resort
  • Ideal Beach Resort

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