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About Mahabalipuram

Mahabalipuram is a small town situated in the southeastern part of Tamil Nadu, stretching between the Bay of Bengal and the Great Salt Lake. It is a renowned representative city of our rich Indian culture and heritage. It is mainly a seaport, which lies 58 km away from the capital city Chennai.

Mahabalipuram is a place that is famous for its temples and monuments, especially the very famous Shore Temple. It consists of three temples built in one single complex, that was constructed way back in the 8th century. Another famous temple is the Pancha Rathas.

As the name suggests- they are a group of five temples sculpted in the form of chariots. The Descent of the Ganga is a giant rock with an open mouth in the form of sculpture. Some other popular tourist attractions in Mahabalipuram are Arjuna’s Penance, the Crocodile Farm, the Cave temples, the Indian Seashell Museum, Krishna’s Butterball. Along with these, there are innumerable monoliths, temples and stone carvings that are a testimony to the rich cultural heritage of India.

Even though Mahabalipuram is a small town situated in the suburbs, it is well connected by buses and cars because of its immense popularity amongst Indian and even foreigners. These buses ply from different parts of Chennai, Chengal Pattu and Kanchipuram.

The weather here remains cool and moderately humid throughout the year, which makes it possible to visit any time of the year, even though the best time to visit is between October and March. The town is well equipped with multiple accommodations according to the tourists’ choice and budget. Local restaurants, as well as multi-cuisine restaurants, are available for a culinarily rewarding trip as well. The local language spoken here is Tamil, although the locals are fluent in other languages like English and Hindi as well.

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Mahabalipuram FAQ's

Travel advice:

  • Climate: Mahabalipuram is rather hot on most of the days. The heat is sticky and stifling. It is thus, crucial to consume plenty of water for the well-being of your body. Ensure that you drink more than you sweat and one of the most important things is to carry bottled water around. Not only is it convenient but also quite for your journey throughout the way.

  • Choose the right stay: No matter what location or destination one plans on spending their holidays at, it is essential that certain travel tips are kept in mind. Hence, if you’re still in the stage of hatching your plans for Cochin, make sure that you plan well and plan well ahead of time. Make a good, well-researched note of all the important information like accommodation options, local transportation, hospitals, restaurants, resorts and more. It is quite obvious that you’d want to experience a hassle-free journey if you’re actually spending money on your holidays.

  • Don’t follow the locals blindly: Mahabalipuram is a small location. Majority of the people over here are quite helpful too. But like any other vacation spot, it is important that the locals are not followed blindly. If you need directions around the place, get that sorted at the hotel desk itself.

  • Beware of sham services: Travellers must remain aware of who they are hiring as guides. Past experiences have led many to be involved in a scam wherein either their property was stolen or the services were overpriced. This can really trample one’s travel experience. Hence, it is essential that one plans well and one plans well ahead of time.

  • Travellers’ sickness: Travellers travelling to any destination in the whole have the potential of developing the travellers’ diarrhea. People consume contaminated water or food and fall sick. However, make sure that you have bottled water throughout your journey in the city of Mahabalipuram.

  • Health is wealth: Mosquitoes are everywhere and one bite will surely be quite costly. It is better to be safe than sorry and thus one must always use spray-one repellents and avoid being in regions that are inhabited by mosquitoes.

  • Expect power cuts, slow life: Mahabalipuram holds great traditional relevance. However, it is not as developed as India’s ultra-modern cities such as Delhi and Mumbai. It remains backward in certain aspects. Chances are, you might experience powercuts during some period of the day. It is usually between 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. So be prepared.

  • Drinking laws: If you do not hold proper identification, then you might have some trouble obtaining alcohol around this place. Bars and clubs over here ask for IDs. However, purchasing alcohol to take to your room won’t be a problem as local vendors need to make their bread too at the end of the day.

Things to do in Mahabalipuram

  • Spiritual oneness at the Shore temple: Shore Temple is an evident name – and yes, it literally does lie by the shore of Bay of Bengal. The golden colored temple against the beautiful blue backdrop of the sky is certainly something that will leave you amazed. In fact, this temple has also been declared a UNESCO heritage site and said to be among the only surviving temples of the seven such temples that were built originally.

  • Visit the Pancha Rathas: This is among the primary attractions in Mahabalipuram. These rock-cut temples will leave you mesmerized and thinking how people may have been able to envision and thereafter built this structure. You must visit this structure at least once while you’re in Mahabalipuram. This will truly make your day.

What will you like in Mahabalipuram:

  • Indulge in the openness of Arjunas Penance:  You must not visit this while you’re in Mahabalipuram. Also known as the Descent of the Ganga, this location stretches across 100ft in length and is situated approximately 45ft high with intricate carvings of humans, elephants and what not.

  • Get a glimpse at Krishna’s butter ball: This piece of structure defines gravity. Approximately 16ft in diameter, this butter ball balances itself on a slope. Many attempts have been made to bring this down but none have been successful. It’s truly a wonder.

Books to read on Mahabalipuram: Seven Pagodas of Mahabalipuram.

Mahabalipuram Reviews

Shubha Mukhopadhyay
Reviewed: 17 Sep 2021
It's a great area to hang out with friends and have a nice time. The service was excellent, and the environment was clean and sanitary. I tell my friends and family about the difference between this hotel and others. We are looking forward to returning. I hope to see you soon. It was a nice room wit... Read More
Anuja Achari
Reviewed: 18 Jul 2021
Some of the things that impressed me most about this property were the deluxe rooms we stayed in, the proximity to the beautiful beach and the gorgeous seafood prepared by their in-house chef. If you are looking for a hotel in Mahabalipuram, I would definitely recommend this one!
Deepak Gupta
Reviewed: 07 Jul 2021
We stayed at the Radisson Blu for a relaxing, beachside weekend getaway and we were very impressed with the facilities and amenities at the Radisson Blu. The experience was handled expertly by Thrillophilia.
Aaryan Gowda
Reviewed: 20 Mar 2021
Overall, it was a great and refreshing experience during my stay at Radisson Temple Bay with my family. The landscape, the surroundings, the ambience, and everything else was very good here. We loved exploring the resort. The food here was a bit on the expensive side, but it was still quite good. Wo... Read More
Devvrat Adiga
Reviewed: 12 Mar 2021
We stayed at the Family Room of the resort. The room was super spacious, clean & well-equipped. Food served at breakfast was tasty. Pool, spa, and kid's play area were well-maintained. A good location for a refreshing stay.
Simarpreet Kaur
Reviewed: 31 Jan 2021
Absolutely in love with the resort, surroundings, views, and services. Everything was beyond expectation. Would visit here again and stay in the same resort and book it with the Thrillophilia team for their best prices.

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