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Resorts in ECR Chennai for Team Outing

Resort Name Amenities Resort Type
Ideal Beach Resor Beach Olympics, beach volleybal, Swimming Pool 4 star
Radisson Blu Temple Bay Serena Spa, Beauty Treatments 5 star
Golden Sun Beach Resort Multi-Cuisine Restaurant 4 star
Blue Lagoon Resort Huge Cricket Ground, Swimming Pool 4 star
The Green Coconut Resort Team Activities, Multi-Cuisine Restaurant 4 star
  • While you are working in Chennai there are a lot of resorts in ECR Chennai for team outing. As you know that meeting work deadlines, managing stress and relationships has now become a juggling act. To offer respite, most corporates in India decide to take an annual retreat for their team to come together and enhance skills.

    The ECR stretch is a great choice as it is famous for some of the picnic spots and the abundance of greenery around. It is dotted with some of the city’s best amusement parks in addition to white sand beaches, multiplexes, themed restaurants, fishing hamlets, and a slew of heritage sites. The East Coast Road is proximate to OMR, considered as the IT hub of Chennai, thereby making it a preferred destination for the weekend.

    Some of the options for team outing are Chariot Beach Resort, VGP Golden Beach Resort, Green Meadows, Greens Klubs Beach Resort, Confluence, Ayur Resorts, Hudson Hotels and so on. These resorts are best know for theor excellent services. Indulge in some exciting team building activities and built some strong bonds with your team mates. Another interesting thing about these resorts is their vicinity which makes each of them special.

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  • 01Ideal Beach Resort, Mahabalipuram

    Ideal Beach Resort, Mahabalipuram

    The Ideal Beach Resort is one of the most famous beach resorts that one can find along the stunning Mahabalipuram stretch, making it the perfect place for a team outing. It provides some spectacular views, great service and amazing cuisine. 

    The retreat offers a host of varied amenities and facilities that make for a good stay. In here are a wide range of things to do, be it enjoying the indoor and outdoor game arena or the swimming area. One of the major perks of planning a team outing at this resort is that it is affordable and also provides some world-class facilities.  

    The spa and wellness centre are the most visited by the people who come here. The therapists here offer some world-class spa and massage treatments, using techniques that have been passed on for years. These techniques have been adopted with the sole aim of providing individuals a release from their stressful schedules.

    The resort also has one of the biggest swimming pools on the stretch along with its very own private beach where you and the team can hold team bonding beach activities like Beach Olympics, beach volleyball and sand castle building.

    The stay is situated right in the heart of nature. You will be surrounded by cool sea air as well as the fresh morning breeze that will greet you when you wake up. The rooms in the resort are well-equipped and furnished tastefully. The service staff is helpful and provides an excellent customer service. If you and your team are fond of seafood then you have come to the right place as this resort is famous for its seafood.

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  • 02Plan Your Corporate Team Outing

    Plan Your Corporate Team Outing
  • 03Radisson Blu Temple Bay, Mamallapuram

    Radisson Blu Temple Bay, Mamallapuram

    The resort is considered to be one of the luxury resorts in the area and is located in the historic and peaceful seaside town of Mamallapuram.

    It provides a great view of the beach, making it one of the most beautiful resorts in ECR Chennai for team outing. The resort is only around 65 km from the main city of Chennai. It has some of the best rooms and suites on offer that are luxurious and elegantly furnished.

    You and your team can also catch a glimpse of the famous Shore Temple from the resort. Close to the IT hub of the city, the stay is also ideally located for business meetings, seminars and retreats as well as other conferences or development and team-building exercises.

    One of the highlights of the stay is The Serena Spa which is the new facility stacked with all the essential requirements that a regular spa visitor might require. The spa is separated on the basis of gender and it also possesses a large relaxation desk as well as facilities for beauty treatments.

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  • 0420% Off Adventure and Theme Based Team Outing

    20% Off Adventure and Theme Based Team Outing
  • 05Golden Sun Beach Resort, Mahabalipuram

    Golden Sun Beach Resort, Mahabalipuram

    The Golden Sun Hotel and Beach Resort is another picturesque resort dotting the ECR beach stretch and is proximate to the historical town of Mahabalipuram.

    It is highly visited and one of the best resorts in Chennai ECR. The stay is situated just north of the beach stretch and is the perfect location for annual team outings, corporate events.

    The resort has around 60 well-maintained rooms and you and your team will be attended to by genial staff that maintains high service standards. The resort offers some of the most stunning beach views as well as a giant swimming pool which is open for almost 12 hours a day making it favorable for romantic getaways.

    he rooms in here are well-maintained, spacious and offer modern amenities. The resort has a small but fancy pool pub which can serve as a great meet and greet place for the entire team. The area surrounding the pool is decked with sun chairs for a little rest and relaxation.

    One of the other main highlights of the resort is its multi-cuisine restaurant which serves food from different parts of the world and caters to the specific needs of its guests.

    In order to facilitate team-building activities, you and your team can use the conference and banquet halls which are spacious and well-equipped with sound.  This resort is the perfect getaway for you and your team.

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  • 06Blue Lagoon Resort, Neelankarai

    Blue Lagoon Resort, Neelankarai

    The ECR Road has some of the best beach resorts in the city. The entire stretch offers individuals a break from the mundane routines of everyday life, a chance to escape the stress and deadlines for a well-deserved break, thereby making it one of the most relaxing resorts in ECR Chennai for team outing.

    The Blue Lagoon resort in Neelankarai on the ECR stretch is one such place that embodies the calm and quiet that the entire region is known for.Founded as early as 1978, this resort has undergone several development initiatives to re-model it to suit the modern times.

    It offers all the latest amenities and facilities that you and your team might require during your stay. In fact, over the years, the resort has been frequented and patronized by some of the city’s leading IT and multinational companies.

    Covering a vast area of close to 10 acres, this stay possesses lush green lawns which are perfect for team outings and retreats. The surrounding scenery and the amazing backdrop have even been featured in some famous TV series and films in Chennai. Also, the resort has witnessed a number of corporate parties and events in addition to weddings and other ceremonial occasions.

    With most rooms and cottages sea-facing, the resort offers some spectacular views. There is a swimming pool and a huge cricket ground for sport lovers.  

    The open expanse that the place offers is great to have some fun activities in order to build team spirit. Also, the stay has a conference hall which makes it convenient to host a seminar or a talk with the team. With this balance of fun and relaxation it is no wonder that most corporate houses always opt to bring their teams to this resort for their retreat.

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  • 07The Green Coconut Resort, Muttukadu

    The Green Coconut Resort, Muttukadu

    The Green Coconut Resort is located in the famous and historical town of Mahabalipuram, and is one of the best resorts in Chennai ECR.  

    It is a scenic spot for team outings and retreats as it is very near to the Muttukadu Beach. This place is ideal for a corporate retreat as well as a favoured destination for honeymooners, beach lovers and pleasure seeking families who all flock to the resort as it is affordable and budget-friendly.

    This resort should be your team’s chosen destination for a sojourn as it is located right in the lap of nature as well as on the banks of the famous Muttukadu backwaters on the ECR road.The stay possess close to 50 spacious and well-equipped rooms and suites that have nature-inspired décor and furniture.

    Further, you and your team can satiate your appetite with a range of meals available at the multi-cuisine restaurant. The beach which is only a stone’s throw away is perfect for a late-night stroll or some fun team activities.

  • 08Country Club Jade Beach Resort

    Country Club Jade Beach Resort

    The Country Club Jade Resort is popularly known as a premium beach resort which has a lot to offer with respect to recreational facilities as well as world-class amenities. Spread across nearly 34,000 sq ft, this is one of the popular resorts on the ECR stretch.  You and your team can enjoy the various facilities that are on the offer such as a multi-gym for the fitness enthusiasts, a bar lounge that is a great place to kick back and relax with other members from your team, multi-cuisine restaurant that serves only the best food from around the world and some of the best rooms and suites anywhere in the vicinity.

    Also, the conference room is large enough to accommodate close to 1500 people at one time and is the perfect place to hold seminars and team morale boost sessions. The lush green gardens will serve as the perfect spot to host picnics and other fun activities.

    The large swimming pool will also help you and your team chill out and can be the place where some fun team events can be held like pool volleyball. You and your team could also take a long stroll on the resort’s private beach and cool off in the sea water or just enjoy the view from your room or suite.

  • 09One day Outing at Silver Sands Beach Resort, Mahabalipuram

    One day Outing at Silver Sands Beach Resort, Mahabalipuram
    • d1 Day
    • lChennai
    • NNNNN26 ratings
    • supplier
      Code: 4665813

    About the Activity:

    • This beachside resort located amongst stunning Casurina trees provides you with a pleasing stay experience. Delight in the clear views of the Bay of Bengal.
    • Satiate your adventure thirst by indulging in an array of available adventure activities.
    • Brace yourself for a thrilling rock climbing and rappelling adventure along with your entire gang.
    • You can also have some beach side fun while indulging in activities like beach volleyball, beach cricket, throw ball, darts, football and snooker.
    • Take a break from the cobwebs of routine life and have a refreshing stay experience while indulging in scores of obstacle course and other in-house activities.

    Meal Types: Welcome drink, vegetarian lunch and evening tea/coffee and snacks

    Accommodation Types:  Standard rooms on double occupancy

    Activities: Rock climbing, rappelling, obstacle course, beach volleyball, beach cricket, throwball, darts, football and snooker

  • 10One Day Outing at Ovm Resorts in Kumbakonam

    One Day Outing at Ovm Resorts in Kumbakonam
    • d1 Day
    • lKumbakonam
    • NNNNN35 ratings
    • supplier
      Code: 2973548

    About the Activities:

    Holidayers! A good beach getaway this weekend awaits you in Chennai and its long, lush grounds! Experience tranquility and peace with your loved ones with a one day out in the beautiful grounds of the OVM Resorts in Chennai! A luxury resort located on the Asoor By-Pass road Kumbakonam, this resort is surrounded by coconut trees and lush greenery with landscaped gardens. The resort has one of the largest swimming pool in TempleTown and it has fulfilled a long felt need of elite tourists and pilgrims who pay a visit to the major temples and heritage centers in and around Kumbakonam.

    OVM Resorts is a pure symbol of harmony and peace. This is a place where people join hands and come together to create long-lasting relationships. The resort has a strong team dedicated to catering to the needs of each valued guest in the resort! The courteous and professional staff, concierges, housekeeping, room service, waiters are entirely devoted to meet your every desire, and no effort is spared to make your stay at the OVM resorts unforgettable. Lounge in the pool and revel in the expanse of the amazing ambience of the place! 

  • 11Day out at Esthelle Resorts, Mahabalipuram

    Day out at Esthelle Resorts, Mahabalipuram
    • d1 Day
    • lMahabalipuram-1
    • NNNNN41 ratings
    • supplier
      Code: 2361364
    A day out at Esthelle Hotel and Resorts located along the the IT corridor in ECR, Chennai promises to be an unforgettable one. The resort lies sprawling over 30 Acres of land area which means you can stay in utmost peace and quietness. Get away from the city for a while and revel in the lavish green surroundings where you will be spoiled at Nature's lap! The gardens are beautified with more than 5000 trees. 

    The resort is also an impeccable venue for events like wedding, engagement and other celebrations that can be carried out in astounding fashion! Esthell The Village Resort is 30 sections of land of boundless fun! 

    A day ou at the  Esthelle Hotel Resorts will open you up to the relaxation of taking a dip in the flawless swimming pool, or simply challenge each other to a game of carrom or volleyball and even cricket. Take pleasure for granted at this stunning resort!

     Meal Types: Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian

  • 12Day outing At Green Meadows, Chennai

    Day outing At Green Meadows, Chennai
    • d1 Day
    • lChennai
    • NNNNN39 ratings
    • supplier
      Code: 6064540
    About the Activity: 
    About 100mts away from the Palvakkam Beach, a day out at Green Meadows Resorts is surely a memorable experience amongst luxury and history.
    It is here that art and old age hospitality meets the modern amenities in a stunning interaction.
    The resort is modeled on the lines on an authentic Kerala home and is decorated with intricate woodwork that is the underlying charm. Located on the East Coast Road, the resort is surely a surprising and pleasing getaway.

  • 13Day outing at Greens Klub Beach Resort, Chennai

    Day outing at Greens Klub Beach Resort, Chennai
    • d1 Day
    • lChennai
    • NNNNN35 ratings
    • supplier
      Code: 5141721
    About the Activity:

    Reconnoiter a lost bond with nature with a relaxing day out at the Greens Klub Resort! Take off witha  selct few of your loved ones and relax in the calmness of rich, green surroundings! The resort places you in the lap of rustic luxury with an access to an exclusive club. Located just 63km from Chennai on the East Coast Road, it rests on the eco-friendly principle and is beautified with lush pastures and lawns that will please ou.
    There is nothing better than the calm feel of being ispending quality time with your loved ones, all with facilities that are comparable to a 5 star hotel! In the day outing package you can avail 2 course non-veg lunch, evening tea and snacks along with access to the games facilities.
  • 14One Day Paintball Adventure in Chennai

    One Day Paintball Adventure in Chennai
    • lChennai
    • NNNNN40 ratings
    • supplier
      Code: 1503880
    About the Activity:
    • Have you experienced the sheer thrill of shooting coloured bullets while dressed like a gamer from Counter Strike? This weekend, gear up for a fun and exciting one day paintball adventure in Chennai with your loved ones, corporate team or friends.
    • This adventure games provider has created the ultimate experience in Paintball excitement, semi automatic mayhem from the games you play, to the fields you play on.
    • Paintball is a sport in which players eliminate opponents from play by hitting them with dye filled, breakable oil and gelatine paintballs usually shot from a carbon dioxide or compressed air powered paintball maker.
    • The game has driven people into a frenzy, running and screaming like a maniac behind their terrified friends. So, again, what are you waiting for? The packages you can avail are: 

    • Package 1: Weekend package, reload of 50 paint balls (Minimum requirement of 5 people)
    • Package 2: Weekday package, reload of 50 paint balls (Minimum requirement of 5 people)

  • 15One day outing at Confluence Resorts, ECR, Chennai

    One day outing at Confluence Resorts, ECR, Chennai
    • d1 Day
    • lChennai
    • NNNNN37 ratings
    • supplier
      Code: 4543150
    It is time for you to head out for a fun and exciting holiday season with your loved ones! Take time off this week and head for an interesting one day out to the Confluence Resorts in Chennai with your loved ones.  Located close to Mahabalipuram, a UNESCO World Heritage Centre, Confluence Banquets & Resorts is situated on the edge of green belt around Chennai, with backwaters forming the backdrop. Confluence presents an amazing opportunity to escape from the hectic daily routine of city life! Escape into the arms of the resort and embrace the holistic ambience of the place in the company of your friends and family. The package you can avail is One day outing  with morning tea, 2 course Non Veg Lunch, Evening Tea / Coffee with snacks and indoor games. 

    Meal Types: Mixed Menu (Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian) 


  • 16Day Outing to Hudson Hotels, Resorts and Spa, Chennai

    Day Outing to Hudson Hotels, Resorts and Spa, Chennai
    • d1 Day
    • lChennai
    • NNNNN33 ratings
    • supplier
      Code: 8010274
    The weekend beckons you to relax in the arms of nature and luxury! Pack a day bag and head for a fun day outing to the Hudson Hotels, Resorts and Spa in Chennai and let the vibes of the resort make you forget your weeks stress! Hudson Hotels, Resorts and Spa is Sriperumbadur's first luxury resort located between the Oragadam junction and Bangalore highway and has a variety of amenities that you can enjoy with your friends and family alike! The resort is home to acres of lush green landscape, luxury accommodations, fine dining, signature lounge bar, wellness centre, fully equipped conference halls coupled with wildlife, fun filled activities and total relaxation, we assure a blissful experience to our guests. Set over 3 acres of land, the resort features 52 air conditioned rooms and suites. Its close proximity to the business, industrial, religious and tourist attractions make it a hot spot for all those who seek solace and solitude from the busy city life!

    Meal Types: Mixed Menu (Vegetarian and Non-vegetarian)

    Activities: Usage of swimming pool, and other indoor and outdoor games like carom, chess, cricket, and volley ball

  • 17One Day Outing at Ayur Resorts, ECR, Chennai

    One Day Outing at Ayur Resorts, ECR, Chennai
    • d1 Day
    • lChennai
    • NNNNN25 ratings
    • supplier
      Code: 9782927

    About the Activity:

    You need to pamper yourself and indulge in luxury that lets you relax completely! Head for a luxurious and serene one day outing to Ayur resorts in Chennai with your loved ones and all your friends and engage in the activities that are kept in store for you there! Ayur Resorts is nestled majestically among 2 acres of exotic landscaping, whispering fountains and shimmering water bodies. The Ayur Resorts is a serene and luxuriant oasis of pure relaxation, comfort and pampering. This lush and well-maintained resorts is spread over 2 acres of lush, green, calm, exotic colourful yielding trees and well-maintained herbal gardens at Mudaliarkuppam village and makes for a 30 minutes pleasant drive from Mamallapuram to Pondichery, the most famous scenic beach highway East Coast Road (ECR). The TTDC boat house (Mudhaliyarkuppam) and Alamarakottai serve as a tourist destination just 3kms from the resort. Grab your friends and head to this place for a memorable day out and enjoy your day away from the office! 

    The package you can avail is: One day outing from 10:00AM to 06:00PM which will include welcome drink,  a two course non veg lunch, evening tea/coffee with cookies and usage of swimming pool and games as mentioned above. Events and adventure activities can be carried out by the resort on special request

  • 18One Day Outing at Soorya Beach Resort, Chennai

    One Day Outing at Soorya Beach Resort, Chennai
    • d1 Day
    • lChennai
    • NNNNN39 ratings
    • supplier
      Code: 1992591
    This holiday season, head for the serenity of the beaches in Chennai, in style! The Soorya Beach Resort is ideally situated on a secluded white sand beach at Periya Mudaliar Chavadi (near Auroville). Soorya Beach Resort, a sister concern of Hotel Soorya International and Soorya Heritage Inn, has tastefully set and maintained state of the art rooms and sea facing cottages, sea facing rooms have a fabulous private balcony overlooking the sandy beach and the sea. Soorya Beach Resort is an ideal venue for relaxing on a short holiday and boasts of affordable luxury. The resort has all modern facilities, a separate garden restaurant, a rooftop restaurant, a massage centre and a well-equipped gym. The hotel also boasts of a full range of audiovisual equipment, a fully trained, professional and caring staff so that every need related to its guest stay is anticipated and taken care of in a timely manner. Head to the resort for a fun and exciting time and revel in pure relaxation while you are here!

    Package 1: One day outing from 10:00AM to 05:00PM only on weekdays per person which will include breakfast, lunch and evening tea and snacks and all activities such as outdoor games like volleyball and football and access to swimming pool and children’ play area, etc

    Meal Types: Mixed Menu (Vegetarian and Non-vegetarian)

    Activities: Children’s park, play area, volleyball and badminton courts, swimming pool

  • 19One Day Outing at Meenakshi Holiday Resorts, Chennai

    One Day Outing at Meenakshi Holiday Resorts, Chennai
    • d1 Day
    • lChennai
    • NNNNN24 ratings
    • supplier
      Code: 4188781

    About the Activity:

    Located along the picturesque location of Chennai’s East Coast Road, a day out at Meenakshi Holiday Resorts will delight the most avid travellers with its spread of activities, landscaping and health and recreation options. Meenakshi Holiday Resorts, is the most perfect getaway for those seeking  fun, adventure, relaxation and calmness.

    Take a calming dip in the beautifully landscaped swimming pool, well-manicured gardens and the spacious dining hall where you can enjoy a delicious meal with all your loved ones. Find time to do what you always wanted to do; have fun, recline and refresh amidst natural beauty and manmade luxuries around you. You can also indulge in various games such as Snooker, Table Tennis, Badminton (Indoor), Carom and Basket ball court. You can also embark on a day out at the Bay and warm your hands by a merry bonfire at a designated area which is spread over one acre. Let your kids also have fun at the play park which is replete with all fun toys that kids would love to play with!

  • 20One Day Outing at The Blue Bay Beach Resorts, Mahabalipuram

    One Day Outing at The Blue Bay Beach Resorts, Mahabalipuram
    • d1 Day
    • lChennai
    • NNNNN26 ratings
    • supplier
      Code: 8595420
    Blue Bay Beach Resort in Chennai is a whole world apart that will guarantee you a relaxing as well as fun time with your loved ones. Head for fun one day outing at the Blue Bay Beach Resorts in ECR, Chennai and enjoy this amazing party place! This beautiful resort is located just 25km away from the vast Bay of Bengal, making it a treat for all beach lovers to spend a day with the waves! The resort is adorned with elegantly furnished rooms and cottages directly ahead of the private beach that you can frolic in. Swim, laze around, lie in the hammock among the palm trees, spend your day on the private beach resort in Chennai ECR collecting shells or you can have dinner in the ocean side - restaurant overlooking the sea or have a party at the discotheque which will be reserved only for you to make it your night of the day well spent!

    The package you can avail is as follows: One day outing from 10:00AM to 06:00PM which will include welcome drink, vegetarian and non-vegetarian buffet lunch, evening tea/coffee with snacks and games as mentioned above. Usage of swimming pool is complimentary for 1 hour.

  • 21One Day Outing at The Anora Beach Resorts, ECR, Chennai

    One Day Outing at The Anora Beach Resorts, ECR, Chennai
    • d1 Day
    • lChennai
    • NNNNN32 ratings
    • supplier
      Code: 4988206

    About the Activity:

    The Anora Beach Resorts, ECR, Chennai awaits you to relax in its expanses for a completely blissful experience. Enjoy a fun day outing at the Anora beach resorts with your loved ones or your corporate team and revel in luxury! The winding pathways, spacious lawns are just to name a few, relax yourself in this amazing resort which strives as a perfect escapade from the dreary city life!

    The play area provides you with ample space and a perfect environment to indulge into various outdoor sports. Build your team and get ready for an interesting game of cricket and volleyball. You can frolic around in the clear blue pool with your friends or your corporate team!

    The Anora Beach Resorts, ECR, Chennai is a perfect place to carry out your social gatherings, so enjoy the serene environs and a peaceful air that envelopes this entire property. The package you can avail is: One day outing from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM which will include a two course non veg lunch, evening tea/coffee with snacks and usage of swimming pool and games as mentioned above.

  • 22One Day Outing to Touchstone Resorts in Chennai

    One Day Outing to Touchstone Resorts in Chennai
    • d1 Day
    • lYelagiri
    • NNNNN33 ratings
    • supplier
      Code: 3436698

    Your weekend plans just got better! Experience a fun day outing at the expanse of Touchstone Resorts in Chennai with your loved ones and relax in a peaceful ambience on your next weekend! Touchstone Resort is the first hotel in the Yelagiri hills with bar facilities, all tailor made to suit your every need! The hotel enhances the serenity of the hills nearby and the lake with breathtaking landscapes and relaxing interiors, complemented by a electric blue swimming pool located in the inner courtyard of the hotel. The elegant interiors create a unique, luxurious and calming ambience, reflecting the refined side of the tranquil Yelagiri Hills. The hotel also boasts of beautiful, custom-made art installations that have been curated around the concept of Indian textiles and heritage. The impressive series of installations have been set up to lend a distinct character to the spaces and enhance an unparalleled guest experience! While here, you can experience the fun and exciting activities lined up for you such as the magic show, the different array of games and so much more, for a fun filled day! 

    Meal Types: Mixed Menu (Vegetarian and Non-vegetarian)

    Accommodation Types: Double and Triple Sharing Rooms

    Activities: Magic show, indoor and outdoor games, camp fire with music, roof top bar (Separate billing), swimming pool(swim suit compulsory) Trekking arrangements can be done, mud bike, rope climbing, zip lock, paint ball, archery,etc. at another spot for which a separate billing can be done, Lake boating (chargeable)

  • 23Vivanta by Taj – Fisherman’s Cove, ECR

    Vivanta by Taj – Fisherman’s Cove, ECR

    Fisherman's Cove is a wonderful and classy resort that is located in the beautiful town of Kovala. This small and stunning beach resort is found between Chennai and Mamallapuram, and is one of the best resorts in ECR Chennai for team outing.

    It possesses a range of rooms, suites and cottages which are surrounded by lush greenery as well as a peaceful calm which envelopes the entire resort.

    Some of the luxury features include the Jiva Spa which is a great place to relax the body and mind, an outdoor pool with an adjoining pool bar which is great for team bonding, badminton and tennis courts for sport lovers as well as a wonderful catamaran ride and deep-sea fishing.

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  • 24Plan Your Theme Based Corporate Team Outing

    Plan Your Theme Based Corporate Team Outing
  • 25MGM Beach Resort, Muttukadu

    MGM Beach Resort, Muttukadu

    The MGM Beach Resorts located in Muttukadu is the ideal place for a corporate outing and a retreat. It provides options for rest and relaxation as well as an open environment to help facilitate team-building activities, making it one of the most coveted resorts in ECR Chennai for team outing.

    One of the main highlights of the resort is the beautiful view that it provides as most rooms have the luxury of a sea-facing view making it perfect romantic getaway for couples. This stay is also proximate to the main city (around 33 km), making it accessible by road too. The Chennai international airport as well as the central railways station is also quite close by.

    The resort is located in an ideal place and also ensures that you and your team can take a tour of some other city landmarks of importance, including the Muttukadu Backwaters and the Covelong Beach. The affordable rates and decent accommodation make it a favourite among corporates who want to choose a resort for team building exercises or retreats. The stay provides only the best amenities and world-class facilities. It is also known for its spa and wellness centre.

    Home to some of the most experienced and skilled therapists, the spa offers ayurvedic massage treatments individually as well as in teams of three. The resort has a Jacuzzi, the perfect remedy after a relaxing massage. It also has its very own business centre which is stacked with the latest sound and audio equipment, ensuring that the team-building exercises held indoors are made memorable.

    To get the team energized so as to ensure better team building, the stay provides some fun activities like camping, beach volleyball, turtle-watching as well as some famous water sports that are fun and engaging.  

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  • 26Parijatham Resort

    Parijatham Resort

    The Parijatham Beach Resort is unique as it is one of the only standalone beach resorts situated on the famous ECR expressway, making it one ideal for ECR Chennai for team outing. What makes it a great place for team outbound undertakings is that it offers teams the chance to book the entire resort for a sum of money with tons of privacy.

    Surrounded by lush greenery and an abundance of calm, this resort can provide you and your team with three well-equipped and fully air-conditioned bedrooms with a private kitchen.

    The stay also has its very own air conditioned billiards table as well as a sizeable swimming pool where you can relax and unwind without anyone disturbing you. This private oasis is exactly what a team would require in order to ensure better team building.

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