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Kovalam Beach Resorts

Vivanta by Taj Resort, Manaltheeram Ayurveda Beach Village Resort, Abad Harmonia Resort, Turtle On The Beach Resort, Isola Di Cocco Resort, Ocean Bay Ayurvedic Beach Resort and many more.

The various beach resorts in Kovalam offer equal doses of naturistic pleasure, luxury, and convenience.  These Kovalam beach resorts all offer a variety of amenities and services along with the staple beach views and vibes that the destination is proud of. While some resorts are steeped in luxurious features and are higher on the price scale, others offer interesting features too at a budget-friendly range.

The luxury franchise resorts like The Leela and Vivanta that hold their signature facilities. Kovalam also has a range of resorts that house beautiful swimming pools appealing to the section of tourists who need that as a requisite, like Soma Palmshore Beach Resort and Uday Samudra Leisure Beach Hotel & Spa. Properties like Poovar Island Resorts and Samudratheeram Beach Resort are steeped in features that cast a romantic ambiance, ideal for couples. Other resorts offer amenities like swimming pools, Ayurveda spa services, and water sports.

Here are some of the best beach resorts in Kovalam:

Luxury Resorts Explore All (18)
Explore All (18)

Vivanta by Taj Resort

Image Credit : tajhotels.com

The 16 acre Taj Green Cove has a kilometer of coastline, sea-view facing Balinese style villas and suites, with an exclusive pool as well as garden views. It is nestled on a hillock overlooking the Ocean with a lagoon in between. Along the lagoon and seaside are sprawling lawns and wooden walkways that allow guests to experience the different terrains. Picturesque sunsets can be viewed from this luxurious Kovalam Beach resort

Attractions and Amenities: Guests can enjoy a tranquil evening with a country boat ride along the lagoon. Ayurveda and Jiva spa provide curated wellness and holistic routines. The Infinity Pool and Fitness center indulge in the spectacular views of the lagoon and the ocean. 

The Seaside Specialty Restaurant -Bait, famous for vegetarian platters and wood-fired marinades, is uniquely located with the tranquil backwaters to one side and the roaring Arabian Sea with sandy dining as its facade. Jasmine Bay offers Asian and Continental menus and ”Curries” serves typical Kerala and Indian specialties. “Neera Bar” serves signature cocktails and zesty bar-snacks.

Location: GV Raja, Vattappara - Thattathumala Rd, Kovalam, Kerala 695527

Price: INR 8,162 - INR 24,769 (Average Rates per Night)


Manaltheeram Ayurveda Beach Village Resort

Image Credit : manaltheeram.com

The rustic-style houses, thatched villas and garden cottages resting on the slopes of the hillock give a village living atmosphere at the Manaltheeram Ayurveda Beach Village. The calm sea, the cool breeze and the paved path amid coconut palms and green pastures lined with yellow marigolds, shoe flowers, and marigolds are a delight to perceive and provide a passage to rejuvenation.

There are many rare herbs in the garden that are well preserved for medicinal use.

Attractions and Amenities: 
The open-air restaurant at Manaltheeram with its wicker chairs, lawns, and paved paths. Delectable food is a specialty here with a choice of about 250 vegetarian dishes, raw salads, and juices. Cultural performances and other programmes are held for entertainment. 

This Kovalam beach resort provides Ayurveda therapies and massages that are effective for stress and treating medical conditions. Yoga classes are also conducted for a holistic healing process.

Manaltheeram Road, Kovalam, chowara, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala 695501

INR 5,337 - INR 9,963 (Average Rates per Night)


Abad Harmonia Resort

Image Credit : abadhotels.com

Abad Harmonia is a comfortable Kovalam beach resort with lavish suites and cottages snuggled near the soothing waves of Chowara beach, a stone throw away.  Abad Harmonia has a multi-cuisine restaurant, conference hall, recreation room, and well-maintained lawns and swimming pools

Attractions and Amenities: 
Harmonia’s restaurant, overlooking the pool and gardens, has open-concept cooking counters that offer fresh seafood. Relaxing herbal massage treatments, authentic wellness solutions and yoga sessions can be enjoyed at the Ayurveda Centre.

Chowara, Adimalathura, Kovalam, Kerala 695501

INR 2,758 - INR 5,233 (Average Rates per Night)


Turtle On The Beach Resort

Image Credit : turtleonthebeach.com

The strikingly designed Kovalam Beach resort on Eve’s beach, The Turtle on the Beach Resort captures tranquillity of Kerala perfectly. The experience begins with the traditional vermillion welcome at the entrance. With the bohemian vibe of a beach, it provides a striking view of the peaceful surrounding of a stylish boutique experience.

It is ideal to host get-togethers and small events with sea facing conference halls.

Attractions and Amenities: 
The stylish, Zen-like lounge, set at a height looks onto the sea for a great view. The Ayurvedic Vaidyashala can help the guests destress. The arty Buddhas on the wooden benches make for a wonderful companion, to unwind with and listen to the sounds of the sea and meditate.

Police Station, VPI/439, ITDC Road Near Kovalam, Kovalam, Kerala 695527

INR 5,110 - INR 13,201 (Average Rates per Night)


Isola Di Cocco Resort

Image Credit : bstatic.com

The Isola Di Cocco (The Island of Coconuts.) is tucked away in the southwestern tip of India and is an internationally renowned tourist destination. Ayurvedic Kovalam beach resort cosseted by a coconut grove, resides on the banks of the River Poovar, at the juncture where the tranquil over embraces the roaring Arabian sea. 

This resort is encircled by both water and nature with a treasure chest of a riverbank, lakes, ponds, a beach, and backwaters. Also, the destination has secluded clusters of villas, each with its own balcony offering breath-taking views and reflecting typical Kerala architecture with flair.

Attractions and Amenities: 
Isola Di Cocco has its own the river, the lakes, the backwaters, country-boat rides along with Ayurveda. One could just unwind amidst the rustling of palm fronds, lulled by the ocean. Lush, tropical landscaping, oceanfront pools, and palm-laced stone walkways create a hideaway of tropical privacy.

Poovar Post Office, Trivandrum, Kerala 695525

INR 6,294 - INR 11,174 (Average Rates per Night)


Ocean Bay Ayurvedic Beach Resort

Image Credit : hotels.sletat.ru

Ocean bay Ayurvedic beach resort, situated at the crest of the Kovalam beach, is a palm view resort and an idyllic getaway where weary tourists can shed their weariness into the chromatic Arabian sea water, amidst the warm white sands and mesmerizing undulating coconut trees.

Attractions and Amenities: The resort offers Ayurveda therapies amidst tantalizing breeze of herbal plants, to relax, refresh and recharge the body and mind. The therapies are provided with the guidance of experienced physicians and trained therapists.With easy access to Kovalam Beach, the guests can take refreshing boat rides around the beach and visit the fleet of shops along the beach to pick up the local handicrafts.

Location: Near Kovalam Avaduthura Devi Temple, Kovalam 695527, India

Price: INR 1,987 - INR 3,478 (Average Rates per Night)


Bethsaida Hermitage Resort

Image Credit : antakarana.de

Facing the scenic Vizingham Beach, Bethsaida Hermitage, an Eco-friendly Ayurvedic center,  features an outdoor swimming pool, a fitness center, and a spa and a wellness center. The comfortable lush garden and sea facing rooms with modern amenities. This carefully shaped landscape helps in releasing positive energy.

Attractions and Amenities: 
The Ayurvedic center offers massages and therapies available to the guest. The sunset view from the garden can be relished while sipping a tea. Yoga sessions conducted at the resort and special cultural dances performed for the guests’ entertainment. The in-house restaurant serves Ayurveda diet menu food as well as Indian and Chinese cuisines.

Pulinkudy, Mulloor, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala 695521

INR 13,296 - INR 19,165 (Average Rates per Night)


Samudratheeram Beach Resort

Image Credit : cdn.ostrovok.ru

Samudratheeram Beach Resort, located 100 meters away from Kovalam Grove Beach,  is a budget getaway and a shoreline resort settled in the midst of gorgeous coconut palms and enchanting region of the Arabian Sea which offers a cherished haven.

Fenced by the miles of beautiful backdrop the resort offers the guests a perfect center to soak in the sea breeze, and devouring delicious seafood and to enjoy the tranquillity of marvelous oceanic blue.

Attractions and Amenities: Samudratheeram Beach Resort has access to the nearby beach. The guests can relax at the shore or try a hand at surfing. The Resort also has an Ayurvedic massage center to relax and destress. The guests could also indulge in ambient relaxation and enjoy the beautiful vista of the azure sea visible from every room.

Location: IT DC Grove Beach, Trivandrum District, Kovalam, Kerala 695527

Price: INR 1,632 - INR 3,833 (Average Rates per Night)


Poovar Island Resorts

Image Credit : realseolinks.com

Enveloped in serene backwaters of Kerala, flanked by the Arabian Sea on the East and the majestic Ghats to the West, the Poovar Island Resort is a remote tropical paradise opening out to the ocean and a dream golden beach. The welcome to the resort itself is a thrilling boat ride along the visually stunning backwaters.

Its tile-roofed land and floating cottages, with splendid views and cozy hammocks, offer a rejuvenating retreat, perfect for a romantic sojourn, amidst coconut palms and greenery. It is ideal for a quiet holiday in spectacular natural surroundings.

Attractions and Amenities: While the motorboat cruises give access to the emerald backwater that with swaying coconut palms, chirping mocks of birds, endless golden sands and beaches, the ultramarine of the ocean, crimson sunsets and lush green vegetation creating a magical ambiance. The resort treats its guests with outdoor Barbecue and exotic Ayurvedic holistic and pampering treatments.

Location: K.P. VII/911, Pozhiyoor, Kerala 695513

Price: INR 5,092 - INR 11,386 (Average Rates per Night)


The Travancore Heritage Resort

Image Credit : thetravancoreheritage.com

The Travancore Heritage Resort stands on a high cliff overlooking the Arabian Sea and a long wide beach of powdery white sand.  This luxury seaside resort owns 15 acres of lush green coconut garden and landscaped environs located near Neyyattinkara but with access to Azhimalathara Beach, Chowara Beach and Vizhinjam Beach.The Travancore Heritage is a Heritage Property built to bring life to the age-old traditional architectural splendor of the region. 

Moreover, the key characteristics include the timber houses and 'Nalukettus' with tiled roofing, which allow for living in communion with all the elements of Nature. The resort offers exotic accommodations on the cliff, near the beach and in forms of suites and mansions.

Attractions and Amenities: 
The private beach areas give access to nature with lush green swaying coconut palms, and the activity center makes it easy for the guests to soak up the sun, play beach volleyball or just walk along the edge of the cliff. 

The resort provides barbecue services with a spectacular view of the night sky.Also, the resort showcases cultural richness by hosting cultural performances with dance forms like mohiniyattam, Kathakali.

Vizhinjam Poovar Road, Adimalathura, Kottukal, Kerala 695501

INR 5,181 - INR 10,220 (Average Rates per Night)


Uday Samudra Leisure Beach Resort

Image Credit : uds.co.in

Uday Samudra Leisure Beach Hotel and Spa located at the famed beaches of Kovalam is an exclusive leisure beach hotel with access to a private beach. The luxurious property with 225 Rooms, 5 Restaurants, 3 Swimming pools, 7 Banquet Halls, Ayurveda & Yoga Centre, Ocean Spa, Slim & Shape Naturopathy Centre, and a Beauty Studio is just 15 meters from the sea.

Attractions and Amenities: At this Beach hotel of Kovalam, the guests start to destress with the ambiance along with the serenity of the landscape, the harmony of a defined architecture, the tranquillity of the spacious lawns and the guarding coconut grooves all set in four tranquil acres by the sea.The luxurious pampering at the facilities like the Beauty Studio, Ayurvedic yoga center, and clean blue water pools make this a destination on its own.

Location: Samudra Beach, GV Raja Road, Kovalam, Kerala 695527

Price: INR 4,826 - INR 14,620 (Average Rates per Night)


The Leela Kovalam Resort

Image Credit : digitalwalletgroups.co.in

The Leela Kovalam provides a perfect blend of traditional grandeur and a contemporary outlook. It is built on a cliff-top and spreads over acres of lush greenery and cradled between two sweeping beaches. With coconut palms guarding, it has a panoramic view of the famous Kovalam coastline overlooking the Arabian Sea. Guests can stroll through the lawns to feel the fresh breeze of the beach.

Attractions and Amenities: 
At the Leela, two stunning infinity pools overlook the Arabian Sea. The Club at Leela, perched on a cliff overlooking the sea, has an exclusive International Spa, a Library Lounge and Living Room. There is an array of superlative restaurants and lounges that specialize in traditional Ayurvedic treatments. 

The Cookery Show at “The Terrace” allows guests to explore Appam making along with local dishes and Cocktail Workshops at The Bar teaches exotic mixing. Also, the Tide Restaurant, near the beach, has live band performances.

Beach Rd, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala 695527

INR 11,498 - INR  66,146 (Average Rates per Night)


Sea Face Resort

Image Credit : seaface.com

Sea Face Resort Kovalam is a full-service resort situated near the southern tip of India, along with the magical shallow blue-green waters of the Arabian Sea, and is located right on the beach. The white sandy shores with coconut trees and a refreshing tropical breeze provide tranquillity.The resort provides a spectacular panoramic view of the sea barely 50 meters away.

Attractions and Amenities: At the Sea Face Resort, the Ayurveda facilities work on the principle of prevention of diseases and protection of health. There are a lot of local leisure attractions at the Kovalam beach. Also, the guest could indulge in the swimming pool and seek the pleasure of picturesque garden apart from the views of the sea.

Location: NUP, Beach Rd, Kovalam, Kerala 695527

Price: INR 5,304 - INR 7,072 (Average Rates per Night)


Searock Beach Resort

Image Credit : searockbeachresort.com

In the heart of Hawa Beach, with shores ripping in front, the view of the lighthouse on the left and the sea rocks on the right us the Searock beach resort. With the location, the resort is right in the center of the market, with access to restaurants and the beach stores.

Attractions and Amenities: The lavish views look remarkable in with rooftop dining at night. The resort is popular for its unique Ayurvedic Treatments. The yoga and meditation with the calming sound of the beach resonate with inner peace.The guests can enjoy the adventures of the motorboat rides.

Location: Hawah Beach, Kovalam Beach Road Kovalam, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala 695527

Price: INR 2,697 - INR 3,620 (Average Rates per Night)


Pappukutty Beach Resort

Image Credit : pappukuttybeachresort.com

In the heart of Kovalam, the Pappukutty Beach Resort is an Eco-friendly budget Kovalam Beach resort with a pleasing sea view. The Resort is located on the edge of the Lighthouse beach. Guests can cherish an unpolluted atmosphere with absolute calm and privacy and indulge in the golden beaches and the beach restaurants alongside the flock of coconut trees and beautiful lagoons.

Attractions and Amenities: With the proximity to the beach, it is an ideal amalgamation of resorts amenities and access to the beach shack restaurants. A beach facing swimming pool is a fascination and a beach facing restaurant adds ambiance into the taste of spices and fragrance of homely food.

Location: Hawa beach, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala 695527

Price: INR 1,414 - INR 2,970 (Average Rates per Night)


Sagara Beach Resort

Image Credit : sagarakovalam.com

Sagara Beach Resort is about 100 m from the lighthouse, located at the southern end and most popular part of the crescent-shaped Kovalam Beach. The resort also shares the view and access to Light House beach. Additionally, the Balcony on every room opens to a sea view through the coconut palm swaying to the rhythm of the soothing sea breeze.

Attractions and Amenities: Sagara Beach Resort has 2 outdoor pools for the guest to absorb the ambiance. The rooftop restaurant and bar provide the view of the lighthouse and the Arabian Sea, the multi-cuisine restaurant and bar serve refreshing drinks, along with food specialties. Guests can indulge in a massage at Sagara's ayurvedic center, or play a game of table tennis.

Location: Light House Road, Vizhinjam, Kovalam, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala 695523

Price: INR 3,638 - INR 5,279 (Average Rates per Night)


Chakra Ayurvedic Resort

Image Credit : chakraayurvedicresort.com

Located 500 m from Hawa Beach, Chakra Ayurvedic Resort is an Ayurvedic Kovalam Beach resort. The resort is famous for authentic Ayurveda treatment and wellness therapies but with its location overlooking the shimmering waters of the Arabian Sea and nestled among lush green palms, the resort offers a chance to unwind and have a beach holiday.

Attractions and Amenities: At Chakra, the guest can indulge in Body Purification Therapies like Rejuvenation Therapy, Rheumatic Treatment, and Anti Stress Program designed for holistic wellness. The guests could stroll down to the Hawa Beach and dip into the pool absorbing the natural essence of Kovalam.

Location: Palace Road, Kovalam Beach, Kovalam, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala 695501

Price: INR 2,768 - INR 3,478 (Average Rates per Night)


Soma Palmshore Beach Resort

Image Credit : jdmagicbox.com

Soma Palmshore is a luxury beach resort overlooking the magnificent lighthouse beach at Kovalam. The palm-fringed beach, the sun, the sand, and the surf makes for an idyllic holiday, enough to take a break from the mundane — to relax, to refresh and to relive every moment. This resort has sea-facing rooms and cottages which provide comfortable stays.

Attractions and Amenities: With walking distance from light house beach and Kovalam beach, the guest can spend time enjoying the water sports. The guests can also cherish a rejuvenating experience of an authentic massage at the Ayurveda center and indulge in the soothing effect of Yoga or enjoy the beach by scuba diving.

Location: LightHouse Rd, Kovalam, Kerala 695521

Price: INR 3,549 - INR 7,026 (Average Rates per Night)


Niraamaya Retreat Resort

Image Credit : bouttrip.com

Niraamaya Retreats is a romantic seaside getaway in Trivandrum, with its private beach and beautiful sea-facing infinity pool. The retreat has 22 cottages that are designed in blend weathered wood surrounded by nature and crafted delicately to offer luxury and comfort through space and privacy. The rooms are fitted with terracotta roofs, wooden pillars and tiled floors overlooking the sea or gardens.

Niraamaya Retreats provides its guests distinctive, transformative experiences that replenish mind, body, and spirit — from rejuvenating wellness immersions to adrenaline packed wildlife safaris and inspiring culinary journeys to unlocking the destination’s true cultural identity.

Attractions and Amenities: 
Niraamaya Spa delivers a range of wellness therapies including International and traditional Ayurvedic. The guests can enjoy soothing yoga on a platform overlooking the sea.Cafe Samsara, an all-day dining restaurant set in a tile-roofed veranda, offers a great selection of multi cuisines.  Essence, the specialty restaurant, offers gourmet seafood grills. 

Madira Bar is a poolside bar that comes to life at sunset. The guests can enjoy a romantic candlelight dinner by the sea. Niraamaya Spa, the retreat provides “Cooking class with Chef” to teach traditional cuisines to the guests.

Po, Pulinkudi Rd, Mullur, Kerala 695521

INR 13,083 - INR 38,190 (Average Rates per Night)


Sun Tara Beach Resort

Sun Tara Beach Resort nestled into the hillock and located off an ancient fishing village at Vizhinjam and close to Kovalam Beach. This Kovalam Beach Resort offers a panoramic view of the beach and sea from all its rooms, every one of which has its own private balcony overlooking the sea.

Attractions and Amenities: The Sun Tara Beach Resort is where you can experience the sweet fragrances of flowers in the air and towering palm trees sway in the sea breeze. Guests can take a dip at the outdoor swimming pool, or pamper themselves in a massage at the spa and wellness center

Location: Azhimala Temple Rd, Adimalathura, Vizhinjam, Kazhivoor, Kerala 695521

Price: INR 2,122 - INR 3,960 (Average Rates per Night)

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The subtle hues of the rooms, beach views, spa facility and many other amenities were some of the features at the Turtle on the Beach Resort that really impressed me. Waking up to the beautiful views of the sea with delicious breakfast was an ultimate experience i had on my stay here. i booked for the same from Thrillophilia's website at best prices available online after comparing a lot of websites. Really happy
The beautiful interiors of the suites at the Turtle on the beach Resort were a breathtaking place to reside in on my vacations in Kerala. Totally Value for money package, thanks Thrillophilia

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People Also Ask About Kovalam

  1. What are the best Beach Resorts in Kovalam for couples?

    - Samudratheeram Beach Resort: A budget-friendly resort on the shore of the Kovalam beach, this resort offers the beauty of the palm trees and the endless Arabian Sea. Its tranquility and facilities make it perfect for getaways for couples.
    - Poovar Island Resorts: A tropical paradise, this is one of the most romantic beach resorts in Kovalam with its soothing surroundings of the sea and palm trees, and cozy cottages and hammocks.
    - Soma Palmshore Beach Resort: A sea-facing resort, surrounded by a palm-fringed shore, this is one of the most rustic and romantic Kovalam beach resorts, posing as a soothing escape for couples.
  2. Which are the best Beach Resorts in Kovalam for family?

    - Neeramaya Retreats: Surya Samudra One of the Kovalam beach resorts with an infinity pool, Neeramaya Retreats is a luxury resort with a private beach.
    - The Travancore Heritage Resort: Perched on a high cliff, this is one of the beach resorts in Kovalam with lush greenery and beach views. It is perfect for family trips with its cultural events and facilities.
    - Uday Samudra Leisure Beach Hotel and Spa: Offering all the services and an ambiance to rejuvenate in the lap of nature, this resort welcomes families for a relaxing holiday.
    - Sea Face Resort Kovalam:  Rendering the serenity of the beach and the coconut grooves, this resort is a full-service resort, catering to guests every leisure and comfort needs.
  3. Which are the best Beach Resorts in Kovalam with a swimming pool?

    - Uday Samudra Leisure Beach Hotel & Spa: A luxurious property with a defined architecture and soothing atmosphere, it has three swimming pools and ambiance to rejuvenate in.
    - The Leela Kovalam:  Offering two infinity pools overlooking the Arabian Sea, this resort makes it an enjoyable retreat with the range of amenities and proximity to nature.
    - Isola Di Cocco: A resort with its own river, lakes, backwater rides, ponds, and pools, it blends comfort and luxury with its amenities.
    - Soma Palmshore Beach Resort: With a rustic touch, it offers an idyllic ambiance and luxurious rooms. The resort also includes an outdoor pool, adding to its naturistic vibe.
  4. Which are the best luxury Kovalam Beach Resorts?

    - The Leela Kovalam: This regal resort is an enjoyable retreat with pools, its amenities, and its proximity to nature.
    - Neeramaya Retreats - Surya Samudra:  One of the Kovalam beach resorts with an infinity pool, this is a luxury resort with a private beach. It’s luxurious amenities and well-equipped rooms make it an ideal stay for families.
    - Green Cove Resort by Taj Vivanta: With sprawling lawns and regal hallways, the resort is an epitome of luxury, offering every essential as well as every luxury under one colossal roof.
    - Turtle on the Beach Resort:  Offering a luxury boutique stay experience, this resort stands for the destination’s tranquility and a bohemian vibe.
  5. Which are the highest and lowest price of Kovalam beach Resorts?

    The price range of resorts in Kovalam beach starts as low as Rs. 500 per room for a night and it can go up to Rs 25,000. The price varies from resort to resort and depends on the facilities and other factors that they offer.
  6. Is smoke/drink allowed?

    Yes, smoking and drinking are allowed in most resorts. However, these rules may change depending on the respective resort. Hence, it is important to check these policies with your choice of resort beforehand.
  7. Are Resorts in Kovalam Safe?

    Resorts in Kovalam are safe for tourists. However, it is still important to take care of one’s own safety at every point. These resorts are usually equipped with security cameras and tight security, so there is no question of safety, but basic care must be taken at all times.
  8. Which location has the largest number of resorts in Kovalam?

    The entire Kovalam beach region has plenty of resorts and stays for tourists. Located 16 km from Trivandrum, the area is divided into 3 portions due to the separations between the rocky crops.

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