Semmozhi Poonga Overview

Based in the glorious metropolis of Chennai, Semmozhi Poonga is a lush botanical garden established by a collaboration between the Horticulture and Agricultural Engineering Department of Tamil Nadu. Conceived in 2010, the magnificent Garden is the first botanical Garden of Chennai. The Garden is vast covering an area of about 20 acres and is situated at the Cathedral Road. The Garden is home to temperate and tropical flora and distinct plant species.

It is filled with both native and exotic plants including a variety of bonsai species, shrubs, medicinal herbs and aromatic stems. It is an ideal place to spend one's weekend in if one is a nature lover or botany enthusiast. Semmozhi Poonga is divided into eight sub-gardens showcasing plants of specific varieties such as bonsai, herbal, exotic, tree court and mural walk. The colourful Garden is a feast for all the senses of the mind.

Contrasting natural shades and alluring natural fragrances blend into each other and make a paradise-like scenario. The Garden is also famous for its contrived duck pond and a beautiful golden garden featuring flowers of different shades of gold. Replete with attractions including water and rock garden, fern garden and butterfly garden, the Park is graced with twenty-five thematic gardens. A plethora of rare plant species and natural bounties from all over the country feature in this unique Garden which makes it the perfect site for exploration and education.

How To Reach

One can take various alternatives to reach Semmozhi Poonga. 

By Air:
The Chennai Airport is located at a distance of about 14 km from Semmozhi Poonga. The airport receives flights from all over India and even abroad. The distance between the airport can be covered in a taxi or bus. 

By Bus:
Being situated in the heart of the city, the Garden is accessible to all main city bus routes. One can board a bus from any part of Chennai to reach Semmozhi Poonga. Buses are much more affordable than cabs.

By Road:
Several taxi services are available in Chennai for hire. One can avail of this service and reach Semmozhi Poonga with comfort and safety. 

Best Time To Visit

The Botanical Garden is filled with many seasonal species of plants. The Park hence has to offer different things in different seasons.

Lots of tropical flowers bloom during the summer season in Semmozhi Poonga. However, Chennai's heat makes it a little tricky and exhausting to explore the Park to its full potential. The summer lasts from March to June in Chennai. 

The best time to visit the Park is during the winter season that lasts from November to February in Chennai. The city enjoys cooler temperatures during winters ranging from 20 to 25 degrees celsius. Temperate flowers and shrubs grow during this season as the city gets flooded with a fresh sea breeze. 

Other Essential Information

- Location: Semmozhi Poonga is situated in Cathedral Road, Ellaiamman Colony in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, 600086.

- Timings: The Park is open to visitors from 10 AM to 7 PM all days of the week.

- Entry fee: The entry fee of the Park is INR 15 per adult person and INR 10 per child. Those who visit the Park daily can also subscribe to a monthly pass which costs INR 150 per person. 

Places to Eat around Semmozhi Poonga

Semmozhi Poonga is situated in the center of Chennai which is not only the geographical but also the food capital of Tamil Nadu. 

1. Lotus Thai- 
Located at a distance of about 3 minutes from the Park, Lotus Thai is a fine dining restaurant specializing in Thai cuisine. The interiors are designed in traditional Buddhist style, which gives the place a quaint, minimal look. The restaurant is known for its kind staff and quick service. 

2. Aqua- 
Located at a distance of only 1.3 km from Semmozhi Poonga, Aqua is a great fine dining restaurant known for its poolside seating style and refreshing ambiance. This vegan-friendly restaurant offers guests the luxury of spending summers next to a brimming water body while eating the most delicious meals.

3. Mandarin Chinese Restaurant- 
Located at a distance of only 500 m from Semmozhi Poonga, Mandarin Chinese Restaurant is an authentic Chinese cuisine restaurant known for its delicious food and inviting decor. It is a casual dining restaurant known for its simplistic Chinese interiors and fast service. 

4. A2- the Park Chennai- 
This fine-dining restaurant known for its classy decor, lip-smacking meals, and refreshing drinks, is located at a distance of km from Semmozhi Poonga. Famous for its Sushi, Japanese, and Asian cuisine, this renowned food joint has a diverse menu of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. 

Traveller's Tips before visiting Semmozhi Poonga

Make sure you do not carry any food or drinks inside the premises as they are strictly prohibited.

2. Do not carry any plastic bags inside the Park.

3. Do not litter the site as it is crucial to maintain the sanctity and cleanliness of the natural reserve.

4. Do not touch any plants or pluck any leaves, stems or flowers.

5. Carry sunscreen and protective lotion and apply it as frequently as possible to counter the heat of Chennai. 

6. Plan your trip forward so that you have ample time and resources to explore the Park fully.
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Semmozhi Poonga FAQs

What is Semmozhi Poonga famous for?

Semmozhi Poonga is a botanical garden in Chennai which is famous for its diverse range of flora and rare exotic plant species. Along with the numerous species that are native to India, plants from various countries are imported to the Park to maintain its diversity.

The Park is also known for its artificial duck pond and butterfly garden. Semmozhi Poonga has twenty-five thematic gardens filled with shrubs, medicinal herbs, tall and short trees, creepers, climbers and bonsais. One of its most famous gardens is the golden Garden that has various species of flowers of amber colour. It is an excellent place for an educational trip or a natural retreat from the fast-paced modern world.

What are the timings of the Semmozhi Poonga?

The Park remains open to visitors all days of the week from 10 AM to 7 PM. The best time to visit the Park is during the early visiting hours because most flowers are in full bloom in the morning and the colours of the Park are the sharpest against the soft morning light. The weather is also cold during the early hours even during the summers.

Is outside food allowed in the Semmozhi Poonga?

No. Any food or beverage is not allowed inside the Park.

Is Semmozhi Poonga worth visiting?

With its eye-catching exotic flowers, playful duck pond and fragrant gardens, Semmozhi Poonga is a blessing to all its visitors. Visiting this majestic Park replete with the most enchanting natural features and next to negligible entrance fee is definitely worth your time and money.

Is photography allowed in Semmozhi Poonga?

You have to take permission for photography before entering the Park. However, the charge for taking pictures inside the Park is quite low and affordable. It is entirely worth it to gain permission and click images inside as the Park is filled with the scenic beauty of nature at every corner.

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