Kishkinta Theme Park Overview

Awaken the child inside you by visiting one of the best theme parks in Southern India. Located in Chennai, near the Vandalur Railway Station, the fabulous Kishkinta Theme Park is spread across 120 acres of land, surrounded by scenic landscapes and lush greenery all around. The park also has a varied range of terrains, along with picturesque fountains, waterfalls and other decorations adding to the beauty of it. 

Catering not just to children, but also to adults alike, the Kishkinta Theme Park has a magnificent water park within its premises. Moreover, it boasts of exciting rides like the water volcano, elephant splash and much more. Additionally, along with water rides, Kishkinta Theme Park also has dry rides, making it suitable for all kinds of visitors. The presence of other kinds of entertainment such as wave pools, roller coaster and toy trains, and a lot more, make a visit to Kishkinta Theme Park even more enjoyable. 

The theme park is designed in a way such that it becomes a great place for a day out with your friends and family. In addition to the many rides, you can also enjoy a great picnic with your near and dear ones. Moreover, from time to time, the park organises many different entertainment shows and other events for visitors. Therefore, it becomes a perfect place for a day’s outing amidst the busy city limits.

How To Reach

From Airport:
Kishkinta Theme Park is located around 13 kilometres from Chennai International Airport. It takes around 30 minutes to an hour to reach the theme park from Chennai Airport, depending upon the traffic and road conditions. 

The fastest way to reach Kishkinta Theme Park from the airport is by availing a taxi or a pre-paid cab which is available outside the airport.  

Alternatively, you can also walk till Trisulam metro station near the airport. From here, you can take the metro till Tambaram, after which you will have to change trains and board one which goes up to Kishkinta. The metro is the cheapest mode of transportation to reach Kishkinta Theme Park from the airport.

Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit Kishkinta Theme Park is during the summer season, between the months of March to May. With the temperatures soaring as high as 45 degrees Celsius, the water rides in Kishkinta Theme Park act as a great form of respite from the scalding heat. Moreover, there is less crowd during these months, which makes the entire visit even more worthwhile. 

Following summer, from June to August, a visit to the park becomes very difficult due to the heavy rainfalls and strong winds in the region. 

Then, from November till February, during the winter season, you can visit the park and enjoy yourself to the most. With the average temperature remaining between 15 to 20 degrees Celsius, the weather remains pleasant enough for picnics and enjoying the various rides available here. 

Other Essential Information

- Location:
Kishkinta Theme Park is located at 82, Varadarajapuram in Darkas Ward - II, near Tambaram in Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600044. 

- Timings:
The Kishkinta Theme Park is open for visitors between 10:00 a.m. and 06:30 p.m. every day.  

- Entry fee:
The entry fee to visit Kishkinta Theme Park is INR 690 for adults and INR 490 for children. 

Attractions Pass Type at Kishkinta Theme Park

Kishkinta Theme Park offers two main types of attractions passes. These passes are further divided on the basis of older visitors and younger visitors.

For adults, the Kishkinta Theme Park attractions pass has a tariff of INR 690 per person. On the other hand, for children between the height of 2 feet 6 inches, or 76 centimetres, and 4 feet 6 inches, or 137 centimetres, the attractions pass is priced at INR 490 only.

It is important to note that both the passes allow its owner to enjoy most of the available rides at the theme park. However, some rides at the theme park as well as its water section requires additional charges, which need to be paid by the visitor in order to enjoy the ride. 

Medical Facilities near Kishkinta Theme Park

Since Kishkinta Theme Park is a very famous attraction in the city of Chennai, it also has quite a few clinics, chemists and hospitals situated near to it. The presence of these medical facilities has made it easier for visitors to attend to any untoward events or accidents that might take place inside the park. Moreover, most of the following clinics, chemists and/or hospitals are located quite close by to the park:

- Jothi Clinic
- Sugam Clinic
- Annai Arul Hospital
- Apollo Hospital
- Raindew Hospital
- Hindu Mission Hospital
- Urban Primary Health Care Centre
- Railway Hospital
- Children’s Clinic
- Crescent Clinic

Travellers’ Tip before visiting Kishkinta Theme Park

When visiting the Kishkinta Theme Park, travellers are required to keep the following tips in mind:

It is always recommended to buy the tickets for the park in advance. Buying tickets online is the best way to get your hands on the park tickets well before you visit the place. 

It is advisable to be on the lookout for special discounts, offers and events available in the theme park so that you can enjoy your visit to the best of your abilities. 

Avoid the peak tourist times. The best time to visit the park is in midweek, or on Mondays and Tuesdays when the park remains the least crowded. 

Additionally, to avail the most popular rides in the park, you need to arrive early to avoid the crowd that will be there in the later hours of the day. 

Always carry some light snacks and water with yourself, to remain hydrated during the day.
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Kishkinta Theme Park FAQs

Is food allowed in Kishkinta?

Yes, food is allowed in Kishkinta. However, visitors are advised to carry food in limited quantities when visiting Kishkinta Theme Park. Alternatively, you can also enjoy and indulge in delicious food, from South Indian and North Indian to Chinese, at the food village located inside the park premises.

How do you get to Kishkinta Theme Park?

Kishkinta Theme Park is located near the Vandalur Railway Station, in the Tambaram region of Chennai. When trying to get to the park from a railway station, you need to arrive at the Tambaram Railway Station, which is around 4 kilometres from Kishkinta. From here, you can take an auto-rickshaw up to the park.

The nearest airport from the Kishkinta Theme Park is the Chennai International Airport, located 13 kilometres away. From here, you can either take the metro or avail a taxi till the park. Moreover, all around the city of Chennai, you will find state and private buses which can take you to Tambaram, or the park itself.

Is Wi-Fi available at water Park?

Yes, Wi-Fi is available at Kishkinta Water Park. Due to this, visitors can often remain connected to their loved ones. Moreover, the availability of Wi-Fi helps them to access data and information about the different areas of the park as well.

Are locker facilities available at the park?

Yes, Kishkinta Theme Park has locker facilities available within its premises. The keys to these lockers are given to visitors within an enclosed box which helps them to enjoy all the rides while being unwary of the keys getting lost.

The presence of locker facilities makes it easier for visitors to keep their valuables and belongings safe and secure. Even though these lockers are made available to people for a particular fee, the security fee for the same is generally returned to visitors after a certain amount is deducted from it.

How many games are there in Kishkinta?

Spread over a massive 120 acres of land, Kishkinta boasts of innumerable games and rides for visitors. Moreover, it has become a very common name and ranks amongst the top exciting destinations for people who are five to fifty years.

Offering numerous water park rides as well as interesting dry rides, the place also has other attractions, like the 3D theatres, bumper cars and much more. Some of the games and rides in Kishkinta Theme Park include the White Water Ride, the Flume Ride, Space Shuttle, Tora Tora, Water Volcano, Road Train, Boat Merry Go Round, Bumper Cars, Carousel, Dragon Coaster, and many more.

Can we do roller coaster ride at Kishkinta Water Park?

Yes, you can avail a roller coaster ride at Kishkinta Water Park. Popularly known as Zyclone, this roller coaster is the most popular amongst all the rides in the water park. Boasting of sudden twists and turns, along with slow ascents and steep descents, the roller coaster ride at Kishkinta offers the best adrenaline experience to riders.

Moreover, the numerous free falls, along with the peaks and valleys with the loops and twists make the ride even more exhilarating. Visitors line up in huge numbers to experience this ride at least once when they visit Kishkinta Water Park.

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