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  • Chennai, the capital of the state of Tamil Nadu lies at an advantageous position on the Coromandel coast of India for the visitors and locals to enjoy the New Year 2019 Parties in Chennai at their full swing. With so many options to choose from in and near Chennai, you can easily feel spoiled for choice when the new year draws closer. And not just the new year, the Christmas 2019 parties will also find you trying to get to any event or getaway near you to extend your long weekend and start your celebrations a little early.

    With two weekends to plan for, Chennai sure has the potential to avoid disappointment in terms of entertainment and fun for everyone who seeks it. You can choose to join any of the crazy parties going on at the many resorts, clubs and bars across the city. You can dance the weekend or the entire year away if you choose to do that. If you want a few names, try the Flying Elephant, the Kipling Cafe and the Velveteen Rabbit as these are the places where the most fun will be at.

    And if you are the kind of person who wishes to stay away from the bustle and sweaty crowd of these places, Chennai has a horde of such places as well. Being a coastal city, the sure best way of enjoying a quiet and serene night of celebrations or an entry into the new year 2019 is to spend it walking on the many beaches of the city. A quiet walk on the beach with the people you would want to spend the night with while staying away from a crowd that shouts the countdown is a serene experience in itself. 

    And for New Year’s Eve getaways near Chennai, the place is advantageous enough to bring you getaways to nearby attractions like the spiritual beach town of Pondicherry, where you can spend your extended weekend experiencing holiness at the Auroville or adventure at the many diving spots near the beaches. You can even experience true luxury at the beach resorts of the city and pamper yourself as the new year kicks in with the kind of features that you will never find anywhere else
     And if not, you can also choose to go to the quaint fishing town of Pulicat and enjoy fishing trips with the locals as the first thing you would be doing in the new year.Chennai is just as crazy as any young city of the country. And this place does know how to party on the biggest weekends of the entire year, and in the hippest ways possible. With this being announced, you should keep watching this space as your guide to the hotspots in and around Chennai, as we update them when the New Year draws closer.

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