10 Best Resorts and Places to Stay in Chennai

10 Best Resorts and Places to Stay in Chennai

Chennai is a city with myriad sightseeing destinations. The magnetism of this busy metropolis is palpable. Blessed with a captivating stretch of sandy beaches, places of cultural and historical interest, landmark buildings and range of adventure sports, a cosmopolitan culture thrives here.

Over the years, this city has even surpassed Delhi and Mumbai with a greater number of foreign tourists and has also came up with some of the best and luxury resorts in the country.

Here is a list of some of the best resorts in Chennai:


Blue Lagoon Beach Resort

Blue Lagoon Beach Resort

nce 1978, this resort has provided exceptional service to its guests. The theme of this place is a blend of fun, relaxation and recreation. Therefore, people from all walks of life come here to have a good time. Corporates, companies, clubs, associations, individuals, couples and families pay a visit to enjoy a blissful time of fun and frolic.

Landscaped theme gardens constitute the outdoor landscape. These gardens have fascinating names too such as Shalimar, manga grove, coconut grove, and banyan tree garden. The swimming pool is called lagoon and rightfully so given its clear inviting waters.

There are numerous play areas for children with three big cricket grounds, volleyball courts, shuttle centres, soccer grounds and many others. One of the highlights is the beach facing cabanas enclosure to spend a blissful time of relaxation watching the sea. The air-conditioned rooms and cottages provide comfortable accommodations with breathtaking views of the sea. The Buharis Elite is the garden restaurant that serves delectable delights. The restaurant specialises in Buhari cuisine and an eclectic mix of global dishes.

You can mix business with pleasure given that there are air-conditioned conference halls. For parties, get-togethers, corporate functions, marriages, and such occasions there is a large party hall with chandeliers adorning the ceiling.

The Blue Lagoon Blue Resort is also a good place to host events given that the administration provides lighting, décor, and music equipment along with event management support.

You can come on a family picnic and enjoy the vast facilities to your heart’s content. Spend peaceful moments of camaraderie and bonhomie with friends. Build bonds between peers and colleagues in this peaceful setting.

Let the ambience of this finely crafted resort seep into your consciousness and relax you. Enjoy the salubrious scenes and beachside views. This is a time to live life full of exclamations in one of the best resorts in Chennai.


Beach Park Resort

Beach Park Resort

This resort is the perfect place to be embraced in the peaceful ambience of greenery; the manifestations of foliage have a palatial stature. Combining a broad spectrum of facilities in this joyous place of stay, Beach Park Resorts offers avenues for salubrious escapades.

The relaxed atmosphere in this region is palpable. Excellent outdoors and indoors are this resort’s claim to fame as being amongst the best resorts in Chennai. Spacious lawns, children’s play area, and such outdoor compilations make for a tranquil setting with the provision for fun and frolic.

The resort is spread over more than one acre of lush green outfit and located away from hassles of city-life, adjoining the beach section of the East Coast Road. The rooms offer affable accommodations with excellent room service with a relaxed environment that is also conducive for various activities. It is a place that liberates your mind and senses with fresh perspectives.

Beach Park Resort

Enjoy finely made dishes from a wide range of cuisines at the Oceana Multi-cuisine restaurant that serves the best of seafood. Most of the commodities in this resort are acquired from the local markets. This assures the freshest of vegetable and other greeneries and adds to the delicious menu of the resort. Along with the different North Indian, South Indian and Chinese food, the Oceana Flavors serves a La Carte menu satiating the needs of its patrons.

The resort provides enough avenues for recreation. There are indoor and outdoor games to keep you blissfully busy. You can take a dip in the swimming pool at any time during the day. You can visit this resort for spending a joyous excursion enjoying the company of the sea breeze, naturalistic ambience, and excellent facilities.


Le Waterina Resort & Spa

Le Waterina Resort & Spa

Located in the scenic vistas of Sriperambathur, this resort is a lake side retreat. From this resort you get to witness the sprawling waters of the Sriperambathur Lake. Providing a home away from home experience, the La Waterina Resort & Spa is a nature-bound destination which is ideal for peaceful pangs of relaxation. Whether you are on a personal, family or business visit, you can check-in into this resort and feel the liberation and experience the joys of tranquility. The resort is equipped with all the facilities to satiate the needs of the hedonistic business traveller.  

Whether private or business meetings, this is a perfect place! The well-equipped business conference rooms of this resort essays the fact, it is one of the best resorts in Chennai for business trips. During a meeting, take a break by treating yourself in the inviting swimming pool. Another option is to intersperse a business conference with a pleasurable workout at the fitness centre. There are so many options and so many avenues at your disposal. The resort has different types of accommodations including deluxe, superior and suite accommodations. The restaurant is named BAR-B-Q and offers spectacular views of the lakeside.

There are enough sporting avenues to keep you exhilarated during your stay. For children, the sandpit area provides tons of fun. The indoor games area is equipped with enough games to keep your wits and energies sharp. A private discotheque serves as a place to let you loose and tap your feet. It is a place to dance to the tunes of reverberating music and explode your energy into a joyous activity. Movie buffs can spend their time at the movie centre which is equipped with surround sound facilities.

After a hard day’s fun and frolic, it is time to experience the soothing massage therapies of the Ananta Spa. On offer, here are a range of treatments including aromatherapy, Swedish massage, and body scrubs.


Green Meadows Resort

Green Meadows Resort

This is the place where heritage meets modernity in an aesthetic balance. The ambience exudes harmony as the elements of nature are bestowed generously. The accommodations are crafted in typical Kerala traditional homes, which makes this place one of the best resorts in Chennai for ethnic ambience.

The ornate woodwork displays the aristocracy and sophistication of exquisite craftsmanship. The old world charm perfectly blends with an ambience of luxury. Located on the Palavakkam road, this resort is only 100 metres from the beach. The ramifications of a giant waterbody in the vicinity are palpable given the unique sea-breeze flooded ambience.

It is an ideal getaway place to enjoy a salubrious escapade admiring the ethnic ambience of this resort. Green Meadows has different types of accommodations to suit the tastes of the most discerning visitor. The Deluxe cottage is made from timber procured from Bali islands.

These wooden accommodations exude perfection in craftsmanship. The Superior accommodation type is actually an ancient home used by an aristocratic family. The architecture of this home is typical of the ancient homes found in the Pooravani Village in Kottayam district of Kerala.

Green Meadows Resort

The restaurant in Green Meadows serves ethnic Kerala cuisine that appeases your appetite and raises this resorts stature amongst the best resorts in Chennai list. These mouthwatering dishes leave you pleasantly fulfilled. The culinary experts at the restaurant prepare seafood varieties that are high on quality and taste.

The resort has open lawns and stretches of open spaces to allow you to take a stroll. You can even plan a party in these lawns given the exotic open-air ambience that pervades here. This place is nothing short of an oasis of peace – and even this would be an understatement.

You can use the facilities of this resort to host banquets, business conferences, private functions, and several other activities. It is a place, where you can experience the rich cultural heritage of Kerala at their best!


Ideal Beach Resort

Ideal Beach Resort

The open spaces, accommodations and facilities of this resort are the perfect habitats for the pleasure seekers. In these vistas of peace and tranquility, you can find a blissful ambience which is an idyllic place to find great joy amidst simple things. Take a peaceful stroll through the green foliage and feel the fertility of this region.

Enjoy pleasing sights of blue waters that radiate with vitality; the sprawling Coromandel coastline will keep you enchanted. Enjoy the cultural programs at the resort which unravel South India’s finest dance forms; such an exposition of fine dance and music will leave you pleasantly dazed!

There are different types of rooms here to cater to different types of visitors. An accommodation worth mentioning is the sea villa which offers generous views of the neighbouring sea. The restaurant on location serves exotic Sri Lankan and Chinese dishes crafted to perfection. The expert chefs create seafood culinary delights designed to appease your cravings for taste.

Ideal Beach Resort

The spa in this resort is one of the not-to-be missed destination. No matter, how much exhausted or exhausted, the spa is the other name of rejuvenation. The Ayurvedic Centre offers traditional Indian massage therapies; the constituents used in these therapies are exotic as well.

Amongst all the therapies, sesame oil and hot-stone massages are the most desired therapies here. These treatments are designed to loosen and relax you. It also helps build blood circulation throughout your body which re-energises you. There are numerous treatments offered from head-to-toe scrubs, to body massages and facial treatments.

You can mix business with pleasure at the Ideal Beach Resort given the number of business conference rooms are well-equipped with varying seating capacities. The interior design of these business centres are finely crafted and exude a definition of their own.


Mayajaal Resort

Mayajaal Resort

The concept of leisure has existed ever since human beings learn to relax and rejuvenate. At the Mayajaal Resort, this aspect is multiplied manifold. Leisure is the common theme of this resort and everything revolves around it.

Catering to all types of tourists, the characteristics of this place are excellent accommodations, great dining, wining facilities and sporting avenues. Spread across 21 acres of finely crafted outdoors, the Mayajaal Resort has a potential of congregating more than 5000 people at any point of time. This is indeed a big resort where you can find happiness and contentment in a peaceful ambience.

The exquisitely crafted cottages allow you pleasurable moments of peace and tranquility in one of the best resorts in Chennai. Facing the cricket stadium and the backwaters, the cottages are an abode of leisure. The multi-cuisine restaurant serves delectable delights that will tickle your taste buds for sure.

Mayajaal Resort

The restaurant is integrated with a bar and is based on a forest bar theme. There is live screen entertainment in the premises of the restaurant. A dance floor is available to enjoy a drink whilst shaking your legs to reverberating music. The Riviera restaurant serves La Carte menu on weekdays. It is an opportunity to relish an eclectic mix of delectable delights from different parts of the world.

Some of the standout characteristics of the Mayajaal resort are its consistency of service. Be it the concierge, room service, water supply, or connectivity, you can expect a zero problem ambience here. You can host parties and get-togethers at the Convention Hall which is pillar-less and offers a spacious gathering hub with well-furnished interiors.

The resort also organises sightseeing sojourns to nearby tourist spots. The Kovalam beach, Crocodile Bank, Vandaloor Zoo, Mahabalipuram, Gundy National Park, Birla Planetarium, MGM Dizee World, Golden Beach, Dakshina Chitra, Kart Attack and Muthukadu Boating House can be visited from this resort.


Gem Inn Resort

Gem Inn Resort

The dimensions of leisure are multi-faceted and varied. Amidst all the Chennai resorts, it is in this resort, you can experience the essence of luxurious leisure in abundance. The world-class facilities are ideal for business travellers who want to conduct business meetings amidst a serene conductive ambience.

The richly laid décor and finely crafted surroundings exude perfection - which provides enough fodder for inspiration. You can also visit this place for enjoying a personal vacation or family outing. Set amidst more than two acres of lush outfits, the outdoor ambience is mesmerizing and are bestowed with fountains and small crystal clear water bodies.

There are about forty elegantly constructed cottages on location that are equipped with basic to advance amenities such as mini-bar, coffee-maker, marble dining table, exquisitely crafted bathrooms and more. The Suite is the high-end accommodation that also incorporates a swimming pool facing the balcony.

Gem Inn Resort

The Gem Inn Resort has banquet halls that allow you to host or take part in get-togethers. The Amphitheatre is a banquet hall which is an outdoor lawn. It is used for outbound learning programmes and trainings. This stretch of open space is also used for marriages, get-togethers, and corporate functions. The Navaratna Hall is an air-conditioned banquet hall which can be used for business meetings and birthday parties. There is an LCD projector in the premises that allows party hosts to display content on screen to a large gathering of people.

The open hut restaurants are pleasurable places to enjoy delectable cuisines and enjoy an open-air dining experience at the Food Village. Enjoy blissful moments at the Thai spa where you can get treated with refreshing massages. The fitness freaks can shed off the extra calories at the well-equipped fitness centre of the resort.


Country Club Jade Beach Resort

Country Club Jade Beach Resort

Amongst all the Chennai resorts, this is one of the popular and sought after sea-facing resorts. Set amidst 3.5 acres of blushing meadows beside the sea, the Country Club Jade Beach Resort offers panoramic views of the Bay of Bengal and is a perfect place to enjoy an outing with family and friends. You feel the harmony of nature that is omnipresent in its manifestation!

The resort offers harmonious accommodation facilities that let you embrace the exuberance of your surroundings at all times. Enjoy titillating food in exotic ambiences at the numerous restaurants here; the Baywatch is a restaurant that offers salubrious views of the bay area.

The Thottam, which is known for its earnest ambience and unforgettable experiences, is a unique garden restaurant with an aesthetic charm. You can also chose to visit the coffee lounge called the Pulse and enjoy smooth mock tails or enjoy the sedation of a pulsating ambience as you sip and smell the enchanting aromas of finely brewed coffee.

 Country Club Jade Beach Resort

Take a rejuvenating tour of the spa called Tasha and enjoy herbal, aromatic and ayurvedic treatments in the best way. Hit the health club and use the state of the art equipment on location. Energise yourself with a health workout and feel the vigour inside you wanting to explode into joyous excursions.

The Country Club Jade Beach Resort is also a great place to host get-togethers, parties, conferences, corporate functions and much more. There are different banquet halls to suit different purposes. The Spice Hall, Senator Hall, Royal Hall, Majestic Hall, Garden Lawn and Open Air Lawn are the banquet centres.

The resort also organises boating, fishing, bon fire and several other activities. There are enough avenues for indoor and outdoor sports as well. This resort is a perfect haven to indulge in the hedonistic pleasures of fun and frolic.


Parijatham Resort

Parijatham Resort

Experience the joys of staying in a private setting at the Parijatham Resort. This is a private beach house facing the beach and is a unique retreat amongst all the Chennai resorts. It is located on the Muthukadu East Coast Road.

The fully furnished beach house offers an ambience that will make you fell home away from home with all its amenities and offerings. Each section of the home has a definition and purpose that is unique to itself.

Parijatham Resort

Feel the richness of the outdoor atmosphere whilst splashing with joy in the large swimming pool complemented by colourful garden area. Even when you are in your bedroom, you can spend time watching television or keep yourself engrossed with a reviving round of snooker. All bedrooms have television and other such amenities to make your stay, a comfortable affair.


Greenfields Resort

Greenfields Resort

The Greenfields Resort is a place where the confluence of peace, harmony and serenity can be noticed in a fascinating manner; they exist as one single manifestation in abundance! Whether relaxing by the poolside or simply gazing at the stirring water bodies, you will find peace and serenity in every corner of this holiday destination.

The resort offers comfortable staying facilities overlooked by the divine attributes of nature. Staying in such clean, spacious and prismatic surroundings will soothe your mind within a wink of the eye. You can indulge in fun and frolic at the volleyball court or try your skills with bat and ball at the cricket ground. For the business minds, the well-equipped and spacious conference halls plays the bait.

There are numerous sightseeing destinations around this place. During your stay you can visit the Sivan Temple, Vaishnavi Temple, Heavy Vehicles Factory and Rajiv Gandhi Memorial. 

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26 December 2018
"Had a wonderful experience at VGP Golden Beach Resort. Swimming pool was well maintained. Private beach is another attraction here. Both breakfast and lunch was good and had many options in veg and non veg. Overall a nice place to spend a day with family or friends."
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It was nice arrangements by the hotel. Food and amenities were good. Preeti from Thrillophilia team guided and gave us hope on booking. Her follow up was good. Overall it was good experience. Thank u team Thrillophilia.
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"nice one n enjoy with the family "
25 February 2020
We had a family outing in the resort. Right from booking to check in, everything was smooth. The ambiance was cool in a clean environment. The staffs were very cooperative and found always attending the guests with smile The food was excellent. Definitely recommend to our friends and relatives in North East. Only one suggestion: The evening high tea quality may be improved. Thanks
28 October 2019
Very good experience overall. Hospitality provided by the entire crew was really good. Welcome drink, Buffet lunch and snacks/tea. The place was nearly maintained - beach, lawn and swimming pool area. Sports items were given too.
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"pleasant view.."
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"amazing journey"
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"Really enjoyed. It was a different quiet ambience. Thank u."

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