Santhome Church Overview

Santhome Church is a standing testament to the belief of the Christian followers and is among the three wonders of this world that house the tombs of Christ’s original disciple. The other two are Santiago de Compostela in Spain and St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City.

It was constructed in the memory of Saint Thomas who was an Apostle of Jesus Christ. Santhome Church is the greatest symbol of multi-culture and religious harmony as people from all religions visit this Church to seek solace and eternal peace.This church was built initially as a mausoleum, but it has now transversed into a Basilica owing to it’s gaining popularity and importance. Beneath the towering white embodiment of this basilica lies the body of Saint Thomas who came to India in 52 AD to preach about Christianity.

He was successful in converting a large population of the locals residing in Tamil Nadu and Kerala with his wisdom and powerful preaching. He thereafter formed a community that is now known as Syrian Christians. This church also houses a museum that displays souvenirs of Saint Thomas and gives visitors an insight into the glorious past of this church during the historical times.

How To Reach

Here are a few ways you can reach Santhome church without any jiffy and you can immerse into the rich history of this place.

By Air: There is no option available to reach Santhrome Church by air, but Chennai International Airport is 16 KM (around 30 mins) apart from Santhome Church. Upon landing at the airport, you may take a taxi or a bus.

By Bus: This is the primary option available. There are five buses available, but if you want to reach the church in the shortest time, then catch the bus that passes
through San Thome High Road. One bus from The World Bank, two from Pothys, two from Thirumangalam Signal,  one from INOX International, and three from Madipakkam. 

By Road.
Santhome is in Chennai and well connected to the road; it is south of Marine Drive and easy to travel via road, on Santhome High Road.

Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit Santhome Church is between October to February when the weather is extremely pleasant in Chennai. You can also visit this church during Christmas when the celebrations and fervor is on the next level.

You should avoid visiting this church between July to September as the scorching heat in Chennai will take away the joy of this trip and you’ll not be able to enjoy a great time over here.

Other Essential Information

Santhome Church stands proudly on the burial ground of St. Thomas. The name of the church is derived from St. Thomas and was originally known as St. Thomas Cathedral Basilica. It is believed that after the crucifixion of Jesus, one of his apostles, St. Thomas arrived in Chennai to preach and spread Christianity. The place where he preached was known as Little Mount, while his burial grounds were known as Bethune.

The Portuguese explorer originally constructed the church in around 16th Century. However, it became a cathedral in 1606. During the British reign, it was refurbished to be elaborative in the 19th century, with the gothic style of architecture. The church received its recognition by Pope Pius XII when he honoured the cathedral church. Since then, it found its position among the minor basilica in March 1956. It has become an important religious site in Chennai and attracts devotees from all around the globe.

Places To Eat Near Santhome church

Cherish your heart and soul with the impeccable quality of food that is served at the most acclaimed restaurants nearby Santhome church. Here are the most popular restaurants that you must visit near Santhome church.

1. Hotel Marina Park restaurant- It is one of the most lavish restaurants around the San Thome Church. And if you fascinate the taste of Seafood, then this would certainly be your ideal destination. The place offers scrumptious South Indian food at extremely reasonable prices. Kal dosa is one of the finest dishes which is served here.
Location- 124 Santhome High Road, Chennai 600004, India

2. Daawat, The Kebab Shop- This stunning restaurant would be a perfect choice for all the non-vegetarian tourists, who want to relish the taste of the best non-vegetarian delicacies. The ambiance of this place is quite elegant and the quality of the Kababs and Biryani would make you drool over here

- New No.79 & 81 old No. 42 & 43, Santhome High Road.

3. Sangeetha Vegetarian restaurant- This is one of the best values for money restaurants you would get around the San Thome Church. You can have the iconic South Indian dishes like Sambhar Dosa, Idli, Vada, Appam, Puttu and Pesarattu over here.

- 126/102, Santhome Road, Pattinapakkam, Chennai 600028. India.

Travellers Tip Before Visiting San Thome Church

Following are some essential tips which you must follow before visiting San Thome Church:

1. Switch off your phone inside the prayer halls.

2. Try to stay away from the Sacred memorials and Altar, as it may cause brutal consequences.

3. Wear sunscreen when going out, as the scorching heat of Chennai may take a toll on your skin.

4. Wear decent clothes which are compatible to the modesty of the Church.
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