Besant Nagar Beach Overview
Besant Nagar Beach also known as Edward Elliot's Beach in Chennai is one of the cleanest beaches of India. Embellished by golden sand beaches, curling waves and limitless stretch of sea, the beach entices tourists from different parts of the world. The serene and tranquil nature of the beach uplifts the human spirit and refreshes the mind and soul.

You can witness the amazing sunrise and sunset at the beach, with the sky being painted by the golden rays of the sun. The beach is named Edward Elliot's Beach after the famous chief magistrate and superintendent police of Chennai, Edward Elliott.

But it is popularly known as Besant Nagar Beach since it is located in the city of Besant Nagar. The city of Besant Nagar was originally named after the famous social activist Annie Besant, who had an immense contribution to the development of India during the British rule. It is said that once a Danish sailor, Karl Schmidt, sacrificed his life while saving a man from drowning in the sea. A monument has been constructed in his honour at the beach and named as “Elliots”. 

Several multi-cuisine restaurants and street side cafes adorn the shores of the beach. Sea foods are one of the key attractions of the beach where you can enjoy the fried fish delicacies with the South Indian dishes. You must also not miss out on some of the beautiful old temples and churches located near the beach. 

The pristine beauty of the beach serves as the perfect weekend getaway, offering a plethora of activities like surfing, boating, sunbathing and relaxing at the seashore. It is amazing to watch the twinkling stars and the moonlit sea waters at night.

How To Reach

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The nearest airport to reach the Besant Nagar Beach is Chennai International airport. The distance between the airport and the beach is 14.68 km. The fastest way to reach the beach is to hire a taxi from the airport. The distance can be covered in approximately 16 minutes. The average fare of taxis is between INR 440 and INR 550. 

The cheapest way to reach the beach from the airport is to avail of the train and the bus. The railway station near the airport is Trisulam. Board a train from Trisulam to Chennai Fort railway station. You can then walk down to the Secretariat bus stand and avail a bus to reach the Besant Nagar bus stand.

Best Time To Visit

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- The best time to visit Besant Nagar beach is during the winter season between November and February. The weather is comparatively pleasant in the winter with temperatures varying between 19 degrees C and 27 degrees C. You can relax at the beach during the day and enjoy the cool breeze in the evenings.

- Summers are usually very hot and unbearable in Chennai, hence it is advisable to avoid this time of the year. The beach during the daytime would not be comfortable to walk around and relax due to the scorching sun heat. 

- The monsoons in Chennai are humid and not comfortable. It is not preferable to visit the beach during the rainy season. 

Other Essential Information

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The beach is located in the city of Besant Nagar, and is the second most prominent beach in Chennai.
Timings: The beach is open every day of the week. But it is better to leave the beach before 9 PM as it becomes deserted after that.

Entry fee: There is no entry fee for the beach. The parking charges at the beach are also free.

Places to Eat at Besant Nagar Beach

Besant Nagar beach is famous for seafood and street foods. Fried fish, Mirchi bajji and corn on cub are some of the delicacies available at the beach. There are several restaurants near the beach with a variety of food options.

1. Hola Besant Nagar
It is one of the popular restaurants of Besant Nagar offering tasty foods from Italian and Mexican cuisines. You can savour your taste buds with Chipotle chicken, Tacos, Pasta, and Pizzas.

2. BOATS (Based On True Story)
The restaurant offers delicacies from multiple cuisines, North Indian, Chinese and Continental. It is one of the renowned eateries in the region with dining and drinking options accompanied by live music. The specialty dishes of the restaurant are nachos, pasta, roast chicken and chicken skewers.

3. Blind Chemistry
It is essentially a café serving continental dishes and different types of beverages and desserts. Waffles, sandwiches, shakes, cheese cakes are some of the popular snacks in the café.

4. Murugan Idli Shop
The shop is a perfect place for vegetarians. It serves south Indian and other veg dishes only. Idli, Dosa, Pongal, uttapam are some of the popular dishes in the shop.

5. Eden
It is another vegetarian restaurant offering dishes from North Indian, Italian and Continental cuisines. The restaurant also serves Jain meals and dishes. The popular delicacies of the restaurant are Lasagne, Corn Florentine, Malai Kofta and Mushroom Crepe.

Nightlife at Besant Nagar Beach

Several restaurants and pubs are present near the Besant Nagar Beach to spend a jubilant nightlife. If you are crazy for parties, then the best place to visit is the B Bar which is open every day of the week from 4:00 PM to 10:30 PM. It is located at a distance of 2.4 km from the beach. 

Bay 146 and Unlock Bar are two popular eateries and pubs near the beach at a distance of 1.2 km. They are open till midnight and offer food and drinks from multiple cuisines. If you have an ardent interest to enjoy a rooftop experience then you can travel a little distance of 4.1 km from the beach to a pub called Above Sea Level. The place offers a romantic atmosphere at the backdrop of the panoramic landscape of the city.

Shopping at Besant Nagar Beach

For shopaholics, there are ample opportunities present near the Besant Nagar Beach to fulfill their shopping desire. Modern Plaza and Vantage Plaza are two shopping malls near the beach where you can fill up your shopping bags with branded and local products.

To churn out your desire for some good and fashionable shoes, you must visit the Metro Shoe Mart located at a distance of 2.4 km from the beach. Some more shopping centers are present at nearby places like the Nilgiri Shopping centre, Vivek Plaza, Singapore Shopping Center, Deju Plaza, Precision Plaza and many more. 

Things to Carry at Besant Nagar Beach

The following things must be carried while visiting the Besant Nagar Beach:

1. Carry sunscreen lotion or cream with you to protect the skin from the heat of the sun rays 

Swimming attires are a must if you want to enjoy a dip in the sea waters

Carry sunglasses and hats to protect your eyes and head from the UV rays

You must not forget to carry your camera and its accessories to capture some of the memorable moments at the beach

Since you will be spending a whole day at the beach hence it is advisable to carry a beach bag and towels

Keep a first aid kit in your beach bag in case of any accidental injuries or emergencies.

Medical Facilities Near Besant Nagar Beach

There are certain clinics and medical centers near the Besant Nagar beach for emergencies and medical treatments. The nearby clinics which provide decent medical services are Varma clinic Dr. Rajamony, Dr. Baranees Sukra Diabetes Care and Research center, Ajna Medical center, Synapse Pain and Spine Clinic.

For people opting for Ayurvedic medicines and treatment, there is an Ayush Ayurvedic Center near the beach. In case of any dental treatment, the best one is Hari’s Dental Care and Implant Center. For hair and skin related treatments, you can visit the Swaroop Skin and Hair Care Center. However, it is recommended to carry medicines and a first-aid kit while visiting the beach for any small medications and injuries.

Travelers' Tip for Visiting Besant Nagar Beach

Few essential tips for travelers visiting the Besant Nagar Beach:

Wear light comfortable cotton and linen clothes while relaxing at the beach

It is better to wear slippers and flip flops for a comfortable walk around the beach. 

The beach is especially beautiful during the sunrise and the sunset. You must not miss the opportunity to witness the glittering reflection of the sun rays on the sea waters. 

There are restrooms, waste bins, drinking water facilities and eateries inside the beach premises

The beach offers options for cycling around the area. If you are a cyclist then you must certainly enjoy cycling amongst the cool and blissful environment. 

It is better to enter the beach in the morning or early afternoon as after 5 PM the parking space is full.
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Besant Nagar Beach FAQs

What is Besant Nagar beach famous for?

Besant Nagar Beach is famous for being the safest and cleanest beaches in India. It is also quite famous for street foods and seafood which are found inside the beach premises. The most popular among the delicacies being fried fish, corn on the cob, Mirchi bajjis, and sundal.

How do I get to Besant Nagar Beach?

You can reach Besant Nagar Beach by bus, train, air or cab. You can drive your car to reach the beach.

Is Besant Nagar family friendly?

Yes, Besant Nagar beach is a perfect place to spend ample time with family and friends. The place is safe with a constant police patrol. You can enjoy swimming, beach volleyball and sunbathing at the beach with your family. The beach provides you an excellent option to spend a relaxing weekend with your family and friends. The beach is normally deserted after 9 PM but still you can stay till 11 PM safely if you want.

Are there locker facilities available at Besant Nagar Beach?

There are no locker facilities available at Besant Nagar Beach. All your belongings, clothing and food items are to be kept at your vigilance. The beach is safe and there are no chances of mishandling of your items.

Are Besant Nagar Beach and Edward Elliot's beaches the same?

Besant Nagar Beach and Edward Elliot's beach are the names of the same beach. Since the beach is located in Besant Nagar hence many locals and tourists refer to it as the Besant Nagar Beach. It is named as a mark of respect to Edward Elliot, one of the renowned chief magistrate and superintendent of police in Chennai.

Which station is near to Besant Nagar Beach?

The nearest major railway station to Besant Nagar Beach is Tirupati. There is another local railway station nearby, West Mambalam station, which has limited connectivity.

Are washrooms available at Besant Nagar Beach?

Washrooms are available at Besant Nagar beach but very limited in comparison to the number of visitors who come to the beach every year. You may need to visit the restaurants or eateries nearby to avail of the washroom facilities.

Is ATM available near Besant Nagar Beach?

Yes, ATMs are available near Besant Nagar Beach, but not very close to the beach. The nearby ATM is that of Dhanlaxmi Bank. HDFC, ICICI, Indusind and Standard Chartered Bank ATMs are available nearby, but you need to walk for a certain distance or avail a rickshaw.

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