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Speak of a trip full of adventure and Bir-billing tops the list. A place where the eyes hold the views of stunning landscapes while your nerves are thrilled to the ecstasy of flying high in the sky. The breathtaking twin beauties of Himalayas, inseparable by adventure, a collection of nature’s allure and a wanderlust’s rush of adrenaline, where the thoughts of an adventure seeker takes the air from Billing and finds space somewhere in the amazing landscapes of Bir Billing Tour Packages.

Bir is a quaint town in the Kangra valley of Himachal Pradesh known for its natural beauty, unique Tibetan culture and meditation studies. Covered in vast estates of tea gardens, Bir enjoys a population of a few thousand Indians, a Tibetan settlement and a slowly growing international settlement of adventure enthusiasts and philosophy students. It lies 50 kilometers southeast to Dharamshala, McLeodGanj- a four-hour car ride away

Billing, a valley 14 kms north of Bir, (known as the Bir-Billing area) is famous internationally for its world-class facilities for adventure sports such as paragliding, handgliding, trekking and camping.

Stuff your eyes with wonder and explore the path less travelled in your next fascinating weekend trip! - Bir Billing Tour Packages are here for you!

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    Up in the Air: Paragliding in Bir-billing from Delhi
    Bir - Billing
    d4 Days n3 Nights

    About the Activity:Fixed departure: 12th May, 2017Check this exciting adventure and fun filled package for 4 days allowing you to enjoy the maximum amidst the snow covered peaks and valleys of Bir- Billing in Himachal Pradesh.Pack your bags and embark on to partake in differing activities on the ground and high above the sea level with paragliding and an extensive trekking from Bir to Billing.Moreover, know the pulse of the village life of Bir by strolling across the native routes and trails, visit the monasteries and restaurants.It would be beyond exiting when you join the team to partake in a treasure hunt inside the jungle. In addition to it, give your feet a memorable experience with the natural walks and hikes near the campsite.The package includes food, accommodation in tents and transportation during the whole trip which is inclusive of pick up and drop off from Delhi.

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    Bir - Billing
    d5 Days n4 Nights

    Group Departure Date: 23rd, 28th and 30th Dec 2017                                        6th,13th, 20th, 25th and 26th Jan 2018                                         3rd,10th, 17th and 24th Feb 2018Pickup point: Bir Bus StandDrop Point: Mcleod Ganj Bus StandBir Adventure Package without Paragliding: INR 8899/- ppBir Adventure Package with Paragliding: INR 10980/- ppAbout the Tour:Once you reach Hotel,  receive a warm traditional welcome from the Hotel staff. Take rest after a long journey and in evening, you can indulge in the short mountain Biking adventure to pamper your adventurous soul. Followed by the exploration of the famed Sherab Ling Monastery.The other day, after having a wholesome breakfast,  you will be taken to a paragliding take off spot, wherein you will enjoy paragliding, followed by half day trek passing through Bir Billing Valley. In evening, retire to your resort and enjoy the music, campfire, BBQ and hot-piping food.Also, visit scenic Barot town on your day 3 and indulge in angling and sightseeing activities.Visit and enjoy your stay in McLeodganj camp and enjoy the mesmerising views while camping overnight with campfire, BBQ, music and dinner. Go on an adventurous hiking to the famous Bhagsu Nag Temple and Bhagsu Waterfall. Trek to the famous Triund Hill. Also, explore the religious and ancient spots such as Dalai Lama Temple and St. John Church. before you conclude your day. 

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  • d13 Days n12 Nights

    About the Activity:Is the Himalayan adventure tour your dream? Are you finding it difficult to plan an extensive tour to capture the maximum of this beautiful region?Then check this sightseeing cum adventure activity package which gives you the exotic opportunity to experience the life of adventure junkies.Indulge in a 13 day long trip starting from Delhi and pass the major cities like Rishikesh, Chandigarh, Amritsar, Golden Temple, Wagah Border, Mcleodganj, Dharamkot, Triund, Bir etc.The extended forest areas, dhabas, rough roads, the mighty Ganges, shopping centres, naturally blessed regions, blissfully lying mountain ranges etc will make your tour incomparable.This enthralling tour has umpteen number of pulsating activities like river rafting and bungee jumping in Rishikesh, trekking, paragliding in Bir and camping under the stars listening to the ubiquitous noises of the hill forests.The package includes food, accommodation in hotels and tents and all the transportation during the tour.There are two variants available: 1) For a Group of Minimum 10 or 14 PAX and 2) For a Group of Minimum 6 PAX.

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  • d8 Days n7 Nights

    About the Activity:Himalayan adventure activities are anyone's dream, from time immemorial, as the location lying near the lofty snow-clad peaks are hardy, glistening and breathtakingly amazing.But the unpredictable climatic conditions, the lesser number of days etc act as villains to your dreams to fulfill the bucket list of adventure activities you have been carrying for a while.Here is a stop to your longing. This is an opportunity to enter the cult of adventure junkies keeping Himalayas as their motherland. A sightseeing tour starting from Chandigarh has everything which satiates the word adventure, very well.An 8 day long trip keeps its targets as Chandigarh, Amritsar, Golden Temple, Wagah Border, Mcleodganj, Dharamkot, Triund, Bir etc.From trekking to paragliding, the trip offers a package of adventure cum laid-back, a tailor made vacation to all those chaotic minds.There are two variants available: 1) For a Group of Minimum 10 or 14 PAX and 2) For a Group of Minimum 6 PAX.The package includes food, accommodation in hotels and tents and all the transportation during the trip.

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    Bir - Billing
    h5 Hours

    About the Activity:Experience the charming Indian town of Bir in your own private car in half day like never before with your loved ones.Bir is known worldwide as a destination for ecotourism and is praised by visitors for its paragliding adventure.This trip takes you to some of the famous attractions like Billing paragliding site and Zongsar Monastery Chauntra.You can pick any 4 seater car of your choice between Desire or Indica.The duration of the tour is 5 hours and this itinerary cannot be customized. The car can be hired anytime between 10 AM and 6 PM.You also have an option to hire a guide along with the car for an in depth knowledge of the above mentioned attractions.  

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    Bir - Billing
    d3 Days n2 Nights

    About the Activity:Make your winter special with this exciting trip to Bir- Billing and indulge in a thrilling paragliding activity.Reach Bir- Billing and check into your hotel at around 2:00 PM and then start hiking to Baari village.Explore some of the unknown places of this region as you walk through the oak, rhododendron, and devdara forest.Reach the group of villages which meet the tribal people here.Visit some of the famous monasteries here and listen to the chanting of the monks.Feel the thrill as you paraglide through the scenic view of the region with the hills and valleys.Conclude your tour after 3 days and head back home with lots of memories.

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  • l
    Bir - Billing
    h8 Hours

    About the Activity:Experience the charming Indian town of Bir in your own private car like never before with your loved ones.Bir is known worldwide as a destination for ecotourism and meditation studies, and is praised by visitors from all corners of the earth for its natural beauty. This trip takes you to some of the famous attractions like Adreataa Shobha Singh Art Gallery, Shiva Temple Baijnath, Palpung Sherabilling Monestry Bhattu, and at the last the Nima Gompa MonasteryYou can pick any 4 seater car of your choice between Desire or Indica.The duration of the tour is eight hours and this itinerary cannot be customized. The sightseeing trip starts at 10 AM and ends at 6 PM.You also have an option to hire a guide along with the car for an in depth knowledge of the above mentioned attractions.  

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What You Should Know More About Tours in Bir - Billing

  • Which are the best places for paragliding in Bir Billing?

    Bir Billing is famous as paragliding capital of the world and is 60 kms from Kangra town. The paragliding site is at Billing which is 14 kms from Bir. Basically, Bir is the town and billing is the upper most part, also known as upper Bir. Bir-Billing is considered as best paragliding spots in the world because of below reasons.

    •         Best takeoff and landing sites: To take off you need extremely smooth winds. The takeoff site here has got incredibly smooth and favorable winds for a perfect and easy takeoff. Landing requires a zone with minimum threats of accidents and maximum possibilities of quick help. The landing sites in Bir Billing have all such amenities.
    •         Suitable air currents: Bir Billing is blessed with the best of the climatic conditions for paragliding. At 6 to 12 m per second of thermals in May-June, a flyer gets perfect uplift to fly up to 5000 m. Even the springs get thermals of 4-8 metres per second. Bir Billing gets an average thermal of 5 m per second — no doubt it is one of the best places for paragliding in the world.
    •         Ideal cloud base: Cloud base simply means the base of the cloud, and is measured in metres/feet above sea level. If the valleys have a higher cloud base, one can gain more heights. Billing has 4000-6000 metres of cloud base and one can guess why paragliding here is one of the best and easy adventures.

  • Which are the best bike tours in Bir Billing?

    Travel Bir Billing organises multiple mountain biking tours on various routes as below.

    • Mountain biking Route 1.: Campsite – Sansal mukutnath temple– Bhattu road – lower bhattu – Bahttu – Palpung monastery – Bir road –  Bir Billing Camping site – 23 km. (easy – moderate).
    • Mountain Biking Route 2.: Campsite –Sansal mukutnath temple – Palpung monastery – Bir Paragliding landing site – Bir – Bir Billing Camping site – 17 km. (easy).
    • Mountain Biking Route3.: Campsite – Punpung stupa’s and monastery – Bhattu – Baijanth road – Aijhu – Landing site – Bir Billing Camping site – 25 km. (easy – moderate).
    • Mountain Biking Route 4.: Drive to Jhatingri 24 kms – Jhatingri to Barot – Kothikod village – Badagran village (overnight camping) – Raj Gundha – Channa Ghat – Billing (overnight camping)– Bir – Campsite- – 75 km.  (moderate- hard)
    • Mountain Biking Route 5.: Campsite –  Sansal mukut nath temple – Deol village – Uttrala – Gawal tikkar – Kandwari (overnight camping) – Bandala – Kandi – Rakh – Jia – Mountain biking of 50 km. – drive for 40 km. to camp site at Bir Billing.

  • Which are the best camping sites in Bir Billing?

    For a man of mountains, Bir satisfies his hunger with stargazing while lying under the sky full of stars over a landscapes that holds the hope of a beautiful sunset.

    • Camp Oak View
    • Travel Bir Billing
    • Big Mountain Camps

  • Which are the best adventure activities to do in Bir Billing?

    You know why birds are always happy and singing? Maybe because they can fly! Bir-Billing is such an experience, an experience of emptiness in your thoughts and the stories of the breeze, a crazy ride of the stunning views.

    • Paragliding
    • Hand gliding
    • Camping
    • Dharmalya Forest
    • Trek to Ghornala
    • Mountain Biking
    • Nature Tours
    • Rock climbing

  • Which are the best sightseeing tours in Bir Billing?

    Bir is a small town and can be covered on foot. Various tours and treks are being arranged for sight-seeing.

    • Sightseeing Tour in Bir, Billing and Barot in a car.
    • Bike tours ranging from 5 to 50 kms
    • Various city walks tours are also organised and put a light on history and customs of the place.

  • Which are the best family friendly tours in Bir Billing?

    Family tours can be booked online and are an easy option if you are going with a big family. Various combinations include

    • Dharamshala and Manali Tour
    • Dalhousie and Dharmshala Tour
    • Kangra Valley Tour

  • Which are the romantic things to do on a honeymoon in Bir Billing?

    Do you want to take that walk of your life where the love drizzles in emotions of adventure and alluring views? Bir-billing is the right place for that walk of love:

    • Stay at a camp
    • Do star gazing together
    • Take early morning walks in the picturesque village
    • Enjoy Tibetan food

  • Which are the best cultural experiences in Bir Billing?

    Bir-Billing is an amalgamation of Indian culture with a hint of Tibetan influence in the humane life of this place. Explore more to know more:

    • Visit Dharmalaya: The internationally known charitable organization, Dharmalaya, has its very renowned school in Bir that promoted education and empowerment for compassionate living with a focus of sustainable village development. The offer periodic classes and seminars on philosophy, meditation, health, ecology and organic gardening.
    • Bir tea factory: A Bir co-operative, it offers eco-tours for those interested in learning about the process and nuances of tea productions. Added bonus is a great tour of gorgeous and fragrant tea plantations!
    • Chokling Monastery: Located in Chowgan, this gorgeous monastery with an impressive stupa at its gate, regularly open seminars on Buddhist discourse for the public.
    • Take a stroll at one of the previously privately-owned tea gardens of Chowgan.

  • Which are the best areas for a shopping tour in Bir Billing?

    • Bir Bazaar — Several shops selling plenty of dry goods (including pulses, flours, nuts, raisins, etc.) and a small selection of fruits and vegetables, but usually not much in the way of fresh greens.
    • Kotli — Jaswant Paul’s shop in Kotli (just around the bend downhill from Bir Bazaar) has a selection of dry goods, including a few seasonal organic food items (e.g. kidney beans and potatoes).
    • Tibetan Colony —The focus for most of these vendors is fresh produce. Baby bok choy is often available here, thanks to the Tibetan presence.
    • Bir Road — A slightly better selection, sometimes including mushrooms, is available from the shops right at the intersection of Bir Road and the NH20 highway.
    • Baijnath — The produce shops in the centre of Baijnath bazaar have the best selection in the area, often including (seasonally) such items as broccoli and tropical fruits.

    Bir is not only about paragliding and if believe so, you are missing too much. It’s just that you have to set your foot loose and explore the area. Star gazing and watching magnificent sunsets from hills over a cup of tea is a bliss. The food, Tibet culture and option to volunteer at multiple places will surely make this trip a memorable one.

Traveller Tales From Bir - Billing



27 October 2016

I recently did the same trip and i am more than happy to share my experience with Thrillophilia. Everything was managed professionally Be it the trekking part, the paragliding, the Transfers. Now comes the most exciting part of this trip, TREASURE HUNT- It was one of the best group activities i've ever done. I was super Excited for this one and it was worth it. P.S. I won a Selfie Stick and a Power Bank. ;) The location of the campsite was really good, i woke up, unzipped my tent and saw the sun rising from behind the mountain which was right in front of my eyes and I captured that moment in my heart for lifetime.

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