Parasailing in Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer Parasailing Packages

Duration Price
Parasailing In Jaisalmer15 mins
INR 849
Paramotoring In Jaisalmer25 mins
INR 3,749

Parasailing in Jaisalmer can be your true adventure calling as the aero sport lets you imagine the sky as a playground. This sesh in the golden city serves to be a standout air sport because it is both secure and audacious at the same time. Jaisalmer Parasailing lets you experience the chills of flying high, and presents a panoramic bird’s eye view of the magnificent dry sand and the boundless desert that look as pretty as a picture.

Besides, the teams will capture beautiful pictures of you while you conquer the golden dunes of Jaisalmer. What’s even more appealing is anyone from ten years onwards can embrace this sport without batting an eyelid. Most tourists prefer this sport over others, because it is not uncomfortable or unsafe, all thanks to the qualified crew of instructors that keep controlling the glide, on the ground. So if you are all set to to accomplish your gutsy goals, or get rid of your fear of heights then now is the time. This grand leisure pursuit may have a duration of thirty minutes but the 3-5 minutes of parasailing will leave you with truckloads of memories to part with.

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Jaisalmer Parasailing FAQs

Where can I do Parasailing in Jaisalmer?

You can do Parasailing in Jaisalmer near the 30-60 tall sand dunes in the Sam village of Jaisalmer. These spots are located 40 kilometers away from Jaisalmer. And, tourists mainly frequent the location to make the most of the parasailing activity. If you have a burning desire to explore the desert and the sandy lands from the perspective of adventure then this fun-filled activity of parasailing is not to be missed. This activity is skydiving of sorts but the only difference is that your parachute will stay fixed to a moving jeep.

Due to the presence of massive stretches of the wide-open parcel of land, Jaisalmer is touted as one of the perfect destinations for enjoying this aero sport. The dunes, majestic forts, runways, and golden strips of sand provide breathtaking views of the entire Jaisalmer when the wind guides your way. The fifteen minutes of gliding at a safe height under a trained crew is not only the most surreal but the safest feeling.

The teams capture beautiful moments of you soaring in the sky in their cameras so that you have lots to take back in the name of memories. So if you are looking forward to an experience of a lifetime, and taking your adventure to the next level, then get your instant voucher of confirmation at the best online price, from Thrillophilia.

What is the best time to go for Jaisalmer Parasailing?

If you wish to enjoy Jaisalmer’s golden beauty besides flying like a bird in the parasailer then plan your trip around September to February. This season is the best for Parasailing in Jaisalmer because the weather is cool, and you get to enjoy the crystal clear views of the sandy strips, and the unblocked countryside of the enormous Thar Desert.

Why is Parasailing in Jaisalmer famous?

Parasailing in Jaisalmer is famous because it provides you the opportunity of indulging in a thrilling activity session that will fill your hearts with numerous memories. With this activity, you get to overcome your fear of heights and witness the beauty of the desert before your eyes. You have a whale of a time enjoying sights of the dunes, majestic forts, and runways with your family and friends.

How much does parasailing in Jaisalmer cost?

Parasailing in Jaisalmer is not expensive at all. The average charges are Rs 1500-2000 per person but if you make your bookings with Thrillophilia then you have to pay Rs 683 only, per person. This activity of parasailing promises a lot of excitement and thrill at such an affordable price and your experience at the end is going to be priceless.

What is the age limit for Parasailing In Jaisalmer?

The minimum age requirement is above ten years to try Jaisalmer Parasailing and there is no maximum age limit. This sport is completely safe as qualified instructors, and experienced staff takes thorough safety precautions during the entire activity.

What to carry before going for Parasailing in Jaisalmer?

When going for Jaisalmer Parasailing the recommended backpack essentials are:

- Sports attire
- Extra pair of clothes
- Sports shoes
- Sunglasses
- Camera
- Sunscreen lotion

Is Jaisalmer Parasailing safe?

Yes, Jaisalmer Parasailing is the safest sport because the entire activity is conducted under the strict supervision of qualified parasailing instructors that guide you all along. You are well equipped with premium quality safety gears as well.

Is there any weight limit for Parasailing in Jaisalmer?

Yes, there is a weight limit for parasailing in Jaisalmer. So, if you are participating in the sport then you cannot weigh more than 95 kilos or less than 40 kilos.

What will be the maximum height that we will achieve in Parasailing in Jaisalmer?

The height limit of parasailing in Jaisalmer sits at 500 to 800 feet above the desert. 800 feet is usually the rope’s height. It is considered to be safe to stay above the ground at a certain altitude.

Is Parasailing in Jaisalmer safe for kids?

Yes, Parasailing in Jaisalmer is completely safe for kids because there are professionally trained people conducting the sport under their strict supervision.

Jaisalmer Parasailing Reviews

Shashi Panicker
Reviewed: 16 Dec 2018
Parasailing at Jaisalmer is now becoming the best to do activities these days and so I was thrilled to give it a try. With Thrillophilia's discounted price, it became very cost effective too. The tour is inclusive of guide and parasailing equipment. Being in the air and watching the beautiful city o... Read More
Shashi Panicker
Shashi Panicker
Shashi Panicker
Shashi Panicker
Shashi Panicker
Sk Samin
Reviewed: 19 Sep 2019
Today there is no parasail . I want refund . I called the organiser they replied that no parasailing activity is going for few days and they told to contact you for refund. Please send me refund as early as possible. Thank you
Varsha Varsha
Reviewed: 02 Feb 2019
"me and my whole family enjoyed the experience of parasailing at Jaisalmer, it was amazing. we got life time experience to share, highly appreciated and recommend them for others also. must try activity"
Prameet Prameet
Reviewed: 30 Dec 2018
Parasailing here is just a one an only great experience i had in Jaisalmer, it feels like I am flying like a bird for 1 minute. Booking through Thrillophilia is a great experience though u had little problem initially but Thrillophilia people helped a lot and resolved the things. Thanks Thrillophili... Read More
Bhaumik Pandey
Reviewed: 10 Dec 2018
I have done parasailing in Goa before. and desert parasailing sounded so exciting. It was rather a great experience. As we went as a group of 4 friends, there was no limit to the level of excitement. It was too sunny still we did enjoy the adventure to the core.
Chandini Desai
Reviewed: 10 Dec 2018
So many activities and it was so thrilling to be there. Had a day out in the beach and played many games like volleyball, basketball etc. We went there for our marriage anniversary and it was a very nice experience.

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