Serenity Beach Overview

This is the perfect spot to relax and get all the tensions out of your head. The name serenity was picked exclusively for this place as it is the most beautiful and outstanding shoreline.  This shoreline is considered as a heaven for the newly wedded couples which is why most of the couples pick Pondicherry as their honeymoon spot to enjoy the beauty of Serenity beach. It is one of the most peaceful places and you will enjoy the shore from the bottom of your heart. You can do surfing here to pump up the adrenaline rush in you. The lovely palm trees and beautiful surroundings will give you the most peaceful experience.



Pondicherry 605101

Best Time To Visit:

It is a beautiful beach and you can visit at any time of the day but it is better to visit the beach at morning and evening to have a pleasant experience.


The beach will be open from morning 5 AM to evening 7 PM.

Distance from Pondicherry Bus stand to Beach

The distance from Pondicherry bus stand to the beach is 7.9 km and it takes 7 mins to reach the beach from bus stand.

Serenity beach is one of the pristine beaches located in the coastal town of Pondicherry. Just a twenty minutes drive from the northern part of Pondicherry, and you will be enchanted by the golden sands of the Serenity Beach. The beach is flanked by palm trees on the shore and gives a good view of the Bay of Bengal stretching into the vast expanse.

One of the distinctive features of the Serenity Beach is the existence of sandy beaches and also a rocky beach portion along its stretch. Like most other beaches of Pondicherry, the Serenity beach is not over-crowded and tourists can enjoy a quiet private time with their spouse, family or friends. The beach is also a photographer’s delight with the tall palm trees on the side and waves of the sea across the backdrop of the horizon gives an enchanting view. Sunrise photography is a major activity of the photographers in this beach.

The Serenity beach has fishing boats anchored along the shore and one can walk on the deck into the waters of the sea. When we talk of sea, sun and sand, Pondicherry instantly comes to our mind. And Serenity Beach is surely a major attraction worth visiting in the town! You can just laze around the beach enjoying the sun and sipping on a cool drink, or can indulge in various activities the beach has to offer. You can also visit other attractions located near and around the Serenity beach and explore the beauty of Pondicherry town.

How To Reach

By Air: 

The nearest airport, Pondicherry airport is located at a distance of 10 kms from the beach. You can hire a cab from the airport to Serenity Beach. The drive from the airport to the beach will take around fifteen minutes. 

By Road:

The Serenity beach is located towards the northern side of Pondicherry and is easily accessible from the Pondicherry bus stand. The bus stand located at the centre of the city is located just 10 kms away from the beach and one can get autos and buses from there. You can also rent a vehicle from Pondicherry bus stand and visit the beach. If you are planning to explore the town along with Serenity beach, it is better to hire a cab for the entire day.

By Train: 

The nearest railway station is at 50 kms away at Villupuram. You can hire a cab from the railway station to Serenity beach. The drive will take around an hour. 

Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit Serenity beach in Pondicherry is from early morning to evening 6.30 pm. For enjoying the sunrise, you can visit the beach on early dawn. The surfing activities start from daytime and you can enjoy the sand and sun throughout the day until evening.

As there are food stalls near the beach, you can spend the day on the beach if you are a beach lover and enjoy the fish delicacies prepared there. The beach is open on all days and there is no entry fee charged for it.

Summers in Serenity Beach get very hot with temperatures surging up to 42 degree Celsius and high humidity in the air. The summer season in Serenity starts from the month of March and lasts till June month. 

Monsoons in Serenity witnesses high humidity because of the high proximity to the Bay of Bengal. The average temperatures during monsoon vary from 25-35 degree celsius. The rainfall during monsoon is unpredictable in Serenity and can occur anytime. 

Winters are a favourable season for visiting Serenity beach during the months from November to March. The temperatures during this time remain favourable varying from 22-32 degree Celsius. Serenity beach in Pondicherry is best enjoyed in winter season.

Other Essential Information

- Location:
The Serenity beach is located 5.3 kms from Pondicherry city centre. It is just a twenty minutes drive from there. 

- Timings:
The Serenity beach is open on all days. Tourists can visit the beach from early morning to dusk and evening.  

- Entry fee:
There is no entry fee charged to visit the beach.

- Visitor's Facility:
There are facilities for relaxing and eating in Serenity beach. Stalls and restaurants along the road provide good food and local delicacies. There are also many accommodation places located near Serenity beach providing ample facilities for people to stay.

- Parking Facility:
There is ample parking facility in the road running along the Serenity beach. Tourists can park their vehicles and cabs on the road leading to the beach.

- Distance from Pondicherry bus stand:
The distance from the bus stand to the Serenity beach is 10 kms. One can get autos and cabs from the stand to the beach.

Highlights of Serenity Beach

‘Serenity’- the name itself depicts a serene atmosphere, calm and cool beach of Pondicherry. Less crowd and the quiet waters of the beach is sure to take you to calmness heaven. If you are into capturing the sun on the sea horizon, the best time to run to the beach would be the sunrise. Serenity beach offers a lovely view at dawn!

Unlike other beaches, you can enjoy both a sandy and rocky beach together in Serenity. The sand stretch with the palm trees and the huge rocks on another side make tourists doubly happy. A flea market and a surfing school are some of the distinctive attractions of Serenity beach. You can buy Pondicherry memorabilia in the market or learn surfing with a guide along the waters of the Bay of Bengal. One can always enjoy the sight of youngsters enjoy a chill day of surfing and riding the waves at Serenity.

Water Sports at Serenity Beach

Surfing is the major water sport activity of Serenity beach. People with a high adrenaline rush and love waves can go for surfing in the waters of the Bay of Bengal. There is a beautiful surf school located near the beach which provides surfing essentials on rent to tourists. One can also take surfer guides for a better surfing experience. The surfing school is a prominent facility where surfing lessons are given at different levels of learning.

The school also hosts premier surfing events and competitions where international tourists from across the world take part and enjoy the ambience. Serenity beach provides an enchanting view of youngsters and tourists riding the waves of the sea with the horizon at the backdrop.

Places to Stay near Serenity Beach

There are many good and affordable accommodation places located near Serenity beach. These hotels and home-stays provide luxurious facilities and a comfortable stay for guests. Some of the places include:

1. Koral Resort:
This is a beautiful beach resort located near Serenity beach. The resort provides effective housekeeping and caretaker facilities. The Koral resort is situated at a distance of 5 kms away from the Pondicherry bus stand.

2. Maple Leaf Resort:
This resort has good accommodation and food facilities. there is also a pool in the resort for tourists to enjoy and relax.

3. Kadal the Beach House:
This beach house features luxurious accommodation facilities with outdoor swimming pool, a shared lounge and free Wi-Fi across the property. There is also a barbecue in the resort terrace which can be effectively used by the guests. the beach house is located just 6 kms away from the Pondicherry airport.

4. Serenity Beach Villas:
This is a convenient accommodation place located near Serenity beach. Named after the beach, this place has direct beach access and is effective for a comfortable stay. the villas are located 7 kms from the Pondicherry airport.

Places to Eat near Serenity Beach

Serenity beach has awesome places for food varieties for tourists. You can enjoy local as well as international delicacies in the restaurants located nearby. Some of them include:

1. The Bull Restaurant:  
The Bull restaurant is famous for the Kuchi Eral (prawn) and Andhra chilli chicken dishes. The food and ambience in this trendy restaurant will surely savour the tourists.

2. Theevu Plage:
Located in Serenity beach front, tourists can enjoy delicious food while looking over at the sea. The dine offered is good and gives a good experience to whoever visits the restaurant.

3. The Motorcycle Diaries:
If bikes and biking is your thing, then the Motorcycle Diaries is perfect for you. You can enjoy beautiful music and the view of vintage and modern racing bikes in this cafe. The cafe comes with eye-catching interiors and the coffee and sandwich is great here!

4. Auroville Bakery:
The bakery boasts of awesome burgers, snacks and salads for everyone. You can choose from a variety of toppings for your snacks and enjoy the pleasant cosy ambience of the Auroville bakery.

5. Shyama’s Kitchen:
A place for great South Indian food, Shyama’s kitchen is run by Shyama- the energetic lady who is all set to please foodies with excellent South Indian food. The lady not only dishes out tasty food but also will enlighten you with effective cooking tips and techniques.

Tips before visiting Serenity Beach

Beach holiday is always full of fun and frolic. Lazing in the sand under the sun or playing in the waves, beaches enthral us all in every aspect. However, there are some tips to keep in mind before planning the Serenity beach holiday:

2. It is best to carry towels and extra pair of clothes while visiting Serenity beach. In case of getting wet at the waves, it is essential to carry an extra pair of clothes.

3. A sheet to sit on the beach is good to carry. Though the beach is clean, for the ones who are extra cautious on hygiene should carry a sheet to sit on.

4. Water bottle is a necessary thing to carry on the beach. You might not get the best of drinking water the moment you want it. So it is best to carry a water bottle.

5. Sunscreen, sunglasses and breathable fabrics are a must use when going to Serenity beach. To avoid any sunburn and tanning, sunscreen is required.  
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Serenity Beach FAQs

Can we play in Serenity Beach?

Yes, you can play in Serenity beach. As the beach is not over crowded and calm, you will get ample place to play around. The beautiful sandy beach backed by palm trees give an excellent place to play different games.

How do I get to Serenity Beach?

You can take an auto or cab from Pondicherry bus station located 10 kms away. If you are travelling by air, the nearest airport is Pondicherry airport wherefrom a cab or an auto will take you to the beach. The nearest railway station is at 50 kms away at Villupuram. You can take a cab from the railway station to Serenity beach.

What should I buy in Pondicherry?

You can buy local handicrafts and memorabilia from the markets near the beach. You will also get apparels, home decor items and local printed fabrics in Pondicherry.

Is there any nightlife at Serenity Beach?

Nightlife in Serenity Beach includes events on special festive days. The Beach conducts events and programmes during New Year, Christmas and other notable days where thousands of tourists attend. Tourists from across the country and the world come to Serenity beach in Pondicherry to enjoy New Year eve party at night.

Can we experience water activities at Serenity Beach?

Yes, tourists can enjoy a number of water activities in Serenity beach. The beach has surfing activities for the adventure lovers. If you are in love with waves, you can ride and surf in one renting the surfing essentials from the local surfing school. Tourists can also indulge in relaxation activities like spending the day at the beach and savouring the taste buds with local food.

Is drinking allowed in Serenity Beach?

Drinking is prohibited in Serenity beach. Pondicherry does not allow drinking at public places like beaches, parks and museums.

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