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15 February 2019
Amazing experience! The host was amazing and really helpful! The tour was a great way to get in touch with the local people and culture of Puducherry. Great breakfast provided after the tour! Loved it.
A great way to explore Pondicherry for youngsters but not as much for those who have aged a little as it may get tiring for them. I was hoping to see more places but I enjoyed the tour nonetheless.
My parents, who are both senior citizens, and I, came to Pondy for a weekend and decided to try out this cycling tour, as we had never done anything like it before. We met up with the guide, Prakash, who gave us geared cycles and helmets and made sure we all kept up with him. We had yummy French breakfast and began our tour, on which we saw of the historic places in Pondy, and were given a good history lesson by our guide
We cycled through the city as people were wakin up, and that was really a great experience. Dominic, our tour guide was a friendly man and kept us entertained throughout. A real 5 star experience for us
Perfect way to enjoy the unseen places in Pondicherry. early morning ride was a great experience. Could have started on time. it was bit delayed. by the time we was ending the tour, it was getting too hot. Cycles were in perfect condition. Guides were also very informative and helpful.