Auro Beach Overview

Auroville beach or in short Auro beach is one of the most beautiful Pondicherry tourist places. Auro beach is located a kilometer away from the Serenity beach and is the best place to enjoy the cool waters. This is less crowded beach compared to the Serenity beach and is the best place for the people who are hoping to get some privacy and enjoy their lonely time without much noise. This is the first place picked by many youngsters to hang out and takes a walk. If you want to enjoy pleasantness and spend your time peacefully then think no more and crash in Auro beach. The hard rock present in the beach adds extra beauty to it and enhances the look of the beach.



Pondicherry 605101

Best Time To Visit:

As it is a beach it depends on the individual preferences, if you like to be kissed by morning sun shine then go in the morning or want to relax and enjoy the sunset then go in the evening.


No one is allowed past midnight into the beach

Distance from Pondicherry Bus stand to Auro Beach

The distance from Pondicherry bus stand to Auro beach is 10.1 km which take nearly 20 mins to travel.

Auro Beach, better known as Auroville Beach, happens to be one of the top and most frequented beaches of Pondicherry. Located at a distance of around 10 kilometers from the well-known Auroville Ashram, this beach is actually a major part of the ashram. Auro beach propels thousands of local as well as tourists each day to indulge in the various beach activities and get intoxicated by the tranquil and serene environment of the place. With a limited number of shacks, this beach has been well-maintained by the ashram and its calm atmosphere has not been tampered by human encroachment and modernization. 

The waters of Auro Beach experience low tides and hence invite swimmers and water sports enthusiasts to have a great time enjoying some hair-raising water activities. The beach also offers a nice view of the very popular Auroville lighthouses. There are a host of good restaurants, resorts, guesthouses, and hotels at and near the beach, making the destination a perfect place to have a wonderful beach vacation.

People usually prefer visiting the beach during the morning and evening in order to catch a glimpse of the beautiful and picturesque sunrise and sunset sight. That being said, having night outs is not allowed on the beach and visitors need to leave the place immediately after sunset. Auro Beach can be your kind of destination if you are a peace and tranquility seeker. The beach is a nice destination for families and couples who want to unwind and spend some quality time in a quiet and peaceful setting.

How To Reach

Located at an approximate distance of around 9.8 kilometers from the primary bus stand of Pondicherry, Auro Beach is well-connected to the spot. Once you reach the bus stand, you can easily take a local bus or an auto-rickshaw to get to the beach in just 20 to 25 minutes.

Best Time To Visit

Although Auro Beach appears inviting throughout the year, the winter months from October to March is generally considered as the best time to visit the beach. 

Summers (March to June): 
The summer months tend to be very humid and hot with the highest temperature going up to 44 degrees. If you are visiting Auro Beach in summers, it is advisable to avoid going to the beach during the afternoon as it is too sunny at the beach at this time.

Rainy (June to October): 
Monsoons bring heavy rains to this place and do not really encourage tourists to pay a visit to the beach. 

Winters (October to March): 
The winter months make for an ideal time to visit Auro Beach and experience the plethora of exciting activities the place has to offer. Hence, if you are planning to visit this beach in Pondicherry, it is highly recommended to head to the place during winters.

Other Essential Information

- Location:
Auro Beach is located at a distance of around 12 kilometers from the heart of Pondicherry town. 

- Address: Bommayapalayam, Pondicherry 605101

- Timings
: Auro Beach is open for visiting from 6 AM to 6 PM throughout the week.

- Entry fee
: There is no entry fee to visit Auro Beach.

- Visitor's Facility
: Auro Beach offers its visitors the opportunity to try thrilling water sports. In addition, there are a plethora of good resorts near the beach where tourists can check-in and relax for the day.

- Parking Facility
: No dedicated parking lot is available at Auro Beach. 

- Distance from Pondicherry bus stand
: Auro Beach lies at an approximate distance of about 9.8 kilometers from the main bus stand of Pondicherry. It generally takes around 25 minutes to reach the beach from here.

Highlights of Auro Beach

Auro Beach is an integral part of Auroville Ashram and is maintained by the management of the ashram.

2. Auro Beach is known for its soft, golden-colored volcanic sand and tranquil and peaceful atmosphere.

3. The shallow and clear water of the beach welcomes novice as well as expert swimmers and surfers to try some water activities and satisfy their cravings for thrill and fun.

4. The noiseless environment, gentle breeze, and colorful shells and shingles deposited here make the beach incredibly appealing. 

5. Auro Beach has a very limited number of shacks selling snacks and beverages on its shore.

6. No visitor is permitted to stay on the beach after sunset and you have to wind up from the place by 6 PM sharp.

7. Auro Beach also invites people to experience sunbathing, yoga, and meditation.

8. The beach is ideal for peace seekers, honeymooners, experience seekers, and photo fanatics. It is also suitable for kids.

Water Sports at Auro Beach

Auro Beach offers its visitors an ample amount of opportunities to indulge in tranquilizing water activities. Its untouched beauty and crystal clear and shallow waters make the beach an ideal hub to try out various exciting water sports. Tourists visiting Auro Beach can experience water activities such as swimming and surfing.

One of the biggest advantages of trying surfing in the waters of this beach is that since it is not very deep, the water is suitable for both amateur as well as seasoned surfers. Moreover, highly trained and experienced instructors present at the beach provide expert guidance to visitors so that they can have a truly memorable experience trying the different water activities available at Auro Beach.

Places to Stay Near Auro Beach 

1. Le Aham- 
Located at a distance of about 0.8 kilometer from Auro Beach, Le Aham happens to be an authentic boutique hotel. Their diligently organized and clean accommodation coupled with great hospitality and infrastructure, makes the hotel a best pick for tourists. In addition to well-equipped and spacious rooms starting from INR 2000/night, Le Aham also has an in-house restaurant.  

2. White Pearl Residency- 
Situated at a distance of around 1.2 kilometers from Auro Beach, White Pearl Residency is a classy hotel that invites families and business personnel. With well-equipped and royal rooms, the hotel also shelters meeting rooms and an in-house restaurant. Promising to offer the guests a comfortable and convenient stay, the rooms at White Pearl Residency start from INR 2700/night.

3. Shenbaga Hotel & Convention Centre- 
Located at a distance of about 5.9 kilometers from Auro Beach, Shenbaga Hotel & Convention Centre offers a luxurious business class accommodation. Featuring premium rooms, a swimming pool, a gym, meeting rooms, a spa, a bar, an in-house restaurant, and a banquet room, it happens to be the biggest and tallest hotel in the town of Pondicherry.  

4. Lamel Cove Beach Resort- 
Situated at a distance of around 1.0 kilometer from Auro Beach, Lamel Cove Beach Resort happens to be a clean and beautiful beachside resort. The hotel is blessed with pool view rooms and suites starting from INR 2200 per/night.

Places to Eat At/Near Auro Beach

1. Mango Hill Restaurant-
Located at a distance of around 0.4 kilometers from Auro Beach, Mango Hill Restaurant is an amazing countryside restaurant serving Indian, French, and European cuisines. Specializing in Grilled Fish, Smoked Fish, Dried Ham, this restaurant invites guests for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In addition to delicious food, Mango Hill Restaurant also serves good alcoholic beverages.   

2. Goodman Restaurant- 
Situated at an approximate distance of 0.9 kilometers from Auro Beach, Goodman Restaurant specializes in Indian, Chinese, and Asian cuisines. This vegetarian-friendly restaurant welcomes guests mainly for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The food outlet is known for its delicious food, prompt service, and budget-friendly rates.

3. Theevu Plage- 
Located at a distance of about 2.4 kilometers from Auro Beach, Theevu Plage is a popular restaurant offering delicious seafood in Pondicherry. This amazing restaurant is known for its lip-smacking food, courteous staff, reasonable rates, and lovely atmosphere. Specializing in European cuisine, Theevu Plage is a recommended visit during your stay in Pondicherry. 

4. Roma’s Kitchen- 
Situated at an approximate distance of 1.2 kilometers from Auro Beach, Roma’s Kitchen is a decent restaurant offering good Indian food. This vegetarian-friendly and reasonably-priced restaurant can be a very good pick for lunch and dinner in Pondicherry.

Tips Before Visiting Auro Beach 

Auro beach does not have a good number of shacks. Hence, it is suggested for visitors to carry their own water bottles and food. 

2. Consider taking a local bus rather than an auto for traveling cost-effectively to Auro Beach.

3. Do not litter the beach as it spoils its appearance, affects the wonderful environment, and harms marine animals.

4. Carry a camera to take pictures of the beautiful sunset at the beach.

5. If you’re indulging in water sports at the beach, make sure you wear the safety gear and follow all the instructions. 
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Auro Beach FAQs

Can we play in Auro Beach?

Yes, of course. Tourists flocking to Auro Beach, including kids can indulge in various outdoor games on the beach like Frisbee, Kite Flying, Tug of War, Volleyball, and Beach Bowling.

The less crowded environment of the beach can provide you with a lot of scope to enjoy all kinds of beach games with your children and relive your own childhood days.

How do I get to Auro Beach?

Auro Beach is situated at an approximate distance of around 9 kilometers from the center of the town of Pondicherry. Tourists can easily take a local transport like bus or auto-rickshaw from the town to get to the beach in no more than 15 to 20 minutes.

What should I buy in Pondicherry?

On their trip to Pondicherry, tourists usually buy skincare products, pottery, embroidery items such as table cloths, stylish décor items, ethnic dresses, curtains, stationary products, Tibetan handicrafts, handcrafted leather items, antique woodworks, semi-precious stones, and embossed and perfumed candles, and aromatherapy items.

Is there any nightlife at Auro Beach?

No, unfortunately or fortunately there is no nightlife at Auro Beach. As per the general rules and guidelines, tourists visiting the beach need to leave the place by sunset.

Can we experience water activities at Auro Beach?

Yes, definitely. Since the water of Auro Beach is not very deep and usually experiences low tides, both amateur as well as seasoned swimmers can experience swimming here. The water sports enthusiasts can also enjoy other water sports such as surfing in the clear and pristine water of Auro Beach.

Is drinking allowed in Auro Beach?

No. Although alcohol is available at cheap rates in Pondicherry, yet drinking at public spots, such as beaches in not allowed here. It is important for visitors to note that they may be fined if they are caught consuming alcohol at any of the beaches in Pondicherry, including Auro Beach. If you want to try some good wine or beer, you can head to some of the very good cafes and restaurants located in proximity to the beach.

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