20 Places to Visit near Pondicherry: 2024 (Updated with Distance)

Tourist Places Near Pondicherry

Yercaud, Chidambaram, Vedanthangal, Mamallapuram, Thanjavur, Tharangambadi, Chettinad, Dindigul, Tiruvannamalai, Kanchipuram and many more.

Pondicherry, now Puducherry which was a French colonial settlement is a vastly popular travel destination, however, it's not just the french colony that is exquisite. Tourist places to visit near Pondicherry are just as stunning, with interesting history, coastlines and beaches, royal Dravidian-style architecture, delicious food and the abundance of enticing nature.

The Southern region has places like Tiruchirappalli, Chidambaram and Madurai with intricately detailed temples, Yercaud is a quaint hill station with luscious scenic views, Varthangal, a bird sanctuary with variety of avian fauna and flora is a riveting wildlife adventure.

Places around Pondicherry consist of many ancient cities like Mamallapuram, Thanjavur and Dindigul that have plentiful historical monuments, temples and structures. Among others are coastal cities of Tharangambadi and Dhanushkodi, which is a one of its kind and should spike your interest. So, If you are planning a trip to Pondy, you should surely take a look at these places as well.

Here are some of the best places to visit near Pondicherry:

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Tiruchirappalli, popularly known as Trichy is situated on the banks of the Kaveri river, having plenty of spots around. The city has a rich history attached to it, which is evident in its architecture, culture and even its food. It was ruled by several different kingdoms, tracing back to the Chola Dynasty, it flourished during the Nayak reign, up until the British acquired power.

Trichy has numerous ancient temples and forts that are reminiscent of the city’s history. Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple and The Rock Fort and Temple, also famous as a sunrise/sunset spots, are worth a mention. There are also a few Museums preserving the colourful history of the place for exploration. Apart from the beautiful architecture, you should spoil yourself with shopping at Sarnath’s (largest textile showroom) and gorge on delicious food at Vasant Bhavan.

Other places to visit: 
Kallanai Dam, Puliancholai waterfalls, Srirangam Island, Samayapuram Amman Temple, Vekkali Annam Temple, Jambukeshwara Temple, St. Joseph church, St. Johns church, Art Museum, and Rani Mangammal Mahal.

Best Time to Visit: November - March.

Distance from Pondicherry: 200 kilometres.

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Bengaluru, formerly known as Bangalore, is the capital of the state of Karnataka. It is located in southern India on Deccan Plateau. The city is a mix of traditions and modernity. The various ethnicities residing in it celebrate their cultural festivities while engaging with the recent upsurge in its café culture and pub-hopping. It is often referred to as the ‘Silicon Valley’ being the hub of IT development in India.

The lush green area around Bangalore is interspersed with waterfalls, wildlife sanctuaries, and brooks and rivers waiting to be explored. Due to the presence of lush gardens and pastoral land, it has gained a reputation for being the ‘Garden City of India.’ Cubbon Park, Ulsoor Lake, Indira Gandhi Musical Fountain Park, Bugle Rock Park, and Lumbini Garden are the marvels of this city.

Bangalore is flushed with the picturesque sites where you can try the most adrenaline rushing activities. Trekking or hiking at places like Ramanagara, Nandi Hills, Savandurga, and Narayanagiri are exciting activities undertaken by trek enthusiasts. You can also try camping and fishing over here for a rejuvenating experience. 

Bangalore is not just a place for nature lovers, but also music enthusiasts. Hard Rock is an elite pub in Bangalore due to its live performances by renowned bands. There are various other entertainment places within the city including Snow City, which enthuses visitors with activities like ice-skating, gaming arcades and bowling alleys. 

Bangalore has two distinct seasons – wet and dry. The wet season begins with the monsoon in June and lasts till September. The rest of the year is mostly dry but may encounter unpredictable showers. The dry days are sunny, with temperatures not going beyond 25 – 30 degrees Celsius. The best time to visit Bangalore is from November to March. 

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Madurai is one of our recommendations of places to visit near Pondicherry. An ancient city famous for the skyscraper-isque Meenakshi Annam Temple and other Dravidian-style structures is a southern pilgrimage city. Madurai too flourished under the rule of the Nayak dynasty. Dive into the spiritual and historical magnificence that the place offers by visiting Algar Koil, Thirumalai Nayak Mahal and Gandhi Memorial Museum.

Another impressive sight is the mountains surrounding Madurai, Meghamalai, Nagamalai, Yanaimalai and Samanarmalai are to name a few. The city is huge on culture and art and has a mix of it from all of South. It is also great for shopping for local crafts and traditional jewellery and going to Bullion Bazaar or Puttu Mandap to splurge.

Other Places to visit: 
Vaigai Dam, Koodal Azhagar Temple, Mariamman Teppakulam, Arulmigu Subramaniya Swamy Temple, Karuppasamy temple and Jain caves, St. Mary’s Cathedral, Temple Art Museum, Madurai Government Museum, Chithirai Festival and Teppam festival.

Best Time to Visit: October - March.

Distance from Pondicherry: 150+ kilometres.

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Buzzing streets, stunning heritage temples, shopping arcades, and striking beaches are the elements that certainly allure the travel enthusiasts to visit Chennai. Located on the coast of Southeastern India, Chennai is one of the biggest cities in Tamil Nadu. It is also home to thriving technology, which makes it one of the largest IT parks in Asia. With Pondicherry and Mahabalipuram in its vicinity, it is pacing up as the cultural hub of India. This city has truly preserved its charisma all through its journey of becoming Chennai from Madras. Chennai is widely recognized for its bold flavors, warm hospitality, and colorful culture that never fails to impress the travelers.

Whether you’re seeking for spiritual bliss, party frenzy atmosphere or mind boggling fun activities Chennai has so much in store for the tourists that it offers something for everyone. You can marvel at the beautiful expanse of the world famous Marina Beach or you can engage into the trekking activities that are organized close to the waterfalls. You can also buy souvenirs from the shopping arcades and try the lip smacking cuisines of Chennai to make your entire trip memorable. The magnificently built temples of Chennai also attract tourists to visit this city. 

Chennai is not only the city of beaches and temples. This city offers you the provision to fly in the vast sky and sail in the water currents through the expansive sea. If you’re daring and have enough courage then get tied to the harness and jump from the highest mountain peak. Yes paragliding is a must try thrilling activity over here. Apart from this several other adrenaline rushing activities like river rafting, surfing and scuba diving are lined up for the tourists in Chennai. You can also indulge into rock climbing and camping session to test your adventurous streak. 

The ideal time to visit Chennai is the winter and pre-monsoon season between February and October. During this time of the year, the weather is quite pleasant, which gives you a chance to explore this city at its best. Summers can be scorching and intensely harsh as the temperature rises up to 40 degrees Celsius, so it’s best not to visit Chennai during this season. During the winter season, the temperature hovers between 20-25 degrees Celsius and cool breezes flow from the sea, providing relief from the otherwise humid weather. The months between September to July constitute the monsoon season, which is accompanied by strong winds and heavy rainfall.

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Yercaud in Salem district lies in the Shevaroy hills is a quaint hill-station. It is still the less explored region but is one of the places around Pondicherry that should have your attention. This town is proposing with orange groves, and Coffee and spice plantations.

The Emerald lake of Yercaud is surreal; it also has a boathouse and is surrounded by gardens. The town has plentiful local plants displayed at Anna Park and bonsai at the Japanese garden. 
A stunning vantage point of the hills and Salem from Lady’s seat, it has a watchtower and a telescope as well. It would be best if you also went on a drive on 32-km Loop Road, covered in trees. It is like a movie scene. Pagoda Point, Killiyur Falls and Tipperary Viewpoint are places to soak in all the natural beauty around.

Other places to visit: 
Bear’s Cave, Deer Park, Kottachedu Teak Forest, Karadiyur Viewpoint, Annamalaiyar Temple Viewpoint, Shevaroy Temple and Raja Rajeshwari Temple.

Best Time to Visit: October - March.

Distance from Pondicherry: 230+ kilometres.

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A pilgrimage spot for Lord Shiva devotees, it houses the Nataraja Temple among many others. Chidambaram also known as Thillai (the area was a mangrove forest in the olden days and got the name) still has Pichavaram Mangrove Forest and comes as one of the places to visit near Pondicherry.

The temple town was ruled by the Chola dynasty, traces of which can be seen at Gangaikonda Cholapuram. Much like all of South, Chidambaram has a rich history with the reign of multiple kingdoms and mention in mythological tales as well. Poompuhar Beach is the ideal spot for all the water babies.

Other places to visit: 
Thirrukadiyar, Vaitheeswaran Koli, Sirkhazi, Kali Temple, Sivakami Amman Temple, Govindaraja Perumal Temple and Tirunallurpperumanam Temple.

Some of the famous festivals to attend are: Brahmotsavam, Ani Thirumanjanam, Thai Poosam, and Arudra Darshan are temple festivals, while Natyanjali is a dance festival.

Best Time to Visit: October - March.

Distance from Pondicherry: 60+ kilometres.

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Mamallapuram (also known as Mahabalipuram) is a coastal city, some 60km off Chennai on the Bay of Bengal. The historic town is also a UNESCO World Heritage site for its stone carvings and ancient monuments such as the Arjuna’s Penance, Shore Temple and Five Rathas.

Surrounded by water on three sides, Mamallapuram Beach and Pallava Beach are the two rugged coastlines, hosting fun activities such as fishing, surfing lessons, boating etc. A popular stopover, it is also one of the places to visit near Pondicherry.

Apart from the pristine beaches and historical monuments, Malappuram also houses several temples and is regarded as an essential sacred destination; Krishna Cave Temple, Varaha Cave Temple, Ganesh Rath Temple are to name a few. Mamallapuram also hosts a Dance Festival annually in the months of December-January.

Other places to visit: 
Krishna Butter Ball, Tiger Caves, Alamparai Fort, Trimurti Cave, Sthalasayana Perumal Temple, India Seashell Museum and Aquarium, Dakshinachitra Museum, Crocodile Farm and Lion Throne.
While here, go around town trying local delicacies and shopping.

Best Time to Visit: October - March.

Distance from Pondicherry: 95+ kilometres.

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Thanjavur (also known as Tanjore) is another one of the ancient cities holding historical significance amidst its architecture, culture and art. The Tanjore-style paintings and bobblehead dolls are especially famous, dating back centuries. The 11-century Brihadeeswara Temple is the highlight, built during the Chola dynasty era, having stunning architecture and frescoed interiors. The temple regularly organizes cultural events like Bharatanatyam recitals and Carnatic music concerts.

Other places to immerse yourself in and learn the history of Tanjore is the Thanjavur Maratha Palace which houses the centuries-old Saraswathi Mahal Library (the library has preserved palm-leaf manuscripts). The Thanjavur Art Gallery is here as well and displays bronze statues.

Tamil University Museum is one more place to go to; it displays coins, artefacts, musical instruments and more.

Other places to visit are: 
Vijayanagar Fort and Shiv Ganga Garden, Thanjai Mamani Koil, Alangudi Guru Temple, boat-ride in Sivagangai tank at Sivagangai Poonga, Maratha Palace, Schwartz Church, Swami Malai Temple, Take a tour of the doll making workshops and don't forget to try the traditional food!

Best Time to Visit: October - March.

Distance from Pondicherry: 160+ kilometres.

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Tharangambadi (changed to Tranquebar) is a coastal town on the Coromandel Coast. It was established as a Danish trading port in India during 1620, giving the place a fascinating history and influence.

‘The land of the swinging waves’, as it is fondly called, this borough is reminiscent of its past in its alluring architecture and monuments. From Dansborg a sea-facing fort to diverse religious structures such as the Zion church, New Jerusalem church and The Masilamani Nathar Temple, you will be left awestruck by it all. Tranquebar is another city that should be on your list of places to visit near Pondicherry.

Other places to visit: 
The Ziegenbalg museum complex, The town- gate, Maritime Museum, The Post-Office (it is the same building since 1884), Old Danish Cemetery and Kings Street .

Best Time to Visit: 120+ kilometres.

Distance from Pondicherry: November - March.

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Chettinad got its name from Nattukottai Chettiars, a community of banker and trader who reside here. The city is tucked down South and is admired for its Mansions, temples and other architectural masterpieces. You should come here for the architecture and stay for the divinity.

The Chettinad Palace, Mansion and Museum come as the top recommendation for the Chettinad style of work, the embellished interiors, teak doors and Athangudi tile (indigenous). The place is booming with religious spots as well, Vairavanpatti, PillayarpattiAthmanthswamy Temple with intricately designed Facades.

Other places to visit: Velankudi, Mathur, Iraniyur, Ilayathangudi, Allapanga University, Thiruvila, annual temple festival, Karaikudi, Athangudi, Kandangi sarees and Chettinad cuisine.

Best Time to Visit: October - March.

Distance from Pondicherry: 200+ kilometres.

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Dindigul is an ancient city in the state of Tamil Nadu. Said to be a medieval city, it was once ruled by the Cholas, the Cheras, the Pallavas and the British among others. Thus giving the place a rich historical significance, the Dindigul fort is one such example.

It is evident in the astonishing architecture of the monuments and temples of an olden-era. Palani Murugan Temple, Sri Abirami Amman Temple are worth mentioning. Begumpur Mosque and St. Joseph’s church make for a tranquil visit too.Dindigul also has mountains, lakes and other natural places that would leave you stunned. The Sirumalai Hills, Berijam Lake, Coaker's walk are some of the.

Other places to visit: 
Silver Cascade Falls, Dolphin’s Nose, Palani, Guna Caves, Sirumalai Reserved Forest, Kurinji Andavar Temple, Sri Kottai Mariamman Kovil, Sendraya Perumal Temple, Soundararajaperumal Temple.

Best Time to Visit: October - March.

Distance from Pondicherry: 250+ kilometres.

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Tiruvannamalai, an ancient city, is one of the pilgrimage sites in the Southern region. The city has been associated with many yogis and sages. It has also emerged as an international centre to study Spiritualism; you should head to Ramana Ashram for a peaceful experience. Tiruvannamalai gets its name from the holy mountain ‘Tiruvannan Malai’.

The city’s major tourist attractions are religion centric; the Girivalam, Arunachaleshwara Temple is situated at the foot of Mount Arunachal. This temple is a stunning example of Dravidian-style architecture. 
The Gingee Fort, Virupaksha Caves and the Tiru malai hill are perfect places for History enthusiasts, making Tiruvannamalai, one of the places to visit near Pondicherry.

Other places to visit: 
Annamalaiyar Temple, Padaveedu (temple village), Thirumeeyachur Lalithambigai Temple, Sri Seshadri Swamigal Ashram and Yogi Ram Surathkumar Ashram, Jadavu Hills, Sathanur Dam, Skandashramam, Agni; Varuna; Niruthi Lingams, Brahmotsavam is an unmissable festival (during November-December).

Best Time to Visit: October - March.

Distance from Pondicherry: 100+ kilometres.

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Kanchipuram (also known as Kanchi) is an ancient city that houses multiple temples. It is also one of our recommendations for places around Pondicherry. Kanchi is a Hindu pilgrimage city with many sites of religious importance.

The more renowned temples here are the iconic 8th-century Kailasanathar Temple, with sandstone carvings and the Ulagalanda Perumal Temple which has a Lord Vishnu statue. The Kanchi Kamakotti Peetham (one of the four seats of Sri Adi Shankaracharya, a Hindu sage) is another remarkable attraction situated here.

Kanchi has also been a centre for Tamil learning and culture, displaying the marvellous Dravidian heritage. 
Some of the more prominent festivals to attend are the Brahmothsavam, Garuda Utsavam, and Rath festivals, held in January, April, and May respectively.

Other places to visit: 
Kamakshi Annam Temple, Varadaraja Perumal Temple, Devarajaswami Temple, Kanchi KamakotiPeetam, Vaikunta Perumal Temple, Ekambarnath Temple, Thennangur Panduranga Temple, Jain Temple, Kailasakona Waterfalls and Mahabalipuram.

Best Time to Visit: September - March.

Distance from Pondicherry: 115+ kilometres.

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Velankanni lies on the Coromandel Coast of the Bay of Bengal. It is a small settlement and is regarded as an essential pilgrim spot since Velankanni was declared a Holy City by the Vatican City. Although famous as a sacred town, Velankanni with its splendid beach, immaculate churches, and exciting markets is a must-visit destination for every traveller.

Velankanni is also famous for its exquisite handlooms and silk that would make for lovely souvenirs and gifts for family/friends on your way back.

Places to visit: 
Velankanni Church, Basilica of Our Lady of Good Health, Morning Star Church, Velankanni Shrine/Church Museum, Velankanni Beach, Nagapattinam town is only a few kilometres away, Velankanni Festival is celebrated at the Velankanni church between August and September.

Best Time to Visit: October - March.

Distance from Pondicherry: 160+ kilometres.



A temple city within the Southern region, Kumbakonam will have a somewhat calming effect on you. It also comes in as one of the places around Pondicherry that you can visit. The city is also famous for the Mahamaham festival and receives thousands of people from all around the world.

It is also an ancient city and has some temples dating back centuries. Ramaswami Temple, Nageswaran Temple and Sarangapani temple are some exemplary names. 
Near Kumbakonam in Thirupudaimaruthur village is the Tiruvidaimarudur Conservation Reserve. It sprawls over 2.8 hectares and is surrounded by ancient trees. It is home to 400+ birds and is a welcome change of scenery.

Other places to visit: 
Kumbeshwar Temple, Gangaikondacholapuram Temple, Adi Kumbeswarar Temple, Mahamaham Tank, Kashi Vishwanath Temple, Uppiliappan Temple, Suryanar Koil Temple (also known as Sri Suryanar Temple) and Kampaheswarar Temple (also known as Sarabeswarar Temple).

Best Time to Visit: November - March.

Distance from Pondicherry: 120+ kilometres.



Nagapattinam for the longest was part of Thanjavur district and was carved out as a separate city in 1991. It is also addressed as East Thanjavur. Nagapattinam lies on the Bay of Bengal, making it a port-city whose importance can be traced back to the Sangam Era of the Chola and the Pandyas. This quaint seaside town has a few beautiful places like the Dutch Fort, Archeological Museum and the Poompuhar Beach that would make your trip worthwhile. The festival of Pongal is a grand celebration here.

Other places to visit: 
Nagore (important Islamic Shrine), Velankanni, Ettukudi (Murugan Temple), Soundararajan Perumal Temple, Nellukadai Mariamman Koli, Sikkal Singaravelan Temple, Kayarohanaswami Temple and Kodikkarai Beach, Velankanni, Tranquebar (Tharangambadi), Kodiakkarai, Sikkal are close by cities.

Best Time to Visit: October - March.

Distance from Pondicherry: 130+ kilometres.



Dhanushkodi, a cyclone hit town, is one of its kind. An eerie ghost town now was once a flourishing port under the British Raj. The trails of which can be seen in the remains of the buildings here. Dhanshukodi is at the end of India and closest to Sri Lanka.

A fierce cyclone struck this port-town on 22, December 1964 which left the whole place inhabitable (declared by the Government) and a part of it even submerged under the sea. Before being an abandoned piece of land, Dhanushkodi was a thriving community that had its railway station, a customs office, post office, schools, hospital, church, hotels, and shops.

The Islandic town also has links to the Hindu mythological epic the Ramayana. 
In 2017 the government opened a road to the end land of Dhanushkodi at Arichal Munai, near Adam’s Bridge to encourage tourism.

Other places to visit: 
Dhanshukodi Beach, The Gulf of Mannar Marine National Park, Pamban Island and Ramar Patham Temple.

Best Time to Visit: October - March.

Distance from Pondicherry: 400+ kilometres.



The beautiful hill station of Yelagiri is situated in the Vellore district of the Tamil Nadu state, off the Vaniyambadi Tirupattur road. The Yelagiri village, also sometimes spelled as the Elagiri Village, is located at an altitude of 1,110.6 meters above the sea level. It is surrounded by eye catching orchards, rose gardens, and a lush green valley, thereby comprising the most amazing Yelagiri Tour Packages.

The hill station of Yelagiri is mainly a cluster of fourteen hamlets, with Athanavur as its main and capital town. Yelagiri is among the most famous places in India that is known for many trekking, 
climbing and other adventure activities as it has some beautiful hills and mountains to climb on. The highest point in the village of Yelagiri is the Swamimalai Hill which is 4,388 ft in height blessed with some mesmerizing views and places that will make your trek a memorable one.

There is no doubt that a traveller or an adventurer will find plenty of places and sites to explore as the beautiful hills and valleys of the district allows you to give a treat to your eyes with its exotic locales. One of the most amazing and mind boggling place is the man made Punganur Lake in the region which attracts many tourists and visitors every year. It is also one of the many places to visit in Yelagiri while you stay.

Every year during the months of summer, the Tamil Nadu Tourism Department celebrates the Summer Festival in the Yelagiri district which showcases different cultural heritage and arts from across the country, which are considered to be the best in Yelagiri Tour. They organize several kinds of cultural programs like the flower show, the dog show, and much more. All of this festivity is conducted every year in which people from different parts of the state and country come down to take a part and is a perfect opportunity to know more about the people and past of Yelagiri.

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Mahabalipuram is a small town situated in the southeastern part of Tamil Nadu, stretching between the Bay of Bengal and the Great Salt Lake. It is a renowned representative city of our rich Indian culture and heritage. It is mainly a seaport, which lies 58 km away from the capital city Chennai.

Mahabalipuram is a place that is famous for its temples and monuments, especially the very famous Shore Temple. It consists of three temples built in one single complex, that was constructed way back in the 8th century. Another famous temple is the Pancha Rathas.

As the name suggests- they are a group of five temples sculpted in the form of chariots. The Descent of the Ganga is a giant rock with an open mouth in the form of sculpture. Some other popular tourist attractions in Mahabalipuram are Arjuna’s Penance, the Crocodile Farm, the Cave temples, the Indian Seashell Museum, Krishna’s Butterball. Along with these, there are innumerable monoliths, temples and stone carvings that are a testimony to the rich cultural heritage of India.

Even though Mahabalipuram is a small town situated in the suburbs, it is well connected by buses and cars because of its immense popularity amongst Indian and even foreigners. These buses ply from different parts of Chennai, Chengal Pattu and Kanchipuram.

The weather here remains cool and moderately humid throughout the year, which makes it possible to visit any time of the year, even though the best time to visit is between October and March. The town is well equipped with multiple accommodations according to the tourists’ choice and budget. Local restaurants, as well as multi-cuisine restaurants, are available for a culinarily rewarding trip as well. The local language spoken here is Tamil, although the locals are fluent in other languages like English and Hindi as well.

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People Also Ask About Pondicherry

  1. What are the best places to visit near Pondicherry with the family?

    1. Chidambaram: Perfect for an offbeat vacation with your family, Chidambaram is loved for its spiritual atmosphere and gorgeous scenic beauty. This Chola-era place houses ancient temples like Thillai Nataraja & Thillai Kali Amman, the lush Pichavaram backwaters, and the Pichavaram mangrove forests famous for over 50 islands and hundreds of birds & tree species. 

    2. Vedanthangal: The major attraction here is the 18th-century bird sanctuary that houses exotic species like Grey Heron, egrets, white ibis, Siberian storks, spoonbills, etc. The forests here house several lush trails that are perfect for a hike together with your family. 

    3. Chettinad: This heritage town is famous for its 18th-century ornamented mansions & palatial houses, temples, and of course the distinct & fragrant cuisine like Chettinad chicken, Idiyappam, Kozhukattai, etc. Visit the 18th-century Chettinad Palace with European architectural influences and ancient temples like Vairavanpatti, Velankudi, Iraniyur, etc. 
  2. Which are the best hill stations near Pondicherry for a scenic trip?

    1. Yercaud: This charming hill station, located amidst Shevaroy Hills, is famous for its lush coffee, apple, and pears plantations along with other stunning attractions like the Yercaud Lake, Killiyur Falls, and Botanical gardens. Don’t miss visiting vantage points like Lady’s Seat, Bear’s Point, and Pagoda Point to see a beautiful sunrise & sunset. 

    2. Nandi Hills: One of the most famous hill stations in the country, Nandi Hills are famous for some of the most historically intriguing places in the country like Tipu’s Drop, Tipu Sultan’s Fort, and Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple. Besides these, you can enjoy paragliding and cycling here.

    3. Ooty: You cannot expect anything less than stunning from this ‘Queen of Hills’ with its lush green meadows, lakes, gardens, and majestic peaks. Some of the must-visit attractions here are Kalhatty Waterfalls, Doddabetta Peak, lakes like Avalancha Lake and Ooty Lake, and the Deer Park that is known for its chital and Sambhar population.

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  3. Which are the best places to visit near Pondicherry for couples?

    1. Kodaikanal: One of the most beautiful destinations in the country for a romantic getaway, Kodai is blessed with a cool climate, landscape, and attractions that are perfect for a sojourn with your partner. Enjoy the beauty of Shola Falls, Kodai Lake, and Pillar’s Rocks as you escape into the solitude of nature. 

    2. Coonoor: Take a romantic break at this magnificent hill station as you lose yourself in the rich landscape of Coonoor. Visit Dolphin’s Nose to see panoramic views of the place, see hundreds of bird varieties at Sim’s Park, soak in the beauty of Catherine Falls, and hike amidst the beautiful countryside. 

    3. Bangalore: Whether you love to enjoy the nightlife, are a history buff or enjoy long walks in lush gardens, Bangalore has something for all kinds of couples. Visiting attractions like Bangalore Palace, Cubbon Park, Brigade Road, etc. will make your honeymoon more special and fun. 

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  4. Are there any waterfalls to visit near Pondicherry?

    1. Agaya Gangai Falls: Located in the Eastern Ghats in the Kolli Hills area, this waterfall is a must-visit for its scenic beauty. Surrounded by lush forests, they are reachable by a short trek and offer a great plunge pool for you to take a long cool dip and soak the beauty of nature. 

    2. Thalaiyar Falls: Also known locally as ‘Rat Tail falls’, this is the highest waterfall in Tamil Nadu. A thin strip of striking falling waters amidst luxuriant greenery is a sight worth seeing. This is also a great place to see the local wildlife as this waterfall is used as a watering hole by animals from the surrounding forests. 

    3. Puliancholai Falls: This mesmerizing waterfall is famous all over the country for its unique terrace shape. Surrounded by forests of tamarind, flower patches, and thick forests this fall has a plunge pool. There are several beautiful treks nearby that are loved by hiking enthusiasts. 
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"Really nice and complete tourist tour of Pondichéry. \n\nWe booked for 2 just the night before! The service is very reactive. The car was comfy and with A/C. The driver was on time and flexible. He shared some knowledge about different places while driving. \n\nWe strongly recommend this tour as its price is definitely worth it. Check the different places that you'll visit to plan and make the most out of this great 8 hours."
15 March 2021
We had a very nice experience with the vendor. Great trip, on time completion and driver was also very nice, polite and courteous. We had a great time with local sight seeing package.
Prem Asan Pondicherry Tour Package from Bangalore
Pondicherry is so beautiful and different from other places in India. I went to Pondicherry with my friends and we enjoyed a lot. We went to the church, Aurbindo Ashram and we even did boating in Chunnambar backwaters. Promenade Beach was so beautiful and alluring. We had a great time on the beach. The stays and food included in the package were very nice. Even the driver was so kind and nice.
We went to Pondicherry for a family vacation and we had a lot of fun there. The place is so beautiful and clean. Weather was also pleasant and soothing. We enjoyed a lot on the beach and w even visited the Church and Aurobindo Ashram. The trip was well organized and the facilities provided were amazing. Thanks for the great experience!!
03 February 2020
So much thrilling adventure and what a view. Inside a water. I did this when I was on Pondicherry tour. The instructor was kind person, it was my second experience, first I have done this in goa but it was so different and like it was whole different world inside the water. Fun activity must do if you are in Pondicherry.
10 March 2020
Very beautiful place with so enjoyable weather and such an amazing instructor. We were 4 friends and had his. Thrillophilia arranged it nicely for us and with good instructor it became possible. Thanks

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