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What You Should Know More About Homestays in Pondicherry

  • <p>When is the best time to visit Pondicherry for a vacation?</p>

    Pondicherry in the Coromandel coast of India is a favorite beach location in the southern India. With tourists pouring in every year for enjoying the scenic charm and the air of spirituality alongside water sports and stay experiences like Pondicherry homestays, the best time to visit this union territory of India is in the winters in the months of November to March.

  • <p>What all things I must carry while travelling to Pondicherry?</p>

    Traveling anywhere means to go in with a full preparation. When you are visiting for an experience of the authentic here and staying in of the Pondicherry Homestays, these are the things that you should make a point of carrying with you-

    • Backpack with broad straps
    • Hats, Sunglasses and Strong Sun Blocks
    • Pocket knives, preferably a Swiss army knife
    • Locks and keys for your duffel bags
    • Torches with spare batteries for your evening strolls
    • Medical kits and First Aids
    • Medical and travel insurance
    • Water Bottle
    • Good footwear and suitable clothing

  • <p>What places can we see in Pondicherry?</p>

    Pondicherry as a destination is pretty famous amongst many for being aesthetically gifted and as a spiritual hotspot. With a wide variety in the places that one can see here, here are some of the names that you should definitely visit while on your next trip here

    • Pondicherry beach
    • Shri Aurobindo Ashram
    • Rock beach
    • Raj Niwas
    • Auroville
    • Pondicherry Botanical Gardens
    • French War Memorial
    • Promenade or the Goubert Avenue
    • Aayi Mandapam
    • Ousteri lake
    • Chunnambar Boathouse
    • Serenity Beach

  • <p>Which are some of the best homestays in Pondicherry?</p>

    Homestays in Pondicherry are the best experience that one can get of a stay in one of the most beautiful union territories in the country. Experience the ultimate hospitality and comfort curated by the locals at one of these homestays of Pondicherry

    • Sharanya Large Holiday Villa
    • Sir Bharathi
    • Aurovilla Homestay
    • Gnana Homestay
    • Sathya Residency
    • The Wildflowers of Walden
    • Rajamani Nivas
    • Ashrayam

  • <p>What kind of amenities do homestays in Pondicherry provide?</p>

    Homestays in Pondicherry are the pinnacle of the amazing local hospitality and comfort that one can get here. With a wide variety of homestays and their features, you will truly be spoilt for choice. The best amenities that you can get in the homestays here are these-

    • Parking
    • Air conditioning
    • Internet and Wifi
    • Gardens, grounds and outdoor spaces
    • Game and activities room
    • Comfortable beds and hygienic living quarters

  • <p>Will we get all the meals i.e Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner during our stay in Homestays?</p>

    Meals are always included in the packages, although the type of meal differs in terms of which of Pondicherry Homestays you are going for and the packages inclusions that they are offering. Some of them will offer all the meals, while others will only provide you with selective meals for the day.

  • <p>What are the budget homestays in Pondicherry?</p>

    The best way to travel is when you save for the trip, not for the stay. And that is why while you are visiting and booking for options in Pondicherry homestays, going for a budget homestay is not at all going to be a wrong choice. Some of the best of budget homestays here are-

    • Rajmani Nivas
    • My Cozy Home
    • Villa Swasti
    • Sathya Residency
    • Villa Olivia
    • Comforte Suite
    • Sree’s Cottage
    • Alps Residency

  • <p>What type of food we will get during our stay in Pondicherry? Will we get non-veg as well?</p>

    The type of food that you will be served at your homestays in Pondicherry depends on the kind of package you opt for and the kind of inclusion that the particular homestay is offering. Since the city is a beach destination, seafood here is a big part of the cuisine, and so a good number of homestays will offer you both options in meals

  • <p>Is it allow to drink and smoke in homestay?</p>

    The highlight of Pondicherry homestays is the kind of hospitality that you will get here and the homely feeling as you lay in the bed for the night. Having said that, most of the homeowners here would prefer that the visitors avoid smoking, drinking and consumption of any kind of intoxicants.

  • <p>Is it safe for couples to stay in homestays in Pondicherry?</p>

    The entire concept of the homestays of Pondicherry is to make the visitors comfortable even when they are so far away from their homes. Still a number of people keep inhibitions while others are always ready to be open minded about certain situations. So it all depends on the kind of stay that one is choosing and the kind of inclusions and restrictions that the homeowner has in the rules and regulations of the place.

  • <p>What is the average cost of homestays in Pondicherry?</p>

    There is a wide variety of prices available in homestays at Pondicherry, most of which majorly depends on the locations and kind of amenities that a place has on offer. With that being said, the average cost for a homestay here for a visitor would be in between INR 3300/- and 4000/-