42 Best Places To Visit In Andaman For Honeymoon
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Known for its romantic vibes, there is no scope for disappointment when it comes to places to visit in Andaman and Nicobar for a honeymoon. The romantic escape that lets you enjoy the best time with your precious, leaves no stone unturned when it comes to offering breathtaking views, surreal beaches, clean and clear waters, shining sand and splendid sunsets. 

The perfect mix of marooned islands, idyllic views, and never-ending stretches of white and bring out the zest of exploring out in you. It is the best destination to stay closest to nature, relaxing in its lap. You can further get out of your comfort zone and try couple diving to discover the corals and marine life below the sea. Overall, there are many things to do couples with a number of places worth visiting with your better half that only add on to your romantic trip. 

Port Blair, the capital of the union territory has even today maintained its charm. Day tours to various islands, excursions of nature and marine parks, and luxe beach resorts in Port Blair are hot picks for honeymooners. Cellular Jail tour and light & sound show are must see for all visitors in general further heading to live music performances that set a great mood for a romantic meal. 

Some of the best places on this island are Bay Island, ChidiyaTapu, Fisheries Museum, Wandoor, Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park, and Anthropological Museum. If you are particularly fond of Sunsets and sunrises, Havelock Island is the place for you. 

You can take a seaplane ride here that costs around INR 5000 per pax, which is much higher than ferry tariffs but certainly worth it. Snorkeling at Radhanagar, Scuba diving at Elephant Beach, beach dinner at the resorts, romantic dining at Blackbeard’s Bistro or Full Moon Cafe are best things to do for couples here. If you are looking for a secluded and unspoiled, Neil island is the place for nature seekers. 

Laxmanpur Beach, Sitapur Beach, and Bharatpur Beach are worth visiting for couples when on this island. Similarly, Little Andaman is a soothing retreat located at the southern tip of Andaman that has wonderful nature views made up of waterfalls, creeks, rainforests, and stunning white beaches. Honeymooners can choose to visit Hut Bay, Butler Bay Beach, and Harminder Bay Beach on this island.

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Latest Information on Travelling to ANDAMAN AND NICOBAR?
  • The Andaman and Nicobar Islands are open for travel for all the tourists and leisure travellers. 
  • People are required to submit an RT PCR negative report Tourism Department at the airport.
  • Travel to North and Middle Andaman Islands, Nicobar group of islands and Little Andaman island is not permitted for tourism purposes till further notice. 
  • Any symptomatic tourist will have  to immediately report to the nearest PHC/CHC and thereafter necessary testing will be done as per doctor’s advice. 
  •  If the tourist tests positive after arrival , they are required to undergo institutional isolation as per existing health protocols. The cost of such isolation will be paid by the tourist as fixed by the administration from time to time (Presently INR 1000 for isolation at ITI Dollygunj COVID ward).
  • If patients want to stay in hotel (hotel will have to make necessary arrangement to designate a part of their rooms for institutional isolation for this purpose), they can stay as long as following points are met:
    • Patients are not symptomatic and not above the age of 60
    • Request/undertaking is made by patient in writing
    • If allowed by doctors
  • Many airlines like Indigo, Spice Jet, Air India, Go Air, Vistara have now started regular flights to Port Blair. 
  • Direct Flights to Port Blair will now fly from Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore and Delhi. 
Local Transport

Public transport like cab, taxi and bus services are operational except for the weekends

Thrillophilia recommends travellers to follow social distancing norms while wearing masks. Moreover, travellers are advised to remain updated about the local news by following the government website.

A four week long curfew has been imposed on the islands Updated: 15 May 2021

The local government has imposed a four week long curfew from 28th of April due to rising COVID-19 cases.

Tourist attractions closed till further notice Updated: 15 May 2021

All the tourist attractions of Andaman and Nicobar Islands have been closed taking in mind the rising cases of COVID-19

Direct Flights to Port Blair will now fly from Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore and Delhi. Updated: 20 Feb 2021

To increase tourism, the government of Andaman and Nicobar have initiated direct flights to Port Blair from Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore and Delhi as well. 

All incoming tourists will have to present their RT PCR negative report on arrival. Updated: 20 Feb 2021

The Andaman and Nicobar Administration has made it mandatory to carry an RT PCR negative report at the time of arrival at its ports and airports. The report must not be older than 72 hours and need to be validated at the Tourism Department at the airport.

A new tourist attraction added to Andaman and Nicobar Islands Updated: 20 Feb 2021

With the development of the largest bridge on the Island over the Humphrey Strait Creek, people will be finding a new long drive location loaded with scenic views on both the sides.

Beaches to Visit on Honeymoon in Andaman


Radhanagar Beach

The Radhanagar Beach on Havelock Island is like a dream out of a fairy book, such as its magnificent beauty. It has white, sandy beaches and a lush green forest bordering it. The sea on this part of the island is a great place to go swimming in. 

If you’re on your honeymoon in Andaman, you should enjoy a ferry ride to Havelock Island with your partner and top it off with a gorgeous sunset on Radhanagar Beach. You will carry the mark of that spell-binding beach with you forever. The beach is one of the best places to visit in Andaman.

Distance From Port Blair Airport: 41km

Price: Free

Location: Havelock Island


Kaala Pathar Beach

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Image Credit : indiamike.com

Andaman’s beaches are all very beautiful spots. If you are looking for some peace and a break from the madding crowd, then you need to check out Kaala Pathar Beach. The way to the beach is dotted with greenery and little islands. 

The beach sees considerably less footfall than Radhanagar Beach and is a good place to spend some alone time in the midst of gorgeous blue water and smooth sands. You could carry a picnic lunch with you and make a day of it because there aren’t many good eateries down here.

Distance From Port Blair: 67km

Location: Havelock Island

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Elephant Beach

The Elephant Beach is a short, walkable distance away from the Radhanagar Beach. It has white sandy beaches too but the special attraction of this beach lies in its corals. The coral reef at Elephant Beach starts less than a meter away from the shoreline which is a rare occurrence globally. The beach is also popular for its diving and snorkeling opportunities, and equipment can be arranged with ease. 

There are other water activities to enjoy here too. So, if you’re looking for some adventurous time on your honeymoon, Elephant Beach should be on your list of places to visit in Andaman because what’s an Andaman honeymoon without some water thrills?

Distance From Port Blair Airport: 41km

Place: Havelock Island

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Bharatpur Beach

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This beach is located right next to the Neil Island jetty and is a comfortable place to just sit and relax. It is shaded by leafy green trees and its white cool sands are a treat to the feet. The beach is a great place for swimming and snorkelling and its corals are a delight to the eyes. 

The view of the corals from this beach is considered as one of the best in Andaman making it a must visit place during your trip to Andaman. The aquatic life which inhabits colorful corals can be seen swimming around too. This beach is quite photogenic so you and your partner can have a lovely time capturing beautiful memories. You can also go riding on a glass bottom boat for 100/-.

Distance From Port Blair: 36 km

Prices: (Ferry) Rs.300 to Rs.500/-

Location: Neil Island

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Ramnagar Beach

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This beach barely receives any footfall in comparison with the other popular tourist beaches. Swimming is not a great option on this beach because of the strong currents and lots of corals. Since it is not a crowded beach, you can enjoy a morning in this luxurious place which gives you a taste of being on a private beach. 

You can just go there to spend some close romantic time together, especially if you’re staying on Neil Island.

Distance From Port Blair: 36 km

Price: Free

Location: Neil Island

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New Wandoor Beach

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The New Wandoor Beach is a beautiful, clean beach located near the Mahatma Gandhi National Park. You can visit the beach after you’ve visited the marine park. The footfall here is not much because the people who stop here usually do so with the intention of boarding the ferry to Jolly Buoy and Red Skin islands. 

However, it is a beautiful beach where you can spend some time indulging in photography. Its serenity will have you charged up for the other aspects of your trip. You can also get into the deep water and view the sea floor through the crystal-clear screen.

Distance From Port Blair Airport: 32 kms

Ticket (Bus): Rs.10-20/-

Location: Wandoor

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Laxmanpur Beach

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One of the places to visit in Andaman for a honeymoon is Laxmanpur Beach, a quiet beach at the tip of Neil Island. The beach is hardly crowded, as a result, making it ideal for couples. The beach is pretty stony but the water is clear and the sunset is the delight of all visitors. 

You can end a day spent on Neil Island with a visit to this beach and close off the trip with the gorgeous sunset and the cool, invigorating sea winds. It is only 2 kilometers from the jetty so you can get back to your hotel conveniently.

Distance From Port Blair: 36km

Location: Neil Island

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Sitapur Beach

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Another one of the places to visit in Andaman for a honeymoon is Sitapur beach. This is the “sunrise beach” of Andaman and the sunrise view which gets to see in the early morning is amazing. The beach is not crowded during the morning time which makes the sunrise point perfect. 

A couple on honeymoon must experience a beautiful sunrise together- it is a lovely and symbolic experience. The Sitapur Beach provides you with a great setting to do so.

Distance From Port Blair: 36 km

Price: Free

Location: Neil Island

Don't forget to check out the resorts in Neil Island before you plan your trip.

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Munda Pahar Beach

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Another one of the places to visit in Andaman for a honeymoon is Sitapur beach. This is the “sunrise beach” of Andaman and the sunrise view which gets to see in the early morning is amazing. The beach is not crowded during the morning time which makes the sunrise point perfect. 

A couple on honeymoon must experience a beautiful sunrise together- it is a lovely and symbolic experience. The Sitapur Beach provides you with a great setting to do so.

Distance From Port Blair: 36 km

Price: Free

Location: Neil Island

Andaman is famous for its water sports. Check out the best water sports in Andaman and take the adventure to the next level.

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Amkunj Beach

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Topaz blue waters, the peaceful murmuring sound of the waves, and a solitary beach- what better place for a honeymoon outing? The Amkunj Beach on the Northern Andaman is such a place that makes you stay for long. It rarely witnesses tourists as people tend to visit the southern side of the island more. 

Moreover, there is a lack of popular commercial activities like snorkeling or swimming which tourists like. Since the beach is covered in rocks, water activities are not an option. But if you are looking for some quiet, pleasant time with your partner, Amkunj Beach is a good option.

Distance from Port Blair Airport: 165 km

Price: Free

Location: Rangat, North Andaman Island

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Islands to Visit on Honeymoon in Andaman


Havelock Island

You can’t visit the Andaman and Nicobar Islands without visiting Havelock Island. The island is one of the largest islands of the cluster and a very attractive tourist destination. Its white, sandy beaches are its greatest attraction. Radhanagar Beach and Elephant Beach, two of the most highly rated beaches in Andaman are located here. 

Opportunities for scuba diving, snorkeling, swimming, and other water-bound activities abound. You can make a stopover at Havelock Island for a couple of days and revel in all the shining water around you. Don’t forget to carry your sunblock as you’ll be soaking in the sun with the salty winds all the time. A Havelock Island honeymoon will go down in your memories as one of the best times of your life spent together.

Distance From Port Blair: 41 km


Ross Island

An island with a painful past, Ross Island is specifically attractive as a historical tourist destination like Cellular Jail or Viper Gang Jail. The island was set up as a penal colony by the British to punish those who participated in the 1857 Rebellion. It came to be known as “Kalapani”- the place where unspeakable horrors came to be committed. It was later invaded by Japan during World War.

The island now rests in peace after the tragedies it has seen and visitors frequent the little island in order to pay homage to those who paid in blood to secure India’s freedom.

Distance From Port Blair: 3 km


North Bay Island

Its close proximity to Port Blair, the wonderful underwater coral reefs and the ample snorkeling and sea walking opportunities make North Bay Island popular with tourists. You can spot the various marine creatures that inhabit these shores around the island. 

You can combine a trip to North Bay with a trip to Ross Island and engage in watersports here. There are hardly any places to stay in North Bay which means you will have to include this on a day trip to Andaman.

Distance from Port Blair: 8 km


Jolly Buoy Island

An hour’s journey by ferry from Wandoor Beach over a crystal-like sea makes even the journey to Jolly Buoy a memorable experience. The island is a part of the Mahatma Gandhi National Marine Park, one of the two islands of the park open to tourists but only in specific months. 

The island offers a great opportunity to dive into the sea and experience the marine life. Scuba diving and snorkeling are famous options so make sure to wear your swim costumes underneath (changing rooms are non-existent). You can only visit Jolly Buoy island on one of the ferries that operate up to 10.30 am from Wandoor Beach.  

Distance From Port Blair: 30 km to Wandoor Beach and an hour in the ferry boat

Opening & Closing Hours: First Ferry- 8.30 am; Last Ferry- 10.30 am


Neil Island

A small island with a different ambiance from Havelock Island, Neil Island is an equally popular option with tourists. The island has an old-world feel to it and a laid-back approach to tourism. Hawkers won’t rattle your peace of mind and crowds won’t make you feel insignificant on Neil Island. Its white sand beaches bordered with lush green forests are a delightful setting for a quiet honeymoon picnic. 

You can enjoy yourselves in the water by snorkeling near the jetty or enjoy a sunset at Sitapur Beach. You can either reside in some resort on Neil Island or come over for a day. You can choose to trek over the periphery of the island by walking on the beach. It will only take 2 hours and be a different experience from the usual transport options.

Distance From Port Blair: 40 km

Price: Ferry ride at Rs.195 approx.

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Ross and Smith Island

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Two islands connected by a small strip of sand, the Ross and Smith islands are a honeymooning couples delight. It is not the most famous of spots in the Andaman which means that you will have a peaceful time with your partner and make you spend quality time without any disturbance. There is a Marine Park here which is a good place to see corals. 

There is a small village of 60 families on Smith Island where the Directorate of Tourism offers accommodation. The island is a wonderful place to stay for a couple of days in order to simply take in the luxuriant wonder that is Andaman and Nicobar. You will have to take a permit to visit the island in Diglipur.

Distance From Port Blair: 196kms

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Barren Island

Barren Island is popularly referred to as a scuba-diving destination in Andaman. It also has a rich biodiversity and the only confirmed active volcano in South Asia. When you go scuba diving in Barren Island, you are likely to see the exotic Manta Ray, a large and endangered marine animal. 

There are some beautiful basalt formations down there which you shouldn’t miss too. If you’re on your honeymoon in Andaman, Barren Island is a good place to experience the Indian Ocean in. However, it is a remote island and only open for day trips.

Distance From Port Blair: 138 km

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Baratang Island

You can make a day trip to Baratang Island and visit its popular and interesting landmarks for a well-rounded Andaman visit. The most popular place on the island is its Limestone Caves. The caves are a spell-binding natural formation that has been in existence for hundreds of years and features beautiful rock formations. 

A visit to these caves is a must-do activity in Andaman. The other attractions here include Parrot Island and the mud-volcano. Parrot Island is best visited in the evening when thousands of parrots congregate here.

Distance From Port Blair:  100 km

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Little Andaman Island

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The Little Andaman Island is a little-known jewel in Andaman which is fast gaining popularity as a surfing destination, one of the few destinations around Andaman and Nicobar. There is a surf school here which offers lessons to visitors and provides equipment. Apart from hanging out on the beaches, tourists can take an elephant ride or go trekking. 

The best and the most fruitful trek is the one to the White Surf Waterfall, a big waterfall which throws up white mists all around. The trek leads through a jungle and the waterfall is located in the midst of this setting. A truly remarkable honeymoon destination that you have to visit on your Andaman and Nicobar honeymoon.

Distance From Port Blair: 128km

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Great Nicobar Island

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Image Credit : indiatravelforum.in

Great Nicobar Island is one of the largest islands in the Andaman Nicobar group and a magnificent natural ecosystem. It is only open to Indian tourists. The island features some of the most exotic settings in Andaman and Nicobar among the top of which is Indira Point, a place of such magnificence that it will be difficult to leave from there. 

The Great Nicobar Biosphere Reserve is also a place worth a visit. You can get to Great Nicobar Island via air. The Andaman Nicobar honeymoon is incomplete without reaching Great Nicobar Island.

Distance From Port Blair: 540kms

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Other Places to Visit on Honeymoon in Andaman


Cellular Jail

The Cellular Jail in Port Blair is perhaps the best-known tourist landmark of Andaman and for good reason. It is a place full of history and integral to the Indian Freedom Struggle. The Cellular Jail stands witness to the manifold prosecutions that India’s freedom fighters were subjected to. The National memorial has galleries dedicated to the freedom fighters. 

Your honeymoon trip to Andaman is incomplete without a stop at Cellular Jail. You can visit it one afternoon and watch the popular sound and light show which takes place around 6 pm to 7 pm. Its history might not make it one of the romantic places to visit, but its place in the Indian past and present make it a must see place in Andaman.

Distance From Port Blair Airport: 3.8km

Price: Rs. 30/-, Camera: 200/-, Video Camera:1000/-

Location: Port Blair

Opening & Closing Hours: 09:00 am to 12:30 pm, 01:30 pm to 04:45 pm


Chidiya Tapu

Located at the southernmost tip of South Andaman, Chidiya Tapu is a wonderful place to visit on an Andaman honeymoon. The place boasts of several natural attractions. You can experience a wonderfully romantic sunset as well as experience the ocean’s ever-changing colors. 

Birds of various feathers flock here making it a very energetic location. You can also choose to go swimming here but you will need to keep a sharp eye out for crocodiles. Overall, Chidiya Tapu is not a place you should give a miss, especially on a honeymoon. Go one afternoon to be able to enjoy the sunset.

Distance from Port Blair: 28kms

Location: Port Blair

Timings: Beach closes at 5 pm


Limestone Caves, Andaman

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If you are intending a trip to Baratang Island, you must visit the Limestone Caves which are situated a little way off. The caves are a completely natural phenomenon and over the years, they have turned into beautiful formations that startle the eye with their intensity. Reaching the caves is an experience to remember too as you have to pass through a dense mangrove forest and tribal reserves to reach the caves. 

If you’re lucky, you might also be able to spot crocodiles taking a sun-bath on the rocks. And once you reach the caves themselves, be prepared to be mesmerised. Remember to take a reliable guide and good walking shoes.

Distance from Port Blair: 100kms

Location: Baratang Island

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Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park

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Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park is one of the must-see places in Andaman, 20 islands fall with the perimeter of the park’s boundaries, making it a great way for the authorities to monitor conservation projects. Tourists can visit Jolly Buoy Island and Red Skin Island and engage in snorkeling and scuba diving. The park also has an Interpretation Centre which is geared to educate tourists about the flora and fauna of Andaman and Nicobar and makes for an interesting visit. You and your partner can also ride in a glass-bottomed boat in order to experience the exotic fishes and coral reefs below. The myriad sky-blue lagoons and secluded beaches make Andaman the most flawless honeymoon destination in India.

Distance From Port Blair: 28kms

Price: Rs. 200 for permit

Location: Wandoor

Ferry Timings:  1st trip – 8.30 A.M

                            2nd trip – 9.00 A.M

                            3rd trip – 9.30 A.M

                             4th Trip – 10.00 A.M

                             5th & final trip Remaining authorized – 10.30 A.M

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Corbyn's Cove

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This cove features high on our list of Andaman honeymoon places. Corbyn’s Cove is a very popular tourist destination, and for good reason. The beach in itself is beautiful with coconut trees lining it and clean water kissing the white sands. Even if you don’t wish to partake of the various activities available here, you will have a good time just lounging about here. 

You can choose to go scuba diving off Snake Island which is a short distance from the cove or enjoy yourself with the other water sports available over here. And don’t forget to eat or down a beer at the Waves Restaurant and Beer Bar to get a lovely cuisine experience.

Distance from Port Blair: 6 km

Location: Port Blair

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Joggers Park

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One of the highest points of Port Blair, Joggers Park is a good place to spend a couple of hours in. It is a simple park but there are several things you can do to pass an interesting time. You can go jogging of course and you can also participate in yoga classes that are conducted there. But if you just want to hang out and pass some time, you can do so while watching the sea at a distance. 

You can also go for plane watching as the Port Blair Airport is visible from the park and planes can be seen landing and taking off. The lit runway at night is a sight to behold. Joggers Park is one of the few places in India which can claim such a view.

Distance from Port Blair airport: Negligible

Location: VIP Road, Port Blair

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Chatham Saw Mill

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The first SawMill in India, constructed by the British in 1833, the Chatham Saw Mill is still going strong. Its operations form a decent part of the Port Blair economy and the mill remains an attractive tourist destination. A visit to the mill is not a time-consuming process and can be completed within an hour. 

You can take a guided tour of the saw factory and see various types of wood being converted into functional items. You can also buy off-cuts of Pedauk wood for low prices and convert them into table-tops or name plates. Club a visit to Chatham Saw Mill with a visit to the Forest Museum for a comprehensive visit.

Distance From Port Blair Airport: 6km

Tickets: Rs. 40/-

Location: Chatham Island, Port Blair

Other Specialities: The Japanese bomb pit of World War 2

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Viper Chain Gang Jail

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This is another memorial whose shadows cast itself over the Indian Freedom Struggle from 1857 onwards. The Viper Gang Jail was constructed by the British as a punishment center for the fighters in the 1857 Rebellion. It continued to be a jail, notorious for the horrors it housed throughout the freedom struggle. 

The dark history of this place sheds a lot of light on the price India had to pay for its freedom. You should make a part of your must-see places despite the fact that it is in a dilapidated condition now. The place brims with history and it also has peaceful beaches and forests which make it picturesque.

Distance From Port Blair Airport: 25 km by road

Prices: Free

Location: Viper Island

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Indira Point

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To miss a visit to Indira Point any time you visit Andaman and Nicobar is a mistake. But to miss it on a honeymoon is absolutely wrong. Indira Point or Pygmalion Point is one of the most exotic places in Andaman and Nicobar. It has a magnificent view of the vast sea and a gorgeous lighthouse, and its archipelago is teeming with life.  

Its beauty cannot be described in words, so you’ll have to see it to believe it. It has a beautiful romantic setting.

Distance From Port Blair: 540 km

Prices: Transport price varies by air and sea operators

Location: Great Nicobar

Check out the best time to visit Andaman and plan your trip accordingly.

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Marine Park And Aquarium

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Image Credit : wikimedia.org

Visit the Marine Park and Aquarium for a quick tour of some marine artifacts. You can see specimens of corals and other marine life preserved here apart from a small aquarium with some pretty species of local fishes. A Tsunami memorial erected in the park keep a memory of that tragedy alive. Visiting this place is not a time-consuming activity.

Tickets: Rs. 10

Location: Delanipur

Timings: 6 am to 10 pm

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Mini Zoo

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If you decide to visit Chidiya Tapu, you can also drop in for a visit to the Mini Zoo. Being a mini zoo, it does not have a startling variety of animals to look at but it does have some interesting spots like crocodile farming and breeding area and several imposing varieties of eagles.

It seems deserted and low on wild-life because many of the species that were formerly housed there have now been shifted to Chidiya Tapu.

Distance From Port Blair: 28 km

Price: Free

Location: Chidiya Tapu
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South Button Island National Park

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This National Park is a part of the Rani Jhansi Marine National Park and makes for an attractive tourist destination. It is made beautiful by the high visibility of the shallow coral reefs in its sea waters. On the eastern side of the park is a coral garden full of grottoes which is truly mesmerizing. 

The diversity of the flora and fauna present in this small 5 square kilometers national park is startling. You can simply wander through the park to experience the vegetation and the wild animals or go snorkeling and scuba diving to experience the richness of life underwater making it a must-visit place in Andaman during your trip.

Distance from Port Blair: 74 km

Distance from Havelock Island: 24 km

Price: NA

Location: South Button Island

Opening & Closing Hours: 12 am to 12 pm

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Great Nicobar Biosphere Reserve

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An Andaman Nicobar honeymoon is incomplete without a visit to the magnificent Great Nicobar Biosphere Reserve. It is a spell-binding place incorporating dozens of ecosystems within its area including tropical wet evergreen forests, mountain ranges, and diverse marine culture.

Distance From Port Blair: 540 km

Location: Great Nicobar

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Murugan Temple

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An early morning trip to the Murugan Temple in Port Blair will make for a good start to your day. The temple is dedicated to Lord Murugan and is one of the largest temples in Andaman. It also boasts of a great location. It is situated upon a hillock with a forest enveloping it and the sea close by. Cool winds blow here early in the morning which makes it an ideal time to visit it. The temple complex is large and visitors can simply roam about in it for the duration of their visit- its peaceful ambiance makes this an attractive option.

Distance From Port Blair Airport: 3.2 km

Location: Shadipur, Port Blair

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Howrah Bridge

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No honeymoon is complete without pictures and Howrah Bridge is one of those places that seem to be made with this understanding in mind. The Howrah Bridge is not really a bridge but a formation of two corals which join together in the shape of a bridge. It is a fantastic natural phenomenon rising out of the clear blue seas. Reaching here is a bit of a hassle, involving a long walk over treacherous dead coral, and so it is best avoided in case of pregnancy. Wear good walking shoes to assure a yourself a good trip and only go when the tide is low.

Distance From Port Blair: 40kms

Price: Free

Location: Neil Island

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Phoenix Bay Jetty

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Chances are that you will end up visiting the Phoenix Bay Jetty regardless of whether you put it on your must-see list. This Jetty is the starting point of the many ferries that leave for the Neil and Havelock Islands. It is a docking point and a central landmark of Port Blair. You can choose from a variety of ferries that operate here. If you’re not bound for another island, you can just try out the ferries plying over a short distance one evening.

Distance From port Blair Airport: 5km

Price: Varies by activity

Location: Port Blair

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Sippighat Farm

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This botanical farm is spread over 80 acres of land and surrounded by forests. It is a quiet peaceful location and an agricultural landmark. The farm practices the best cultivation methods for the group of islands and sets an example by doing so. A wide variety of plants is grown here from spice plants to coffee plants to medicinal plants. A variety of rare flowering plants can also be seen here. It is the finest research and development farm in Andaman and can be visited on a free afternoon.

Distance From Port Blair: 14km

Location: Port Blair

Opening & Closing Hours: 09:00 am to 01:00 pm

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Samudrika Marine Museum

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The Samudrika Museum is one of the must see places in Andaman, especially if you want a comprehensive sense of what the Andaman and Nicobar Islands really stand for. A big whale greets you upon your entrance and the five rooms of the museum which follows, treat you to the special feature of the islands- their geographical history, a beautiful aquarium full of exotic marine life, a room full of corals, a room full of shells, and a room dedicated to the history of the island’s tribes.

Distance From Port Blair Airport: 5 km

Tickets: Rs.10

Location: Port Blair

Opening & Closing Hours: 9am to 12pm. 2pm to 5pm. Mondays closed.

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Anthropological Museum

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Andaman and Nicobar Islands are home to many native tribes which have existed there for hundreds of years. If you visit the various islands which make up the union territory, you will chance upon these tribes. The Anthropological Museum houses artifacts from these tribes and is a great place where you can learn their history. A visit to this museum will make your honeymoon visit to the islands and interaction with the tribes much more culturally rich and furnish you with unique memories.

Distance From Port Blair Airport: 3.6 km

Tickets: Rs. 20

Location: Middle Point, Port Blair

Opening & Closing Hours: 9 am to 1 pm, 2 pm to 4.30 pm

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Science Centre

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The Science Centre is an interesting place to visit when you’re here. It has a detailed display of the islands’ genesis as well as the various natural activities that occur there like volcanic eruptions and oceanic activity. It is a fun place to take children to because of its planetarium and  3D and light shows that take place there. Make sure to go there after 3pm, that is when the show begins. A visit to the Science Centre is a great way to wrap up your day, especially if you’re returning from Corbyn’s Cove Beach.

Distance From Port Blair Airport: 5 km

Location: Corbyn’s Cove, Port Blair

Opening & Closing Hours: 10.00 am to 5.30 pm

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Kalapani Museum

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The Kalapani museum is an interesting place to visit, especially within the first few days of your trip. It is a museum dedicated to the history of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands and houses a host of interesting artefacts relating to historical details of the islands’ tribes, the role of the islands’ during World War 2 etc. The proprietor of the museum gives visitors a personal tour and also shows rare original letters and mementos from the days gone by.

Distance From Port Blair Airport:  6.2 km

Location: Garacharma II, Port Blair

Opening & Closing Hours: 9 am to 7 pm

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Forest Museum

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This museum is a reflection of the rich forest life present on the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The museum houses several artefacts from the forests around the various islands along with interesting insights related to the flora. A  mini zoo and a small zoological island are also part of the museum. So, if you are in Port Blair with an hour or two to spare, a visit to the Forest Museum might be a fruitful idea since the islands’ forests are a major part of their identity.

Distance From Port Blair Airport: 6km

Location: Chatham Saw Mill Complex, Port Blair

Opening& Closing Hours: 10am to 2pm, Sundays closed.

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Ravi Kumar Gupta Andaman Honeymoon Holiday Tour Package
"it was a memorable trip and was well organized. They have coordinated at all the points and provided services as mentioned in the package I booked. Thank you so much for this memorable trip."
23 June 2015
Great experience and unforgettable memories! Everything was well planned. We did whole lot activities in Andaman specially Scuba Diving was the best of all. Sound and Light Show at jail was very good and we came to know about some historic facts about the place. Stay was very comfortable and in decent hotels. Totally an amazing experience.
13 February 2020
I had planned this tour for my cousin. I was in touch with Shubham and Atri from booking time.Both were kind and helpful for answering and sharing the details to my queries.Later on Atri was in touch with me and he helped in customizing this tour for couple. He has clarified all my doubts, concerns during planning, booking for this tour. We opted for deluxe category and we shared our preferred list of hotels.Atri also helped in decision making for the hotels. Hotels were good and couple had nice time... Cabs were on time, food was good... Flower bed decoration was too good and also candle light dinner.. but was expecting more for candle light dinner apart from just table decoration ... Overall it was nice experience...
"wonderful trip"
03 March 2015
A complete package to cover the best parts of such a beautiful island at a reasonable price. Ours was a honeymoon trip and both of us had a great time. The guide with us was really helpful and we did not have to face any problems during the whole trip. There are good hotels also at all places where you can have good food from. The stay arranged by them was also good.
I always had Mayabunder in mind for the beautiful and scenic beaches it has. However, after many years of several plans not materializing, I and my friend grabbed this opportunity of a helicopter ride arranged by Thrillophilia. I not just witnessed the mangrove-lined tidal creeks at the Mayabunder Island but the whole tour of all the eight islands of Andaman, was a pleasant bonus. This three hour journey began from Port Blair at around 7:40. After viewing the floating islands we were taken to capture the views of the Bambooflat, Baratang, and Rangat.
An aerial adventure with three of my friends was always on my mind. The drone captures of Andaman’s turquoise waters and the enchanting greenery of the island always fluttered my hearts. This time in January I decided to live my dream and Thrillophilia helped me have an unforgettable helicopter trip. I cannot explain the joy of having soared like a bird above the Smith, Madhuban, Peel and Havelock islands. I recommend Thrillophilia for this exhilarating three-hour journey that lets you see the twin islands of the North and South.
03 February 2021
It was an amazing experience overall. The trip was very well planned, all arrangements were perfect. Everything was really well managed. I would totally recommend booking through Thrillophilia.
We booked Seakart adventure tour in Andaman from Thrillophilia. This self-drive experience is the only one of its kind in India, and this activity took place at Corbyn's Cove Beach. All the facilities were available like changing rooms, shower rooms, lockers etc. All the Safety measures were taken care of. The equipment and the entire area was deep cleaned before and after every participant and antibacterial hand sanitizers were available throughout the activity.
I booked a tour from Ahmedabad to Andaman. It was a family trip. The excitement increases multiple folds all together when it comes to discover a completely new side of our own country. Especially when it’s such well-organized. All the credit goes to our organizers team Thrillophilia.

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