Vijaynagar Beach Overview

Known as Beach No.5 is Vijaynagar Beach in the north east part of Havelock Island. Very remote from the crowded locations on Havelock Island, Vijaynagar Beach is close to heart for those who love to spend time in utmost calmness. The regular touch of the sapphire blue water on the pearl like sandy beach makes no noise and it is one of the reasons why tourists chosen it as the perfect space for romantic couples and families. Don't forget to check the resorts for couples in Andaman.

The beauty of the beach has been praised so much by those who visited it. It is always better to come here freely, just to roam around, or to float on the shallow water, or to read under the large shade given by the huge trees on the shore or to do sunbathing. The collection of Mahua trees and palms is the significant ornament making the beach a splendid place to sit back and relax as much as time one wants to. This is one of the magnificent attractions in Andaman.

Highlights: A photographer's paradise is Vijaynagar Beach; especially the sunrise views from the beach is incomparably magnificent. When the sun’s fresh rays spread all over the wide sea, the entire atmosphere starts blushing in all possible colours and there is no better sight from the beach would satiate a photographic mind. The native birds appear during the fresh mornings add effective colours to the sunrise pictures.

Activities: The beach is recognized for relaxed swimming and sunbathing. Adventure activities are not yet a fashion on this inevitable part of Havelock Island.

Distance from Port Blair: Vijaynagar Beach is located at a distance of about 38 kms from Port Blair but from Havelock jetty the beach is lying 9 kms away only.

If there is a paradise on this planet, it's nowhere else than the Vijaynagar Beach or Beach #5 which is one of the less frequented areas of Andaman and Nicobar Island. Palm-fringed coastline outstretches your visual range and creates a stunning contrast of green and blue on the canvas of nature. Vijaynagar Beach is a rolling beach unlike many other rocky breaches of the Andaman Islands and is, therefore, a perfect relaxing haven for satiating nomadic hearts.

It is a highly acclaimed spot to experience miraculous sunrises and sunsets across the vanishing point of the Bay of Bengal. Being a virgin beach, you can only find a few backpackers getting tanned in the sun or indulging in water sports. Under the green canopy of palm and coconut trees, it’s a heavenly retreat to take a nap or read or favourite novel.

Vijaynagar Beach is a destination for adventure buffs and naturalists as it retains a pristine charm being less crowded by common tourists. Some of the common activities you can indulge yourself in are beach hiking, snorkelling, swimming, bird watching, wildlife photography, fishing and trekking. You can experience the tranquility of Vijaynagar Beach with our Andaman trip package, offering pristine sands and azure waters for a relaxing island escape.

The long stretch of glistening white sandy beach under the cossets of coconut groves, the interplay of light and shade in the turquoise sea water, occasional peek of sea crabs from underneath the beach and mostly an overwhelming quietness of the island make Vijaynagar Beach one of the best places to visit in Andaman and Nicobar. The place is well connected by road and waterways with the mainland and you can reach your destination by road and waterways according to your convenience.

How to reach Vijaynagar Beach

Popularly known as the “Beach No. 5”, the picture-perfect beach is about 38 Km from the capital city, Port Blair. The two common routes for reaching Vijaynagar Beach are from Port Blair and Havelock Island.

From Port Blair- If you want to make your Andaman trip a luxurious one, the best option to reach Vijaynagar Beach from Port Blair is to go on a cruise to Havelock Island that starts around 9.45 am and will take you to your destination in 90 minutes. From there you may take an auto or go on a hike to the Vijaynagar Beach. Book your tickets well in advance to enjoy a majestic cruise across the Bay of Bengal and treat your eyes with varying shades of blue and green all around.

If you do not want to go for something pricey, don’t be disappointed at all! There is frequent jetty service from Port Blair to Havelock Island which you can avail as moderate price. After coming ashore to the Havelock port, you can hire an auto rickshaw or go for a beach hike till the Vijay Nagar Beach.

From Havelock Island- There are to and fro services of AC bus and auto rickshaw from Havelock Jetty to Vijaynagar Beach. The distance between the two places is approximately 9 Kms. There is a daily shuttle of AC bus till Dolphin Resort. You can also avail the rental service of motorcycles or paddle through the exquisite island to reach your destination.

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Best time to visit Vijaynagar Beach

Here’s an itemization of the prevailing climates at Vijaynagar Beach area that you need to know and choose the best time before embarking on an outstanding trip to the Andaman Islands.

Summer (March-May) - Summer in Vijaynagar Beach is rather hot and humid and the temperature ranges between 24-32 degrees Celsius. Although humidity in this region is high being close to the sea, the constant flow of the tropical breeze makes it bearable for tourists. You can also revel in adventure sports like scuba diving, sea walking and snorkelling during summer months.

Monsoon (June-September) - Monsoon is the longest prevailing season in Andaman Islands spanning from June to September. Although the region receives substantial rainfall during these months, but if you are a diehard romantic, Vijaynagar Beach can be an idyllic sanctuary for you. Adventure activities are not operational during monsoon to avoid accidents.

Winter (November-February) – Winter is cool and agreeable in Andaman Islands and is the most crowded with tourists during this time. A wide range of adventure activities are functional for the tourists who want to try their guts in adrenaline bursting sports. It is the best time to sink into nature’s magical charm and explore subaquatic life with an expert guide. It is also the best time for honeymoon in Andaman. So, you can also plan accordingly with our Andaman Honeymoon Package.

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Places to visit near Vijaynagar Beach

Below are listed some of the popular and offbeat locations near Vijaynagar Beach that are awaiting your arrival:

Radhanagar Beach-Although a large number of tourists flock here during the peak season, the cleanliness of the area is noteworthy. Apart from appreciating nature at its playful mood, you can while away in a number of underwater sports.

Baratang Island- Located in the middle of the south and middle of the Andaman Islands, the beach is known for its mud volcanoes that spurt out mud and gases during an eruption.

Ross and Smith Islands- One of the most jaw dropping sites in the Andaman Islands which offers you a spectacular view of two islands separated by a thin land strip amidst the azure sea. You can reach the twin islands by a speed boat from Diglipur

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Elephant Beach- One of the popular beaches of Havelock Island which offers you various adventure and fun sports. Here you can watch vibrant coral reefs in opulence under the crystal blue sea water.

Things to do in and near Vijaynagar Beach

Once you touch down at the Vijaynagar Beach, a surfeit of water sports is awaiting the adrenalin junkies. Lulled by the tropical breeze throughout the day and skirted by groves of coconut and palm trees, it is an idyllic haven for nature and adventure lovers.

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Make your best pick from the list of activities given below before backpacking for your Andaman trip:

Sea walk at Elephant Beac

Boat ride from Havelock Island Dock to Elephant Beach

Snorkelling around Elephant Beach and see coral reef at just one metre depth underwater

Cruise from Havelock Island to Neil Island

Sightseeing at Bharatpur, Sitapur and Laxmanpur beaches. The naturally formed coral bridge at the secluded Laxmanpur Beach and the breathtaking sunset across the skyline is worth your gaze.

Snorkelling at Govind Nagar Beach

Blue Corals Dive at Radhanagar Beach

Sea walking at Kalapathar Beach and watch dolphins coming near the beach

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Places to eat in and near Vijaynagar Beach

Your visit to Vijaynagar Beach can never be complete without trying the fresh and delectable seafood available in the local restaurants. The platters have distinctive flavour as the culinary practice of this region is deeply influenced by diverse cultures of West Bengal, Myanmar and the states of South and North India.

Some of the best food joints at Vijaynagar Beach are given below:

Full Moon Cafe

Something Different

Kerala Cafe

Nemo Cafe

Shakahaar-Pure Veg Restaurant

Squid Restaurant

Fluidz (restro-pub)

Waters- Wet Bar

Charcoal Grill & Restaurant

Bonova Cafe and Pub

Welcome Restaurant

Red Snapper

Fat Martin Cafe

Anju Coco

Blue Betel Cafe

Flavours Pure Veg Restro

Rony Restaurant

Places to stay near Vijaynagar Beach

Andaman is a dream destination for those who look forward to spending quality time in the bosom of nature and whiling away their leisure in style and a bit of luxury. Vijaynagar Beach is home to some plush resorts and hotels that offer you an extravagant staying experience in the middle of mystical nature.

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We have streamlined some of the best places of accommodation near Vijaynagar Beach for you:

Coral Reef Resort

Silver Sand Beach Resort

Munjoh Ocean Resort

The Wild Orchid

Cross Bill Beach Resort

Shangrilas Beach Resort

Gold India Beach Resort

White Coral Beach Resort

Havelock Island Beach Resort

Symphony Palms Beach Resort

Seashell, Havelock

Dolphin Resort

El Dorado Beach Resort

Pellicon Beach Resort

Pano Eco Resort

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Medical Facilities in and around Vijaynagar Beach

There are number of multi-speciality hospitals and in and around Vijaynagar Beach that provides high-end medical service to the patients. Here’s a rundown of the list of medical centres in the area:

Maricar Hospital

Dr Agarwal’s Eye Clinic

Chandra’s Clinic for Women

GB Pant Hospital

Sanjeevani Hospital

Thyrocare and CSB Clinic

Excellence Dental Care

Government Hospital

Timing to visit Vijaynagar Beach

Vijaynagar Beach is open to vacationers, honeymooners, adventure buffs, wildlife photographers and all sorts of fun lovers throughout the year at any time of the day. But if you want to head on water sports or nature photography, day time is the best option as you can behold the enthralling biodiversity of the place first hand.

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Mobile connectivity in Vijaynagar Beach

Mobile connectivity in Vijaynagar Beach is overall manageable although at some places you may face problems as call dropping, voice cracking and even no data reception at all. Both Airtel and Vodafone network have been reported of erratic connectivity. Get hold of a BSNL sim before your journey for hassle-free voice calls.

Traveller's tips before visiting Vijaynagar Beach

A list of things to remember before exploring one of the most iconic beaches of the Andaman Islands:

Foreign nationals should carry their immigration permits while travelling to Vijaynagar Beach.

If you make a summer trip, make sure you are carrying the necessary things like sunscreen lotion, glucose, cap, slippers etc.

Do not indulge in adventure sports during monsoon as the sea is often raging.

Do not enter restricted areas of the island.

It is our civic duty to keep the island clean. So, dispose of your garbage in the allotted places.

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