Guitar Island Beach Overview

One of the significant yet less explored islands in Andaman is Guitar Island and there is a fascinating reason behind the unusual name of it. The shape of a guitar is clearly drawn by the island and yet another feature is that this island gets connected to the neighboring island during low tides. For sightseeing and spending a fresh morning, this island is quite good. This inhabited island is a wonder for many as it is tucked away by the green nature and astounding azure water that would be supported always by the relaxed long beach. It has one of the best beaches in andaman

Apart from some fishing boats, the island is devoid of the crowd and you will feel the most private space on the island without any hindrance. Since there are no settlements on the island, night stay will be difficult. Hence tourists arrive here in the morning, spend some time relaxing and then go back by afternoon.

Highlights: The long sandy beaches are the major attraction on the island and the relishing nature supports it throughout. The pristine nature would eclipse everything else on the island.

Activities: Sightseeing and beach walk along the long, narrow yet beautiful sand bed are the most appreciated and welcomed activities but you will get enough chances to spot the sea animals like crabs, hermit crabs etc roaming around and a huge collection of shells will be seen here and there throughout the beach.

Distance from Port Blair: Since Guitar Island is a part of Long Island, it can be approached by dunghi or traditional boat to the island. It will take around 15 minutes only. From Port Blair, Long Island is around 90 km and one can reach by road or by sea taking a boat service.

One of the rarely frequented and subtly explored places in Andaman is Guitar Island, which is surreal and literally is shaped like a guitar when seen from atop. The beauty of this island not only lies in the shape but also in the alluring greens in this paradise on earth, which is surrounded by tranquil sea. The long beach of this island invites one to waves lashing against the sun-kissed shore embellished with dainty sea creatures.

The beach is home to unique and interesting sea animals and plants like the sand crab, hermit crab and several other colourful insects creating a unique marine ecosystem. The island is connected to neighbouring islands which can be accessed during low tide.

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With hardly any tourist gallivanting this island, one can enjoy the azure sea greeting with open arms and the ocean changing colour every hour in sync with the mighty sun in solitude. One may choose to experience ultimate bliss by visiting this island early in the morning, spending precious moments to relax and experience the bounty of nature in its myriad colours. In close proximity to this island is the small guitar island which is a smaller version of the Guitar Island and is worth a visit courtesy it’s placid and sedating ambience.

How to reach Guitar Island Beach

From Port Blair – Guitar Island is 90 km from Port Blair and can be approached either through road or through the sea in a traditional boat. A drive from Port Blair to Rangat will take around 5-6 hours post which a 30-minute bus ride to Yerrata jetty. An hour-long ferry will help you reach Long island beach and Guitar island, which is a part of the Long Island group of islands is a mere 15 minutes away and can be approached by a dinghy, a traditional boat.

From Havelock Island – One has to opt for the Government run ferry service which plies every alternate day to reach Long Island. The ferry which sails from beautiful city of Port Blair to Long Island takes a pit stop at Havelock Island and Rangat.

Best time to visit Guitar Island Beach

Highest number of travellers frequently visit Andaman and Nicobar group of islands from December to February and then again from April to June, thus Guitar island can be accessed more or less throughout the year depending on a visitor’s choice of a perfect holiday.

The temperature shoots to 35 degrees during the summer months from February to May, making it a preferable time to scout the island. People who can brave the heat can delve into a precious treasure of Guitar Island. Westerners enjoy the peak of summers to earn that tan to flaunt with pride, whereas the humble traveller enjoys the sea during the winter when it is serene and composed.

The winter months from October to January is cooler and the temperature hits 20 degrees for one to adore the picturesque beauty of the island. The monsoon months from July to September are best avoided as the sea is at its tempest and the weather humid thus, one might not be able to explore the beauty of the island to its core.

The best time to visit Guitar Island is when the sun shines the brightest between October to May covering the winter and summer season. This is the time when both the sky and the sea are clear and nature puts its best foot forward.

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Essential Info:

1. Places to visit near Guitar Island Beach

Small Guitar Island is a neighbouring island which is similar in resembling a guitar and has a spotless white beach with crystal clear ocean water.

Rangat, which is a nearby mangrove is bestowed by the wonders of nature. Being a hub for eco-tourism, the place has quite a few resorts and eco-stays with enough surprises to keep the traveller in awe. A walk along the mangrove or a swim in the AamKunj beach is to be remembered for a lifetime. Moricidera is yet another eco spot in Rangat ideal for picnics and a day out.

Long Island beach has numerous attractions to keep the traveller on foot, ranging from stunning beaches, cosy caves, boat building yard, splendid mangroves and rolling mountains. It also boasts of tidal swamp and evergreen forests and a unique marine ecosystem. Lalaji Bay Beach, Button Island and Merck Beach are a few of the popular beaches on the island.

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2. Things/ Activities to do in Guitar Island Beach

Guitar Island is an extremely exotic island with a charming beach and a striking seascape inviting enough to relax in the laid back ambience. A long walk along the beach collecting seashells of different hues, watching the hermit crab pop up out of the sand and observing the waves lashing against the shore with a haunting hymn are a few of the interesting things to do. Nature lovers would have a field day exploring every creek and crevice of the island and still long for more and a dream come true for photographers shooting pictures in harmony with nature.

3. Places to eat in and near Guitar Island Beach.

Guitar Island doesn’t have a restaurant or an eatery, thus one has to either pack food to binge on the beach or wait until one return back to Long Island for a sumptuous meal. Long Island has a couple of popular restaurants out of which the Blue Planet is famous for fresh seafood, Laxmi hotel for north Indian dishes and the Corner Bar selling a special concoction of soda. Rangat could also be an option for the intrepid traveller to scout for eateries and restaurants for visitors longing for mouthwatering seafood cooked the local way.

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4. Places to stay near Guitar Island Beach

As Guitar island doesn’t have a provision for a stay, neighbouring islands like the Long Island and Rangat have decent abodes for eco-accommodation. Blue Planet is a favourite place to stay amongst the tourist, on the other hand, the Government of India has a tourist lodge with modest stay options. For the adventurous lot, camping could be an exciting option for an unforgettable experience in Andaman.

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5. Medical Facilities in Guitar Island Beach

Guitar Island doesn’t have any medical facility, thus, one has to either get in touch with a registered medical practitioner at the Hospital in Long Island beach or at Gobind Ballab Pant Hospital in Port Blair which is the biggest hospital in Andaman. GBP Hospital is a 466 bedded hospital with several specialized departments for secondary medication.

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6. Timing to visit of Guitar Island Beach.

Guitar Island can be visited during the first half of the day to enjoy the pristine beaches when the sun is brightest and return by late afternoon. The Island doesn’t have a restaurant or a resort, thus travellers return before it’s an evening to their respective abodes.

7. Mobile Connectivity in Guitar Island Beach

Mobile connectivity in Guitar Island is almost non-existent with occasional signals popping in your handset. After activating roaming services on your mobile handset, one may receive signals of BSNL.

8. Travellers' Tip before visiting Guitar Island Beach.

A few tips for travellers exploring Guitar Island would be to be careful while using the dinghy during tides, to carry back every bit of plastic and single-use material to help sustainable travel and keep the island beautiful. Last for not the least is to avoid travelling during the monsoon to avoid natural catastrophes on the little island in Andaman.

9. Things to carry while going to Guitar Island Beach.

It is suggested to pack sufficient food and water in your backpack as the island doesn’t have an eatery. Swimsuits and bathing gears for some fun time at the beach, comfortable beach sandals and a camera with a blank memory card to cherish wonderful memories.

10. What are the water sports available on the beach?

The island has been kept devoid of any activities like water sports to maintain the exclusivity and opulent beauty of the place. Enjoy the island as was bestowed by mother nature with the playful mix of sun and sand encompassing the many living things.

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