Karmatang Beach Overview

Karmatang Beach is very close to Mayabunder, about 12 km's distance and it is a prominent attraction in Andaman. The small huts and places to take rest on the beach are really an advantage for welcoming more number of tourists. To relax, to read books or to arrange a party, these huts are suitable. 

Karmatang Beach is highly recommended for the tourists since it is kept cleaned and the surrounding greenery is an unavoidable attraction. The green trees on the beach provide space for hammocks as tourists will love to use these hammocks and see the sea coming towards the shore every time.

Highlights: Karmatang Beach is known as the turtle’s paradise as it supports turtle nesting on a large scale and there you can find a turtle nesting farm as well. The vast shoreline and the cooperation of the natives are really helping the beach achieve a premier position in the tourism sector of Andaman. Natives are frequently found on the beach with their families to spend vacation and Karmatang is an authentic hangout spot for tourists as well as locals.

Activities: The beach is best suited for relaxation and beach walk. The water is a little bit choppy but the vast beach will offer you enough chances to spend time lying on the white sandy bed and relax.

Distance from Port Blair: Karmatang Beach is located at a distance of 240 km away from Port Blair. One can reach by the road connecting to Mayabunder. There are ships and boats as well as buses from Port Blair at regular intervals to reach Mayabunder. From Mayabunder, you will get cabs to reach Karmatang Beach which would take around 20-30 minutes to reach. Another access to the beach lies on the Grand Andaman Trunk Road from Port Blair that too directly.

Famed as the ‘Turtle’s paradise’ this beach is one of the most revered tourist attractions of Andamans. While the sparkling sands are best for relaxing and soaking in the warmth of the sun, the lush green trails of mangroves add up to its charm. All over the region showcases the jaw-dropping vistas and hails out to all sorts of travelers be it the honeymooners or solo ones. "Enjoy romance on the secluded Karmatang Beach, part of your Andaman and Nicobar honeymoon package, for unforgettable moments in nature's embrace."

Here you can learn about the entire birth process of the tiny turtles as this beach holds the largest nesting farm for them. Not only this here you can also enjoy a plethora of water adventures like snorkeling and scuba diving which gives the views of the world beneath the water. Discover the wonders of Andaman and Nicobar trip package, featuring pristine beaches, vibrant marine life, and rich cultural heritage for an unforgettable experience.

If you are looking for a relaxing vacation then this is your place to be. It is located just 12 km away from Mayabunder and can be reached easily. The landscapes which it showcases are just one of its kinds and one can not find such serene beauty anywhere else in the world.

Something which one must not dare to miss out on is the sunset and sunrise time, as this time the aura transforms and the views will truly make you question why not stay here for long? Also, the beaches have tiny huts where the hammocks come and the soft breeze along with moving waves make the picture of the beach even more beautiful. The entire stretch of sand shimmers and selecting this beach for vacation itinerary is something you will never regret.

How to reach Karmatang Beach

From Port Blair

Reaching out the Karmatang Beach beach is not at all a point of concern as it is well-connected by the roads and water alike. If you wish to take the ferry service then you can book it from the local operator or the government ferry too. But if you love the roads then you can book a taxi which will take you to Karmatang Beach. It is just 240 km away from there and you can take the Mayabunder road. But if you don’t wish to spend much on travel then you can also opt for the local buses which go at regular intervals and cost a very nominal charge.

From Havelock Island

The reliable means to reach out to Havelock Island is by the ferry services by different operators. From where you can opt for a catamaran ferry boat which will approximately take extra 2-3 hours to transfer out to the Karmatang Beach. The beds are very convenient but you need to be sure of the timings and get the bookings in advancement as at times it might get slightly difficult. Another way is to fly from here, that is you can opt for the helicopter service which is a little high-priced affair. The distance is approximately 97 km and this could be quickly reached by water and air alike.

Best time to visit Karmatang Beach

Talking about the striking summertime at Karmatang Beach, you will be fascinated to know that they are not at all severe and are pretty mild. The climate is friendly and you can experience adventures at its best. While the warmth fluctuates within 24 degrees Celsius to 37 degrees Celsius. Besides the opening months from July calls the Storms to the region. The onset of monsoons transforms the image of the complete domain and the area becomes all young.

But this further spans to giant sea flows because of which the river sports get difficult and the adventure buffs will have to wait for the springs to sink below. The heat varies from 22 degrees Celsius to 35 degrees Celsius which is pretty smooth and suitable for holidays. Ultimately, the ending months are of wintertimes which are certainly the excellent time to tour the beach as the climate is moderate and there is no spine chilling winds. Though the temperature may go high up to 30-degree Celsius, the nights are comforting with a mercury measure of 20-degree Celsius.

Essential Info:

1. Places to visit near Karmatang Beach

When here, you must not at all miss out on the Turtle Nesting Farm. Here you can see how the eggs are given, how they are hatched to how the tiny turtle is born This beach is also known as the ‘Turtle paradise’ as the maximum number of turtles in the world altogether could be found at this pristine beach. Apart from this, you can also visit the nearby islands by taking the ferry services like the North Bay, Neil’s Island, and several others.

2. Things/ Activities to do in Karmatang Beach

This place has a whole wide array of things to do, if you are here for your honeymoon then there is no better choice than this. This is one of the best options for relaxing and here you can also witness water adventures like scuba diving, snorkeling, and several others. Apart from this, you can also enjoy swimming and boating which are available at this beach. Looking for a place for a beach party? What could be a better place than this quaint one? Here you can also witness the streamer boats which take you to the beauties of its waters.

3. Places to eat in and near Karmatang Beach

There are a lot of options available for travelers looking for good eating joints. Or can eat at the stalls which serve the seafood and if you are looking for the specific local cuisine then you can head straight to the restaurant at the Green Valley resort where you can find all kinds of cuisine continental, Thai, and a whole lot more.

4. Places to stay near Karmatang Beach

This truly depends on your choice of stay this beach owns a wide platter of all the options for you. If you wish to taste the luxury then the places like the Green Valley resort are there, but if you wish to get the home like feels then you can also stay at the Koh Hee homestay which is not at all overpriced and you can also witness a whole range of amenities. Also, there are quite a lot of hotels like the Hotel Priya International where you can experience world-class hospitality along with a whole lot of options. Make sure you choose the best stay as it plays an important role in making the trip memorable.

5. Medical Facilities in Karmatang Beach

There are no such facilities available on the beach itself, but for the medical emergencies, you can rush to the nearby hospitals. Apart from that, there are also basic medicinal centers where you can go for basic medications if the problem or the disease is not a major one. There are pharmacies near the beach from where you can buy regular medicines.

6. Timing to visit Karmatang Beach

The beach and be visited anytime from the early morning to late in the midnight. But if you wish to make the best of this beach then you must visit it at the sunset or the sunrise time, as this is the time when the charm of the beach multiplies and the view that it extends become even more enticing.

7. Mobile Connectivity in Karmatang Beach

The chosen mobile agents here are Airtel and Vodafone as the rest of them don’t operate well. When, here you should not demand immeasurable 4G/3G settings as there are not many dungeons in the quarter, so the internet connectivity is pretty moderate. Nowadays, an excellent service provider is Vodafone and presents a definite signal.

8. Travelers' Tip before visiting Karmatang Beach

Make sure that you plan the trip in the best months so that you can enjoy the aqua adventures and also the weather remains pleasant. Apart from that, there are no special permits required or anything for reaching out to the beach.

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