Merk Bay Beach Overview

The famous, prominent and beautiful Merk Bay Beach is located on the North Passage Island in Andaman which is the immaculate yet uninhabited island. It is close to the popular Straight Island and Long Island.

The combination of the turquoise water with the highly glittering white sandy beach executes the definition of unseen beauty very well. From Long Island jetty, one will get a lot of boat services to reach the beach and why tourists are eagerly coming to Merk Bay Beach is to simply relax or for a remarkable day out.

Highlights: The boat safari from the Long Island Jetty is quite exciting as the journey will be going through the vast creeks and it will take around one hour to reach the beach. There is one point to remember is that during the rainy season or rough weather conditions, there would high waves which will make your journey a bit tricky and difficult so it is always better to check the Andaman travel guide before visiting.

Tourists have pointed out that Merk Bay Beach is an ideal location for bird watching and there are plenty of opportunities to spot the playful dolphins coming out of the water to meet you.

Activities: Birding, beach walk, dolphin spotting etc are the main activities Merk Bay Beach loves to host and there are water-based activities like boating, swimming etc can be done.

Distance from Port Blair: From Port Blair, Long Island lies about 47 nautical miles away and after you reach Long Island, you can take the option of a boat ride from Long Island jetty to the beach.

Sun, sand and a long beach, this is the perfect description for Merk Bay Island in Andaman. Located on the North Passage Island, close to Straight Island and Long Island, Merk Bay Beach is away from the usual tourist crowd. Since North Passage Island is an uninhabited island, the beach retains it clear blue water with an enchanting view of a variety of colourful fish underneath and creates a beautiful contrast with the clean white sand for miles.

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Enjoy undisturbed long walks, take a bath in the clear, deep, blue water, spend some quality time with friends and family away from the tourists and, if lucky, witness playful dolphins that are present in plenty on this island. When visiting Andaman, Merk Bay Beach is also the perfect setting for memorable pre-wedding photoshoots and instagramable vacation photographs (no filters required). Since full-fledged tourism has still not hit this part of the island, you can enjoy a clean and clutter-free island that will give you enough opportunities to spend time with yourself and relax under the bright sun and beautiful coconut trees.

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The surrounding forest may look intimidating at first sight but the cool interiors are perfect for a lone walk. Due to limited human reach, the beach is also home to a number of exotic birds in all seasons. You can spend hours listening to the mesmerising call of birds along with the crashing of the waves. This pristine beauty is the perfect place to visit in Andaman for those who like to explore new places.

How to reach Merk Bay Beach:

Planning to make a trip to Merk Bay Beach? A boat safari is the best and most interesting way to reach the beach. The journey will take you almost an hour but it is sure to be as memorable as the beach itself.

Boats are regularly available from Port Blair to Long Island three times a week. Or you can choose to take a bus from Port Blair to reach Rangat and then take a boat from Yeratta (near Rangat) to Long Island. Once you reach Long Island, take the boat safari that in itself is an adventurous journey.

If travelling from Havelock Island, even then boats are easily available that will bring you to Merk Bay Beach. If you are running short on time but don’t wish to miss this beautiful beach, take a speed boat to North Passage Island. It will take you less time than the boat safari and give you enough time to enjoy and explore. Be sure to check the available service in advance as the number of boats plying may vary depending to demand and weather. It is best to check with your hotel or agent so that you do not return disappointed.

Best time to visit Merk Bay Beach:

The weather is pleasant all year round. Since monsoons may not allow you to enjoy all kinds of water sports, it is the best time to experience sunrise and sunset against the clear blue water. And the beauty of the beach is reason enough to visit any time of the year.

Summers are warm but it will never be too hot to discourage you from venturing out to try water activities like swimming and snorkelling. Winters are pleasant and are the ideal time to enjoy long walks and scuba diving in Andaman

If you wish to avoid crowds of tourists then choose to visit between May and August. But if you want to enjoy Merk Bay Beach in all its glory then October to March is the best time to visit when humidity will be at lowest and it will be extremely pleasant right after the rains.

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Essential Info:

Places to visit near Merk Bay Beach:

Merk Bay Beach is surrounded by a number of popular islands, landmarks and beaches that are a must-visit. Havelock Island and Elephant Beach should be on your list if you are looking for unique experiences and adventurous water sports. Head to Cellular Jail National Memorial and travel back in time when this was the infamous Kala Pani. Diglipur, a nearby island, has the beautiful Diglipur Church and Pathi Level Beach. It is also home to the Turtle Nesting Point so if you are lucky you may witness a large number of turtle families. Chidiya Tapu should be on the list of every bird lover.

Things/ Activities to do in Merk Bay Beach: 

Although uninhabited, Merk Bay Beach is a popular destination for water sports like snorkelling, swimming, dolphin spotting, bird watching, scuba diving and boating. If not feeling too adventurous, you can simply take long walks on the beautiful white sand, explore the surrounding forest and soak up the warm sun.

The clear blue water also gives you the opportunity to witness a number of colourful fishes. And this is the ideal place for amazing photography and memorable photoshoots. Do not miss the jetty ride that is an adventure in itself.

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Places to eat in and near Merk Bay Beach: 

Due to zero inhabitation, Merk Bay Beach does not have any restaurants, cafes or shacks that serve food. That is why it is advisable that you carry snacks and drinks when travelling to Merk Bay Beach. But there are a number of very good options nearby that deserve to be explored.

Try the seafood platter at Full Moon Café and the restaurant at Barefoot at Havelock. If looking for a delicious vegetarian affair then head straight to Annapurna Restaurant. Enjoy the evening at The Bayview at Sinclairs Bayview Resort, or the Bonova Café and Pub. Try out local delicacies at Mandalay Restaurant, Fat Martin Café or at Anju Coco.

Places to stay near Merk Bay Beach: 

Merk Bay Beach itself does not have any hotels or places to spend the night. But there are a number of good options to choose from on the surrounding islands that will not burn a hole in your pocket. Budget stay options include Tango Beach Resort, Cross Bill Beach Resort, Ripple Resort, Eco Villa Beach Resort, Gold Star Beach Resort, Dolphin Resort, Kokari Guest House, Coral Reef Resort. 

If you are looking for luxury at an affordable price then choose from Barefoot at Havelock, Silver Sand, Fortune Resort Bay Island, Seashell Resort, Symphony Palms Beach Resort, The Wild Orchid Resort, Blue Bird Resort, Sinclairs Bayview or TSG Blue Resort.

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Medical Facilities in Merk Bay Beach: 

The Merk Bay Beach itself has no medical or first aid facilities. If travelling on your own, it is best to carry a first aid kit and some essential medicines. For any emergency, get in touch with the front desk of your hotel or head to Gobind Ballabh Pant Hospital in Port Blair.

Timing to visit Merk Bay Beach: 

Since there are no staying facilities at Merk Bay Beach, it is best to make a day trip. Most visitors reach the beach early, spend the entire day enjoying water sports or simply soaking up the sun, and return in broad daylight.

Mobile Connectivity in Merk Bay Beach: 

Mobile connectivity is fleeting and unreliable. You may receive BSNL on roaming but don’t count on it. It is best to travel in group so that help can be reached in case of an emergency. But wait till you reach your hotel to upload those pics.

Travellers' Tip before visiting Merk Bay Beach: 

Merk Bay Beach is one of the cleanest beaches in the country. Travellers are advised to be conscious of their surroundings and carry back all forms of plastic and throwaways. It is best to avoid monsoon as the water can get choppy during bad weather.

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