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Ravi Kumar Gupta Andaman Honeymoon Holiday Tour Package
"it was a memorable trip and was well organized. They have coordinated at all the points and provided services as mentioned in the package I booked. Thank you so much for this memorable trip."
23 June 2015
Great experience and unforgettable memories! Everything was well planned. We did whole lot activities in Andaman specially Scuba Diving was the best of all. Sound and Light Show at jail was very good and we came to know about some historic facts about the place. Stay was very comfortable and in decent hotels. Totally an amazing experience.
13 February 2020
I had planned this tour for my cousin. I was in touch with Shubham and Atri from booking time.Both were kind and helpful for answering and sharing the details to my queries.Later on Atri was in touch with me and he helped in customizing this tour for couple. He has clarified all my doubts, concerns during planning, booking for this tour. We opted for deluxe category and we shared our preferred list of hotels.Atri also helped in decision making for the hotels. Hotels were good and couple had nice time... Cabs were on time, food was good... Flower bed decoration was too good and also candle light dinner.. but was expecting more for candle light dinner apart from just table decoration ... Overall it was nice experience...
"wonderful trip"
03 March 2015
A complete package to cover the best parts of such a beautiful island at a reasonable price. Ours was a honeymoon trip and both of us had a great time. The guide with us was really helpful and we did not have to face any problems during the whole trip. There are good hotels also at all places where you can have good food from. The stay arranged by them was also good.
I always had Mayabunder in mind for the beautiful and scenic beaches it has. However, after many years of several plans not materializing, I and my friend grabbed this opportunity of a helicopter ride arranged by Thrillophilia. I not just witnessed the mangrove-lined tidal creeks at the Mayabunder Island but the whole tour of all the eight islands of Andaman, was a pleasant bonus. This three hour journey began from Port Blair at around 7:40. After viewing the floating islands we were taken to capture the views of the Bambooflat, Baratang, and Rangat.
An aerial adventure with three of my friends was always on my mind. The drone captures of Andaman’s turquoise waters and the enchanting greenery of the island always fluttered my hearts. This time in January I decided to live my dream and Thrillophilia helped me have an unforgettable helicopter trip. I cannot explain the joy of having soared like a bird above the Smith, Madhuban, Peel and Havelock islands. I recommend Thrillophilia for this exhilarating three-hour journey that lets you see the twin islands of the North and South.
03 February 2021
It was an amazing experience overall. The trip was very well planned, all arrangements were perfect. Everything was really well managed. I would totally recommend booking through Thrillophilia.
We booked Seakart adventure tour in Andaman from Thrillophilia. This self-drive experience is the only one of its kind in India, and this activity took place at Corbyn's Cove Beach. All the facilities were available like changing rooms, shower rooms, lockers etc. All the Safety measures were taken care of. The equipment and the entire area was deep cleaned before and after every participant and antibacterial hand sanitizers were available throughout the activity.
I booked a tour from Ahmedabad to Andaman. It was a family trip. The excitement increases multiple folds all together when it comes to discover a completely new side of our own country. Especially when it’s such well-organized. All the credit goes to our organizers team Thrillophilia.

People Also Ask About Andaman and Nicobar Things To Do

  1. How do I reach Andaman and Nicobar Island?

    Located in the southern coast of India, the Andaman and Nicobar Islands can be reached by both air and water ways. Regular flights to Andaman and Nicobar are regularly available from Kolkata and Chennai airports. However, travelling by ship too is a popular and pleasurable way to explore the inland experience. The Andaman and Nicobar airport is named the Vir Savarkar International Airport, connecting Kolkata, Chennai, as well as some other international destinations. The two major airline operators to the islands are Jet Airways and Air India. However, you can also get to fly with Air Sahara, Jet Konnect, SpiceJet, GoAir and Air Deccan, depending on the day of your planned journey.

    If you take the sea route, three to four passenger ships are scheduled every month from Chennai, Vizag and Kolkata dock. The most popular ships from Chennai are the MV Swarajdweep and MV Nancowry. If you are leaving from Kolkata dock, you can take the MV Akbar or the MV Nicobar. MV Harshavardhan is another ship that ferries from both Kolkata and Chennai. The journey takes 50-60 hours to reach its destination. There are inter-connectivity options to reach different islands on Andaman. Directorate of Shipping Services, A & N Administration operates regular ferry services from Phoenix Bay Jetty, Port Blair in the inter-island and foreshore sectors connecting all populated island/tourist places.
  2. What kind of accommodations I can find in the Andamans?

    A variety of hotels, resorts and hostels offer accommodation facilities across the Andaman Islands. From luxury resorts with world class amenities to hostels, dormitories and government/private lodges, the budget range is quite extensive. Consequently, there is something for any kind of traveler.
  3. What are the essential things to carry to the Andamans?

    Depending on where you choose to stay and which part of Andamans you are trying to explore, your backpacks needs to be packed accordingly. Basically, you are travelling to a remote island that is cut off from the main land by several kilometers of sea. Therefore, a good travel plan is a  Here are the basic things  that need to go into your bag:
    • Sunscreen: It’s a tropical sun out there and even in the winter months, the day can be harsh on your skin.
    • Insect repellents: Known for remoteness and insect diversity, an insect repellent is a must, especially if you plan to explore the not-so-common places.
    • Rubber slippers: It’s a beach after all and you cannot walk on the sand on high heels or seek to relax in heavy boots!
    • Water bottle: If you don’t plan on buying a fresh bottle of water every time you feel thirsty, it is recommended that you carry one along and keep on filling it.
    • Towels: The quick dry kinds are the best.
    • Swimwear: There is no way you can stay away from the allure of the roaring blue sea!
    • Medication: General medicines for common conditions like headache, sprain, stomach problems and the like. You never know what will be coming.
    • A cap/hat: Gives you protection from the sun.
    • Rain protection: The rain in the Andamans is just like its sun. Its surprising and can come at any time.
    • Flashlight: if you plan to stay out after dark, a good flashlight will be very useful.
    • Cash: Havelock, one of the most popular islands has only two ATM machines – Axis Bank and State Bank of India. Well, there are also days when these ATMs run out of cash or simply don’t work. You wouldn’t want to be stranded without any hard cash.
    • Camera: Well, this comes unsaid!
    • Documents: Do carry passport, spare passport photos and ID proof.
  4. What kind of activities one can do in the Andamans?

    Andaman is full-on fun for the outdoor loving kind of person. One can find 'n' number of things which can be done in Andaman. There is so much to do and it includes:
    • Snorkeling
    • Cave Exploration (don’t miss the Bioluminescent cane in the Havelock Islands)
    • Scuba Diving
    • Banana Boat Ride
    • Glass Bottom Boat Ride
    • Parasailing 
    • Sea Plane Ride
    • Witnessing the Light and Sound Show at Cellular Jail
    • Trekking to Mt Harriet and Madhuban
    • Nature walks in Mongluton Rubber Plantations, Wandoor
    • Limestone Caving, Baratang
    • Bird Watching, Chidiya Tapu
    • Island Hopping
    • Grabbing a beer!
    For Best Andaman Tour and Packages, Visit - https://www.thrillophilia.com/states/andaman-and-nicobar-islands/tours
  5. Which is the best time to visit the Andamans for different activities?

    It is important that you plan your Andaman vacation according to the season. Summers can get scorching hot and monsoons can make you stay back in your hotels altogether. Andaman offers the best tour package in winters. The tourism department generally recommends the months between October and late May. This is also the time when most activities are open to the public. If you have been planning to experience a sea walk, don’t plan between May and Mid-September. However, you can still get to snorkel, scuba dive, get a banana boat ride or jet ski. Similarly, The Elephant Beach and the Jolly Bouy Island in the Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park are open for only about 8 months in the winters.

    If you are a mainstream tourism, looking to make he most of your visit, the winter months are most recommended. However, the islands can be a different kind of fun during the monsoons too. Though many activities will be closed, there would be other opportunities like surfing and deep sea diving Many come to the Andamans during July and August to get a certification course in diving. Subject to weather conditions, all sightseeing places are open across the year.

    The general climate of Andaman Islands is pleasant. However, the best season considered is October to April when monsoon isn’t forecasted and climate remains pleasant. Being surrounded by sea, the cool breeze helps to keep the temperature to range in between 23° C and 31° C. Monsoon brought by the southwest wind sets in during mid-May and continues till early October.

    Season for nature lovers is May to December when forest is lush green and waterfalls are at their prime. Divers can enjoy the best during December to April and bird watchers during winter times.
  6. What is the ideal duration for a holiday if I want to do various activities in the Andamans?

    If you want to explore the Andaman Islands complete, a lifetime wouldn’t be enough! That being said, it should be a minimum of 2 weeks trip to the Andamans if you are planning to touch all kinds of activities offered. This includes sea adventures, water sports, treks, food, safaris and more. A good tour package will have such itinerary which is needed to do various activities in Andaman.
  7. Which Islands are a must visit in the Andamans?

    There are 550 Islands in Andaman and Nicobar, and most of these are in Andaman. 26 of which are inhabited and many more fall under RAP (Restricted Area Permit). The ones you can visit and shouldn’t miss include:
    • Radhanagar Beach 
    • Jolly Bouy Islands Beach
    • Ross Islands
    • Havelock Islands (Elephant Beach)
    • Neil Island (Lakshmanpur Beach / Bharatpur Beach)
    • Port Blair (Wandoor Beach)
    • Baratang Islands
    • Ross and Smith Islands.
  8. Which are must things to do in the Andamans?

    Andaman is a paradise for outdoor lovers. Tourists of all kinds flock to the Andaman Islands every year and include honeymooners, adventure tourists, photographers, family tours and even fun with friends. Well, whatever the kind you are, if you are travelling to Andamans for the first time, ensure that you participate in various things like these:
    • Snorkeling at Elephant Beach and North Bay
    • Witness bio-luminescence in the Havelock Island shores in the night
    • Scuba Dive (lots of locations across Andamans)
    • Ride a Banana Boat
    • Try the Glass Bottom Boat Ride
    • Para sail in Havelock
    • Travel to the Barren Islands on a sea plane
    • Trek to Mount Harriet
    • Explore the Baratang Caves
    • Take a helicopter tour from north to south Andamans
  9. Is it worth visiting the Andamans for Scuba Diving or Snorkeling?

    Andamans is the best place for scuba diving and snorkeling. The marine life is amazing and it would be a once on a lifetime experience. Scuba and snorkeling activities are offered all along the Andaman coastline and you might have to register before, depending on the season and the time of the day you are planning to take the dive.
  10. Where can I do Scuba Diving in the Andamans?

    The best places for Scuba Diving in the Andamans include:
    • Havelock Islands Lighthouse for night diving experience
    • Aquarium for beginners
    • Mac Point if you are keen on swimming with dugongs
    • Barracuda City for a swim with sea turtles
    • Seduction Point for the best coral reef experience (staghorn corals)
    • Neil Islands Margherita’s Mischief for a swim with sting rays and other out worldly creatures
    • K Rock, for a dive into volcanic rocks
    • Bus Stop, for a small reef experience
    • Junction, for pro divers
    • Port Blair Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park
    • Other Points North Point, Cinque Islands Bala Reef, Little Andaman Fish Rock, Passage Island Corruption Rock, for a shipwreck experience.
  11. Where can I do Snorkelling in the Andamans?

    Like scuba Diving, there’s a range of snorkeling spots scattered across the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. They include:
    • North Bay Island, Port Blair
    • Elephant Bach, Havelock Islands
    • Jolly Bouy Island, Port Blair
    • Red Skin Island, Port Blair
    • Aquarium, Havelock
    • South Button, Swiftlet Rock
    • Henry Lawrence, Tamarind Camp
    • Middle Button, Turtle Island
    • Kalipur, North Andaman
    • Lalaji Beach, Long Island
  12. Are there any equipments I need to carry for Snorkeling/Scuba Diving in the Andamans?

    No, all the equipment are readily provided with your snorkeling/scuba diving package. It is mandatory that you get into the wet suit provided by the activity organizers for a safe and pleasurable experience. You might want to take an underwater camera however. If you don’t have one, the organizers will be able to provide it to you at no or little extra cost.
  13. Can a non-swimmer do water activities?

    It is generally recommended that a non-swimmer sticks to activities that doesn’t involve diving into the waters. Consequently, it would be better to stay away from snorkeling or scuba diving. However, you can always enjoy the banana boat rides, Jet Ski experience and even experience the underwater on a glass bottom boat.
  14. How much it will cost me to do Snorkeling/Scuba Diving in the Andamans?

    Generally, a non certified scuba dive for beginners will cost about INR 3,500 and will last a few hours. The costs vary depending on the accompaniments and can be generalized under:
    • Scuba diving from a boat: INR 4,500
    • Extra Dive (same day): INR 2,000
    • Night Dive: INR 3,500
    • PADI course for scuba Dive: INR 18,000 lasting 2-3 days
    • Open Water Dive PADI course: INR 24,000 lasting 3-4 days
    • Advanced open dive PADI course: INR 19,500 lasting 2 days
    • Emergency first response dive course: INR 10,000
    • Rescue Diver Course: INR 19,000 lasting 3 days
    • Dive Master Course: INR 45,000 lasting 15 days
    • Dive Master GoPro Internship; INR 80,000 lasting 30-60 days 
    • Advanced adventurer SSI course: INR 18,000 lasting 2 days
    • Stress and rescue SSI Course: INR 17,500 lasting 3 days.
    Further, there would be a range of packages if you are looking to scuba dive/snorkel for more than 1 dive or day.

  15. What sort of activities are enjoyable by children in the Andamans?

    There couldn’t be a better way to introduce nature, outdoor and the joy of travel than a trip to the Andamans. Most activities in the islands are guided and there are only a few that any kid would likely miss out upon. Among the safest and coolest things your kid can do in Andamans is:
    • Jet Ski
    • Banana Boat Ride
    • Sofa Ride
    • Sea Walk
    • Snorkel
    • Fishing Trip
    • Visit to the Cellular Jail
    • Kayaking
    • Witness turtle nesting
    • Dolphin show
    • Or have a fun day at the beach.
  16. Where can I do Seawalking in the Andamans?

    Sea Walking is a unique experience and doesn’t require any kind of swimming experience. You would be able to walk into the shallow sea and experience the marine life that is exposed to the naked eye. Sea walking in Andaman is best experienced at:
  17. How much it will cost me to do Seawalking in the Andamans?

    A pre-booking is required if you are planning to experience a sea walk in the North Bay or the Elephant Islands. A general sea walk lasts for about a couple of hours and costs about INR 4,800. Do check the timing of the activity before booking your slot.
  18. Where and how can I do Glass Bottom Boating in the Andamans?

    Glass Bottom Boats are a thrilling experience and are perfect for tourists who want to experience the underwater life without getting themselves wet. The best places to do a Glass Bottom Boating include the North Bay Coral Island and the stretch from Jolly Bouy Island to Port Blair. North Bay Coral Island is near to the city and consequently is much more crowded. However, if you are okay with travelling a bit for a cleaner and more solemn experience, head to the Jolly Bouy Island or the Red Skin Islands. Check out Andaman Dolphin, the most popular of companies offering Glass Bottom Boat Rides in luxurious and safe speed boats.
  19. Where can I see Volcano in the Andamans?

    The Barren Islands is the only place where you can see a volcano in the Andamans. However, this is also an active volcano, the only confirmed in South Asia. The only way to reach the Barren Islands is via ships that regularly depart from Port Blair. You may also take a sea plane from Havelock or Port Blair.
  20. Where can I do Mangrove Kayaking in the Andamans?

    Mangrove kayaking gives you a duck eyed view of the picturesque islands. Being a more uncommon activity among tourists, it will also be a one of a kind of experience in the wilderness. The best place to do a mangrove kayaking is in the well known Baratang Islands. Guided tours comes with instructions, equipment and the necessary food and comfort.
  21. Where can I do a Seaplane ride in the Andamans? How much it will cost me?

    The seaplane experience in the Andamans was launched back in 2011 and the flights connect Havelock and Port Blair. You may also take up a sea plane ride to reach the Barren Islands. The availability of a sea plane depends on the booking for the day and the weather forecast.

    For tourists, a sea plane ride between Port Blair and Havelock would cost up to INR 4,100. Sunday is off day for sea plane rides. Booking for sea planes need to be done from the ANIDCO Ticket Counter at Havelock Islands, Port Blair or the Diglipur Islands.
  22. Which places are best to do Trekking in the Andamans?

    Trekking is one of the most sought after activity in the Andamans. The popular trekking routes include:
    • Mount Harriet – South Andaman – Madhuban
    • Chidiya Tapu – South Andaman – Kala Pahad
    • Havelock – South Andaman – Elephant Beach
    • Baratang – Middle Andaman – Limestone Caves
    • Diglipur Island – North Andaman – Raman Caves and Saddle Peaks
  23. What things must be kept in mind while trekking in the Andamans?

    If you are trekking, the climate will play a very important role in penning down your itinerary. Andamans is an island with extremes of rainfall and sunshine. Generally, worry about:
    • Places: Make sure that the places are open, you have the required permits and that it is safe. Ask locals for the most updated information about local climate. You could get rainfall in Mount Harriet even if it’s sunny in Port Blair.
    • Luggage: It is recommended that you pack as light a bag as you can when trekking across Andaman. The treks are long and could take whole day
    • Food: Carry along food items like biscuits, chocolates and juices as most trek routes are through wilderness and you wouldn’t get anything.
    • Cash: There are only a couple of ATMs in Port Blair. So, it is necessary that you have enough cash handy before any trip.
  24. Is it safe to do trekking in the Andamans?

    If you are trekking for the first time, it is recommended that you go through a trek organizer. Most hotels run daily treks in groups and it would be a safe and pleasurable experience. Safety issues come from the terrain and the frequently changing weather conditions.
  25. Where can I watch the Dolphin Show in the Andamans?

    If you are trying to see wild dolphins along the Andaman Islands, a ship ride would be the best way to do it. Dolphins are commonly seen on your way to the Havelock Islands or a ride in the North Passage and the Lalaji Bay.
  26. Can I do a helicopter tour in the Andamans? How much it will cost to me?

    Witnessing the Andamans from the top is a heavenly experience. The deep blue sea, golden sands, green forests and wide range of colors can be a lifetime of experience. Helicopter rides are available between North and South Andamans and takes approximately 3 hours to complete. You would be flown in a Pawan Hans helicopter operated by the AAI.

    A one way ride between Port Blair,the Capital and Neil Island/Havelock Island costs about INR 860, as of October 2011.
  27. What sort of Cruise activities can be done in the Andamans?

    Some best Cruise trips are readily available from Port Blair and would be a one of a kind of experience, especially if you are looking to have a relaxed vacation. Full day cruises are available to most islands and is a great opportunity to do some adventure fishing. Cruises carry along all kinds of refreshments and food and it would be seriously fun thing to do with your family or friends.
  28. What is Sea/Motion Sickness? How to overcome it?

    Sea motion sickness or sea sickness results from a longer time spent at sea. Many people suffer from sea sickness which results in nausea, vomiting, headaches, dizziness and cold sweats. It could be from a long ship ride or a relaxing boat ride along the beach. Experts believe it to be a physiological reaction arising out of the complex motion of being at the sea.

    The best ways to avoid sea sickness include:
    • Resting before setting sail 
    • Taking antiemetic drugs
    • Getting some fresh air
    • Requesting a cabin near water line
    • Have light food
    • Avoid stimuli that causes nausea
    • Wearing an acupressure wristband
    • Last, of all, panning your itinerary in such as way that you are not in the middle of the sea for too long
  29. Is it safe to do various activities in the Andamans?

    All kind of adventure activities for tourists across the Andaman Islands are presided over by an instructor and trainer. You are always accompanied by experts. Further, the Andaman coast is well provided with life guards and other safety measures, making the sea a popular haunt for tourists from across the globe. If you are willing to stick to the rules, Andamans will be a very safe and pleasurable experience.
  30. What kind of health precautions must be taken care of before doing any activity?

    Tourists to the Andaman and Nicobar islands commonly experience bouts of bronchial asthma, stomach ailments, respiratory infections and malaria. It is necessary to take the required medicines and also understand that:

    • There are limited number of super specialty facilities for neurology and cardiology
    • Pregnant women should avoid sea travel
    • Carrying your medical record helps if you are taking a certain kind of medicine
    • It can be risky to drink water from streams, falls, and rivers
    • Carry your prescribed medicine for asthma
    • Use Mefloquine or Chloroquine as anti-malaria drugs
  31. Should I carry any medicines before doing any sort of activities?

    Generally, you wouldn’t need any extra medicine, other than a first aid kit for any kind of activity in the Andamans. However, if you have been suffering from certain ailments like Asthma, it is necessary that you have the preparations. Most activities can be quite tiring and you might want to have your inhaler handy.
  32. Which are some of the best places for doing photography in the Andamans?

    Andaman Islands is a photographer’s delight. The amazing sightseeing spots of Andaman provide a platform for the photographers. The blue seas, golden beaches, red mountains, and the green forest present a scenic opportunity. A unique culture, topography and wildlife ensure that no photographer comes empty handed. If you are planning on doing underwater photography, the Andamans will always been the first place you would want to run to! Some of the most photographed destinations/places in the Andamans include:
    • Havelock Islands
    • Elephant Beach
    • Lakshmanpur Beach
    • Ray Hill
    • Mayabunder
    • Katchal Island
    • Austin Creek
    • Ross and Smith Islands Beach
    • Lalaji Bay Beach
    • Butler Bay Beach
    • Lamia Bay Beach
    • Neil Islands
    • Baratang Islands
    • Great Nicobar Biosphere Reserve
    • Kaala Pathar Beach
  33. Which are some of the best places for film/video shooting in the Andamans?

    Several Bollywood movies have been shot across Andamans across the past decade. Some of the most prominent locations for film/video shooting include:
    • Ross Islands
    • Neil Islands
    • Kaala Pathar Beach
    • Austin Creek
  34. What modes of payment are accepted by various activity organizers?

    Cash is the handiest way to pay off your booking across Andamans. However, bigger activity organizers accept all kinds of credit and debit cards.