20 Beaches in Andaman and Nicobar Islands (Travellers Favorites)
Adventure Activities In Andaman
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Andaman Beaches

If you are on a hunt of beaches that are pristine, serene and well maintained in India, best beaches in Andaman and Nicobar will certainly take the lead. Beaches in Andaman and Nicobar are indeed the most attractive and charming factor of your trip to Andaman.
The shimmering blue waters, smooth silky sands, lovely cottages, huts and shacks, and exciting water sports activities together make these beaches in Andaman an experience worth cherishing in itself. There are a number of beaches on the various island that are worth visiting. Some of them are popular amongst tourists and are always jam-packed while there are some that are serene and secluded beaches, ideal for a private holiday with family and couples. 

Radhanagar Beach on Havelock Island can be considered as one of the most popular beaches in Andaman. The beach is best known for activities like snorkeling, game fishing, swimming, and scuba diving. Elephant Beach, again located on the Havelock Island can be accessed by a boat ride or a 30 minutes jungle trek. The beach is popular for exotic marine biodiversity, spectacular coral reefs, and snorkeling. Corbyn’s Cove is one of the most unspoiled Andaman beaches located in the capital Port Blair.

It is an ideal beach for taking a leisure stroll, relishing at the beach shacks, or for taking a boat ride up to the Snake Island. Lalaji Bay Beach is another popular beach on Long Island and a must-visit. It is the best beach for dolphin spotting, sunbathing, boating, and spending some comfortable time in the sea-facing eco huts. If you’re looking for unspoiled beaches, Baludera Beach on Baratang Island is the one for you. 

You can spend some quality time with loved ones here and enjoy the elephant ride. Merk Bay is another virgin beach in Andaman. Visitors can enjoy breathtaking views,  snorkeling, bird watching, and dolphin spotting. AamKunj Beach, Raman Bageecha Beach, Laxmanpur Beach, SitapurBeach, Bharatpur Beach, Kalipur Beach, Pathi Level Beach, Avis Island Beach, Butler Bay Beach, Sandbar between Ross & Smith Islands and Karmatang Beach are some of the other beaches that make their way of the list of best beaches in Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

Here are some of the best beaches in Andaman and Nicobar Islands:

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Latest Information on Travelling to ANDAMAN AND NICOBAR?
  • The Andaman and Nicobar Islands are open for travel for all the tourists and leisure travellers. 
  • People are required to submit an RT PCR negative report Tourism Department at the airport.
  • Travel to North and Middle Andaman Islands, Nicobar group of islands and Little Andaman island is not permitted for tourism purposes till further notice. 
  • Any symptomatic tourist will have  to immediately report to the nearest PHC/CHC and thereafter necessary testing will be done as per doctor’s advice. 
  •  If the tourist tests positive after arrival , they are required to undergo institutional isolation as per existing health protocols. The cost of such isolation will be paid by the tourist as fixed by the administration from time to time (Presently INR 1000 for isolation at ITI Dollygunj COVID ward).
  • If patients want to stay in hotel (hotel will have to make necessary arrangement to designate a part of their rooms for institutional isolation for this purpose), they can stay as long as following points are met:
    • Patients are not symptomatic and not above the age of 60
    • Request/undertaking is made by patient in writing
    • If allowed by doctors
  • Many airlines like Indigo, Spice Jet, Air India, Go Air, Vistara have now started regular flights to Port Blair. 
  • Direct Flights to Port Blair will now fly from Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore and Delhi. 
Local Transport

Public transport like cab, taxi and bus services are operational except for the weekends

Thrillophilia recommends travellers to follow social distancing norms while wearing masks. Moreover, travellers are advised to remain updated about the local news by following the government website.

A four week long curfew has been imposed on the islands Updated: 15 May 2021

The local government has imposed a four week long curfew from 28th of April due to rising COVID-19 cases.

Tourist attractions closed till further notice Updated: 15 May 2021

All the tourist attractions of Andaman and Nicobar Islands have been closed taking in mind the rising cases of COVID-19

Direct Flights to Port Blair will now fly from Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore and Delhi. Updated: 20 Feb 2021

To increase tourism, the government of Andaman and Nicobar have initiated direct flights to Port Blair from Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore and Delhi as well. 

All incoming tourists will have to present their RT PCR negative report on arrival. Updated: 20 Feb 2021

The Andaman and Nicobar Administration has made it mandatory to carry an RT PCR negative report at the time of arrival at its ports and airports. The report must not be older than 72 hours and need to be validated at the Tourism Department at the airport.

A new tourist attraction added to Andaman and Nicobar Islands Updated: 20 Feb 2021

With the development of the largest bridge on the Island over the Humphrey Strait Creek, people will be finding a new long drive location loaded with scenic views on both the sides.


Radhanagar Beach

The Radhanagar beach on the Havelock island is another of the beckoning best beaches in Andaman which is a must visit for you. With the crystal clear waters and the gorgeous shoreline, this beach is the 7th best beach in Andaman. One can't overlook the spouting sound of waves or the salty punch noticeable all around when you're near the beach. Its white shining sands, turquoise waters, and extravagant green palm vegetation make it an ideal place for a casual walk. Many people also visit this each to enjoy a small get together with their families.

Highlights: Radha Nagar beach is very famous for snorkeling, scuba diving and also game fishing.

Location: The Radhanagar beach is located on Havelock island.

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Kala Pathar Beach

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Image Credit : VisitorTrip

Although small this beach is another attraction in the Havelock Islands in the Andaman which is a favorite among the tourist. Its shiny sand and greenish waters make the place a standout amongst the most stunning and luring Andaman shorelines. Marvel at the soothing sights of the beach while you visit this beach along with your friends and family. Break the sands as you stroll through the beach enjoying the distant sea.

Highlights: One can also head out for swimming and sunbathing while at the beach. This beach is famous for relaxing and simply enjoying the nearby places.

Location: The Kala Pathar beach is located at one corner of Havelock Island.

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Elephant Beach

Image Credit : Antares&Co.

Offering wonderful white sand shoreline alongside a stunning coral reef this is another shoreline which is an absolute necessity visit for you. Elephant Beach is one of the well-known shorelines roosted on Havelock Island. The white sand shoreline and the blue-green water at the Elephant beach are luring for practically every explorer. One can reach the beach by a boat ride to Elephant beach going through a lighthouse which is astounding.

Highlights: Snorkelling, swimming, and Scuba diving are a few of the activities which are very famous in the beach. Head out for an amazing evening on the beach and enjoy the glorious sunset.

Location: Elephant beach is a secluded beach in the Havelock islands.


Sandbar Beach between Ross & Smith Islands

Image Credit : TwiCopy

Another beach which is one of the must-visit places in Andaman for you is the sandbar beach. Known for its while the sandy beach and the crystal clear water this is another beach which will definitely make your day.


Chidiyatapu Beach

Image Credit : Tourmet

Also known as the ‘Nightfall point’ or ‘Flying Creature Island’ this is another best beach in the Andaman which is a must visit for you.  Catch the glorious sunset at this beach as you walk unshod on the soft sands of the beach. The name Chidiyatapu comes from the fact that you can spot around 50 endemic birds here during dawn and dusk. Get soaked by the beauty of the beach as you witness the trees sticking out of the sea to sunset behind the hills.

Highlights: Chidiyatapu Beach is very famous for bird watching. People around the world come to witness the sights of the various birds here. This beach is also famous with the photographers who try to capture that beauty of the sunset.

Location: Chidiyatapu Beach is located at the southernmost tip of South Andaman about 30km from Port Blair.

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Wandoor Beach

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Image Credit : Flickr - Ankur P

One of the best beach in the Andaman which a must visit for you is the Wandoor beach. The wonderful Wandoor shoreline is arranged at Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park, around 30 Kms from Port Blair. About 15 islands are found encompassing this extends of immaculate coastline. 

It is a pictorial shoreline and a noteworthy vacation destination that snatch guest's consideration and intrigue. With quiet and clean blue water, the shoreline offers to alleviate the atmosphere to chill and invest quality energy.

Highlights: The beach is known for activities like snorkeling. People flock here to enjoy the scenic views while trying some snorkeling as well. One can also head out for trek nearby the beach which offers picturesque views.

Location: The Wandoor Beach is located at a distance of 30km from Port Blair.

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Lalaji Bay Beach

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A part of the Long Island, Lalaji Bay Beach is a must visit destination in Andaman. Head out to this beach for a relaxing day and bask under the soothing sun here. This beach is the perfect medicine for you after your hectic daily life. Run unshod on the beach while enjoying the distant sea. Blessed with a rich marine life a lot of thrill seekers visit this beach to enjoy snorkeling and scuba diving. For reaching this beach you will have to take a Dhungi boat and then walk for some distance before reaching the beach.

Highlights: This beach is very famous among the trekkers as one can also head out for a trek in the nearby areas. These areas are rich in tropical trees. Trek through the amazing jungle while listening to the chirping of the birds here.

Location: The Lalaji Bay Beach is located at the Long Island of Andaman and Nicobar island.

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Aamkunj Beach

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Image Credit : HolidayBirds

Known as the nesting ground for the sea turtles Amkunj is another best beach in Andaman which is a must visit for you. Aam Kunj beach is a joint beach in Rangat which is a hit among the tourist as well as the locals. With its grayish water and grey sands, this beach is quite attractive and eye-catching. There are a lot of pebbles and rocks found on the beach which makes it difficult for scuba diving and snorkeling at this region. This beach is also favorite for scuba diving and turtle spotting.

Highlights: The people residing in this area are in love with the beach. People from all around the world visit this beach to enjoy some relaxing time. Also for the convenience of people, there are many eco-friendly huts and cottages where people can relax for some time.

Location: Aamkunj Beach is located at a distance of 8km from Rangat.

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Laxmanpur Beach

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Image Credit : Flickr - Ankur P

With the white sandy beach and enticing coral reefs, this is another best beaches in Andaman which you should definitely try. Located on the Neil Island one can find a lot of trees surrounding the whole vicinity of the island. This beach ranks and the 3rd best beach in Andaman and Nicobar islands. Soak in the stunning beauty of the region while you head out to this beach.

Highlights: This beach is very famous for couples who want some alone time with each other. You can book from here: Best honeymoon tour packages of Andaman.

Location: Laxmanpur beach is located at Village Road, Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

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Bharatpur Beach

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Image Credit : Flickr - Ankur P

While holidaying in Andaman, there is another of the best beaches in Andaman which is a must visit for you.  With the view of the turquoise water and the sandy beaches, people flock in quite a huge number to this beach. Blessed with a rich marine life with corals and colorful fish this beach is very famous among the scuba divers.  Not to miss the distant jungles, which add to the beauty of the island.  The beach is like a perfect postcard beach which attracts a lot of young photographers.

Highlights:  The beach is very famous for activities like snorkeling and scuba diving in Andaman. As the waters are shallow and clear it makes it perfect for swimming. Don’t forget to click those memorable pictures while you visit this beach.

Location: The Bharatpur beach is located at a distance of just 40 km's from Port Blair.

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Vijaynagar Beach

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Image Credit : Holidaysmine

Known for its shallow water and the soulful beauty this is another beach which is a must visit for you in the Andaman. Also known as the Beach No 5, Vijaynagar Beach is one of the best beaches in Andaman. With the crystal clear water and the sandy beach, this beach is visited by a lot of tourist around the world.  Its picturesque surroundings, pristine Mahua vegetation along the coast, azure waters, and tranquil sceneries ensure a relaxed vacation.

Highlights: The water is shallow and clean and is perfect for surfing and swimming.

Location: Vijaynagar beach is another beach perched on Havelock island.
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Baludera Beach

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Image Credit : ExclusiveTouchAndaman

This is yet another silent and deserted beach on the Andamans that is yet to be explored and is completely uninhabited. Tourists love to visit this beach due to its quiet and peaceful surroundings. One can also go for long night strolls. The eco-friendly huts and treetop cottages at the Baludera shoreline likewise pulls in the vacationers who want to enjoy the peaceful surroundings.

Highlights: The beach is famous for Swimming, elephant rides, and treetops accommodation. Head out for a swim or just walk through the beach it will be a wonderful experience.

Location: Baludera beach, located on the eastern side of the Baratang Island, is at a distance of around 9 km from Nilambur Jetty.

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Raman Bageecha Beach

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Image Credit : AndamanTour

Raman Bageecha Beach is a fascinating Andaman beach and boasts of picturesque views and serene surroundings. With its unbound beauty this is another of the best beaches in Andaman which is a must visit for you. The beach is surrounded by the vast greenery and the crystal clear water makes it all more fascinating.

Highlights: A lot of tourist visits this beach to enjoy sunbathing and private picnics. One can head out for swimming. You can just laze around the beach and enjoy the glorious sunset along with your beloved while you visit this beach.

Location: The beach can be accessed by foot after a few minutes’ drives from Rangat Jetty.

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Merk Bay Beach

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Image Credit : Andamans

The Merk Bay Beach lies in the North Passage Island, one of the uninhabited islands in Andaman, which is close to Straight Island, Guitar Island and Long Island. The White sand of the Merk Bay Beach conversely with the blue water makes the ideal setting for a day out. Visitors take the ferry from Long Island pier, the trip takes one hour to reach Merk Bay beach. Enjoy the vast beauty of the region as you take this wonderful ride.

Highlights: The beach is famous for swimming, scuba diving and other beach activities like basketball, throw ball etc. Spend some time lazing on this relaxing beach. Also one can head out for dolphin spotting at the beach.

Location: The Merk Bay Beach is located at North Passage Island, Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

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Sitapur Beach

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Image Credit : VisitorTrip

Another of the best beaches in Andaman Sitapur beach is among the unusual, unspoilt, and charming beaches in Andaman. Known for its  white sands, luxuriant vegetation, transparent blue waters and breathtaking natural beauty this beach works as a perfect getaway to heaven. Walk through the serene beach while enjoying the mesmerizing views of the sea shore.

Highlights: Sitapur beach is very famous with the photography lovers as it allows you some of the best clicks to be remembered. One can also head out for swimming in the beach while some may just laze around exploring the beach.

Location: Sitapur Beach is located at the tip of the Neil Island and is  perfect for a fun-filled vacation.
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Kalipur Beach

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Kalipur beach is a standout amongst the most famous beaches of Diglipur – the biggest town of North Andaman Island. The pleasant shoreline offers dazzling perspectives of the Saddle Peak and the ocean that upgrade the magnificence of the shore. Spend some time along with your loved ones while you enjoying the shimmering views. The azure cold water will clear all your mind and body as you take a dip in the waters.

Highlights: The beach is very famous for Spotting sea turtle and also for trekking to Saddle Peak. Make some of the best memories as you head out for this amazing trek. The 4 kinds of the turtles that visit this beach are Olive Ridley, Leather Back, Hawk Bill, and Green Turtles.

Location: Kalipur Beach is located at Diglipur Andaman.

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Avis Island Beach

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Image Credit : Flickr - Selden Vestrit

If you are looking for some other beache to spend time with your loved ones then this is the perfect place for you. Avis Island Beach is a small marooned beach and is famous for its coconut plantation. Avis Island has a small but creamy beach; water is very calm and clear so that one can easily see fish frolicking in the water. The beach of the Avis Island is not ideal for swimming as there are some small stones and pebbles in the water.

Highlights: This island beach is very famous with the people for fishing as one can catch fish to their heart’s content. People head out to ths beach to enjoy some joyous picnic as the place is less crowded then the other beaches here.

Location: Avis Island Beach is just a 15 minutes by boat ride.
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Red Skin Island Beach

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This isn’t your typical Andaman beach with a huge stretch of sand and blue waters. It is more like mangrove extension with a very narrow beach strip. While you are visiting this beach you can head out to Jolly Buoy, which is closer to it is a favorite tourist hotspot. This beautiful island is famous for the coral which makes it a lot more favorite then the jolly buoy.

Highlights: One can spend some time enjoying the glorious sunset on the beach or head out for trekking at the nearby places. Swimming is another activity which is famous among the travelers in this beach.

Location: Red Skin Island beach is located at a distance of 30 Kms from Port Blair by road.

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Little Andaman beach

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Image Credit : Flickr - Neelima V

Another beach which is a must visit for you in Andaman and Nicober is the Little Andaman Beach. Head out to this exotic beach and get a chance to explore the beautiful little Andaman. This beach is considered as the fourth largest of Andaman Islands. Another interesting thing about this beach you can head out to the Surf waterfall and Whisper Wave waterfall which are accessible from the island too.

Highlights: Little Andaman beach is very famous for boat rides between the creeks, coral viewing and even an elephant safari. Also you can try snorkelling here as it is famous with a lot of tourist.

Location: Little Andaman beach is located at south of the South Andaman Island, is at a distance of 120 km. by sea from Port Blair.

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Butler Bay Beach

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With emerald waters, a spectacular curved beach Butler Bay Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches of Andaman. This beach is swarmed with people every year that comes to witness the stunning beauty of the region. The scintillating water shining and the sandy beach beckons traveler to explore it to its core. Spend some time at the beach while enjoying the view of the nearby areas by the beach.

Highlights: This beach is famous for surfing and there will be lifeguards who will be there supervising you. Swimming, kayaking, trekking, and elephant riding are few other must-do activities in Andaman.

Location: Butler Bay has situated about 10 km from Hut Bay and can be easily seen from the road that connects Hut Bay to the 28 (Attaees) bazaar.

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