Kala Pathar Beach Overview

Kalapathar Beach located near Kalapathar Village which is famous for the abundant black stones is an adorning beauty on the famous Havelock Island. The whole beach is dramatically lined by thick greenery and one important fact about the beach is that it is comparatively silent and most of the time, less number of people will be roaming around and that may be the reason why it sticks close to the visitor’s heart. As the number of people is lesser, Kalapathar Beach is very special for couples and families who would like to spend time in peace and utmost calmness. 

Along with that the indescribable sunset and sunrise views from the beach give unimaginable energy to the tourists. The emerald water, the silvery grains on the shore, the typical green colour of the tropical trees arrayed in a catching way and the pleasant views from the shore are the prime reasons why Kalapathar become a heroic figure many times.

Since there are n number of accommodation facilities near the beach, tourists are eager to take up a long vacation on Havelock Island and visit this beach.

Activities: Sunbathing is the best activity that can be done on Kalapathar beach. Snorkeling, bathing, swimming or just walk around are the possible activities that can be done on the beach. Watching the exciting sunset and sunrise is also considered to be refreshing activity here.

Scuba diving also is an important activity which would open the gates of wide coral reefs underwater.

Distance from Port Blair: It is located at a distance of 61 kms from Port Blair.

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A visit to the Havelock Island is incomplete without exploring Kala Pathar beach. The beach offers a stunning contrast of black boulders against white sandy shores. Witness the unique confluence of the two, along with the spectacular view of the azure sea waters makes up for a striking sight. It is also the perfect site in Andaman for some introspection and much-needed solitude, far away from the humdrum and concrete jungles of the city.

It is mostly empty and uncrowded by the throngs of tourists that usually flock to Havelock Island. The result is a beautiful, forsaken island with a charming and alluring environment ideal for anyone who just wants to read a book and relax by the beach. If you are travelling with your family, you can also celebrate a picnic on the shore and take your young ones here. Enjoy a nice afternoon soaking in the golden sunlight, far away from the crowded beaches of the rest of Havelock. Bask in the exquisite aura of the beach, and enjoy the eye-pleasing panoramic vistas to your heart's content. Be sure to take your camera along, because there is no dearth of mesmerizing views here.

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Kala Pathar is the crowning jewel of Havelock, a refreshing haven for nature admirers, and an ideal site for weary travellers looking for a salve for their exhausted soul. For those of you who wish to leave the world behind and set out on a journey of self-discovery, Kala Pathar will feel like nothing short of home.

How to reach Kala Pathar Beach

- From Port Blair

Kala Pathar is located nearly 60 km from Port Blair, and there are several ways to get here. The most luxurious and comfortable way is to book a ticket for the catamaran ferry which has air-conditioned cabinets and takes only an hour and a half to get to the beach. There are also several government ferries available, which take more time - that is, 2.5 hours - and are less comfortable, but they are also cheaper. It is essential that you book your travel in advance because ferry tickets during peak season can be unavailable.

- From Havelock Island

Kala Pathar beach is only 10 km from Havelock Island, and there are several options for getting here, most of them quite cheap. If you like taking long walks while enjoying the scenery, you can simply stroll to the beach, soaking in the natural beauty around you. You can also hire a taxi or rent a bike to get there. There are no bus services on this route, so your best option is arranging your own travel. If you have a car of your own, it is hardly a 10-minute drive to the beach. You can also avail a boat that is heading from Port Blair on its way to Kala Pathar.

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Best time to visit Kala Pathar Beach

The best time to visit Kala Pathar is in spring, that is, the months of October to November and February to March. During these months the temperatures range from 20 degrees to 30 degrees Celsius which is pleasant enough for exploring the island and soaking in the beauty all around. The Beach is neither too hot nor too cold at this time. The weather is crisp and the salty sea breeze is pleasant. Everything appears greener and calmer, the perfect season for relaxation and rejuvenation. Thus, springs happens to be the best season to visit Andaman and not only to explore Kala Pathar.

During the monsoon months of July to September, travelling to the beach should be avoided. The waves can be dangerous during this time, and due to harsh weather conditions, flights may get cancelled without any notice. Public transport including road services also gets shut down. So you may end up getting stranded somewhere.

On the other hand, summer and winter months see extreme temperatures ranging from 10 degrees centigrade to 40 degrees centigrade. At this time the beach gets either too scorching or extremely freezing. As a result, it becomes difficult to explore the place and enjoy the beach to the fullest. The summer months are from April to June, and winter ones include December and January.

Essential Info:

1. Places to visit near Kala Pathar Beach

Havelock Island - famous for water sports activities and its stunning beaches, it is a paradise for adrenaline junkies. If you are travelling with your partner, there is nothing more romantic than watching a sunset on the beach, hand in hand. Check out the list of best places to see in Havelock Islands before planning your trip.

Elephants Beach - one of the most unique places on the continent, where you can watch majestic elephants play around in the water. You can also try snorkelling, speed boating, and banana boat rides.

Cellular Jail - historically significant site. Ideal for history buffs and nature lovers, because it also offers charming views of the natural vistas around the island.

2. Things/ Activities to do in Kala Pathar Beach

Relax on the beach - There is not much to do at Kala Pathar, except enjoy the serene quality of the place and striking views that surround this Island. Just put up a hammock near the beach, grab a book and a cocktail, and watch the days roll by. It is the perfect place to get away from the humdrum of city life and enjoy some much-needed solitude.

Sunbathing - The tranquil setting and virgin environs are perfect for soaking in the golden sunlight .

Photography - Make sure you take a camera with you because this place is exquisite, providing a natural contrast of the black boulders against a white sandy beach which makes it the best place in Andaman and Nicobar Islands for photography.

3. Places to eat in and near Kala Pathar Beach

Full Moon Cafe - The famous cafe in Havelock Island is famous for its seafood and offers a delicious meal with a laidback aura and calm ambience.

Annapurna Restaurant - The pure veg restaurant is a delight on its own, with beautiful decor and finger licking good food. The cuisine here is also extremely cheap, so it is a must-visit restaurant for those who are travelling on a budget.

Bonava Cafe and Pub - Although it is a little bit expensive, there is nothing more romantic than candlelight dinner on the beach, far away from everybody else. The endless variety of dishes will leave your taste buds wanting for more.

4. Places to stay near Kala Pathar Beach

Symphony Palms Beach Resort: with spectacular interiors and ultramodern facilities, it is the perfect resting place for those of you who love a luxurious stay making it the best beach resort in Havelock Island. The rooms are facing the sea, equipped with balconies where you can watch the glorious sunsets in the privacy of your own suite.

Munjoh Ocean: Encircled by groves of coconut trees and gently swaying betel nut plants, this hotel in Andaman offers an exclusive getaway that is both comfortable and rejuvenating.

SeaShell: This hotel provides spectacular views of the turquoise sea waters and beaches surrounded by emerald green coconut trees. The staff is warm and welcoming, the facilities are ultramodern, and the rooms are well decorated.

5. Medical Facilities in Kala Pathar Beach

Havelock Island, where Kala Pathar beach is located, has limited healthcare facilities. There is only one hospital with 10 beds, and the nearest multi-speciality hospital is in Port Blair. It is advised to take extra caution when travelling here, and carry all essential first aid items with you at all times.

6. Timing to visit Kala Pathar Beach

Since it is publicly owned, the beach is open 24 hours, so you can witness the mesmerizing beauty of this place at any time. However, it is not recommended to spend too much time close to the sea at night, because the waves in these areas can get really high.

7. Mobile Connectivity in Kala Pathar Beach

Mobile connectivity is not excellent in most parts of Havelock Island, including Kala Pathar beach. This is due to the remoteness of the Islands and lack of mobile towers. You can get a satellite connection if you so desire, but it will most likely cost you a fortune.

8. Travellers' Tip before visiting Kala Pathar Beach

Carry your own food and water - Since there is no restaurant or food stall near the beach, it is advised to carry your own food and water bottles. You can buy some snacks at Havelock before leaving for the beach.

First aid - also carry some basic medicines because there is no hospital nearby.

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