Campbell Bay Overview

A sight not to be missed when you in Andaman, Campbell Bay National Park is known to be one of the most hidden and mysterious places in the archipelago. One can reach there after a thrilling adventure through the thick tropical evergreen forests. The landscape here is replete with beautiful orchids, colourful blooms and mangrove forests which add to the enticement of photography lovers on a vacation in Andaman.

The place is hailed for its rich and unique ecosystem and is a paradise for bird watchers who want to bask in the serenity of natural beauty. Tourists should plan a visit here between the month of March and October when the natural beauty is at is peak in Mount Harriet National Park. Offering a memorable trip for everyone, Campbell Bay National Park is one of the most amazing tourist places in Andaman to visit with your loved ones.

Highlights: It boasts of having its rich aquatic life with a diverse collection of flora and fauna making it a haven for wildlife aficionados and nature babies. Some of the most exotic wildlife which can be here include Crab-eating Macaque, the Megapode, The Giant Robber crab and the Nicobar Pigeon, Olive Ridley turtles, Leatherback Turtles, Wild Boar, deer and Civet cats

Activities: Some of the best experiences which you can enjoy at Campbell Bay National Park are swimming, scuba diving, snorkeling, coral viewing and rides on glass bottomed boats. There are trekking trails and places for bird watching. There are boat rides to various islands and to places past the mangrove lined creeks and bays.

Distance from Port Blair: 529 km

Located in the Nicobar district of Andaman and Nicobar islands, Campbell Bay is home to the famous - Indira point, which is the last southern point of India. Because of its geographical location, it is one of the islands that meet very few tourists amongst all other islands of Andaman and Nicobar. Thus a mere visit to this part of India is an accomplishment on its own. Having said that, the island has certainly not failed to impress those ones who have made it to this secluded paradise. Discover the untouched allure of Campbell Bay in Andaman as part of your Andaman and Nicobar tour package. With its pristine beaches and lush forests, it's a paradise for nature lovers and adventure seekers alike.

Moreover, this island is also popular for holding the vast tropical land of dense forest which was named as Campbell Bay National Park in 1992 and is proudly a part of the great Nicobar biosphere reserve. Spreading across 426 square kilometers, Campbell Bay National Park has made its name in the list of best National Parks of India for most tourists.

How to reach Campbell Bay

-From Port Blair

In order to reach Campbell Bay, tourists need to hire a helicopter service run by the government from Port Blair. Another option is to take up a ferry ride, i.e. - inter-island boat service from Port Blair which can be termed as a trip within itself and goes through Little Andaman, Nancowry and Car Nicobar. The journey on waters takes about a week to cover the distance of 529 kilometers between Port Blair and Campbell Bay. Tourists can also look for MV Campbell Bay, a government ship vessel which covers Port Blair to Campbell Bay in 24 hours but runs once in a week only.

- From Havelock Island

From Havelock Islands, there are no direct transfers to the island of Campbell Bay. Tourists have to reach Port Blair and thereafter , hire a helicopter or board a ferry to reach the southernmost tip of India. Or reach Little Andaman, Nancowry and Car Nicobar that are stopped on the ferry ride of inter-island boat service.

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Best time to visit Campbell Bay

The usual recorded climatic conditions at Campbell Bay are hot and humid. The temperature goes up to 31 degrees in summer and falls down to 20 degrees in months between rainy and summer season. However, the temperature fluctuates moderately in comparison to most parts of the country and thus feels pleasant throughout the year. The best time to visit Andaman Islands is from the months of March to October as the climate is pleasant for tourists to indulge in outdoor activities, plus the weather conditions are suitable for majority animals and birds at Campbell Bay National Park to pay an appearance. These months are perfect if you are planning a vacation as to the pleasant weather makes your visit to the attractions of Andaman Islands more enjoyable.

About Campbell Bay National Park

Established as a National park in the year 1992, Campbell Bay National Park is a part of the Great Nicobar Biosphere Reserve, covering an area of 426 square kilometers. A 12 kilometers long forest buffer zone separates this park from the smaller Galathea National park and makes it one of the 96 sanctuaries on the islands of Andaman and Nicobar. The park is the mother to dense tropical forests that grow a lot of mangrove trees, adding to the ecosystem. There are orchids and various flowering plants that bloom in full capacities in Spring, making the place a paradise worth visiting. In order to make the best of a visit here, watchtowers are constructed for tourists to enjoy the views of the national park plus to spot various species of birds.

Wildlife: The wildlife at this national park manages to appeal to every wildlife enthusiast and nature lover; such is the presence of flora and fauna here. Tree ferns and orchids are abundantly seen throughout the forest, along with mangroves to a great extent as well. Dominant fauna at Campbell include giant robber crabs, Nicobar tree shrew, Malayan box turtle, Andaman Wild pig, crab-eating macaque, saltwater crocodile, giant leatherback turtle, reticulated python, fruit bat, palm civet, megapode, hawksbill turtles, Oliver Ridley turtles, leatherback turtles, Nicobar pigeon, Nicobar serpent eagle, white-bellied sea eagle to name a few.

Entry Fee: Differs season to season.

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Essential Info:

1. Places to visit near Campbell Bay

Campbell Bay is the southernmost tip of India. If you take a look at the map, the closest islands are Little Andaman, Nancowry and Car Nicobar that may be your places to visit near Campbell Bay and which fall en route the island. From Port Blair, tourists can take the inter-island boat service that stops at each of these islands to spend some time there, depending upon the time in hand. Thus places to visit near Campbell Bay-

Little Andaman


Car Nicobar

In Port Blair-

Cellular Jail

Saw Mill

Ross Island

Chidiya Tapu

Corbyn's Cave

Samudrika Marine Museum

2. Things / Activities to do in Campbell Bay

Some of the things to do in Campbell Bay include-

Visiting Campbell Bay National Park

Bird watching

Wildlife Spotting



Enjoying views from the watchtower

Relaxing in the lap of nature

Visiting Indira Point - the southernmost tip of India


Taking a Nature Walk

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3. Places to stay near Campbell Bay

Campbell Bay has provisions for shacks where tourists can stay overnight.

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