Parrot Island Overview

An uninhabited island located in the southern part of Andaman, Parrot Island is a paradise on Earth exhibiting the wonderful attractions of nature elaborately. There are a lot of beaches on Nicobar island welcome the plenty of tourists every year. It is a part of Baratang Island and can be accessed from Baratang Jetty. There is a chance for a spooky ride in a dinghy boat from the jetty as the route goes through several creeks. You can also go for cruise ride in andaman for leisure experience. 

Before you reach Parrot Island, you will see a bunch of mangrove forests, appear as an evenly cut and well- arranged extending a pleasant view of nature at its best. And a fact is obvious from the name of the island. Yes, Parrot Island got its name from the hundreds of parrot flocks come to visit the beaches and mangrove forests and stay overnight here. They sharpen the mangrove roots with their red beak and thus the mangrove garden got equal shape and symmetry.

Highlights: Apart from the green parrots, visitors have spotted the large multi-colored parakeets on the island and both these species made the structure of island totally camouflaging and mind blowing. The sunset views, not to be explained, are dramatically stunning as it combines the sea and the sky together and indicates that the groups of parrots and parakeets are coming to the island soon.

Activities: Sightseeing in the major activity that can be done on Parrot Island as it showcases a number of forests, mangrove gardens and rare sights of colorful birds. But the boating through the creeks and the mangrove gardens is considered to be a thrilling adventure activity.

Distance from Port Blair: The nearest city to Baratang Island is Port Blair and from the city one can take a cab or bus to Diglipur and Parrot Island is located at a distance of 30 km from Baratang Jetty. It would take around 30 minutes to reach the island by Dunghi boat available at Baratang Jetty.

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One of the most beautiful parts of Baratang Island, Parrot Island is reckoned as a bird’s paradise. Tourists across the globe, flock here to experience the real beauty of heaven. Parrot Island is blessed with rich flora and fauna governing the natural beauty and aesthetics of this pristine land. On your way to this Island, there is yet another worthy of halting destination called Jarawa Tribal Reserve. This region is inhabited by the Jarawa community.

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No sooner you reach Parrot Island, you start hearing the voice of thousands of parrots. This makes it a heaven for nature lovers, bird watchers, and wildlife enthusiasts. There are a plethora of both the parrot and parakeet species here at Parrot Island. Riding a boat allows you to gaze at the vastly stretched crystal blue sea. Bird watching, boating, sunset sightseeing, photography and adventurous trekking are some exciting things to enjoy on this island.

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According to locals as soon as the sun sets, a group of five parrots flocks to this Parrot Island together to have an inspection of the surrounding. Once they share their inspection details through coded signals, within a fraction of around ten minutes, you can see other birds coming in from all directions.

People visiting here, sit on the dunghi’s for an hour or so to capture some breath-taking views of the sunset. So, do not forget to carry your still and video cameras all along with you. Science says that birds noise has a tendency to rejuvenate yourself and restore your excitation making this place a perfect weekend getaway.

Although a flat region, Parrot Island is covered all around by lush green trees such as mangroves. So, you can be assured that you will have pleasant weather here at Parrot Island. Be careful while you walk through the mangrove regions. The salty water that surrounds the mangroves might home to some saltwater crocodiles. Boat owners send you an alarming sign to keep your hands off while you begin with your water journey.

How to reach Parrot Island?

From Port Blair:

Port Blair is the nearest airport to reach Parrot Island. You can either book a cab or ride a bus via NH233 to reach Diglipur. Once you reach Baratang Jetty, you need to cover a distance of around 30 km before you reach your final destination. From Baratang Jetty, you need to take a boat ride to cover this 30km distance. There are small dunghi boats available to carry you to Parrot Island within 30 minutes. 

From Havelock Island:

Either you can take a ferry ride from Havelock Island to Port Blair. From Port Blair, you need to reach Baratang Jetty first which is at a distance of around 30 km. Once you reach Baratang Jetty, there are small fisherman boats or dunghi boats to take you to Parrot Island. Your journey from Baratang Jetty to Parrot Island shall take around 30 minutes. Boat services at Baratang Jetty start at 04:30 pm.

Alternatively, some fishermen ferries run between Havelock Island to Parrot Island. As this is not highlighted tourist destination, such ferry’s won't be available on all working days. There are some specific days on which they schedule their journey. If you get a chance to ride a fishermen’s ferry, it won't cost you anything less than 3000 INR per head.

Best time to visit Parrot Island

Summers: Summers at Parrot Island extends from March to May and experiences a temperature in the range of 25 to 32 degrees. Throughout the summer period, Parrot Island stays hot and humid.

Monsoons: Monsoons here at Parrot Island mark their presence from June to September. Temperature, during this period, can range fall anywhere in between 25 to 30 degrees. Overcast clouds create a hazy atmosphere throughout the Island.

Winters: October to February marks the fall season of Parrot Island. The temperature range in this period extends from 20 to 26 degrees. As the rainfall descents, it gives rise to a pleasant and refreshing atmosphere. Throughout winters, locals in and around Parrot Island, reach here to enjoy sea walking, canoeing, scuba diving, and snorkeling activities.

Out of all the three seasons, people usually prefer to plan on their Parrot Island itinerary anywhere in between November to February. This season is perfect for the nature lovers to bask in the adoring glory of this pristine island. Moreover, winters of Parrot Island are calm and composed to set your mood in the right tone.

Places to visit in and near Parrot Island

Baratang Island: Baratang islands are reckoned for mud volcanoes and wild natural beauty. 

Sitapur Beach: This beach located at the tip of Neil Island exhibits a picturesque horizon where a vast sea meets and greets the blue sky.  

Limestone caves: Make your way through the sea and a thick cover of mangrove forests to reach the famous limestone caves.

Neil Island: Neil Island homes to some of the unexplored coral reefs, white sandy beaches, vast biodiversity, and tropical woodlands.

Viper Island: Viper Island presents an adorable view of the seven points from its harbor.

North Bay Beach, Rutland Island, Barren Island are some other islands lying with the vicinity of Parrot Island.

Mount Harriet National Park: Mount Harriet National Park is yet another sightseeing location for those who are love to embrace the wild-life reserves. Saltwater crocodiles, robber crab, wild pigs, and turtles are some of the members which you might be meeting here.

Things/activities to do in Parrot Island

Sightseeing: Sightseeing is the primary activity to enjoy, as the Parrot Island offers some phenomenal sunrise and sunset views.

Bird watching and spotting: The island homes to a wide array of multi-colored parakeets and parrots. If you are good at camouflaging, this place is undoubtedly meant to attract your eyes.

Photography: The photographers too have a lot of things to capture here right from the blue currents to the multi-colored birds flocking over the skies of Parrot Island.

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What is the traveling mode on the island?

Boating rides are available to move to and fro from this magnificent landscape. You can ride a boat and pass through a thick cover of the vastly stretched mangrove region. If you are fortunate enough, you might find thousands of parakeets hovering all over your head as you move ahead.

What is the condition of medical facilities on the Island?

Parrot Island does not have a well-established medical hospital. Although, this island has basic first aid and medical facilities, for proper treatment, you have to visit the Baratang Hospital. You can keep their medical assistance number 03192-279533 handy with you.

For critical cases, you will have to approach Port Blair government hospital under local medical service provider’s supervision. It is therefore recommended to carry your first aid kit with instant relief medication to treat primary medical conditions.

How much time duration I need to visit the whole of Parrot Island?

Parrot Island is a one day trip from Port Blair. You will start in the morning and come back in the evening. From Port Blair, you have daily trips to explore mud volcanoes and limestone caves at Baratang. Your entire trip from Port Blair to Baratang covers around 100km and is a 3-step journey.

Your first stop point is Jirketang located at a distance of around 46 km. The next stop point is Middle Straights which is 47 km long and trespasses the Jarawa Reserve Forest Area settlements to take you to Nilambar Betty (third point). From Baratang, you have to opt for a boat ride to take you to Parrot Island at the cost of around 2000 INR which is affordable for group travelers.

How far is Parrot Island from Port Blair?

Port Blair is situated at a distance of around 100 km from the Barantang harbor which is at a distance of approximately 30km from the central Parrot Island. As there is no direct route to reach Parrot Island from Port Blair, you first need to make your way to the Baratang Island and from there ride a boat to reach your final destination.

Is there any emergency help service in the Island in case of an emergency?

The official authorities governing Parrot Island have made facilities for the tourist in the onset of emergency situations. You can find emergency help centers at the Baratang Port and the point where you reach Parrot Island via Baratang. Other than that, throughout your island tour, you can approach forest rangers or officials and ask for their assistance in emergency situations. Keep Baratang Police Station call number (03192-279503) handy with you.

Any travel tip before visiting Parrot Island?

Here are some essential travelers tips to follow ahead of planning your visit to Parrot Island:

Before you plan on your Parrot Island visit, make sure that you have a permit to visit Baratang island.

While you are on your way to Parrot Island from Baratang harbor, make sure that you do not click photographs of the local tribes residing there. Jarawa tribe is a local tribe staying there, and the government has imposed a ban on clicking their pictures for the safety of tourist itself as this is one of the most dangerous tribes of the world.Plan your visit to Parrot Island anywhere in between November to February for a pleasant stay.

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