Stewart Island Beach Overview

Enjoy a relaxing time with your loved ones by spending some time at Stewart Island Beach when you are in Andaman. The place is famous having its long and narrow beach and offering you some of the quietest places to see in Andaman. One can look forward to soothe their eyes with vast expanses of sand and never ending shoreline flanked with perfect blue waters of the sea. Offering some of the most scintillating views during the time of sunrise and sunset, Stewart Island Beach is a wonderful getaway to enjoy with your friends and family. It’s a vacationers paradise with its uninhabited lands and pristine nature.

The serene air, picture perfect views and the occasional cool breeze will make you wish you never had to come back from this heavenly place in Andaman. One can picnic here throughout the day before its time for sunset and cherish some of the most beautiful moments of your holiday in Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

Highlights: Some of the major tourist attractions nearby this beach are Baratang Island, Ross and Smith Island, Long Island, Mud volcano, Bird Watching, Cellular Jail near to Stewart.

Activities: If you seek a laid back day enjoying the sun, sand and seam this is one of the best places to visit in Andaman. Along with that tourists can indulge inplaying sports such as beach volleyball, football etc on the beach.

Distance from Port Blair: The beach lies around 150 km from Port Blair.

This quaint little Island situated on the north of Port Blair has an isolated beach amidst the middle of an uninhabited Island. This Island has a long narrow strip of immaculate white sandy beach located in the middle of the sea. The Island has a stunning shoreline with clear water ideal for snorkelling and gentle waves lashing against the sun-kissed sandy shore.

Situated between Dotrel Island and Curlew Island, it is considered to be one of the most photographed Island beaches in Andaman by tourists in this part of the country with the sky changing colours very often. A long strip of coconut groves swaying gently to the tune of the breeze is not only soothing for the eyes but also gives relief during mid-afternoon when the sun is at its peak.

How to reach Stewart Island Beach

From Port Blair – This Beach is 150km from Port Blair and can be easily accessed from Mayabundar Jetty which takes approximately an hour in a country boat. It is recommended to start early to catch the picturesque beauty of the Beach.

From Havelock Island – With no proper route from Havelock Island to Stewart Island, it is recommended to go via Port Blair for easy access to the Beach.

Best time to visit Stewart Island Beach

Stewart Island Beach is open and can be accessed around the year and tourist start thronging this piece of land from October to May to experience the sunny beaches of Andaman. The monsoon months between July to September is best to be avoided to keep natural calamities at bay. The best time to visit the Island beach is from December to March when the sun isn’t that harsh on the body and one can explore and enjoy the beach at ease.

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Essential Info:

1.   Places to visit near Stewart Island Beach

Stewart beach itself being quite an exotic and virgin beach has a few more interesting places to explore nearby. Baratang Island is in close proximity to Stewart Island beach with a striking contrast of mangrove creek, caves, mud volcanoes and yet another beach. Ross Island and Smith Island too can be explored from Stewart Island Beach which is popular amongst the tourist circle. Ross Island is dotted with history of the British Empire during their rule over the Indian subcontinent, for they had set their headquarters in this very island.

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2.   Things to do in Stewart Island Beach.

One can soak in the cerulean water under the azure blue open sky and glittering sand on a sunny day. Beach walks, water sports, beach sports, photography and getting oneself tanned are a few of the activities that one can indulge in to at the Beach. Experience an epic sunset on the Island where the horizon just devours the ball of fire creating a crimson red sky.

3.   Places to eat in and near Stewart Island Beach.

As the Island is uninhabited, the closest that one has to travel to, is Port Blair to have decent food at the many restaurants and eateries found there. Ranging from Annapurna offering Indian food at an affordable price to Amaya the restaurant cum bar serving sumptuous food, there is food for every palate and pocket.

4.   Places to stay near Stewart Island Beach.

There are a few options for a stay near Stewart Island Beach like the Pristine Beach resort, Turtle Resort and Hotel Saddle peak with a splendid view from the rooms and courteous hospitality for a comfortable stay.

5.  Medical Facilities in Stewart Island Beach.

The closest medical facility available is the government-run G.B.P. Hospital which is a 400-bed hospital with super speciality departments.

6.  Timing to visit Stewart Island Beach.

Try and catch the first available Dunghi to the Island and be mesmerised by the captivating beauty of the place. Explore the island and indulge in activities in Andaman as planned and call it a day by sunset.

7.  Mobile Connectivity in Stewart Island Beach

Do not bother to see mobile network connections in your handset rather use your mobile to capture jaw-dropping skylines and shorelines of the Island.

8.  Travellers' Tip before visiting Stewart Island Beach

Start the journey early to experience the best the beach has to offer in terms of scenic beauty and splendid captures.

Carry sunblock, goggles, swimwear, towel, flip flops and be beach ready to hit as soon as you reach

Carry water and fruits to keep yourself hydrated.

Return back to the hotel by sunset.

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