Little Andaman Island Overview

Plenty of adventure and leisurely activities have taken the name of Little Andaman to the sky. When the size of the island is considered, Little Andaman is in the fourth position on the list of islands in Andaman. This island belongs to the south Andaman district, a little far away from Port Blair about 88 kms. 

A part of Little Andaman group, Little Andaman Island is kept separated by the famous Duncan Passage and the low-lying island possesses a large scale of rainforests and several unique species of marine turtles. Along with them, the long white sandy beaches and the captivating waterfalls provide the island a fairy tale like beauty.

Highlights: The popular Little Andaman Lighthouse which is already known as Richardson’s Lighthouse is the one thing that makes the island renowned and it is located about 14 km south from Hut Bay port. Onge aboriginal tribes are the native people here and they call their island as Egu Belong.

Activities: The island has gained popularity through surfing and there are hundreds of spots to do authentic surfing as the water is so friendly yet tricky at times. Along with surfing, there are some other important activities have achieved special spaces in the hearts of tourists. They are boating through the creeks, elephant safari, elephant calves training etc. Also, there is an astonishing beach located 14 km from Hut Bay Jetty which is truly blessed with long shores and amiable water. There you can do sun basking, surfing, snorkeling and coral viewing. 

Flanked by the long array of coconut plantation, the beach houses a lot of tourist huts. From Hut Bay Jetty, you have to travel around 6.5 kms to reach yet another activity centre that is White Surf waterfall lying calmly in the middle of thick evergreen forests. In addition to that, a visit to Whisper Wave Waterfall should be considered as important as you will be trekking for 4 kms approximately through the dense forest to reach this enigmatic waterfall.

Distance from Port Blair: Little Island is lying 88 km south of Port Blair and daily boat services are available to reach Hut Bay wharf which is the central point to connect to the Little Andaman Island.

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Little Andaman Island, which is also partly referred to as the (North Andaman Island) is one of the many islands of Andaman and Nicobar archipelago that is situated on the Bay of Bengal towards the eastern edge of India. In one of those islands, on the southern end lies the Little Andaman Island. Famed to be the fourth largest island of the archipelago, it whole-heartedly welcomes tourism yet is not very touristy when compared to the other neighboring islands.

On the natural front, the Little Andaman Island is one-of-a-kind which promises elongated stretches of azure waters, arrays of pristine beaches with unworldly waves, and scenic waterfalls with hubs of picturesque hideouts. Apart from the bounty of nature, Little Andaman Island is also ideal for budget tourists who could easily find pocket-friendly food options, twinned with dirt-cheap rates of alcohol, and of course not to forget the hygienic budgeted beachside or sea-facing accommodation, in the amicable company of the island people.

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The local ethnicity of the Little Andaman Island is mostly comprised of a good number of Bengalis, Tamilians, and native aboriginal tribes known as the Onge tribe who have been inhabiting the jungles of Little Andaman since 1957. These jungles of the Onge natives are located reasonably far off from the prying touristy confinements. Apart from the ethnic diversity, Little Andaman is also unique in its biodiversity which is fairly spread between thickets, dense rainforests and long stretches of chromatic beaches and vivid coral reefs that are overly rich in marine life which includes a variety of rare species of marine turtles and a lot more.

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The Little Andaman Island is also home to the Little Andaman Lighthouse which is occasionally referred to as the Richardson's Lighthouse. Beyond that, some of the other most popular highlights of the Little Andaman Island stand out to be the thrilling adventure activities like surfing, coral viewing, boating through creeks, and elephant lumbering just to name a few! Ideally, Little Andaman Island is an ideal hotspot for anyone who is up for adventures by the beach.

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How to reach Little Andaman Island

- From Port Blair: The commute from Port Blair to Little Andaman Island can be done on the government-run ferries that function daily. These ferries connect Phoenix Bay and Haddo Wharf in Port Blair to Hut Bay wharf in Little Andaman. The commute time usually varies anywhere between 6-8 hours and can go up to 10 hours if the weather conditions seem unfavorable. Another option is to take the overnight ferries which usually take long hours as compared to the ferries that function during the daytime.

It is technically advisable to have your ferry tickets booked well in advance in case of the peak season. Another option that can save you time but can cost you dimes, is to take the helicopter which starts from Port Blair.

- From Havelock Island: The distance between Havelock and Little Andaman Island is 147 km. You cannot directly commute from Havelock to Little Andaman and will have to go via Port Blair which can be done by private ferries and takes up to 90 minutes, after which you can get on the ferry to Hut Bay Wharf which is in Little Andaman.

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Best time to visit Little Andaman Island

Little Andaman Island offers a very tropical climate and has usually recorded temperatures somewhere between 23-degree Celsius to a maximum of 31-degree Celsius around the year.

The summer months starting from March to May can be humid if not very hot. The mugginess in the weather does not make for an ideal vacation in the beaches of the Little Andaman Island. On the other hand, the monsoons might sound pleasurable with the occasional sighting of rainbows, but it is not worth taking the risk of a 10-hour-long ferry ride across the rough and ferocious waters.

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Coming to what makes for the last resort is the option of the open-ended winter months when the sea is topographically cool and very pleasant thus, making the seashore a lot less muggy and sweaty. Ideally, which suggests that anytime between October to pre-March makes for an ideal time span to explore the island.

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Places to visit in and near Little Andaman Island

Butler Bay - Located at a distance of about 14 km from the Hut Bay Jetty, Butler Bay is one of the most popular places to visit in Andaman. You get to indulge yourself in fun activities like Sun Basking, Coral Viewing, and Surfing.

Netaji Nagar Beach - Ideally suited for Sun Basking, Netaji Nagar Beach is away at a distance of 11 km from the Hut Bay Jetty and makes for a great location to unplug.

White Surf Waterfall - Closely located at a distance of approximately 7 km from the Hut Bay Jetty, the White Surf Waterfall is one of the most preferred spots by the tourists. This waterfall stands completely true to its name - White Surf. The white foamy water descending from the hillock makes it worth a sight. You can also spot scenic creeks flowing beneath your footsteps as you head towards the waterfall. Adventure bearers might choose to trek uphill to reach up to a pool at the start of the fall.

Whisper Wave Waterfall - Situated a little away from Hut Bay Jetty is the Whisper Wave waterfall at a distance of 25 km. It is knitted in the middle of rainforest similar to the White Surf Waterfall and involves trekking up to a distance of 4 km to enjoy the wonderful sight of it.

The Andaman & Nicobar Forest and Plantation Development Corporation Ltd. - This corporation operate the plantation of the Red Oil Palm. The plantation site is located at a distance of 11 km from the Hut Bay Jetty. These palm trees stand out to be one of the distinctive features of the Little Andaman Island. Tourists are welcomed to visit the site and have an in-depth knowledge of the stages of oil palm fruit production and oil extraction. Another interesting activity the corporation offers is the elephant ride through the rainforest. Visitors are also welcomed to visit the camps where elephants are trained.

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Things/activities to do in Little Andaman Island -

Little Andaman Island offers quite a good number of activities to do, like diving, swimming, snorkeling, sun basking, game fishing, glass bottom boat ride, and coral watching. Creek boating by the Butler Bay offers a great opportunity to spot rare species of marine turtles and birds like the Nicobarese pigeon and the Hawkbill. It is also one of the very popular islands for surfing. Even options of short treks through the rainforests is available to go to the Whisper Wave Waterfall.

Another interesting group of activities is the Elephant Rides and the Elephant Lumbering which takes place inside the rainforests. Camping around the island beaches is prohibited, however, you can get going with it inside the rainforests. The Butlers Bay Lagoon offers another great adventure sport; cliff jumping.

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Places to stay in Little Andaman Island -

The stay choices at the Little Andaman Island is very limited but with good options to go with. The total capacity of the rooms around the island could be just about 80. You could find around 6-8 private accommodation spaces like resorts, hotels, and lodges. To name a few - The Blue View resort offers a maximum of 3 charming row huts by a beach completely to yourself. The Jina Resort which has a system of huts built in the form of a circle also offers cozy accommodation and great local food like fish wrapped in banana leaves, and lastly the Hamwa Beach Resort that offers a very reasonable tariff rate and great options in native seafood.

The price range of these resorts could go anywhere from INR 500 to 1400 per night. The Andaman & Nicobar Forest and Plantation Development Corporation Ltd. and the Forest Department also have guest houses to cater to the needs of government officials.

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1. What is the traveling mode in the island?

There are plenty of options to get in and around the island. Local fishing boats, rental scooters, motorbikes, rickshaws, jeeps, and buses are good in number, especially considering the frequency of the buses, it is pretty convenient.

2. What is the condition of mobile connectivity?

Vodafone, BSNL and Airtel seem to provide the best possible signals for basic voice calling. However, high-speed internet is still far-fetched. Surfing and watching youtube videos on the island considering its remote location can be a challenge in itself.

3. What are the places to eat on the island?

The Palm Grove restaurant run by the Andaman and Nicobar Forest Commission serves excellent biryanis and a lot of local food options. Apart from that, basic local food including a huge variety of seafood can be easily found at Hut Bay and the other resorts like the Blue View resort, Jina Resort, and the Hamwa Beach Resort.

4. What is the condition of medical facilities on the island?

Unfortunately, there are no healthcare centers in Little Andaman Island. The nearest options for good and reliable medical facilities all lie at Port Blair which is offered by district hospitals, community health care centers, ayurvedic hospitals, primary and urban health care centers, and homeopathic hospitals and dispensaries.

5. How much time duration is needed to visit the whole of Little Andaman Island?

The minimum time duration to visit the whole of Little Andaman Island could go anywhere from about 5 days to a week.

6. How far is Little Andaman Island from Port Blair?

Little Andaman Island is located at a distance of 101 km from Port Blair.

7. Is there any emergency help service in the Island in case of an emergency?

There are no such emergency help service centers in Little Andaman Island. The nearest one is the one at Port Blair.

8. Any travel tip before visiting Little Andaman Island?

- Here are a few points that tourists are expected to be considerate about, likewise,

- A permit to travel to Little Andaman is required which can be easily fetched on your arrival at Port Blair.

- It is advisable to always have mosquito repellents applied on.

- It is suggested to carry good insect repellents, as the beach flies could become a nuisance at times.

- Crocodiles can be spotted at some locations. Be safe and vacate the area immediately.

- Do not enter the sea if you have consumed alcohol.

- Do not drink tap water.

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