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The captivating woodlands of Madhuban have a tremendous influence on the adventure lovers who are coming for a trip to Andaman. They have recognized it as a superb spot to do thrilling trekking and similar adventure activities. There is a rocky stretch from Mount Harriet to Madhuban which extends from the magniloquent hammock and the name of the stretch is Mount Harriet to Madhuban. This particular area is highly blessed with exotic flora and fauna, wild creatures and rare species. 

Trekking through the jungle have left many of them breathless and an approximate distance of 16 km should be covered through the dense wilderness but there is no other such terrific trekking as this one which definitely shows you the immense collection of birds, butterflies, and similar creatures. For nature lovers, birders and adventure seekers, Madhuban is a lottery. 

The Kala Pathar or back stones on the road will make the journey quite tough but still, if you have enormous energy and strong legs, then this trekking would be a perfect fit for you. Since it belongs to Mount Harriet National Park, one has to come to the park from Port Blair first and from there only further routes to Madhuban will be opened.

Highlights: There is a beach in Madhuban, a beautiful, long stretch of white sand. The beach offers a rare sight of training given to logging elephants.

Activities: Trekking, bird watching, sightseeing, beach walk, hiking and similar adventure activities are quite abundantly available in Madhuban. The beach also serves better options to the tourists who loves to spend time there.

Distance from Port Blair: Mount Harriet is lying about 40 km's away from Port Blair and there are better routes to reach the park by road and by sea. From Mount Harriet, you can reach Madhuban by trekking or walk.

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Madhuban is a stretch of dense thickets and woods that lie in the outlying area of Ferrargunj in the district of Andaman in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands of the Bay of Bengal. The foresty patch of Madhuban basically belongs to the territory of the Mount Harriet National Park and stands out to be every trekkers' fantasy across India.

This tempting trek passes through glimpses of wildflowers in full bloom, a plethora of rare species of macro as well as micro-organisms, and a collection of visual retreats of a variety of butterflies and birds, in the company of melodious birdsongs and whispers of nature. The very picturesque Madhuban trek helps lift up the thrill and the spirit of adventure inside the heart and soul of every trekker and an adventure bearer!

The Madhuban trek starts from the rustic rough terrains of Mount Harriet and extends up to a distance of about 16 km overlooking pristine stretches of wilderness. The trekking route is known for bringing up gorgeous panoramas lined with Kala Patthar (or black stones) that make the trek fairly difficult. Towards the end, this scenic Madhuban trek takes us to a blue-water white sand beach where elephants can be spotted engaged in the lumbering work.

Ideally, the Madhuban trek is a paradise for all the nature lovers, adventurers, and photographers out there! However, apart from just being an ardent admirer of nature the Madhuban trek surely demands a sturdy and an athletic physical ability!

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How to reach

From Port Blair:

Since the Madhuban trek falls in the premise of the Mount Harriet National Park, visitors ideally have to go up to the base of the national park and then head for the trek. Technically, the national park is located at a distance of 15 km from Port Blair and you can take a ferry from Port Blair to reach any one of these wharves, namely, Chatham, Bamboo Flat, Junglighat, Dundas Point, Viper Island, Hope Town, and Mithakari. Ferries from these towns make at least 45 trips per day thus making it duly convenient. These wharves are feasibly located to most of the trek points nearby.

From Havelock Island:

Commuting directly from Havelock Island to go up to Mount Harriet is not feasible due to lack of transport. Hence, the best possible and the convenient option is to do a break journey up to Port Blair and then follow the same route starting from Port Blair.

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Essential Info

1. Places to visit near Madhuban

Madhuban is located at close proximity from quite a lot of well-known tourist spots, thus, offers a lot of options to explore. Some of the popular places to visit near Madhuban are - Aberdeen Bazaar, the capital town of Port Blair, Anthropological Museum, Samudrika Marine Museum, Forest Museum, Fishery Museum, Ross Island, Havelock Island, Little Andaman Island, Neil Island, Corbyn's Cove, Colinpur, Roman Catholic Church and the Maranatha Full Gospel Church just to name a few!

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2. Things/Activities to do in Madhuban

In Madhuban, the popular activity is the trekking trail which stands out to be one of the most scenic treks across India! Coupled with the panoramic trekking gaze, the trekkers also get to experience hands-on activities like bird-watching, landscape and nature photography, videography and elephant spotting!

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3. Places to eat in and near Madhuban

In the nearest premises of the Madhuban Trek, the most convenient eatery is the one at the forest guesthouse. Apart from that, the popular local food joints are all located in Port Blair that does not fail to offer lip-smacking dishes especially covering South Indian and Bengali food and also a lot of other dishes coming from different parts of India. The popular ones being Annapurna Restaurant, The New Lighthouse Restaurant, The Bayview, and Mandalay Restaurant just to name a few!

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4. Places to stay near Madhuban

In the wild vicinity of Madhuban, the nearest available option is the forest guesthouse where visitors can stay in the wilderness. However, apart from that, nearest hotels ranging from pocket-friendly prices to options in luxury are amply located in Port Blair. Some of the best ones are - Palm Grove Eco Resort, Sun Sea Resort, Hotel TSG Grand, Peerless Sarovar Portico, Hotel Sentinel, Megapode Resort, De Meadows Resort, Sinclairs Bayview and a lot more.

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5. Medical facilities in Madhuban

Madhuban being remotely located, it is quite inconvenient to expect medical facilities in the wilderness. However, some of the best government hospitals, public dispensaries, public health care centres, and Ayurveda centres are located in Port Blair which is at a distance of 15 km.

6. Timing to visit Madhuban

The Mount Harriet National Park is open throughout the year for visitors. However, the best time to visit is during the months of September to March. The national park is open on all days from 7 am to 5 pm irrespective of public holidays and change of seasons.

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7. Mobile connectivity in Madhuban

Since Madhuban is located in the interiors of the dense jungles of Mount Harriet National Park, it is difficult to find a good network range along the route of the trek. However, network providers like Airtel, BSNL and at times, Idea certainly do well as compared to the others even in the remotest areas of the Andaman and Nicobar archipelago.

8. Travelers' Tip before visiting Madhuban

In terms of travelers' tips, it is best advised to complete the trek and return back during the day time in order to avoid any chances of any kind of unforeseen danger. It is ideal to wear full-covered garments to protect you from bug bites in the forest. Another thing to keep in handy is a basic first aid kit, with mosquito and insect repellents in order to be on the safer end.

9. Entry fee and Photography allowance in Madhuban

Ideally, there is no fee for the Madhuban trek and the fee that you pay is to enter the premises of the Mount Harriet National Park. For Indian adults, the fee is INR 25, for Indian children, it is INR 10. For foreign tourists, it is INR 250. The fee to use the basic camera is INR 25, for professional photoshoots/photographers, it is INR 200 and for a film shoot, it is INR 3000 respectively.

10. Visiting time and duration for Madhuban

The trek to Madhuban is accessible for visitors on weekdays, weekends and public holidays from 7 o' clock in the morning to 5 o'clock in the evening. To cover the entire trek it could take up to 6 hours and is best suggested to start early so that you can safely return back before dusk.

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