Corbyns Cove Beach Overview

Close to Port Blair, a superb, silent beach is Corbyn’s Cove Beach. The fringes of coconut leaves make the beach look adorable. The clear white sandy beach hearing lullabies from the azure water is a remarkable bed for complete relaxation. The shallow water does not support a lot of adventure activities. Still, Corbyn’s Cove Beach is a favourite beach for many due to the calmness and cherish-able time it can provide and it is one of the famous places to visit in Port Blair.

The crescent shape of the beach with complete greenery on its sides has an inevitable role in showcasing the simple beach look stunning. Families are found in large numbers here as the waves are not trickier and the long extension of sand bed to the sea and suitable places to do swimming and bathing.

Highlights: Hundreds of tall coconut trees arrayed in a particular symmetry give an admiring beauty to the beach and the swaying fringes of these coconut trees are promising a relaxed, laid-back time for those who love to get out of the bustles of the town. The blue coloured chairs arranged on the beach give enough space to relax and read a book or watch the sea presenting all its beauty before you. 

A road connecting the main road to the entry of beach is a favourite route as the most beautiful turquoise water supported well be the shore is seen throughout the road journey and a few of Japanese bunkers used for WW 2 can be seen on this coastal road journey.

Activities: Since the beach is a silent one, not much adventure activities are done here but it is considered to be one of the best beaches in Andaman for relaxed swimming and bathing.

Distance from Port Blair: 7 kms are the distance from Port Blair to this beach and autos will take around INR 100-150 to drop you at the location. But you can take a taxi as well.

An unspoiled beach situated around 8 Km away from the heart of the city, Corbyn’s Cove Beach is a prominent sightseeing spot in Andaman. This mesmerizing beach is dotted with coconut palms and turquoise blue sea water which enhance its pristine beauty. Apart from being a natural treasure, Corbyn’s Cove is also the most sought-after location for enjoying water sports activities and it is one of the famous places to visit in Port Blair.

From Jet skiing to boating, surfing to swimming, there are endless ways by which you can quench your adventure thirst here. On your visit to Corbyn’s Cove beach, you can also expect a few hotels and food stalls which welcome the visitors with lip-smacking local delicacies.

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Corbyn’s Cove beach is situated in close proximity to Snake Island, a place which claims to have a trunkful of snakes. The snake island is also well-known for attractive fishes, colorful corals, and rock faces. Whether you wish to explore the quirky underwater world or soak in the charm of this silent beach, at Corbyn’s Cove you can spend your day the way you want. On the side of this beach, you will also get to see several blue colored chairs from where one can admire the ethereal beauty of this place.

How to reach Corbyn’s Cove Beach

From Port Blair:

The mesmerizing beach of Corbyn’s Cove is just 8 km away from the main city and this distance can be easily covered within 20 minutes. This beach doesn’t have any transport facility such as flight, bus, or train. Hence, if you want to reach the beach from Port Blair, Cellular Jail will be the nearest road for you. The best way to travel from Port Blair to this beach is by hiring a taxi or opting for public transport. One can also take autorickshaw which will cost them around INR 150.

From Havelock Island:

Havelock island is situated at a distance of 67 Km from Corbyn’s Cove beach. This distance can be covered within 3 hours if you opt for a road journey. As the Corbyn’s Cove beach doesn’t have many transport facilities, it is best to hire a taxi or drive on your own. If you don’t want to spend heavily on transport, you can also find many private and government ferries which travel to and fro between Havelock Island and Port Blair. Corbyn’s Cove beach is just 8 km away from Port Blair and you can see around the place by hiring a motorcycle too.

Best time to visit Corbyn’s Cove beach

Corbyn’s Cove Beach maintains its eternal charm all year round. A large number of tourists flock to this place for enjoying a laid back vacation. However, if you want to have active participation in water sports, it is advisable to avoid your trip during the monsoon. On the contrary, if you are looking for some amazing deals, this is an ideal time to grab the opportunity. For the people who are planning a romantic getaway at a quaint place, there could not be a better option than planning a monsoon trip to Corbyn’s Cove. The best time to visit this captivating beach is between the months of October and May.

During this time, the entire beach appears stunning. Also, the winter months in Corbyn’s Cove are pleasant with the temperature around 24-degree Celsius and hence, one can enjoy sightseeing without any kind of obstruction. March month marks the onset of summer in Port Blair. Here, the summer season is moderate with the temperature around 30-degree Celsius and you won’t face any major issue while sightseeing. Hence, if you missed a winter trip to Corbyn’s Cove, you still can plan your visit in the summer months. Not to forget to include scuba diving in your to-do list as summers in Port Blair are perfect for this water sport.

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Places to visit near Corbyn’s Cove Beach

The alluring beach of Corbyn’s Cove has many other touristy spots around where one can bask in the warmth of nature. From beautiful beaches to water sports area, historical buildings to museums, one can explore a variety of places here. Some of the iconic tourist spots near Corbyn’s Cove beach are as follows.

Samudrika Marine museum, Andaman And Nicobar Island

Anthropological Museum, Andaman And Nicobar Island

Fishery Museum, Port Blair

Mini Zoo, Haddo, Andaman And Nicobar Island

Rutland Island

Chidiya Tapu, Port Blair

Viper Island, Andaman And Nicobar Island

Things to do in Corbyn’s Cove Beach

Presenting a unique blend of aesthetics and adventure, Corbyn’s Cove beach is an ideal getaway destination for travel junkies and adventure enthusiasts. Apart from admiring the breathtaking view of the beach, there are several other activities here that one might indulge in. Some of the popular things to do at this tourist destination are listed below

Participate in different water sports such as jet skiing, boating, and swimming.

Pay a visit to the iconic Snake Island where you will get to see a variety of corals and snakes.

Plan a picnic at the beach and spend some quality time with your loved ones.

Indulge in nature photography and capture some impeccable shots to cherish on your way back home.

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Places to eat in and near Corbyn’s Cove Beach

There are enough places in and around Corbyn’s Cove beach where one can munch on a local snack or grab a quick bite from the street side stalls. You can also find several coffee shops where you can spend undisturbed time with your loved ones while sipping in your favorite drink. If you are curious to know about the popular restaurants located nearby the beach, here is a detailed list for you.

Ha O Restaurant


Blackbeard’s Bistro

Shompen Restaurant

Paradise Cafe

Blue Betal Cafe

Blue Marlin

Vegan Creek

Full Moon Cafe

Ananda Restaurant

Places to stay near Corbyn’s Cove beach

When you are traveling, comfortable accommodation must be your topmost priority. To ensure a happy stay at Corbyn’s Cove beach, you must be acquainted with the best hotels nearby it. Following are the few highly-rated hotels where you can book a room in advance.

GKM Grand Hotel

Sinclairs Bay View


Hornbill Nest Resort

Hotel King Safire

Ripple Resort

Hotel Sentinel

Hotel Aparupa

Hotel Megapode Nest

Sun Sea Resort

Dev Mahal

Hotel Blair

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Medical facilities in Corbyn’s Cove beach

You won’t find many medical facilities at the beach. However, owing to its close proximity to the main city of Port Blair, it is not tough to avail medical care here. Port Blair has many renowned hospitals where one can get the best medical treatments and intensive care. Some of the well-known hospitals in the city include GB Pant Hospital, Maricar Hospital, and INHS Dhanvantari.

Timing to visit Corbyn’s Cove beach 

The Corbyn’s Cove Beach remains open to the visitors throughout the day. However, it is advisable to avoid visiting the beach during night hours as this beach witnesses high waves at the night which might prove to be life-threatening.

Mobile connectivity in Corbyn’s Cove beach

Mobile connectivity at this place might be unpredictable because of its remote location. There are few satellite links which can show good internet speeds, but such connections come at an expensive rate. Hence, on your visit to Corbyn’s Cove beach, try to carry at least one extra sim card that has the best connectivity in the area.

Traveler’s tip before visiting Corbyn’s Cove Beach

The beach is all about enthralling water sports and if you don’t want to miss out on it, don’t forget to carry your swimsuits. Carrying a sunscreen to Corbyn’s Cove is essential as the sun rays could be harsh on your sensitive skin. In addition to this, it is better not to roam around the beach during the night as this is the time when the beach sees the highest tides.

Things to carry while going to Corbyn’s Cove Beach

Apart from your essentials, there are a few things which must be carried to this spectacular beach. Camera, sunscreen, an extra pair of clothes, an extra sim card and umbrella are some of them. If you are a water sports enthusiast, the swimsuit should be the first thing to pack.

What are the water sports available on the beach?

There are not many water sports that one can enjoy at this beach. However, you need not be disappointed as you can still set your adrenaline racing by trying out jet skiing, swimming, and boating. There are some other beaches in Andaman which let you dive into the world of water sports adventure by facilitating activities such as banana boat ride, scuba diving, and snorkeling.

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