Lalaji Bay Beach Overview

A peaceful beach that attracts quite a lot of number of tourists is Lalaji Bay Beach located in the west coast of Long Island. The beach is closely connected to Rangat and Middle Andaman so that people won’t get confused about the route to reach Lalaji Bay Beach. Walking through the mangrove creek would be adventurous enough before you reach the charming beach. Facilities are limited on the beach so that tourists are always advised to bring drinking water with them. 

Highlights: The crystal clear sea and the copious green trees on the shore are making the beach looks amazing and splendid. This pristine beach is highly suitable for beach hopping or sole walking for a refreshing and rejuvenating mind. For a relaxed, peaceful time, Lalaji beach is the best. To surprise you, at times, the dolphins will come out of the habitat and meet the sun.

Activities: The beach is undoubtedly the best for swimming and snorkeling. But to relax for a while watching the crashing waves will be a remarkable experience for those who love to spend time in peace. To reach the beach, if you are ready, take a 2 hour long walk through the wilderness and the greatest pleasure on arriving at Lalaji Beach is the trekking trip.

Distance from Port Blair: Lalaji Beach is properly connected to Rangat via continuous ferry but it is lying at a distance of 89 kms from Port Blair. To avoid the long and tiring sea trips, people usually take the bus route to reach Rangat and from there they take the ferry service to reach the beach.

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Lalaji Bay beach, the pride of Andaman is located in the west coast of the Long island. The beach is synonymous with beautiful sandy coastlines and peaceful vibes that makes the beach a gorgeous site to visit. The Bay beach is easily accessible by standard ferries from Rangat and Central Andaman. The ferries take you through the unique Mangrove creek lined on your way to the beach that puts together a different experience.

For people who are aficionados of a great beach dive and those who love to enjoy sans the crowd, Lalaji is surely a place to be. The sparsely crowded beach also endows you with beautiful carroty sunsets and dolphins hurtling their way back to the sea. If you are looking for a place in the Andaman Islands to relax and rejuvenate the white sandy beach can be your stop. You can also hire a dunghi or take a trek which takes about 2 hours leading through the jungles to reach the beach. 

Lalaji Bay beach is a haven for adventure junkies with swimming and snorkeling being the most popular activity here. For lovers of peace, you can sit on the spotless coastline and watch the waves crash against each other. Lalaji is for all kinds of tourists and everyone will find something on the charming beach to keep them occupied. The waters seem to reflect shiny crystals and the abundant foliage by the side of the shore makes the beach look splendid and inviting. Tourists are advised to bring along with them eateries and water as there are limited facilities available on the beach and near it. 

How to reach Lalaji beach

If you love the wild and have the flair for a great trail, then you can take a 2 hour trek through the forests to reach here. Lalaji Beach is an easily accessible location and can be reached from Port Blair and Havelock Island. 

From Port Blair- The Lalaji Beach lies at a distance of about 90 km from Port Blair City. It is well connected to Rangat thanks to incessant ferries taking people to and fro. People who want to save themselves of a tedious trip can take a bus from Rangat and then ferry their way to the beach directly.

The bus ride from Port Blair to Rangat takes about 8 hours. The jetty ride usually takes 1.5 hours to reach but the ride is surely a memorable one. Yet another way to reach the beach is to take a direct route from Port Blair. You can directly sail from Port Blair with friends and family though it could prove to be a little expensive.

From Havelock Island – A mere 35 km from the Lalaji Bay beach, the Havelock Island is yet another tourist attraction full of beaches and water sports. From the island, one has to take a government ferry to the Long Island. This is the same ferry that is taken from Port Blair to Havelock first to makes a pit stop at the island to pick up tourists who are venturing from the stop.

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Best time to visit Lalaji Bay Beach

The summer months at the Bay beach begins in the month of April and continues till June. The temperature interval between the summer months ranges from 25 degree Celsius to 35 degree Celsius. The monsoon season beginning from July to September results in reasonable showers and sometimes torrential rains in selected parts. The season surely does not invite a lot of tourists as it barricades any good thought of a great beach holiday.

The winter season lasting from October to March, is a pleasant with chilly winds blowing and temperatures extremely amusing. Hence the best time to visit the Andaman Island's Bay beach is between these winter months. During this time, the weather does not play a spoilsport and the beach is open for all water sports like Snorkeling, skiing and swimming. The influx of tourist during this season is considered the highest which is why it is the ideal season to visit here. 

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Places to visit near Lalaji Bay beach

Lalaji Bay beach in itself is a magic box of wonderful experience and adventure packed together. One of the most popular destinations that can be visited when you have planned on a tour here is Port Blair. The quintessential beach getaway has a lot in store for the tourists with amazing water adventures and a host of other places like Cellular jail, Corbyn’s Cove and an age old anthropological museum that is quite popular.

The Long Island is yet another secluded island and a dream like destination located close to the beach. Blue planet at the Long island hosts major water sports activities and offers gorgeous eco-huts that will rejuvenate your senses. Havelock Island is yet another wonderful locale to be explored with umpteen activities in store for enthusiastic travelers.

Things/ Activities to do in and near Lalaji Bay Beach

Lalaji Bay beach has been the exemplary beach destination with many water sports activities like skiing, snorkeling, diving and swimming ruling the roost. If you are looking at a great diving location explore lighthouse which is a great diving experience with beautiful coral formations ready to welcome you deep sea. If you are a diving junkie, then check the best scuba diving experience in Andaman Islands and fill the rush.

The Lalaji Beach does not have much in terms of giving you a great shopping experience but Port Blair, Havelock Island and Neil Island has some wonderful quaint little shops to pick up wonderful souvenirs for your family and friends. If you are up for beach camping or a mere beach hopping then visit the Havelock Island for some great times ahead. 

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Places to eat in and near Lalaji Bay Beach

Perhaps the most popular restaurant near Lalaji Bay beach is the Excel Restaurant. A vibrant restaurant offering breath-taking sea views and a relaxed vibe offers world Cuisine with all day dining options. If you are interested in exploring the local cuisine explore Red Snapper and Something different which has a rich variety of innovative sea food delicacies. The Kerala café and the Nemo café on the Beach are moderately priced budget friendly options which also has some lip smacking food on its menu. If you are a vegan, then the Fat Martin Café will give you some delightful meal options. 

Places to stay near Lalaji Bay Beach

Lalaji Beach has many beach side hotels that are suitable for a business traveler, a sole wanderer, the excessively romantic couple and the family crowd. Coral reef is highly rated and an ultra luxury resort that redefines luxury. The North Reef, also is a great choice for accommodation suitable for both leisure and business activities. The Hornbill’s test which is located near Zonal Anthropological Museum and is accessible from the central bus stand. The Shine View Hotel is a simplistic accommodation in Andaman that houses 20 rooms equipped with the best of facilities and amenities. 

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Medical Facilities in Lalaji Bay Beach 

Andaman and Nicobar islands have very little in terms of medical facilities. It is always better to carry your own supplies, as the archipelago is not well-equipped with good medical facilities. There are many primary and community health centers especially in Rangat but they offer the bare minimum service with few beds. Port Blair which is the capital city has a super multi-specialty hospital that is equipped with better medical facilities.

Timing to visit Lalaji Bay Beach  

The Lalaji Beach being a more secluded and a private spot, hosts a lot of tourists. Since there is not much activity around the beach it will be advisable to leave before 8 pm. You can see mesmerizing views of sun rise sitting at the coast or decide to witness orange hues of the ball of fire setting quietly in the calm sea. 

Mobile connectivity in Lalaji Bay Beach

Island usually are synonymous with poor mobile connectivity and Lalaji Bay beach is no exception. The Long Island in particular confronts with the problem of poor connectivity owing to the secluded location of the island. BSNL and Airtel are better compared to other networks but their distance from mobile towers makes it a task to catch signal.

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Travelers’ Tip before visiting Lalaji Bay Beach

Long island and the area around Bay beach is bereft of good facilities. Visitors should ensure that they are prepared for every kind of situation and they read up a lot about the island. Abundant medical supplies should be carried along with the visitors as medical facilities are also not easily accessible. 

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