Cinque Island Overview

South Cinque Island and North Cinque Island are the two major portions that make the huge Cinque Island a vibrant and captivating beauty in Andaman. This famous underwater diving spot is located on the north side of the popular Duncan Passage and in the middle of Rutland and Passage Islands. The inhabited island is a surprising beauty to all the tourists arrive here. But the two divisions of the island are beautifully separated by a sandbar. 

Another important factor to know about Cinque Island is that it is a part of the very famous Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park in Wandoor. And thus, the abundant presence of colourful marine lives is not a surprising feature. Tourists mainly arrive at Cinque to enjoy adventure activities, especially diving and snorkeling. The beautiful corals and fish species give away the admiring time underwater to every nature lover.

Highlights: Mostly, day visits are allowed on the island that too with the permission in advance from Chief Wildlife Warden. The astonishingly beautiful corals are the main feature of Cinque Island. The island itself is a sanctuary as it houses a large collection of variety coral reefs, sea weeds, multi coloured fish species, starfish, sea anemones, turtles and water snakes.

There is an authentic declaration on the name of the island which says that Cinque Island is the mostly visited island in Andaman archipelago.

Activities: As everyone is quite clear about the fact that Cinque Island is an incomparable destination for the best scuba diving spots, tourists arrive here in large numbers every year. Those who would not want to be so adventurous also will not be disappointed since the island gives opportunities to do snorkeling and swimming at their best.

Distance from Port Blair: It is at a distance of 38.9 kms from Port Blair.

The Cinque Island, divided further into the North Cinque and South Cinque islands, are two among the many small islands that are found near Andaman and Nicobar, in India. Unlike the main islands, these are uninhabited and tourists are only allowed to visit them for day visits unless they have a special grant or permission. There are plenty of tour agencies and companies that organize these day trips to the Cinque Islands. Discover the untouched beauty of Cinque Island on your Andaman Nicobar package. With its pristine beaches and colorful marine life, it's perfect for snorkeling and enjoying nature.

The islands are often considered to be one single island, because they are connected by a sandbar, making it easy to access them both at the same time. Both the islands are also a part of the Wandoor Marine National Park, also commonly referred to as the Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park.

What makes these isolated islands so popular among tourists is that they are said to be the best place for snorkeling and scuba diving, due to the crystal clear waters and the abundance of exotic marine life such as sea anemones, starfishes, crocodiles, corals, water snakes, turtles, and many fish as well. Apart from that, the beaches themselves are very clean and pleasing, with soft sandy shores and stunning views of crimson red sunsets that will leave anyone spellbound. If you are interested in photography, you have a lot of amazing photo opportunities on this island during your trip to Andaman.

One of the things about these islands that attracts people the most is that since they are uninhabited by man, there is still a beautiful essence of harmony in nature present here, that instantly makes you fall in love with this place. There is a strict policy of eco-tourism followed here, which prevents this island to be polluted with any kinds of litter, waste or any other kind of man-made waste, thus preserving its natural beauty.

Whether you are traveling with family, friends, your loved one, or even solo, you will find plenty of things to do on the islands. There are many water sports activities that you can do, ranging from parasailing to boating, kayaking and jet skiing, which children especially will enjoy. If you are traveling with a loved one, you can definitely enjoy a delicious seafood meal made from the fresh catch of the day, take a romantic evening walking along the sandy shores of the beach and watch as the sun sets slowly in the horizon, and the sky changes its colors almost magically.

All in all, the island is filled with a lot of exciting sights and activities that are sure to make anyone fall in love with this place at first sight, and if you ever find yourself in the Andaman and Nicobar, do spare a day to take a trip to these uninhabited islands, to really get an experience of being one with nature. This island is one of the best places to explore in Andaman. For those of you who are interested in knowing more about the Cinque Islands, we have gathered all the information that you will require before making a trip here. Keep reading the article to get all the necessary knowledge about the magical Cinque Island.

How to Reach Cinque Island

The Cinque Island is located just around 25 kilometers from the famous Port Blair and is situated in the Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park. Due to its proximity to Port Blair, the islands can be reached through any popular means of transportation.

By Air: Veer Savarkar International Airport, also known as the Port Blair International Airport, located in Port Blair is the closest airport to the Cinque Island and is located very close to the Port Blair's town center. You can take a flight from any of the major towns in India like Bombay, Delhi, Kolkata or Chennai and you should be able to reach Port Blair in less than four hours.

By Boat: After reaching Port Blair, you will need to take a boat or a chartered ferry which takes you across to the Cinque Islands. These ferries are the only way to reach the island and they travel multiple times a day. There are also many private tours which have their own boats that take you to the islands if you wish to opt for those.

Once you reach the islands, you can go to either the North or the South Cinque Island, as the two are connected by a sandbar.

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Best Time to Visit

Being in a country that is blessed with a tropical climate, there is really no wrong time to visit Cinque Island

During the summer months, the weather is extremely sunny and warm, so if you enjoy being in sunny weather, then the moths of April to June are a great time to visit. Though it may be sunny, you can always cool down with a cold beverage or a dip in the pleasant ocean.

The winter months after the rainy monsoon season is the most popular season to visit the islands as the weather is not too hot, the climate is very cool and pleasant, but you still have the sun and the feel of the beach, without getting too sweaty under the sun.

The rainy season, from the month of June to the month of November, is the least popular time to visit the islands, as you wouldn’t be able to enjoy many of the activities on the island, like water sports, snorkeling and scuba diving which are some of the best water sports in Andaman. However, this is also the season where hotels and resorts give the maximum discounts in Andaman, so sometimes people opt to visit during this time of the year to save a lot of money.

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Other Essential Info about Cinque Island

Here is some other important information that will come in handy for your visit to Cinque Island.

1. Mobile Connectivity

Though you don’t need a different or a new SIM card for when you visit the Cinque Island, there are some networks that definitely do work better than others, and can be used throughout your visit to the Andaman. Networks like Reliance and Jio are not the most suited for Andaman and Cinque Islands and it is not recommended to carry those. Among all the recent network providers, Vodafone gets the best mobile connectivity and service on the Cinque islands, compared to the other networks. While these SIM cards work in Port Blair, there is no guarantee that you will get a proper signal on Cinque Island.

2. Medical Facilities

In spite of being an uninhabited island and being a place known just for day trips and excursions, don't worry as there are easily available medical facilities. The tour operators always carry a first aid kit with them in case of any emergencies, and since the islands are located on the premises of the Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park, you can definitely get access to medical aid without fail. However, if you use any specific medications or you have any condition, we recommend you to carry your own medications with you, and not rely on the medical care on the island.

3. Timings to visit

As we mentioned before, the island is uninhabited and only open to the people for day visits, and hence there are particular timings during which you are permitted to visit the island. There are frequent and regular ferries that travel to the island from Chiriya Tapu, and the journey takes approximately two and a half hours, one way, by boat. To enjoy a full day on the island, we recommend that you leave early in the morning so that you don’t miss out on any of the interesting activities on the island. This island also welcomes many couples who are on their honeymoon to Andaman.

4. Places to eat near Cinque Island

Since the islands are not inhabited, there are no restaurants on the islands. However, you can buy refreshments and beverages to keep yourself full. If you are traveling with a tour agency or through an organized tour, the people almost usually provide lunch and dinner meals as a part of the tour package. However, once you get back to Port Blair, there are a number of great restaurants where you can enjoy a delicious meal after a long day of exploring the island. You can also buy food and carry it with you before you leave for the island, but make sure not to litter anything on the island.

5. Activities to do

Once you are on the island, there are plenty of activities to keep you occupied the entire day. The most popular activity on the Cinque Island is scuba diving and snorkeling, because of the rich marine life that’s found in the waters, like exotic fish, sea anemones, turtles, starfish, and even some sea snakes. Apart from these, there are also many other water sports activities you can do on the island like jet skiing, parasailing, banana boating, and kayaking. If you are not up for these activities, you can just unwind by the beach, relax and enjoy the soothing sound of the waves and the beautiful view of the blue ocean.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions that you should be aware of before visiting Cinque Island.

1. From where can I take the ferry to reach Cinque Island?

The best way to reach the Cinque Islands is by a ferry and the journey takes around two and a half hours to go one way. The ferries usually depart from the Chiriya Tapu point, and there are regular ferries that take multiple trips throughout the day, so you don’t have to worry about missing a ferry.

2. Which are the best resorts in Cinque Island?

The Cinque Islands are uninhabited islands that are located on the premises of the Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park. There are no resorts or hotels on the island, and tourists are only allowed to visit for day trips.

3. What will I see being at Cinque Island? 

On Cinque Island, you can see various different kinds of exotic marine life species, like colorful fish, crocodiles, starfish, sea snakes and sea anemones. You will also see the beautiful expanse of the sea and the view of stunningly beautiful crimson red sunsets.

4. What water sports can we do at Cinque Island?

Water sports are one of the specialties of the Cinque Islands, and you can choose from a variety of options like jet skiing, parasailing, kayaking, boating, and banana boating as well. You can also opt for snorkeling and scuba diving, which are the most famous activities on the island and are some of the best things to do in andaman on your trip.

5. How to reach Cinque Island from Havelock?

If you are traveling from Havelock, then you will first need to take a ferry to Port Blair, which takes around an hour. Once you reach Port Blair, you can take another ferry from the Chiriya Tapu point, and in two and a half hours, you will reach the Cinque Island.

6. What should I carry while visiting Cinque Island?

Make sure to carry a lot of sunscreens, your swimsuit, an extra set of clothes and all the medication which you will require. We also recommend carrying some snacks and beverages for refreshment.

7. What else can I visit with Cinque Island in one day?

As the islands are located around two and a half hours from Port Blair, we recommend not to plan anything on the date of travel and allocate the entire day just to explore the beautiful islands. You can visit both the North and South Cinque islands as they are connected by a sandbar. 

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8. How much time will it take to visit Cinque Island properly?

It will take you one day to complete visit the Cinque islands and everything that they have to offer.

9. Is scuba diving available in Cinque Island?

Yes, Scuba diving is one of the most popular activities on the island and one can see a number of exotic fish and other marine life species on their underwater dive giving you the best scuba diving experience in Andaman.

10. What is the boat ticket from Port Blair to Cinque Island?

The ferry prices vary from season to season, however, if you are traveling through a tour agency, they usually include the cost of the ferry travel.

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