Mount Harriet National Park Overview

One of the most prominent tourist places in Andaman, Mount Harriet National Park is a place which will leave you speechless with its natural beauty. There is an awesome collection of places here that are sure to offer you some fantastic memories of Andaman holiday. Located at the second highest peak of Andaman which is the Ferargunj Tehsil, it is a great spot to catch the sunrise and bask in the glorious views of Andaman Sea.

A nice getaway if you seek relaxation away from all the noise and chaos, Mount Harriet National Park should not be missed when you are there. The natural beauty will leave you in surprise as you watch birds chirping and the soft wind blowing against your face. November to May is the most ideal time to pay a visit here when you are planning a holiday to Andaman. The park has watch towers, children's park, deer park, guest house and tourist sheds offering you everything for your recreational holiday. There are also long nature trails where you can savour an adrenaline rush by indulging in trekking.

The astonishing feature of visiting Mount Harriet National Park is to capture the breathtaking sunrise over the panoramic blue ocean waters. The place is famous for its rainforests and all the nature lovers are in for a treat when they visit here.

It offers many enthralling activities like trekking, hopping on nature trails between the Guest house complex and kala pathar viewpoint. Other famous trekking route in Mount Harriet National Park is
from Madhuban Beach- one till Mannarghat (10 km long) and the other till Guest house (15km long)

Distance from Port Blair:
It is at a distance of 48 km from Port Blair Bus Stand.

7 AM to 5 PM

Entry Fee:
INR 25 for Indian Adult, INR 10 for Child

The pride of Port Blair, Mount Harriet National Park is a gathering of several mountains adorned with wilderness and greenery that attracts a lot of flora and fauna to this little paradise. The park has been carved out of a nearby forest area to make it more accessible for tourists to enjoy the splendid beauty of nature. The highest peak in the Andaman group of Islands, Mount Harriet is enveloped with dense evergreen and semi-evergreen forest making for jaw-dropping landscapes. Mount Harriet takes pride in being featured on every Indian currency of 20 rupees.

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The peak offers an enviable view of the picturesque surrounding embellished with the gifts of nature. A bird’s eye view offers magnificent sights of the gorgeous Islands dotted all over the ocean in myriad shades of blue and green. Places like the North Bay, Ross Island, Jolly Island and Neil Island look absolutely stunning from the top. On prior booking, Andaman Teal house generally arranges conducted trek on Mount Harriet which is an experience worth a lifetime. One may encounter birds, animals and butterflies of different species while scaling the mountain top as this area is known for its wide variety of animals. The mountain top also has a garden with swings and rides to keep the little visitors engaged.

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How to reach Mount Harriet National Park

From Port Blair

Mount Harriet can be approached from Port Blair both by road and then by water. The 55 odd km can be traversed through road in an hour and 20 minutes via Ferrargunj and the remaining 15km in a ferry from the Chatham jetty. The Sea route is from Marine jetty to Hope Town and then by road to Mount Harriet.

From Havelock Island

The journey from Havelock Island to Mount Harriet national park normally takes a little less than 5 hours by travelling through both road and by water, the majority being by the sea.

1. Places to visit near Mount Harriet National Park

Madhuban Beach- out of the several options to explore and visit near Mount Harriet National park the first is to Madhuban beach which is a 10km long beach with flawless scenic beauty. Once an elephant training camp of the forest department is now a beautiful tourist spot which can be accessed by boat from Port Blair or in a Dinghy.

Lighthouse – A looming structure with a swirl of red and white visible from a distance is the lighthouse on North Bay Island which offers a striking view of the surrounding islands of Andaman and Nicobar.

Havelock Island – One of the most popular tourist destinations in Andaman, with silver sand and azure blue water, the Island is barely inhabited and focuses majorly on tourism.

Fisheries Museum – One can witness several exotic marine creatures including the skeleton of a sperm whale.

Rajiv Gandhi water activities centre – One of the best attractions on North Bay beach is house to a water theme park with several exciting adventure sports including Kayaking, water ski and rides. Teal Bhawan and the Zoological Survey of India for scientifically valuable marine wildlife exhibits are also worth a visit.

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2. Things/ Activities to do in Mount Harriet National Park

Trekking - One can visit Madhuban from Mount Harriet by trekking through meandering paths of the jungle treading 16 Kms. A nature trail from Hope Town to the park of approximately 4 km can also be explored.

Picnic – Locals usually spend a day with friends and family having a good time at the exotic environs of the spot.

Photography – A favourite activity for professionals and amateur indulging in taking shots of the breathtaking landscape.

Bird watching – The mountain area is blessed with an abundant reservoir of exotic birds and animals which can be captured to create lifelong memories.

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3. Places to eat in and near Mount Harriet National Park

After a hectic trekking and an adventurous day at the national park, it is obvious to get hunger pangs. There are a couple of options to eat nearby the National park, like Amaya, Icy Spicy, Lighthouse restaurant and Annapurna eatery which dishes out decent Indian and multi-cuisine dishes. Food cooked at these eateries is generally fresh and pocket-friendly.

4. Places to stay near Mount Harriet National Park

There is no accommodation available in close proximity to Mount Harriet national park, the closest places to find decent stay options are Hope Town, Port Blair, North Bay Island and Marine Hill. Hotels and Resorts of every budget are available in these areas.

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5. Medical Facilities in Mount Harriet National Park

There are a few medical facilities closeby to the national park like a Government hospital in Bamboo flat, Marm Ayurveda Hospital and a few dispensaries in and around Chatham. It is advisable to visit the GBP Government Hospital at Port Blair if time permits.

6. Best time to visit Mount Harriet National Park

The weather is Andaman is typically hot and humid given the sea surrounding the Islands, but the national park is cooler than other areas. Summers tend to be a little hot but travellers who love outdoor and can brave the heat can explore the National park with ease. Monsoons are not the best time to visit the area as it gets difficult to explore the area to its maximum potential.

The number of leeches and other creepy crawly creatures too increases making trekking and other outdoor activities difficult.The best season to visit Mount Harriet and Andaman, in general, is during the winters, from November to May.

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7. Mobile Connectivity in Mount Harriet National Park

Most of the places in the Andaman group of Islands have sluggish mobile connectivity. BSNL is the only mobile network which has decent connectivity.

8. Travellers' Tip before visiting Mount Harriet National Park

A trip to Mount Harriet is a different experience than the rest of the Island as it involves trekking and nature trail. Thus one needs to wear comfortable shoes for walking and trekking, pack food for quick bites, carry sunblock and glasses as it might be sunny during the day and carry water bottles to beat the heat. Beware of leeches while trekking, so wear fully covered clothes and carry a packet of salt and antiseptic along.

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9. Entry Fee and Photography allowance in Mount Harriet National Park

Adult: Rs25/- 

Children: 10/-

Foreigners: 250/- 

Camera: 25/- 

Vehicles: 10/-

10. Visiting Time & Duration for Mount Harriet National Park

Harriet National park can be accessed from sunrise to sunset and visitors normally spend 2-6 hours in the area depending on the kind of activity that one wants to indulge in.

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