Viper Island Overview

A major island in Andaman, Viper Island got its name from the vessel H.M.S. Viper which was met with an accident and the ruins of the vessel were found near the island. Before the Cellular Jail was built, the jail at Viper Island was the place where the British inflicted the dark form of torture to those freedom fighters of India.

The tranquilizing island is a favourite tourist destination in Andaman and Nicobar now. The aching beauty of nature along with the historically significant attractions has made the island a throbbing tourist attraction. There is also another saying that the island got its name from the presence of numerous Viper and similar snakes on the island.

Highlights: Anyone who loves to visit the island would make it mandatory to take a tour of the old jail. A boat journey to the island will enable one to see the ports and Navy ships of Port Blair. Also, the exotic sights of seven points from the harbor are overwhelming.

Activities: Boating is the favourite activity done by the tourists coming to Viper Island and strolling along the long beaches would satiate your passion for spending time at a relaxed pace.

Distance from Port Blair: Viper Island lies 4 kms west of Port Blair and ferries are always available from city of Port Blair to reach the island.

Viper Island, is an extremely tranquil Island in Andaman and Nicobar. It has featured in the pages of Indian history many a time due to the Jail in the Island built by the British a few hundred years ago. This Island is frequented regularly by Indian and International tourist due to the striking amalgamation of history and nature. "Explore the historical charm of Viper Island with our Andaman and Nicobar trip package, immersing yourself in the intriguing past of these captivating islands."

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The ruins of the jail, gallows and the cells narrate several incidents of an era bygone, sordid tales of a torturous rule that the country had to undergo. One can get a bird’s eye view of the neighboring islands, the seven-point harbor and the mighty ocean in its splendid shades.

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Apart from the historical jail, visitors can also have a scenic view of the harbor and several boats crossing each other at regular intervals. Many Andaman beaches in close proximity make it an ideal place to spend an hour at Viper Island.

How to reach Viper Island

Viper Island can be approached from city Port Blair both by road and sea. It will take approximately 45 minutes to reach Viper Island by road which also includes crossing the stretch of sea. One can start from the Phoenix Bay jetty which takes around 20 minutes to reach. The Harbor Cruise which plies to and fro from the jetty can help explore the different points of the harbor along with a trip to Viper Island.

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From Havelock Island

Havelock Island to Viper Island is quite a distance and takes more than 4 hours to reach majorly by sea and by road.

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Best time to visit Viper Island

Viper Island is open for tourism throughout the year. The temperature soars during the summer months of May and June making the Island and beach hot and humid. On the other hand, monsoons are also difficult months to explore the Island and the ruins. The best time to visit Viper Island is from November to May for the wanderer to scout, delve and relax in the different locals within the Island

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Places to visit in and near Viper Island

Viper Island has a Jail built by the Britishers a few hundred years ago to punish hardcore criminals and Indian freedom fighters. Partial remains of the Jail, gallows and cells still remain to remind the present generation of the bitter lives that the Indian freedom fighters went through for an independent India. Be privy to a light and sound show conducted every evening on the shores of Viper Island showcasing many incidents from the pre-independent era to the struggle of the freedom fighters. The show is organised every day except for Wednesdays.

On the way to the Island, one may witness the beauty of the 7 point harbour with boats and ships wayfaring in the mighty ocean creating ripples of joy. A hint of the cellular jail too can be seen during the journey towards Viper Island.

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Things/activities to do in Viper Island

A walk till the ruins of the jail built by the Britishers which is of historical relevance might enthuse visitors keen to know more about Indian history. A walk in and around the Island may help you explore views and landscapes of neighbouring Islands, the harbour and the vast ocean adding a mystic beauty about the place.

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Places to stay in Viper Island

Viper Island doesn’t have any options for accommodation, though there are abundant places in Port Blair offering Hotels and resorts of every possible category suiting every pocket.

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1.   What is the travelling mode on the island?

Viper Island can be easily explored by your happy feet, as the Island is relatively small and places of interest are not too many.

2.   What is the condition of mobile connectivity?

Like other places in Andaman, one might not be too happy with the mobile connectivity barring occasional mobile network in BSNL phones.

3.   What are the places to eat on the Island?

The Island doesn’t have any eateries or restaurants for the tourists. Travellers either pack quick bites in their backpack or return back to Port Blair for a hearty meal. Few restaurants and eating joints like the New India Café, Adi Bengali Hotel and Lighthouse residency scattered in and around Port Blair dish out fancy Bengali, North Indian and even multi-cuisine delicacies.

4. What is the condition of medical facilities on the Island?

Viper’s Island doesn’t have any medical facilities one has to visit the GBP Government Hospital at Port Blair for medical exigencies for a thorough treatment.

5. How much time duration I need to visit the whole of Viper Island?

Viper Island is a relatively small Island with fewer things of interest. Thus it would take a little less than an hour to explore the ruins of the jail and gallows reminiscing its gory past. For visitors who are hooked on to history would want to spend some more time delving deeper into the past.

6. How far is Viper Island from Port Blair?

Viper Island is a mere 20km from Port Blair and it generally takes 20 minutes to reach the serene Island by sea from the Phoenix Bay jetty.

7. Is there any emergency help service in the Island in case of an emergency?

Unfortunately there are no emergency services within the Island, however, the coastal services are always alert on any mishaps or emergencies occurring in any of the Islands in Andaman.

8. Any travel tip before visiting Viper Island?

It is recommended to be in groups during high tourist season.

Depart from the Island before the sun sets for your respective destination.Stay away from bushes and ruins for the scare of creepy crawly creatures.

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