Aamkunj Beach Overview

Rangat is the parent location of Aamkunj beach, yet another eco-friendly tourist destination in Andaman. As it is the nesting ground for the sea turtles, you will be interested to spend ample time at this beach to observe the sea turtles. The beach was turned to an eco-park to protect the marine species and the environment here and a natural fresh water source is available which is behind the reason for the concept of park’s establishment. 

This park is made up of wood completely and those wood logs were taken from the beach itself. Thus, this a famous tourist destination now. Hundreds of visitors arrive here to see the structures in the park and spend ample time on the beach. The grey sands on the beach and the exact replica of the beach is seen on the water as well but both these sights make the atmosphere so scenic and pleasant.

Highlights: The park itself is the highlight of Aamkunj and the easy access from Rangat makes the beach favourite to many locals and tourists equally. But the submerged boulders in the water would appear as a hindrance to snorkeling and scuba diving here. Check out the sites where you can do scuba diving in Andaman.

Activities: Aamkunj is declared as the ideal location for swimming, relax walks, sun bathing etc. People from nearby villages as well come to Aamkunj to have fun throughout the day. People spend time at the green park and watch the sea turtles’ nesting processes.

Distance from Port Blair: Though it is located about 8 kms away from Rangat, it is lying at a distance of 163 kms from Port Blair.

Located at a distance of around 8 km away from Rangat, Middle Andaman Islands, Aamkunj Beach is India’s reckoned eco-tourist destination. Andaman Trunk Road is the nearest main road lying from this beach lying at a distance of around 100 mts. Although known as one of the picturesque destinations to visit in Andaman for photographers, jumping into the blue waters here sounds more engaging to the strollers. If you gaze at a distance all along the vastly spread shore, you can see a wide stretch covered by grey pebbles as if they are here to demarcate land and sea. Barefoot walking over long distances can help you out in finding some secluded place for your natural rejuvenation.

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Locals find this beach as a pleasing weekend retreat for their relaxation. Roam around, and you will be amazed to see eco-friendly huts everywhere. These huts are carved out from natural materials embracing the eco-friendly attire of beach.

If you are a Andaman and Nicobar Trip Package, then Aamkunj Beach is an ideal spot for those looking for swimming, relaxation and sunbathing.

How to reach Aamkunj Beach:

From Port Blair:

If Port Blair is your starting point, reaching Aamkunj Beach will be a 4 h and 45 min long journey for you. The distance between your starting and final destinations is around 169.4 km if you plan to go via NH4 route. There are morning buses running in between Port Blair and Rangat. While you travel by bus, you will come across two other famous tourist destinations namely Jarawa reserves and Andaman Great Trunk Road.

Alternatively, you can take a sea route from Port Blair. In a week, boats between Port Blair and Rangat are functional for 4 to 5 days. If you plan to go via boat, you will reach your final destination within 4 to 5 hours.

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From Havelock Island:

If Havelock Island is your starting point, you will have a long distance to cover to make it to your final destination. You can either drive your way through NH4 or Great Andaman Trunk Road. It will be a 7 h and 51 min long journey to cover a distance of around 237.8 km. There may be ferries available from Havelock Island harbor itself to take you to Rangat. Once you land in Rangat, next, you will book a cab to reach Aamkunj Beach.

Best time to visit Aamkunj Beach

Winter (October to March): The temperatures of Andaman and Nicobar Islands range from moderately cold to pleasant throughout the daytime. It usually falls in the range of 20 to 30 degree Celsius.

Summer (April to July): Throughout the period from April to July, Andaman and Nicobar Islands witnesses a temperature in the range of around 24 to 37 degrees Celsius. If you neglect the afternoon heat, mornings and evenings are good for sightseeing here.

Monsoons (July to September): Although monsoons usually bring in moderate showers, the peak season witnesses a heavy flush. This limits the water activities to enjoy at Aamkunj Beach. Sometimes, the heavy rainfall might elevate the sea level making it unfavorable even to stroll all along the shoreline.

On average, winters are the best season to plan on your Aamkunj itinerary. Locals can opt to reach here as a weekend getaway to beat the city’s summer heat. As the water level is gentle in summers, it makes a perfect time to take a dip in the deep blue sea.

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Essential Info:

Places to visit near Aamkunj Beach:

For those who are planning on more than two days itinerary to Aamkunj Beach, there are a lot of places nearby to catch immediate hold of your eyes. Although it might ask you to travel a bit to get to these places, reaching these locations is in itself a stress reliever. You have Chidiya Tapu, North Bay Island, Cellular Jail, Diglipur, Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park, Samudrika Marine Museum, Mud Volcanoes, Cinque Island, Ross and Smith Island, Corbyn’s Cove Beach, Forest Museum, Jolly Buoy Island, Wandoor Beach, Viper Island, and Campbell Bay.

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Activities to do in Aamkunj Beach:

Aamkunj Beach is labeled as a rejuvenating place to swim, relax, stroll or enjoy a sunbath. However, if you are looking for some other water activities such as scuba diving or snorkeling, this beach won’t entertain you. People from the villages nearby come here to seek a relaxing weekend to drive away all their city life hustles. It may interest you to know that one of the most beautiful species of turtles called Olive Ridley Turtles are common inhabitants of this beach. In fact, it is quite relieving to watch their hatchling process here.

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Places to eat in and near Aamkunj Beach:

Traveling for a long time might make you feel hungry. So to avoid wandering in search of good quality and hygienic food, there are many eateries in and around Aamkunj Beach. While it may not be feasible to list all of them here, some of the best ones are inclusive of Hotel Ross and Smith Restaurant, Gharami Restaurant, Hotel Priya International and Aroma Restaurant. Dining at one of these restaurants is undoubtedly going to familiarize you with the real taste of food cooked in Andaman water and spices. Other than hotels, you may find ample of small and big eateries all around.

Places to stay near Aamkunj Beach:

For your overnight stay or a long duration accommodation, you need to come back towards Rangat. Hotel Ross and Smith, Avis Hotel, and Hotel Priya International are best of all others for hospitality and other services. Every single hotel here shall provide you with a good and healthy complimentary breakfast to begin your day with. Besides, every room is well-furnished, and the hospitality staff here ensures that rooms are equipped with all essential amenities and toiletries. In addition to this, you have a free parking service and free Wi-Fi connectivity to keep you in touch with your social touch. Immediate medical assistance is provided during emergency situations. 

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Medical Facilities in Aamkunj Beach:

As far as medical facilities are concerned, you may find some at the main shoreline. To avail this service under emergency situations, you need to contact the beach governing authorities. If the condition is severe and requires immediate hospitalization, the authorities under medical supervision shall assist you in shifting the concerned person to a nearby medical care center or hospital. For instant medical conditions, you may contact the beach authorities for first aid help or medical supervision.

Timing to visit Aamkunj Beach:

There are no specific in and out timings here at this Aamkunj Beach. However, if you are planning either for swimming or sunbathing, then you need to adjust your schedule accordingly so that you reach here max to max by afternoon. Usually, locals prefer to reach Aamkunj Beach early in the morning to witness the rising sun and have a pleasant sunbathing experience. It is better to leave off early from here, as you have to find a mode to reach back to your stay place at Rangat.

Mobile Connectivity in Aamkunj Beach:

Here at Aamkunj Beach, you do not need to worry about mobile connectivity. As far as Rangat is concerned, the whole of it offers an excellent connectivity range for almost all major network service providers. You can easily use your data too and with high-speed connectivity. Aamkunj Beach has specific locations where there are network towers of leading global service providers so that their customers remain in contact with their circle while they still enjoy their personal space.

Travelers' Tip before visiting Aamkunj Beach:

Do not forget to take care of all your important and valuable belongings such as identity cards, jewelry, electronic stuff, and so on.

Make sure you carry at least one pair of clothes and a towel to wipe yourself after taking a dip into the Aamkunj Beach waters.

Coat yourself with sunscreen before you stroll on the beach and carry your glasses and scarf to wrap around so that you could resist the harmful ultraviolet radiation from the sun.

Do not swim after sunsets and try to reach back to your place in the daytime.

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