Bharatpur Beach Overview

The best beach in Neil Island is Bharatpur which looks exactly as a painting exhibiting beauty at the higher level. Among all the favourite beaches in Neil Island, Bharathpur has a separate space. The extensive Bay of Bengal is beautifully lulled by the vast greenery and long stretches of white sand on the shore and tourists from all over the world love Bharathpur because of its backdrop unimaginably designed by the creator.

The lagoon with shallow and clear water is an ideal space for family to have fun and enjoy the level best. The 500 km long beach has a lot of options for the kids to play and simply laugh.

Highlights: Early morning visit to the beach will make you revel in the magnificent sunrise views when the beach gets showered in multi hues from the sun and the sight is amazingly vibrant. There is no other better option to start your day with unlimited positivity.

Activities: This is one of the best spots to do snorkeling and scuba diving with the proper guides available throughout the island. You are getting the perfect opportunity to delve into the sacred world of marine animals and plants which are colourful in their own terms. Also, glass bottom ride is yet another favourite activity done by the visitors of Bharathpur beach.

As the clear water always unwinds the extended coral reefs in different colours, people love to do swimming as well to have a face to face conversation with these rare species in underwater.

Distance from Port Blair: Bharathpur beach is located in Neil Island about 40 kms from Port Blair. From the boat jetty at Neil Island, it is really easy to reach the beach by boat.

Bharatpur Beach, popularly known as the Coral Kingdom of Andaman, is a gorgeous white sand beach, fringed with palm trees with turquoise crystal clear waters. A popular spot in Andaman among beach lovers, Bharatpur Beach is ranked as one of the finest beaches on Neil Island.

This beach is a low tide beach with a serene atmosphere, perfect for swimming and sunbathing, which makes it a perfect holiday spot for everyone and attracts tourists from all parts of the world throughout the year. Take in all the beauty that surrounds you and make lifelong memories while relaxing on the beach after swimming and diving in the shallow waters of the sea - make this beach your sweet escape!

Discover the serene beauty of Bharatpur Beach in Andaman, an essential stop in you Andaman holiday packages. With its soft white sands and thriving marine ecosystem, it's an ideal retreat for unwinding and enjoying water adventures.

Bharatpur Beach is renowned for its exotic coral reef and vibrant aquatic life. To explore the underwater world, you should indulge in the must try activities of Andaman like glass bottom boat rides, snorkelling and scuba diving which will add more fun and excitement to your time on this beach. Numerous shops and cafes are lined up along the beach where you can enjoy strolling and shopping and take a souvenir back home! Also, treat yourself with various delicacies by trying the authentic seafood served here which is truly lip-smacking. And if you want to add more magic to the experience, do not miss out on catching sunrises and sunsets as this beach promises you with an opportunity to witness ultimately colourful and breathtaking sights that you will cherish for the rest of your life.

How to reach Bharatpur Beach:

From Port Blair:

Bharatpur Beach is located on Neil Island and the distance between Port Blair to Neil Island is around 40 km. There are government operated ferries as well as private ferries that operate between Neil Island and Port Blair. The ferry takes approximately 2 hours to reach Neil Island from Port Blair. After reaching Neil Island jetty you can hire an auto or rent a bicycle to reach Bharatpur Island.

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It is recommended that you book your Andaman tour in advance for a hassle-free experience. Book your tickets online if you are considering a private ferry or get your tickets from the counter for the government ferry two days in advance from the journey.

From Havelock Island:

It takes 1 hour to reach Neil Island from Havelock Island. Private ferry and government ferry operate between both the islands daily. After reaching Neil Island one can hire an auto-rickshaw or rent a bike or bicycle or even explore and reach Bharatpur Beach on foot, as it is a short walk. It is advised to book jetty tickets in advance.

 Also, explore the Havelock Island while visiting Andaman

Best time to visit Bharatpur Beach:

Bharatpur Beach features tropical weather all year round. During summers the temperature goes as high as 34 degree Celsius. The days are warm and humid but the temperature comes down in the evening owing to the cool breeze which makes it pleasant. During monsoon season Bharatpur Island experiences moderate rainfall. Due to rainfalls, water sports cannot be enjoyed in this season. Monsoon adds beauty to the surroundings and there is lush greenery all around. In winter season the temperature varies from 14 degree Celsius to 34 degree Celsius. It is the perfect season in which you can enjoy indulging in water sports and explore the beach.

Though tourists visit Bharatpur Beach year round, the best time to visit Bharatpur Beach is in the winter season that is from October to February as the weather is pleasant and calm. One can indulge in all the tourist activities comfortably in this season owing to favourable temperatures.

Note: You must confirm the weather and temperature of Andaman before planning a trip.

1. Places to visit near Bharatpur Beach: 

Bharatpur Island is blessed with the best of nature. But there are places around it which should definitely be visited to enhance your holiday fun on Neil Island. Here is a list of places you cannot afford to miss: 

Laxmanpur Beach: Laxmanpur is another gem of a beach on Neil Island with exceptional views and tranquil atmosphere. Enjoy indulging in sports activities here.

Howrah Bridge: Howrah Bridge is an outstanding natural formation of the rocks in shape of a bridge. Here you can spot many vivid coral rock formations and indulge in landscape photography. 

Sitapur Beach: This picturesque beach with white sands and tropical vegetation is quiet and mesmerizing. Limestone formations, verdant greenery and stunning landscapes will leave you in awe. 

Ram Nagar Beach: Ram Nagar Beach is well-known as one of the most stunning beaches in the world. The beach is blessed with lush green foliage and views that will sweep you off your feet.

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2. Things to do in Bharatpur Beach: 

Bharatpur Beach offers you an exciting chance to explore marine life and also treat yourself with thrilling activities. These are the things and activities you can do on Bharatpur Beach:

Glass Bottomed Boat: Amaze yourself by taking this unique glass-bottomed boat ride where you get an opportunity to explore the striking coral reefs and colourful fish through the glass bottom of the boat.

Snorkelling: Snorkeling in the pristine waters of this beach is a must-do activity. Here you get to witness one of the most stunning coral reefs and exotic aquatic creatures.

Scuba Diving: Get ready to dive underwater and peek at the wide array of fishes and other marine life. The temperature of the water and clear visibility attract many tourists for sea exploration.

Jet Skiing: Keep the adrenaline rush high by indulging in the jet ski ride amidst the beautiful surroundings of Bharatpur Beach.

3. Places to eat in and near Bharatpur Beach:

There are numerous upscale restaurants and fancy cafes which offer delicious food and variety of cuisines which will leave your mouth watering. Here is a list of restaurants you must try:

Dugong: Dugong is known for its fine ambience and top-notch food. Whether you want to try seafood, Asian or Continental dishes - the professional chefs here prepare everything for everyone. 

Garden View Restaurant: As the name suggests this restaurant faces a striking garden and has multiple bamboo huts where you can dine. Enjoy your appetizing meal amidst the lush green foliage and feel closer to nature.

Blue Sea: Blue Sea is a restaurant with the view of the never-ending blue sea. Help yourself with yummy food and enjoy the authentic taste of the food.

Gayatri Restaurant: Gayatri Restaurant treats you with delicious home cooked a meal and one can savour the beach view while having the food.

4. Places to stay near Bharatpur Beach:

There are multiple options to stay near Bharatpur Beach for everyone from luxurious resorts to comfortable yet budget-friendly hotels.

Sea Shell Samsara: Sea Shells offers luxurious rooms with every amenity that one can need. With its own swimming pool and fitness centre, this resort is exceptionally hygienic and classy.

Coconuts Beach Resort: If you want some privacy than Coco Huts Beach Resort won’t disappoint you. It is located on a private beach area and also has its own bar.

Summer Sand Beach Resort: This resort is known for its warm hospitality. With an outdoor pool and spa facilities, this is one of the best resorts on Neil Island.

You can simply find the best resorts in Andaman. Also, there are various places to stay in Neil Island with family.

5. Medical Facilities in Bharatpur Beach:

Neil Island only has a primary health centre. All the basic facilities are available here but in case there is some emergency one has to reach Port Blair for proper medical checkup.

6. Timing to visit Bharatpur Beach:

Bharatpur Beach is open 24 hours though the best time to visit this beach is from 5:00 AM to 6:00 PM. During the early morning it is recommended to watch the sunrise and enjoy seclusion and in the evening watch the sun go down. During day time one can indulge in adventures sports and bask under the sun.

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7. Mobile Connectivity in Bharatpur Beach:

Only BSNL works in Bharatpur Island. You can also get some signal on Airtel but it is highly unlikely that you will be able to connect or receive any call on Airtel. Other operators do not work here.

8. Travellers Tips before visiting Bharatpur Beach:

1. Take care while going for a swimming and other water sports.

2. Do not forget to keep sunscreen and sunglasses handy.

3. Carry enough cash as relying on ATMs can be risky.

4. Do not litter.

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