Anthropological Museum Overview

Andaman Island’s tribes and their life stories are thoroughly displayed in the vast anthropological museum in Andaman. The museum exhibits the knowledge of four different and major tribes of Andaman named Jarawas, Sentinelese, Great Andamanese, and Onges and it is one of the popular places to visit in Port Blair. This museum was established with the aim of showcasing the cultural importance of the major tribes lived and continued to live here in Andaman.

Highlights: Jarawa chest guards that have geometrical figures embalmed on them are one of the most attractive items in the museum. It depicts the lifestyle of the simple Jarawa tribes. The gothic lifestyle followed by the Sentenelese tribes is portrayed by keeping a skull recovered from the place they lived.

Another important item is the different types of boats with different sizes that explain the life of coastal people and natives. 

Activities: Handicraft items made of coconut or palm leaves showcase the artistic culture prevailed among the tribal groups in the forests. Some clothing materials and apparels preserved in the museum tell us that there was no gender bias among the tribal people as both men and women were using the same type of dresses. The huge library inside the museum throws light upon the unknown facts and knowledge of tribes, the old natives and their life styles, the cultural transitions and livelihood followed by almost all the people on the island.

A collection of weapons and armors used in the ancient time depicts how important and fearful the maritime attacks and insurgence happened during the time and the way the tribes prepared to face them.

Timing: The museum is opened on all days from Tuesday to Sunday from 09:00 am to 01:00 pm and from 01:30 pm to 04:30 pm.

Entry fee: Entry fee is INR 10 and for camera the fee is INR 20.

Distance from Port Blair: It is located at Pheonix Bay, which would need a drive of 7 kms or for 8 minutes from Port Blair.

Reckoned as one of the best well-maintained museums, Anthropological Museum of Port Blair is one of the must visit destinations in Andaman & Nicobar for those who want to get acquainted with the history of local community tribes. Besides being a historical delight, tourists label this place worthy for sightseeing where one can explore the Paleolithic Islander’s Life. Jarawa Chest Guard and shamanic sculptures are significant exhibits of this place. Other minor displays are inclusive of handicrafts, arts and crafts, tools, photographs, implements, and clothing.

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Whatever displays you find here at Anthropological Museum, dates back to the era when the six major local tribes were prominently present here. After completing your tour through these exhibits, do make it a point to turn your eyes around the clay displays. This Anthropological Museum homes to some of the astounding clay displays for describing the houses, ornaments, utensils, and equipment used by these communities.

How to reach the Anthropological Museum

From Port Blair

From the capital port blair, Anthropological Museum stands at a distance of around 7.3 km which will ideally consume 13 to 15 min. The only convenient mode to reach the Anthropological Museum is to travel via road. If you drive your way through RGT Road, your entire journey shall cover a distance of around 7 km. It will hardly take about 15 min to reach your final destination. Alternatively, you can drive first via the VIP Road and later via RGP Road.

This alternative route has a distance of around 8 km in between your start and end points. Roughly, it will consume approximately 17 min. As this Zonal Anthropological Museum is located at MG Road of Port Blair, you can either hire an auto rickshaw or ride an intra-city bus to reach your final destination.

From Havelock Island

If the gorgeous Havelock Island is your starting point, then your journey to Anthropological Museum shall take around 2 hours and 58 minutes. Now, the distance between your starting and ending points is approximately 63.5 km, and you will need to drive your way through SH4 route. Make a note of an essential point that Havelock Island opens sharp at 09:00 am in the morning.

Plan your journey accordingly, so that you reach your final destination within time. It is more convenient to go through a hired cab as the distance is around 3 hours. Travelling via bus might make you dull and lethargic to explore the Museum’s beauty.

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Essential Info

Places to visit near Anthropological Museum

While the museum itself is worthy of exploring and shall engage you into its beautiful ambience throughout the day, there are still quite a lot more you can explore in its vicinity. In all, there are around 19 different attractions to see near Anthropological Museum. To list a few of them are Samudrika Marine Museum, Fishery Museum, Mini Zoo, Andaman Water Sports Complex, Viper Island, Cellular Jail, North Bay Beach, Corbyn’s Cove Beach, Rutland Island, Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park, Jolly Buoy Island, Neil Island.

Activities to do in the Anthropological Museum

While you are here at the Zonal Anthropological Museum, the first thing you will be doing is site seeing itself, The entire museum is carved out exceptionally well and exploring every single nook and corner of this place, takes you back to the ancient era. By visiting the clay display section, you can familiarise yourself with the lifestyle of the ancient prominent tribal communities of this region. Children have a lot to explore at this museum as their syllabus might introduce them with the beauty of the Anthropological Museum at some point or the other.

Once you are done with your entire museum visit, spare some time to visit at least a few of the nearby and worthy tourist attractions. If the authorities allow for shopping, you can even shop on handicrafts or other stuff to embrace the décor of your home with the essence of Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

Alternatively, you can enjoy water activities in Andaman such as snorkelling, scuba diving, pearl hunting, deep sea walking and trekking around this Zonal Anthropological Museum.

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Places to eat in and near Anthropological Museum

Visiting Zonal Anthropological Museum of Port Blair is not something you can easily wind up within an hour or so. It will definitely take ample time to complete your visit here. Hunger is something which no man on this earth can resist. You can either have something before entering the museum or after you are done with your visit. There are many eateries out there near Zonal Museum to satiate your appetite with a luxurious flavour of Port Blair.

To list a few of top-rated ones are The Andaman Kitchen (0.1 km), Lighthouse Residency (0.3 km), Ananda Restaurant (0.4 km), Annapurna (0.5 km), The Love Garden (0.5 km). Visit any of these eateries and have some classy and hygienic food at extremely affordable pricing.

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Places to stay near Anthropological Museum.

There are many cosy and comfortable places to accommodate yourself near the Zonal Anthropological Museum of Port Blair. Nearest ones are Hotel Sentinel (0.3 km), Hotel Blue Marlin (0.4 km), J Hotel (0.7 km), Sinclairs Bay view Port Blair (0.7 km), Fortune Resort Bay Island (0.9 km), Hotel de Marina (0.9 km), Hotel Hari International (1.1 km), GKM Grand Hotel (1.7 km), Keys Select Hotel Aqua Green (2.1 km). A night stay at these hotels might cost you around 4000 INR on the lower side and may go up to 10000 INR on higher side depending on your preference for a luxurious or an affordable stay.

Every single hotel near Zonal Anthropological Museum is well-furnished and equipped with all the modern amenities and toiletries. You have 24/7 front desk assistance, room servicing and hot and cold water supply throughout your stay. There are private areas for children; where your children can easily mingle along with their peers.

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Medical Facilities in Anthropological Museum

Immediate medical assistance is provided for every individual tourist or locals visiting here at Zonal Anthropological Museum. First aid kits are available for a quick to treat medical ailments. In case of emergency or SOS situations, the museum has in-house medical fraternity to examine the severity of the conditions and prescribe treatment accordingly. If a person needs immediate hospitalisation, after examination by an in-house medical practitioner, the authorities shall quickly drive him through the nearest medical centre.

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Best time to visit Anthropological Museum

If you are an outstation tourist, it is better to plan on your visit here to Zonal Anthropological Museum during summers. Summers of Port Blair gives you a relaxing retreat from your professional and personal stresses. Andaman Summers are enough to introduce you with their tropical tinge. The moment you feel lethargic, you can head towards a nearby deep blue ocean point to cool yourself off from the city heat.

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Mobile Connectivity in Anthropological Museum

Frankly speaking, people forget to check on their phones once they enter this beautiful place. Exploring every single exhibit here indulges you in its elegance. Yet, throughout the Zonal Anthropological Museum, you will have excellent mobile connectivity. In fact, the whole of Port Blair shall offer you with excellent mobile connectivity for all globally supported mobile networks. However, it is useful if you keep phones in silent modes to make your visit to the museum a worthy one for you and your companions.

Travellers' Tip before visiting the Anthropological Museum

Make sure that you accompany your identity cards with you as you will need those during security checks. Parking facility is provided here; however, you have to park in accordance with the season. Have some healthy food before you start with your Museum visit as your visit will quickly take around 2 to 3 hours.

Do not scribble or scratch on any wall of the museum. It is also advisable not to touch any of the exhibits or even allow your children to do so. Carry water bottles along with you. Lastly, if possible, keep your cell phones in silent mode. Although there is medical assistance available, but do not forget to carry your medicines along with you.

Entry Fee and Photography allowed in Anthropological Museum.

For the entry to Zonal Anthropological Museum, you need to spend a sum of around 10 INR per head for adults. For children, the cost is half, i.e., 5 INR per head.

Take a note of it that photography is strictly prohibited throughout the interior of Zonal Anthropological Museum. In case you carry it along, you still can deposit it at the main counter and get a proper tag to claim your belongings while you come out after your museum visit.

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Visiting Time & Duration for Anthropological Museum

Zonal Anthropological Museum gates are open for the visitors from early morning at 09:00 am and shut down by 04:30 pm. On all Mondays and national holidays of Port Blair, you will find the doors of this Zonal Anthropological Museum to be shut down for visitors.

Typically, if you are quick enough with your visit, it won't take anything more than 2 to 3 hours for you to complete your tour through the entire museum. Tourists visiting here for the first time must be aware of the lunch break which expands from 01:00 pm to 01:30 pm in the afternoon.

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