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  • There are so many places to visit in Andaman that you may not understand where to start from. Each place has its own glory and keeps visitors charmed by its splendid natural beauty. Out of a total of about 572 islands, only 36 are inhabited. Of these, only 9 islands in the Andaman Islands are open for tourists. The pristine beaches, gorgeous corals, fascinating marine life, adventurous water sports are the major attractions of the island that manage to pull visitors from all across the globe every year. Moreover, the remains of Stone Age culture draw multitudes of tourists and explorers to these islands that are covered with lush forests and endless varieties of exotic flora and fauna. 

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    Andaman is blessed to have incredible corals and marine life, crystal clear water and mangrove-lined creeks which certainly lure travelers to these picturesque islands. Havelock Island is one of the largest and most popular isles in the Andaman and Nicobar group and is one of the most developed islands when it comes to tourism. The pristine natural beauty and serene atmosphere here makes it a great relaxing spot.

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    Ross Island is an island where one can spot traces of a prosperous past in the rubbles of the church, swimming pool and the chief commissioner's home with its extensive gardens and magnificent ballrooms. There are a lot of historical contexts associated with the island, and hence, the place is a significant attraction for history buffs. The Farzand Ali Store is specifically a famous spot on the island and is maintained as a museum that showcases pictures that have a lot to do with the British era and their activities in the past. 

    The tranquil stretch of Neil Island, on the other hand, features three sand beaches that glisten with golden sand and shimmering waters; the site is heavenly. The sea seems like a kaleidoscopic mosaic of light blue, dark blue and green that makes you want to dip your feet right into the water immediately.  Further, if you wish to take a break from soaking the sun on beaches, you can choose to visit Wandur National Park that is home to some of the rarest and best coral habitats in the world. Some of the other famous islands to visit are Jolly buoy Islands, Redskin Island, Grub Island, Rangat Island, and Long Island.

  • Must Visit Places in Andaman

  • 01Havelock Island

    Havelock Island which is one of the most sought-after Andaman tourist places that fills the gap of beauty by all means. A great, spacious island in the whole Andaman, Havelock houses multiple beaches that are open to the public around the year and the millions of accommodation options make it more tourist friendly. You can do various activities like scuba diving, snorkelling, sea walking at Havelock Island.

    Location: It is located about 41 km northeast of Port Blair, the capital city of Andaman and Nicobar.

    Highlights: What makes Havelock precious is the clean and neat beaches which are filled with tourists always. The significant among them are Radhanagar Beach and Elephant Beach. Kalapathar is also a known beach in Havelock.

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  • 02Baratang Island

    Baratang Island
    Image Credit : Ankur P - Flickr

    Baratang Island is one of the best islands in Andaman. It has a place with the North and Middle Andaman regulatory area, some portion of the Indian union domain of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. This island amongst South and Middle Andaman has lovely shorelines, mangrove brooks, mud-volcanoes and limestone caves. It is one of the popular Andaman tourist places that are famous for various adventurous activities.

    It is also said that people have encounter attacks by the local Jarawa Tribes and so were not permitted to visit that part. The Jarawa Tribe Reserve, today remains as a hold for the Jarawa Tribes individuals. Endeavors were made by the Government to help the local tribes and to pick up trust.

    Highlights: The Baratang island trip presents the tropical side of the dense forest, tribes, mangroves, dongi rides, shorelines, bird watching, and trekking.

    Location: The Baratang Island is 101.4km from Port Blair.

    Andaman and Nicobar are one of the most perfect choices for an enjoyable laid-back holiday. Check out places to visit in Andaman.

    Adventure at Baratang Island with Limestone Caves

    Adventure at Baratang Island with Limestone Caves

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  • 04Radhanagar Beach

    Radhanagar Beach

    If you are planning to visit the Andaman Islands then this is one place which is a must visit for you. Radhanagar is without a doubt one of the most famous beaches here.  Among the famous places, this is among the best places to visit in Andaman. This beach is crowned as one of the 7th best beaches in the world.

    This exotic beach is around 7 km away from the famous Vijaynagar beach and Dolphin Yatri Niwas. Watch the glorious sunset on this beach as you walk unshod with your friends.

    Activities: Radhanagar beach is famous for swimming. The crystal clear water makes it perfect for the beach lovers to swim and enjoy the sunset. However, you should be a bit careful with the waters as crocodile attack has been reported a couple of times.

    Location: The Radhanagar beach is 72.3 km from Port Blair.

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    Radhanagar and Kalapathar Beach Tour

    Radhanagar and Kalapathar Beach Tour

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    h5 HourslRadhanagar Beach

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  • 05Jolly Buoy Island

    Jolly Buoy Island

    For the beach lovers, Andaman turns out to be the most opted destination by all. And if you are one of them then Jolly Buoy Island is another place which is a must visit for you. Known for its crystal clear emerald water and underwater corals, people rush to visit this magnificent island. You can try out various adventure activities in Jolly Buoy Island.

    This is located at the Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park. It is one of the best Andaman Nicobar tourist places to visit.

    Highlights: Jolly Buoy Island is a no plastic zone and before visiting the island you will have to leave all your plastic at Wandoor beach. Surrounding this island there is another island with sea views. It offers some of the best views to the spectators the running sea view between these islands.

    Location: Jolly Buoy Island is located at a distance of 30km from Port Blair.

    Here is a list of adventure activities in Andaman that will allow you to have the best time on your trip.

    Jolly Buoy Island Adventure

    Jolly Buoy Island Adventure

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    lJolly Bouy Island

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  • 06Chidiya Tapu

    Chidiya Tapu

    Known for its serene and unexplored beauty, Chidiya Tapu is among the best places to visit in Andaman. Also, this beach is known as the "Sunset Point" and "Bird Island. This one of a kind beach is located 25 km south of Port Blair.

    If you are planning to watch the amazing sunsets at this beach you should reach there a bit early. The elongated black cliff makes this place more spectacular.

    Highlights: For the photography lovers this will be a double treat for you where you can click some memorable pictures with an outstanding background.

    Location: Chidiya Tapu is 17km from Port Blair.

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    Half Day City Tour with Chidhiyatapu

    Half Day City Tour with Chidhiyatapu

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    h8 HourslPort Blair

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  • 07Cellular Jail

    Cellular Jail

    There is another best Andaman tourist place which is a must visit for you on your trip to Andaman. The structure of the jail was built as a seven wing prison; each wind had a total of around 663 cells. The prison was famous to hold some of the notable persons like Batukeshwar Dutt, Yogendra Shukla, and Vinayak Savarkar. They were imprisoned by the Britishers during the time of Independence.  

    The most peculiar feature about this jail was that it was built in such a way that avoided the prisoners from communicating with each other. Now, the jail is a pilgrimage for all the people around the world and also has been declared as a National Museum.

    Timings: 09:00 PM to 12:00 PM  and 1:00 PM to 4:15 PM

    Entry Fees: The approximate price is Rs. 10/- per person

    Highlights: The very famous Light and Sound show take place both in Hindi and English. It's a must watch the show in the Andaman, and is pretty good.

    Location: Near to G.B. Pant Hospital, Port Blair.

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  • 08Viper Island

    Another place which is one of the beautiful places to visit in Andamans is Viper Island. As the name goes, this island got its name for the number of vipers which are found in this region. The islands are well known for the ruins of a prison that goes before the cell imprison or the Kaala paani.

    The jail was formerly used to incarcerate political prisoners and one can see the ruins of the gallows at this island. It is said that the jail had many political prisoners from India’s struggle to independence. Regardless of this the place still remains a popular attraction among the people for providing some of the best views.

    Location: The Viper Island lies 4 km west of Port Blair.

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  • 09Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park

    This is one of the best places to visit in Andaman is the Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park. Most of you might have already heard about the famous Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park in the Andaman Islands. Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park is a national park of India close Wandoor on the Andaman Islands.

    It has a place with the South Andaman managerial district. The park was made 24 May 1983 under the Wildlife Protection Act of 1972 to ensure marine life. The scene of the park is dabbed with 15 rough islands and is secured with tropical woodland.

    Highlights: Rich marine life comprises of an assortment of coral reefs, vivid fishes, mollusks, shells, starfish, turtles, salt-water crocodile and so on. The park is also home to birds like white-bellied ocean hawk, parakeets, Andaman blue-green, heron, terns, waders and swifts.

    Location: The Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park is located at a distance of 18km from Port Blair.

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  • 10Elephant Beach

    Elephant Beach

    One another beach which is a must visit for you in the Andaman Islands is the Elephant beach. It’s one of the most enticing beaches in the Andamans. The white sandy beach and the clear emerald waters attract travelers from far and wide. If you are looking for that perfect tan then this is definitely the place for you.

    Highlights: Elephant beach is famous for snorkeling and each year there is a lot of visitors comes here to enjoy snorkeling in the exotic waters. Another activity which is famous here is Sea walking. Explore the amazing marine life underwater while staring at the colorful underwater world. You can also enjoy boat rides here.

    Location: Elephant beach is around 70km from Port Blair.

    Snorkeling and Boating at Elephant Beach, Andaman

    Snorkeling and Boating at Elephant Beach, Andaman

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    lHavelock Island

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  • 11Samudrika Marine Museum

    Image Credit :
    If you are visiting the Andaman Island there is another place which you cannot afford to miss. This Samudrika Marine Museum is run by the Indian Navy and was built to create an awareness of the marine life. The museum is divided into 5 sections depicting the story of the Andaman Islands. This place should be included in your Andaman Nicobar tourist places visiting list. 

    This museum is located opposite Andaman Teal House, Delanipur, Port Blair. Get amazed as you learn about the different marine lives and how to protect them.

    Highlights: Another interesting thing about the museum is its vast collection of cells, corals and a few species of colorful fishes of the sea around the islands.

    Location: Samudrika marine Museum is located opposite Andaman Teal House, Delanipur, Port Blair

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  • 12Neil Island

    Image Credit : Francois Decaillet - Flickr

    If you are looking for some places to visit in Andaman then this island is a must visit for you. With its amazing laid-back vibe, Neil Island is another tourist destination which is famous among the tourist all over the world. Located 40 km from Port Blair this beach is known for its unique charm.

    For the peace seekers, this is the perfect place to spend your evening on the seaside while the breeze gently touches your face.  You can best explore the island while riding in your cycle through the whole island.

    Highlights: The Island is also famous for offering a number of activities in Andaman like snorkeling and swimming. But at times due to low tides, there might be difficulty in swimming due to sharp coral rocks. The beach is also known for offering glorious sunsets. If you are lucky enough you might get a chance to spot endangered dugongs by the beach.

    Location: Neil Island is located 40km from Port Blair at Ritchie's Archipelago.

  • 13Mount Harriet and Madhuban

    Another best Andaman tourist place which is a must visit for you while you is the Mount Harriet and Madhuban. The forest slopes of Mount Harriet can without much of a stretch be gone by as a day-trip from Port Blair. The park contains a portion of the most noteworthy crests in the Andaman Group of Islands and is secured with thick evergreen and semi-evergreen woodlands of outstanding normal excellence.

    The whole National stop frames a noteworthy piece of the slope extends in the eastern piece of south Andaman Islands.

    Highlights: One can have a look at various types of birds starting here. From the highest point of the pinnacle, one can get a great perspective of the Port Blair city, the Ross Island and the Havelock Island.

    Location: Mount Harriet and Madhuban are 42.5 km away from Port Blair.
  • 14Ross and Smith Island

    Ross and Smith Island
    There are two twin islands in the Andaman which are together joined to make one single group of island. These are Ross and Smith Islands which are must visit for the travelers around the globe. These lovely islands are in North Andaman, a couple of nautical miles from Diglipur Jetty. What makes these islands genuinely lovely and separates them from whatever remains of the islands is that these two islands are joined by a characteristic, sandbar.

    It's like in the event that you confront both the islands, you see a street kinda thing which is really a sandbar connecting both the islands. Also, accordingly, while strolling one can move from one island to the next. This white, sleek sand bar goes inside the ocean on occasion of high tide and surfaces up again amid high tide.

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    Ross Island and Chidiyatapu Tour

    Ross Island and Chidiyatapu Tour

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  • 15Barren Island

    Andaman is easily one of the most beautiful places in the world and what makes it so is the wide array of magnificent islands it is gifted by nature. One of the most gorgeous islands and the best places to visit in Andaman is Barren Island. Lying at a distance of 138 km from the capital of Andaman, Port Blair, Barren Island, apart from its breathtaking beauty, is famous for South Asia’s only active volcano – Barren Volcano – the island is dominated by.

    The island can be visited by chartered boats after getting necessary permits and can be visited in the day time as night stay is not allowed here. If you want to witness something unique on your trip to Andaman, Barren Island is an exciting place to spend a few hours at.

    Highlights: Active Volcano – Barren Volcano,

    Location: 143 km from Port Blair.

  • 16Kaala Pathar Beach

    Although small this beach is another attraction in Havelock Islands in the Andaman which is a favorite among the tourist. Kala Pathar shoreline is a moderately little yet beautiful shoreline. Gleaming sand and water green waters make the place extraordinary and exquisite. The shoreline lies alongside a town called Kala Pathar and henceforth the name.

    You can spot dead corals on the shoreline which is the reason it is not excessively appropriate for swimming but rather sitting on one of these corals and watching the sun ascend in the morning or simply breathing in the new breeze blowing over the ocean is involvement in itself.

  • 17North Bay Island

    One of the most popular places in Andaman, North Bay Island is a magnet for beach lovers. One of the factors that contribute to its popularity is its proximity from Port Blair. It is also popularly known as Coral Island. The island is a center of attraction for tourists coming to Andaman from different parts of the world because of its vibrant surroundings made of blue waters and lush greenery and colorful fishes that can be seen during snorkeling and scuba diving in its deep blue waters.

    The serene atmosphere of the island makes it a great choice among honeymooners, too. Besides, activities like fishing, scuba diving, snorkeling, jet skiing, and speedboat riding can be tried here. The island is easily accessible from Port Blair via ferry and is among the must-visit Andaman tourist places.

    Highlights: Beautiful views and beach activities

    Location: North of Port Blair, 15- 20 minutes ride.

    Here is a detailed guide about scuba diving in Andaman that you must check out to make your Scuba experience at Andaman amazing.

  • 18Corbyn's Cove Beach

    Silver beaches blending into sky blue waters and fringes of palm trees adding a beautiful contrast to the landscape – this is how Corbyn’s Cove Beach looks like. This beach is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Andaman owing to the scenery the entire beach in itself is. Corbyn’s Cove is an ideal location for honeymooners seeking a perfect location and also for photographers in quest for frames that would define the beauty of a dreamy beach.

    It is also a perfect choice for adventure enthusiasts as there are many water sports options available on this beach including scuba diving and surfing among many others. Do not skip this gorgeous beach on your Andaman Islands as it is just a short yet scenic drive away from Port Blair city center.

    Highlights: Beach facing eateries, water sports and natural beauty

    Location: 7 km from the main town of Port Blair
  • 19Cinque Island

    Your quest for the most beautiful island in the world ends as you set foot in Cinque Islands. This is a pair of islands, connected by a sandbar, and is truly one of the best places to visit in Andaman. Silvery sandy beaches with shallow turquoise sea water and lush green Tropical forests and coral gardens, adorning its land make the islands appear dreamy to the visitors.

    Cinque Island, besides being an epitome of gorgeousness, is also an ideal getaway for adventure enthusiasts as water sports like scuba diving, snorkeling, and diving can be experienced here while admiring the rich scenery and marine life found here. Cinque Island in Andaman is a part of 
    Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park which is located in Wandoor.

    Highlights: Sightseeing, fishing, scuba diving, and snorkeling.

    Location: It is located at a distance of 38 km from Port Blair.

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  • 20Vijaynagar Beach

    Andaman is dotted with spectacular beaches donning white sands and blue waters. Vijaynagar Beach is a star among those pristine beaches that attract honeymooners and beach lovers from all over the world. It is even popular among photographers for the amazing frames it offers. Tranquillity and splendor are in abundance here, making it an ideal getaway. This beach is a part of the iconic Havelock Island and is located at a distance of 38 km from Port Blair, the capital of Andaman.

    Apart from gazing at the endless blue horizon, you can also indulge in some exciting activities like kayaking, swimming, fishing, snorkeling, surfing and much more at Vijaynagar Beach. Visit this pretty beach to take a closer look at the marine life and its charm at this beach.

    Highlights: Scuba Diving and Snorkeling.

    Location: Havelock Island

  • 21Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex

    The Andaman Islands is an archipelago, so it is not hard to find exciting water-based sports here. In fact, water sports like scuba diving and snorkelling are among the greatest factors attracting such huge number of tourists to the islands all around the year. Arguably, the best place in Andaman for water sports is Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex. This complex is located in the middle of Port Blair and offers a wide spectrum of delights to those who like to get adventurous in the water such as jet skiing, parasailing, speed boat rides, water scooter and much more.

    The complex even has some safe aqua sports options for kids. This complex also holds a historical prominence as it also houses a memorial of the ‘Battle of Aberdeen’ that was fought in 1859. The museum is open 24 hours and can be reached within 20 to 30 minutes from central Port Blair.

    Highlights: Water adventure activities and the Museum.

    Location: 9.8 km from central Port Blair.
  • 22Limestone Caves, Baratang Island

    If you love exploring the caves and its mysteries then this place is a must visit for you while visiting Andamans. These limestone caves are formed by massive sediment rock. From Baratang island (Nilambur Jetty) Lime Stone Caves are half an hour pontoon ride through a wide stream which prompts to Nayadera Jetty and further one and half km. stroll through tropical woods.

    There are gigantic sedimentary limestone arrangements, some of which are swinging from the top, some developing starting from the earliest stage. These caves are always developing fit as a fiddle and size.

    A few caves are so thick, profound and dull inside that you have to light a light to have the capacity to see anything. Additionally, it might get tricky inside the hollows so it is fitting to come in floaters or shoes.
  • 23Mud Volcanoes, Diglipur

    Image Credit :
    Volcanoes might be dangerous but this Mud Volcanoes, Diglipur in the Andamans will surely make your day. The mud volcano is a natural wonder covered up in the thick backwoods of North Andaman. These amazing craters are formed by the natural gas emitted by the underground decaying matters.
    It is not a staggering sight, as the majority of the circumstances, there is only a heap of dried mud and little gurgling puddles. One can meander around 41 dynamic sloppy pits, getting a charge out of the encompassing nature and untamed life. So don’t miss a chance to visit this while you are in the Andamans.

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  • Other Places to Visit in Andaman

  • 24Anthropological Museum

    Anthropological Museum
    While visiting the Andaman tourist places you will definitely love to learn about history. And when its history nothing could be a better place than a museum. Don’t miss a chance to visit the Anthropological Museum which is the best in Port Blair. This museum offers a profound and informative portrait of the island's local community of tribes.

    The tribes here are considered as the oldest in the world. This museum is located at the Middle Point in Port Blair and is a historical delight. The tourists here can explore the life of Paleolithic Islanders.

    Highlights: The museum has many attractions like the chest guard, shamanic sculptures etc. One can also find highlights of primordial eras of Jarawas, the Onges, the Sentinelese, the Shompens and the Nicobarese.

    Location: This museum is located at the Middle Point in Port Blair.

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  • 25Red Skin Island

    If you looking for something different than the usual while exploring the beach, you should definitely visit the Red Skin Island. The Red Skin Island at Andaman and Nicobar draws in people from the whole way across the globe because of its extraordinary and puzzling magnificence that will without a doubt enthrall you in a condition of a daze.

    Being situated inside the premises of the Marine National Park, the Red Skin Island in Andaman and Nicobar Islands is granted with a differed scope of common wonders which really amazes the on-lookers.

    Highlights: Snorkelling is very famous in this island. Get a chance to explore the underwater while you try this exciting activity. There are a lot of corals and colorful fishes here which are very famous in this island.

    Location: Red Skin Island is just 18.2 km from Port Blair.
  • 26Howrah Bridge

    Image Credit :
    While you are visiting the Andaman there is another place which is a must-see for you. For the ones who love spending time with nature, it is the perfect place for you. Witness the wonders of nature at Neil Islands. These naturally shaped bridge-like rocks also known as the Howrah Bridge is very famous among the tourist across the globe.

    Make your evening enchanting as you visit the beaches which are regarded as the divine places. It is one of the best places to visit in Andaman.

    Highlights: There are two living natural corals formed just like a bridge. The name of these rocks was coined by the Bengalis who settled in the island in the early days and they refer it as the Rabindra Sethu and later called it the Howrah Bridge.
  • 27Wandoor Beach

    For the beach lovers, this is one beach which is one of the must-visit Andaman tourist places. Wandoor is a well-known shoreline in Port Blair and draws in many vacationers regular amid the traveler season. It is extremely close to Mahatma Gandhi National Marine Park which is its very own gallery kind.

    Vacationers can likewise go to Jolly Buoy from Wandoor shoreline, Port Blair. With clean blue water differentiating delightfully against the dried trees, this shoreline is likewise outfitted with flawlessly developed seats and changing spaces for your benefit.

    Highlights: In case you're the adventure addict, then a short trek to the common buckles here is recently the thing for you. The holes, framed over decades, have been cut by savage high tides that encompass the shoreline. The trek is best taken up in the morning on the grounds that the tides are low and you're ready to get back by early night.

  • 28Lalaji Bay Beach

    There is another beach which is a must hop for you while you are exploring the best beaches in Andaman Islands.  With the soft sand and the turquoise water, this beach is an escape to the daily busy life.

     Soak in the beauty of the region while running by the shore. This beach is also famous for its amazing marine life.

    Highlights: Ideal for swimming and snorkeling, this shoreline is suggested for all enterprise addicts. Around a 2 hour trek away, coming to here by foot, through the wilderness, is an ordeal all alone. Watercraft do utilize (enquire at the blue planet) yet are frequently closed either on account of climate conditions or government directions.

  • 29Butler Bay Beach, Hut Bay Island

    If you are beach lover and visiting Andaman then Butler Bay Beach is the perfect place for you. This is another beach in Andaman which is a favorite among the people. Blessed with soft brown and dense greenery surroundings this beach is perfect for the nature lovers.

    Walk through the beach as you enjoy the scenic views of the surroundings. This beach is also famous among the surfers.

    Highlights: A lot of activities in Andaman like scuba diving and snorkelling are also possible at Butler Bay beach. It is a concavely shaped beach; hence one can see the entire beach from any given point.
  • 30Lakshmanpur Beach

    Image Credit :

    For those of who are still looking for some other beaches in the Andaman then here we bring you another amazing beach here. Lakshmanpur Beach is a pleasant beach, covering a long extension of a zone of Laxmanpur Village of Neil Island. It is one of the famous Andaman tourist places that attract a lot of tourists.

    White shell sand covering this confined shoreline is a significant complexity to the blue ocean. Corals and ocean shells are found in wealth at this seafront, which is regularly gathered as gifts by guests.

    Highlights: The Ocean is shallow and quiet, making it ideal for swimming and snorkelling. This peaceful shoreline offers a dazzling scene, particularly when the sun sets in the skyline. If you are a photography buff then this will be a double treat for you can click some of the best shots.
  • 31Murugan Temple

    For the ones who are a bit spiritual then Murugan Temple is a must see temple for you to visit in the Andamans. Located in the heart of the Port Blair, is an ancient Murugan temple. It is placed right behind the Governor's residence (Raj Niwas).

    This temple is also known as the Vetrimalai Murugan Temple and is worshipped by the people on the island. Interestingly there is another temple with the name Murugan temple in this place which is located along the Car Nicobar coastline.

    Highlights:  The temple is mainly dedicated to Muruga.  And one can find deities of other Gods and Goddesses like Ganpathi, Lord Shiva and Parvati. The temple is built in the Dravidian style and gopuram has intricate paintings. The architecture and design are very similar to the Kanda Kottam temple of Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

    You must check out the best things to do in Port Blair which will make your trip wonderful. 

  • 32Katchal Island, Nicobar

    If you are looking for something more unique while vacationing in Andamans then Katchal Island is definitely the best option for you. This island is home to the Nicobari Tribes and migrant Tamilians. Get a chance to learn about these tribes and the lifestyle of the indigenous people residing in this area.

    But for visiting this island you will require a special permit from the government. Don’ miss out your chance to enjoy the eye-catching scenery, unspoiled nature, spine-chilling wilderness, and indigenous lifestyle while you visit this island.

    Highlights: The sunrise and the sunset are considered the best in this each.

    Location: The Katchal Island is located at a distance of 305 km from Port Blair.
  • 33Stewart Island Beach

    For those of you who are looking for some serenity and lone time then Stewart Island beach is the perfect spot for you to spend your vacations. This beach is close to Mayabunder and is quite isolated and uninhabited than the rest of the islands here. Soak in the pristine beauty of the region with the greenery and the distant beach.

    Highlights: This beach can be accessed from Mayabunder Jetty and is recommended to start early in the morning and be back before sunset. While on the beach all you can witness is the brown and black beach and its scenic beauty.

    Location: The beach lies 150 km from Port Blair.
  • 34Lamiya Bay Beach, Diglipur

    If you are a nature lover and love to spend some time exploring its beauty then Lamiya Bay Beach is the perfect fit for you. This is another best places to visit in Andaman. Unlike other beaches in the Andaman, this beach is very little known by travelers.

    Head out to this beach along with your loved ones to enjoy some alone time here. People visit this island for enjoying the scenic views and the amazing sunset.

    Highlights: Lamiya bay beach is also known as Pebble Beach as the beach is covered with all-around stones of different sizes and color. Fishing is a very famous sports on this beach.

    Location: Lamiya Bay Beach is located at around 311.5 km from Port Blair. The Lamiya Bay beach can be reached via the same road that heads to Kalipur beach.

    Click here to check out the Andaman weather and plan your trip accordingly.
  • 35Pathi Level Beach, Diglipur

    There is another beach which you can visit while you are in Andaman. Pathi Level beach is the lesser known and secluded beach in Andaman Island and is known for its scenic beauty. This beach is the closest occupied place to the Chalis Ek Caves and the Alfred Caves.

    So a lot of people head out for trekking and hiking to these caves. This beach is less crowded which makes it peaceful and calm when compared to other beaches.

    Highlights: Enjoy swimming here at the crystal clear waters here and sunbathe under the blue sky.

    Location: Pathi Level Beach is around 325 km away from Port Blair.
  • 36Guitar Island Beach

    This beach is another hidden gem of the Andaman which is a must-visit attraction for you. Shaped like a guitar this island is one of the most beautiful island here which is very less explored. The beach of Guitar Island is long and narrow which makes it more attractive.

    Many sea creatures like sand crab, hermit crab and shells came through to the beach. Spend some time listening to the chirping of the bird in the vast serenity. And most of all you will have the whole place for yourself to explore.

    Highlights: Laze around the beach for hours enjoying the humming roar of the sea which will refresh you. Swimming is also a favorite activity in the beach.

    Location: Guitar Island can be approached from Long Island by dunghi, it takes near about 15 minutes.
  • 37Forest Museum

    There is also a forest museum which will enlighten you on the flora of the local islands with mangrove forests, tropical forests and other interesting botanical anecdotes. The major attractions that are set on display in this museum include the artifacts that are made from timber, gurjan, oak, satinwood, and paduak.

    These displayed artifacts reflect the rich and dense flora found in the islands. This should also be there in your list of places to visit in Andaman.

     Chatham Island, Foreshore Road, Port Blair, Andaman and Nicobar Islands 744102

  • 38Long Island

    If you are longing to visit an island you can call perfect, Long Island is an option you need to consider. Virgin beaches, dense tropical forests, caves, lush green hills are just a few of the attributes that make Long Island occupy a spot among the best tourist places to visit in Andaman. The peaceful island is popular among newlywed couples and bachelors seeking solace. However, it is an offbeat location, so you can spend some quiet moments here.

    Located at a distance of 80 km from Andaman’s capital, Port Blair, this island is a dreamland spanning over an area of 18 sq. km in the middle of a beautiful sea. The sunset view you can witness from this island will urge you to take out your camera and capture memorable moments from magical dusk. Besides, it is also an amazing spot for the lovers of bird watching.

    Highlights: Scuba Diving, Tropical Forests, and Lush Green Hills.

    Location: Andaman, 88 km from Port Blair.
  • 39Rubber Plantations Visit

    If you want to see another aspect of Andaman Islands than lovely beaches and quiet islands, a visit to rubber plantations is a pretty good plan. Mongluton Rubber Plantation is a great getaway for an offbeat experience. It is the largest rubber plantation in the area and is populated by around ten thousand rubber trees. Plants of various spices also grow here and these spices can be bought from souvenir shops located close to the plantation site.

    You can even choose to watch the whole process of raw rubber being converted into rubber sheets. Spare 30 minutes from your beach fun spree to visit this interesting site for an unforgettable walk through the aromatic air that rules this place. The unique experience this place offers makes it hold a spot among the must-visit Andaman tourist places.

    Highlights: Rubber and Spice Plantation.

    Location: Wandoor Beach, Port Blair.

    Don't forget to check out the best hotels in Port Blair before you start planning your trip. These hotels will offer you a cozy and wonderful stay during your trip.
  • 40Bharatpur Beach

    A beach so beautiful that it confirms what a great artist God is. If you are looking to spend some quality time at some perfect beach, Bharatpur Beach with its soft clean sands and crystal clear waters is beyond perfect. It is widely believed to be the best beach located in Neil Island. Clear and shallow water here makes it an ideal spot for swimming and other fun beach activities.

    If you are a photographer or someone enthusiastic about capturing nature’s beauty in your eyes, wake up early and walk up to the beach to catch a colourful dawn. The activities you can enjoy here are snorkelling, scuba diving, glass bottom boat rides and much more. Do not skip indulging in scuba diving here to witness the vibrant marine life in the untainted water here.

    Highlights: Watersports, Tropical fish and gorgeous landscape

    Location: Neil Island
  • 41Campbell Bay

    One of the most popular places to visit in Andaman, Campbell Bay is a village in Great Nicobar Tehsil and is famous for having the last Southern point of India, Indira Point. Another major factor contributing to its popularity is national park blessed with rich diversity of flora and fauna – Campbell Bay National Park. The park is a treat for all wildlife lovers who are interested in exploring the unique ecosystem of this place.

    Campbell Bay is accessible from Port Blair via Pawan Hans helicopter service and via inter-island boats from Port Blair. The panoramic vistas that surround this village are truly breathtaking. Accommodations are available in the form of camps and cabins. If you want to experience something really different, a visit to this village would be great choice.

    Highlights: Unique wildlife diversity and Indira Point

    Location: Great Nicobar tehsil, 298 nautical miles from Port Blair

  • 42Little Andaman Island

    The name of this island may be little but the admiration it receives for its enchanting beauty is huge. This island covering an area of 707 sq. km is a fine example of nature’s creativity. The sea distance between Little Andaman Island and Port Blair is 120 km. Owing to its remote location, not too many tourists visit this island and which makes it a perfect destination for some quiet time in the most beautiful landscapes.

    The island is replete with beaches featuring white sands and untainted blue water, adorned by palm trees and thick jungles. The island can be explored on the feet, rental bikes and fishing boats. One of the major attractions on this island are its waterfalls. Accommodate yourself in some good beach resort to experience the best of this extraordinarily lovely island.

    Highlights: Waterfalls and unspoiled beaches.

    Location: Southern end of Andaman Island, 120 km from Port Blair

  • 43Chatham Saw Mill

    Set up by the British in 1883, this is the oldest and the largest sawmill in entire Asia. The mills also house a forest department museum featuring exquisite pieces of wooden work including various handicrafts and furniture. You can witness the entire process on your visit to this mill that also lets you take a walk into the history of this island, as the signs of the attack by Japanese forces can still be seen here.

    It is easily accessible since it is located at a short distance of 3.5 km from Port Blair Bus Station. The mill has an interesting history and its history will intrigue any history buff. If you are into exploring the offbeat, Chatham Saw Mill located on Chatham Island is one of the best Andaman tourist places.

    Highlights: Wooden articles, Bomb Pit and Forest Department Museum.

    Location: Chatham Island.

    Havelock Island is a must-visit destination during your Andaman trip. Check out the best resorts in Havelock Island.

  • 44Parrot Island

    Andaman is an abode of picturesque islands, and since there is a great variety, you have some great options to choose from. One of the most interesting one among these islands is Parrot Island. This uninhabited island is an ideal destination to escape the hustle-bustle of the comparatively popular places. It is among the best offbeat Andaman tourist places. The major factor that makes this island a must visit place is the evenings here.

    It is not just the charming vistas of the breathtaking sunsets that make evenings here special, but also the arrival of hundreds of parrots and parakeets that flock here every evening and depart the next morning. These parrots are the reason why this island is called Parrot Island. Interesting? Visit to unravel the mysteries of this pretty yet mysterious island!

    Highlights: Flock of parrots

    Location: Baratang region, 100 km from Port Blair
  • 45Aamkunj Beach

    One of the top eco-tourism sites of India, Aamkunj Beach is a great option to experience a refreshing jump into the clear blue water and to spend a day picnicking with family. Though it is not another typical beach with white, soft sand and is bordered by grey pebbles, Aamkunj Beach is a popular destination to come relax at. Efforts have been made to develop this beach into an eco-friendly site. 

    Huts made out of natural material, wooden benches and changing rooms can be seen here which collectively add a unique feel to the place. So, if you are looking for a non-commercial place to spend some memorable moments at, Aamkunj Beach is the place for you. However, bring your own food.

    Highlights: Ecotourism site.

    Location: 8 km away from Rangat.

    Click here to check out the best beach resorts in Havelock Island.
  • 46Rutland Island

    This island is a Thalassophile’s most vivid fantasy. Rutland Island has every quality to be called a perfect island. It is stunningly beautiful, it is peaceful, it is untouched – owing to all its attributes, Rutland Island is simply one of the best places to visit in Andaman. Rutland Island also has a reputation for having rich marine life in its shallow waters near the island.

    It also boasts of numerous virgin beaches. If you are open water diver, this island is an ideal location. Besides, swimming and snorkelling can also be enjoyed here. The island is located at a distance of 20 km from Port Blair and can be reached on a boat.

    Highlights: Untainted Beaches

    Location: 20 km from Port Blair

Adventure in Andaman and Nicobar

Water sports in Andaman and Nicobar

Romantic in Andaman and Nicobar

Snorkeling in Andaman and Nicobar

Scuba diving in Andaman and Nicobar



Havelock Island

Being one of the topnotch attractions in Andaman is the sublime Havelock Island brimming with silky beaches and exuberant greenery. A lot of tourist locations, resorts, hotels, attractions and much more are creating the perfect background to Havelock Island to host as many tourists as possible. This is the largest of all the islands in Andaman and comprises of a lot of small islands. The administration in Havelock promotes eco-tourism on a large scale.

The lighthouse established in 2005 at the northern part of the island gives additional recognition for the island. The accommodation options on Havelock will let you be surprised. Ranging from high-end, luxurious resorts to camps with basic amenities, the stay arrangements done by the administrative people here are unbelievable.

Highlights: The long stretches of different types of beaches are the main highlight to be pointed out. Declared the best beaches in the world, almost all of them are blissfully located on Havelock Island, connected to closely to the main boat jetty on the island.  

Elephant Beach, Radhanagar Beach, Vijaynagar Beach, Kalapathar Beach which are known in numbers also are proclaimed to have the highest number of tourists every year as there are many beautiful hotels in Andaman, to provide the ultimate relaxation in holidays. The green fringed shorelines, the clear sea water, the colourful marine animals, the long coral reefs, the wild fauna and flora bring forth the astounding picture of Havelock incomparably beautiful.

Activities: Snorkeling and diving are the favourite activities done on the islands though other major water based activities like boating and kayaking are frequently done.

Distance from Port Blair: Havelock Island is lying 42 kms northeast of the capital city, Port Blair. There are regular boat services by the Directorate of Shipping Services which connect Phoenix Bay jetty in Port Blair to Havelock daily.



Chidiya Tapu

As the name suggests, Chidiya Tapu is the perfect haven for unseen migratory birds and common native birds found in the Andaman Islands. Recognized as the most enchanting beach in Andaman and tourists arrive here on a large scale as the beach extends the best ever sights for them including the eye catching sunrise and sunset views. This is a silent yet crowded beach encircled by evergreen forests on one side and the short hills on the other side. 

As it is considered to be the presenter of the most finishing touch of sunset and sunrise views, it is the main hub in Andaman Islands. The beach is filled with 46 varieties of endangered species of birds, and white spotted deer. There are a lot of seasonal orchids and other varieties of plants.

Highlights: The major attractions of Chidiya Tapu are the Chidiya Tapu Biological Park, the Sylvan Sands, the Munda Pahar Beaches etc. You will be able to stay at a forest guesthouse located nearby atop a hillock and from there, the panoramic view of Chidiya Tapu in detail.

Activities: Apart from sunset and sunrise views, plenty of people come for an Andaman and Nicobar trip to see this beach, to identify the rare species appear in multiple colours and size. Even though many of the birds are commonly found on the beach, you would find it as a unique and unnatural scene to find the colourful gathering of them. Boating is an attractive activity done here as well as snorkeling and swimming are also a part of the adventure activities usually experienced by those who visit here.

Distance from Port Blair: It is located about 25 kms from Port Blair.


Neil Island

A tiny island located to the south of Andaman is Neil Island, brimming with less explore marine diversity, coral reefs, long beaches and bewitching greenery. Being one of the tourist destinations in Andaman, Neil is so happy to become the host with revealing all that it has. A romantically silent island unlike the hustle of Havelock Island, Neil Island is termed as the vegetable bowl of Andaman. A perfect place to simply relax and chill is the beaches here and the deserted shores are favourite to those who love to relax in utmost peace.

In two hours, one can explore the island by walking around. It got the name Neil after the British Brigadier General James Neill who stubbornly dealt with the rebels during the 1857 Mutiny. The rich cultivation of paddy is found in Neil Island that belongs to the Ritchies’ Archipelago between Havelock Island and Rose Island. 

Highlights: One of the major highlights of Neil Island is Neil Kendra, a beautiful curving bay full of white sand and holding the major jetty of the island made attracting by disarraying numerous colourful wooden fishing boats. Known to be the heart of the island, Neil Kendra has Bharatpur Beach on its left and Laxmanpur Beach on the right. The richest collection of marine lives and coral reefs have given Neil Island the peculiarity of being one of the most thrilling scuba diving sites on the island. In addition to diving, Neil Island is home to those who love snorkeling, swimming, birding, cycling etc.

Activities: Glass bottom ride and snorkelling are the major activities available on Neil Island though there are enough opportunities to do diving and other prime adventure activities.

Distance from Port Blair: The island belongs to the South Andaman district is located about 36 km northeast from Port Blair.

Accommodations: Neil Island hotels and resorts in Neil Island.


Radhanagar Beach

Radhanagar Beach in Andaman has ranked 8th among the top ten beautiful beaches in the world based on travellers reviews and rating available on multiple sources and Radhanagar Beach deserves it for many reasons. One of the most ravishing beauty in Andaman with a lot of tourists visiting it every year, Radhanagar Beach is the gem of Havelock Island. 500 meters away from the beach, one can see only the expansive blue water and the lush green tropical forests but when you reach the beach, the sights are apparently awe-inspiring.

 Radhanagar is commonly called as Beach No.7 and this is one of the closest beach located near to Havelock Island ferry tier. The silky beach is kids friendly as well so that families are found in plenty on the beach to spend their vacation or a short holiday. There is nothing to be worried as the coast guards are roaming around always and the number of people here will be a pleasant sight to see. Andaman honeymoon packages itinerary always includes Havelock Island.

Activities: Snorkeling, swimming, scuba diving, boating, parasailing etc are some of the most commonly seen activities on the beach and among them Scuba Diving is the best as it offers the clear interaction with the wide range of marine animals and coral reefs around living in harmony. 

The turquoise water gives a rejuvenating experience while you swim across or do snorkelling and since the number of tourists are relatively higher, the Government opens more opportunities for them to spend an ample time on the beach. As it is a superb place adventure lovers also would covet, the fame it has achieved international importance in no time. You must book a tour including  Andaman snorkelling, to make your holiday much more special.

Distance from Port Blair: From Port Blair it will take more than three hours to reach Radhanagar Beach as it is located about 72 kms away from the capital city.


Baratang Island

One of the aboriginal tribes of Andaman lives in Baratang Island, a highly blessed region with years-old wilderness. Earlier, the tribes did not let outside people to enter their community but presently, Baratang Island is a vibrant tourist destination as people love to spend time amidst the huge forests, limestone caves, mangrove ranges and the mud volcanoes.

Baratang is a part of the Great Andaman Chain with an area of 243 sq.kilometers and that marks it as the main island of the group. Middle Andaman is lying to the north and South Andaman in the south of Baratang Island. And it belongs to Rangat Taluk. 

Highlights: The active mud volcanoes are the highlights of Baratang Island along with the abundant mangrove forests and evergreen rainforests and the limestone caves located beyond the forests. So adventure lovers find Baratang as a wise choice to indulge in mind blowing trekking and nature walk. Among the multiple number of mud volcanoes, jalki, as the locals call it, is the famous one.

Activity: Nature walk through the wild forests and the extensive mangrove forests is one of the prime activities done on Baratang Island. Boating, trekking, hiking etc are some of the other, identified activities available on the island. For a comforting stay after a day full of activities, you must check the resorts in Andaman.

Distance from Port Blair: The island is located about 150 kms north of Port Blair and one can reach the island by ferry services only.


Elephant Beach

Settled on the sands of Havelock Island, Elephant Beach is a reveling beauty well presented by the long coral reefs and the shining shoreline. A peaceful beach with pure serenity and silent ambiance will offer the visitors a soothing melody and that would be the perfect time to relax, to walk around with your love or just to do sunbathing. 

Among the different beach on Havelock Island, Elephant Beach has a special significance because of its friendly atmosphere and not so crowded shoreline. In addition to the adventurous activities such as snorkeling and scuba diving, tourists find time to do boating and similar activities on the beach. 

The clear water, the calm waves, the cool breeze and the magnificent sights on the shore have their own impacts on the number of people visiting the beach. You must check other islands of Andaman consisting of great beaches and make your tour marvelous by visiting them.

Highlights: The long array of private boats, fishing boats, and buoys extend a riveting beauty to the beach. Moreover, it is a kid-friendly beach as well so that families are found here aplenty. The huge shoreline is the key factor behind the countless visitors appears on the beach every day. 

During monsoon also, tourists would love to come to Elephant Beach. People have reported that at times, the wild elephants from the nearby forests come to the beach and stroll along the white sandy bed.

Activities: An ideal place for snorkeling and scuba diving is Elephant Beach though boating and other fun, water-based activities are also done by the visitors often. Tourists have experienced the best sea walking as well on Elephant Beach.

Distance from Port Blair: Elephant Beach is located on the famous Havelock Island. It is lying about 69 km away from the capital city of Andaman, Port Blair. One can reach the beach via boat from Havelock jetty after reaching there from Port Blair by road or by boat.



A marvellous town in the north part of Andaman Islands is Diglipur, an amicable tiny town with a lot of good people around. For eco- friendly tourists, this town is an inevitable choice. Though the marine life is the prominent feature of this town but the cultivation of orange and rice has enormous importance in the economy of Diglipur.

Highlights: Lamiya Bay Beach is a highlight of the town, it is located a few kilometers away from Kalipur Beach. The beach is lying in the foothills of Saddle peak, the highest one in Andaman. Around 20 kms from Diglipur is the green Shyamnagar covered by thick jungles and why Shyamnagar is a priority for tourists is because of the presence of mud volcanoes here. Kalipur Beach and Ramangar Beach are the other famous beaches at Diglipur and they are famous for turtle nesting. Moreover, visitors are quite eager to visit Alfred Caves as well where a huge collections of limestone structures are found.

Activities: Since there are plenty of beaches, caves, greenery etc, Diglipur offers the visitors a huge number of activities ranging from refreshing trekking through the jungles to the water based activities like island hopping, snorkelling, boating, fishing etc. Near to Diglipur there are famous spots to do multiple activities.

Distance from Port Blair: Lying 290 kms away from Port Blair, the small town of Diglipur that can be connected by boat from both Port Blair and Mayabunder. The boat services from Port Blair are available twice a week. But one can reach the town by road via ATR from Port Blair.

Find out the list of top hotels in Port Blair with best facilities and comfort for your memorable stay.


Vijaynagar Beach

Known as Beach No.5 is Vijaynagar Beach in the north east part of Havelock Island. Very remote from the crowded locations on Havelock Island, Vijaynagar Beach is close to heart for those who love to spend time in utmost calmness. The regular touch of the sapphire blue water on the pearl like sandy beach makes no noise and it is one of the reasons why tourists chosen it as the perfect space for romantic couples and families. Don't forget to check the resorts for couples in Andaman.

The beauty of the beach has been praised so much by those who visited it. It is always better to come here freely, just to roam around, or to float on the shallow water, or to read under the large shade given by the huge trees on the shore or to do sunbathing. The collection of Mahua trees and palms is the significant ornament making the beach a splendid place to sit back and relax as much as time one wants to. This is one of the magnificent attractions in Andaman.

Highlights: A photographer's paradise is Vijaynagar Beach; especially the sunrise views from the beach is incomparably magnificent. When the sun’s fresh rays spread all over the wide sea, the entire atmosphere starts blushing in all possible colours and there is no better sight from the beach would satiate a photographic mind. The native birds appear during the fresh mornings add effective colours to the sunrise pictures.

Activity: The beach is recognized for relaxed swimming and sunbathing. Adventure activities are not yet a fashion on this inevitable part of Havelock Island.

Distance from Port Blair: Vijaynagar Beach is located at a distance of about 38 kms from Port Blair but from Havelock jetty the beach is lying 9 kms away only.

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