Port Blair To Havelock | Detailed Travel Guide 2024
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Port Blair To Havelock

Explore the most paradisiacal illustration of nature’s beauty by visiting the stretch of Port Blair to Havelock on your next long vacation. All beach lovers in India know that the exquisiteness of Andaman is second to none. Beautiful islands in the middle of unending expanses of aquamarine waters adorned with enormously scenic beaches with soft, white sand – that is a glimpse of the region for you just in case you have been wondering. You must book our Tour of Andaman including airfare for a trouble free journey.

Be it honeymooners or groups of friends – Andaman is a popular choice because it has everything from tranquil surroundings to luxury resorts to guarantee a memorable holiday experience. Besides, in recent years, Andaman has also emerged as a favourable destination for solo backpackers who are willing to discover solace in their own company. Check our best selling Budget Tour Package of Andaman.

Experience the pristine beaches and vibrant marine life of Havelock Island, a must-visit destination included in any Andaman and Nicobar trip package.

Andaman is famed for its rich collection of pretty beaches, some of which are acclaimed as the most beautiful in Asia. These landscapes are loved by every person who visits Port Blair and Havelock. Moreover, there are plenty of activities for adventure junkies to try here. If you are interested in exploring the underwater beauty of the sea, you can even indulge in scuba diving and snorkelling here and have fun time amidst vibrant corals and aquatic creatures.

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How to Reach Havelock from Port Blair


Port Blair to Havelock by Ferry

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The journey between the capital town Port Blair and the most prominent tourism hub in Andaman, Havelock Island is magical one and will give you a glimpse of what you can expect on your holiday here. The most common means of transportation between Port Blair and Havelock is ferry. From Port Blair, a ferry to Neil Island is also available.

The government run ferry that will take you from Port Blair to Havelock is called Phoenix Bay Jetty. This is the most inexpensive option that you have to travel between the places in Andaman, and also the oldest one. While the seat can be procured at a small fare of INR 378 per person, you can also opt for a more comfortable ride by booking a chair category seat at INR 525 per person.

The distance between Port Blair and Havelock is 70 km, and the jetty takes approximately 2.5 hours of journey. The jetty is available every day at 6:20 AM and 2 PM. For the most mesmerizing experience, stand on the deck and look around to the infinite expanse of blue.

Check out our Andaman and Nicobar Honeymoon Package which covers many tourist attractions and activities to make your honeymoon amazing.
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Port Blair to Havelock by Cruise

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To enjoy your journey from Port Blair to Havelock to the fullest, you can avail a cruising experience to reach your destination. This option is a little more expensive as compared to the ferry ride, but is worth every penny you spend on it. There are various private cruises that run between Port Blair and Havelock, offering a comfortable journey in state of the art vessels.

The 70 km long journey between the two points takes approximately 90 minutes, and the journey is beautiful throughout if you spend time looking outside your window, checking the most delightful treat of nature that Andaman is. These cruises have their seating options divided into various categories according to the level of luxuries available. From air-conditioned cruises to cruises with large decks, there are some great options.

Makruzz, Green Ocean, Bella Bay, and Coastal Cruise are some popular options which have per seat fares ranging from INR 975 to INR 2300. For a memorable cruising experience with excellent facilities, this is the recommended option for you. Check Cruise Packages of Andaman for an incredible experience.
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Best Time to Visit Havelock Island


Summer Season

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The month of March marks the beginning of summers in Havelock which lasts till the arrival of June. If you are planning to visit Port Blair to Havelock in summers, you can opt for March because afterwards, the temperature starts to rise and the sunshine is quite harsh during the day time, making the travel experience a little less pleasant. Hence, the summer season can be considered for a visit to Havelock Island but is not the most ideal time. The maximum day temperature during the season can go as up as 32 degree Celsius while the temperature at night hover around 22 degree Celsius.

There are lots of Activities in Andaman that you must do during the summer.
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Winter Season

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Image Credit : flickr.com - 1ieve

It is winter in Havelock from December to February. This is the most favourable time to visit Havelock owing to the pleasant climate, perfect for activities and for basking under the sun. The temperature during the day is perfect with soft sunlight enhancing your holiday experience on the island. All the activities are available and all the sites are open for tourists to enjoy. If you want to experience the best of Havelock, visit it during winters. The average temperature during winters ranges between 20 degree Celsius during nights and 28 degree Celsius during days.

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Monsoon Season

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Monsoon arrives in Havelock Island by the end of May and stays till the September month. This is the least ideal time to visit Havelock because it rains heavily and most sites are closed for visitors during monsoons. Moreover, most of the activities are not available during the monsoon months. However, the atmosphere of the island turns lovely and the accommodations become cheap during the season, so you can still opt for this season to visit Havelock. The average day temperature is approximately 29 degree Celsius and the average night temperature stays around 21 degree Celsius.

Check our special Monsoon 6 days tour of Andaman available at 30% discount.
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Places to Visit in Havelock Island


Neil Island

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There is a long string of gorgeous islands from Port Blair to Havelock Island, making Andaman & Nicobar a popular holiday destination, especially among beach lovers. Located at a distance of 37 km from Havelock Island to its south, Neil Island incorporates within its heavenly realm some extremely scenic beaches.

The beaches like Bharatpur, Sitapur, and Lakshmanpur have the most romantic atmosphere and the most breathtaking scenery, combining a perfect package for honeymooners as well as photography enthusiasts. A lazy stroll on one of these beaches while the sun disappears from the horizon is the most magical thing you will ever experience.

You must check all the best Islands of Andaman so that you can visit all the stunning islands during your tour and make your journey memorable.
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Radhanagar Beach

Turquoise waters and white sands striking a beautiful contrast in unison – this is just the kind of beach you want to spend the most memorable time of your life at. Ideal for a rejuvenating vacation away from hurries and worries indulging in the fun of diving and swimming, Radhanagar Beach is renowned for its scenic beauty and is counted among the most beautiful beaches in Asia and one of the best places to go while traveling from Port Blair to Havelock.

The rainforest forests add to the charm of the beach through different shades of green, making it appear perfect. A part of Havelock Island, Radhanagar Beach is a great place for relaxation and photography.

There are many other beautiful beaches in andaman and those beaches must be covered during your Andaman trip.

Elephant Beach

This is one of the most scenic parts of Havelock Island that not only offers some peaceful moments in the company of nature, but also a variety of exciting water activities. You can sit by the waters and stare at the wide horizon, or indulge in snorkelling, scuba diving, swimming, banana boat rides, speed boat rides, and what not and one should not miss this beach while traveling from Port Blair to Havelock.

Come here with your loved on or on you own, this place is fun nonetheless. And, should you decide to experience something different, you can enjoy an elephant ride on the beach. It will take you 20 minutes to reach this beach from Havelock Island dock by boat.

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Barren Island

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This place, located at a distance of 143 km from Port Blair, adds a different experience to your Port Blair to Havelock Island journey. Barren Island is a popular tourist attraction in the region as it houses the only active volcano in entire South Asia. Besides, though the island is uninhabited by humans, it is home to some exotic flora species. Though you can reach this island by taking a ferry ride from Port Blair, seaplane is a more recommended option as the plane flies over the island, offering an aerial view of the volcano.

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Vijaynagar Beach

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A little piece of heaven on Havelock Island, while going from Port Blair to Havelock, this beach falls among the most popular choices of tourist attractions. Whether you want to soak in nature’s exquisiteness while experiencing moments of tranquility or you want to click some breathtaking beach pictures, Vijaynagar Beach will give you more than you can expect. 

The beach offers perfect landscapes for honeymooners as well as families looking for some picnic time. Since it is less crowded than the other beaches on the island, solitude is a part of the deal when you come here. If you are planning for a honeymoon in Andaman, don't forget to explore our guide on the top hotels in andaman which will add sparkle to your romance. 

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Long Island

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To create memories that stay with you for long, Long Island is among the best places to cover on Port Blair to Havelock journey. Lying 80 km to the north of Port Blair, this island is visually appealing with sky blue waters gleaming with joy under a blue sky. Since this island is among the lesser-known parts of Andaman, lots of tourists ruining your fun is not a problem here. The exotic location serves well to offbeat travellers, honeymooners and those who are looking for scuba diving adventure. Lalaji Bay and nearby Guitar Island are the major attractions to cover.

Don't miss to check out our full guide on the best places to see in Andaman, which will help you in planning your trip. 

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Bharatpur Beach

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Spectacular is the word that does justice to the natural opulence of this beach located on Neil Island. The swaying greens of palms overlooking the silvery beach makes for a sight to behold. Apart from the breathtaking landscapes, the rich marine life with vibrant coral reefs also makes Bharatpur Beach a perfect spot for shutterbugs visiting Andaman. You can lie down on the beach basking under the sun or swim in the shallow waters. Glass boat ride here is an activity you should not miss.

Here's out full guide on the beaches in port blair. Be sure to check it out!
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Kala Pathar Beach

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An exemplifying example of nature’s generosity to Andaman, Kala Pathar Beach is a lesser-known yet picturesque beach on Havelock Island which is sure to soothe your senses with its mere beauty. The black rocks sitting on the smooth sands by the blue waters of the sea are the reason why the beach is named Kala Pathar. The beach does not have much in terms of infrastructure other than wooden benches and a picnic area, yet it is a place worth spending time at with family and friends. You can also enjoy swimming and photography here.

For more info, you can take a look at our guide on Andaman & Nicobar island, which will surely help in planning your trip. 
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Lalaji Bay Beach

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Secure some privacy for a romantic rendezvous with your partner in Port blair by visiting Lalaji Bay Beach located on Long Island. The place looks extremely scenic with lush vegetation bordering the aquamarine waters of the sea, making it a perfect place to be for newly weds and peace-lovers. Take Yerrata Jetty to Long Island to reach Lalaji Bay Beach. A peaceful walk amidst the forest or a boat ride on the calm sea water – Lalaji Bay Beach has ways to amuse you. You can also indulge in a 6 km long trekking adventure from Long Island to reach this part.

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Andaman Offbeat Tours Explore All (9)
Explore All (9)

Laxmanpur Beach

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One of those beaches on Neil Island where spending a couple of hours soaking in the beautiful views is not enough. To enjoy this place, you must stay here for a couple of days and feel the essence of beach and nature. Spending time at this beach will become the highlight of your trip and you will create memories here that stay with you for the rest of your life. Keep your camera handy so as to capture the moments to relive them later on. The shallow waters teeming with coral reefs make the beach ideal for snorkelling and swimming.

Scuba Diving experience in Andaman and enjoy talking with the marine animals and colourful coral reefs and revel in the adorable marine lives.
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Guitar Island Beach

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The aesthetic landscapes of Andaman may stun you, but not quite like this island can. The most stunning wonder of nature in Andaman, Guitar Island is an island that looks perfectly like a green guitar due to its shape when seen from above. This is counted among the popular places to visit on the journey from Port Blair to Havelock, as hundreds of tourists frequent it every day all round the year. The beach of the island is home to rich marine life and is a perfect spot to spend some time with your loved ones.

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Merk Bay Beach

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Not a popular name among the tourists visiting Andaman, and that is exactly the reason why this place is worth a visit to add something fresh to your holiday experience. Merk bay Beach is a part of the North Passage Island, which is an uninhabited island, so it is recommended that you carry your food along as you will not find any facilities here. All that occupies this place is long stretches of soft sands, tropical trees, breathtaking vistas to see and capture, and an air of ecstasy. Though you can’t stay here, your heart will!

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Other Things to Keep in Mind

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-Explore more than what is famous in Havelock. There are places which are lesser-explored but are more fascinating than the popular ones. If you have time, do check those places.

-If you are interested in photography or water activities, the monsoon season is not the most appropriate time to visit the place owing to heavy rainfalls during the season.

-Talk to locals for guidance which are friendly and polite. They will help you to experience the best of Havelock.

-Public transportation system in Havelock is well-managed and cheap. Use public transportation to save money.

-Hiring a two-wheeler is the best way to explore Havelock.

-Keep cash handy as not all places receive payments by card.

-It is a well-maintained, clean destination. Do not litter.

-Keep copies of ID handy.

-Keep extra memory card for you camera as there is so much to capture.

-Internet is almost non-existent here, so make sure you stay prepared for it.

-Carry an umbrella because the weather is highly unpredictable.

-Do not enter restricted or tribal areas.

-Hire a guide for a better tour.

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People Also Ask About Havelock Island

  1. How far is Havelock from Port Blair?

    Havelock is located at an approximate distance of around 70 kilometers from Port Blair. The travelers can take a jetty service to reach Havelock from Port Blair within 2.5 hours.
  2. How many days do you need for Havelock Island?

    Two full days are enough for visiting Havelock Island. During your 2 days trip to the island, you can visit all the beautiful beaches, engage in thrilling water adventures, and find some quality time and a great environment to unwind and relax.
  3. How do I book a cruise from Port Blair to Havelock?

    You can choose to book a Luxury cruise or Private Ferry for your transfer from Port Blair to Havelock. You can either book an afternoon or a morning cruise depending upon your convenience and board the ferry from Port Blair’s Haddo Jetty.
Newly Added Havelock Island Experience

Havelock Island Top Attractions

Places To Visit In Havelock Island
It was such an amazing day for all of us. We were 5 people in our group. The boat ride from Havelock Island was really great; we clicked a lot of pictures there. But the best part came when we did snorkeling, although I was doing it for the first time, it was just fantastic. I would say and totally worth the price.
Wow! It was so much fun. Did this thrilling activity with my beloved wife on elephant beach, really loved it. The waters were crystal clear and the underwater marine life was just fantastic. We had experienced divers with us when we did this activity. So many colourful fishes, corals, it was just amazing.
Best place for snorkelling. The view of the whole place was just WOW! Snorkelling was really fun and we saw many colourful fishes and corals, the location was really perfect.
Went to do this snorkelling activity in Elephant beach, just loved it totally. The warm water with the sun made our adventure a lot more thrilling one. Saw many fishes , corals and small turtles as well. We had experienced divers with us during the whole activity.
With this thrilling adventure at Elephant beach our whole Andaman trip became a lot lovelier. We had a great time doing the snorkeling activity. The underwater world was just wow, so many beautiful corals and the small colourful fishes were really amazing. The beach was really stunning as well.
It was just fantastic, never saw the marine life from such a close encounter. Really loved it a lot, the boat service from Havelock jetty was great too, we were provided with life jackets during the trip. The view of the whole place was just break taking. Andaman will always remain special for me.
Booked this package through Thrillophilia, great package I should say. The booking process was hassle free and instant confirmation.
I just loved the whole location, the arrangements have been made really good, the package was decent for such a great experience. Best 30 minutes of my life.

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