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4 Days Andaman Backpackers Delight

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5 Days Andaman Honeymoon Tour: Create the Chapters of Love

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6 Days Exotic Andaman Package with Neil Island Stay

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Experience Offbeat Andaman in 8 Days

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4 Days Andaman Honeymoon Tour with Dinner Cruise

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5 Days Andaman Honeymoon with Romantic Candle Light Dinner

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6 Days Honeymoon in Andaman with Beachside Stay

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7 Days Romantic Andaman Honeymoon Tour

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5 Days Economical Andaman Nicobar Tour Package

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6 Days Fascinating Andaman Tour with Flights

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7 Days Andaman Tour with Neil & Baratang Excursion

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8 Days Andaman Tour with North Bay & Ross Island Trip

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Scuba Diving in Andaman

Scuba Diving in Andaman

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Sea Walk in Andaman

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Dolphin Glass Bottom Boat Ride in Andaman

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Snorkeling and Kayaking at Havelock Island

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  • There are many wonderful beaches in Port Blair, the capital of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. It is one of the favourite picnic spots for tourists due to its calm and serene atmosphere as well as adventure sports activities. Port Blair is the heart of Andaman and Nicobar Islands where people from all around the world come to spend some quality time with their families or alone as a tourist to explore the city.

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    The beachesis where visitors usually like to spend most of their time at soaking some sun, getting a tan and relaxing on the sunbeds. Thebeachesoffers the place where everybody can enjoy some time according to their own style and comfort; do water sports, sip a beer or just swim. There are many exotic beaches which are known for their soothing natural beauty and that add more fun and excitement to your Port Blair holiday trip. Travellers often find both, tranquility and adventure here.

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    Those who just want to enjoy the weather and clear blue water, and love thrill activities and adventures are welcome to the beaches in Port Blair where there is no scope for disappointment. Some of the many beaches in Port Blair include Corbyn’s Beach, Collinpur Beach, Wandoor Beach, North Bay Beach, and MundaPahar Beach. The atmosphere on any of these beaches feel like being in a world surrounded by sun kissed sandy beaches, azure crystalline lagoons, mysterious tropical rainforests, dazzling corals and spectacular starlit skies. You must not miss checking our Pocket Friendly Package of Andaman (Flat 18% Off).

    It is only in the captivating destination of Andaman Islands that these unreal visuals transform into a reality. Plenty of visitors and tourists from all corners of the globe visit these islands every year, attracted not only by its historical significances, but also by its mesmerizing natural beauty. All these beautiful beaches are the favorite picnic spots of tourists due to its calm and serene atmosphere. These beaches also offer a perfect opportunity for adventure enthusiasts too. 

    Here are some of the best beaches in Port Blair:

  • 01Laxmanpur Beach

    Laxmanpur Beach is considered to be as the sunset point for the visitors. Once more clean beach of Andaman with nice view of sunset point. It is a picturesque waterfront covering an immense stretch of area of Laxmanpur Village. The beach is covered with the blanket of white shells over the sand contrasting to the blue sea and is abounded with many corals and sea shell, often collected by the visitors as souvenirs.

    White shell sand with shallow waters and dead corals make it a perfect spot for snorkeling as well. The serenity of the beach offers stunning panoramic view especially when the sun sets on the horizon. The wide beaches become a perfect evening walk where in one hand you are suited with such atmosphere and tranquility and on the other hand with such divinity of sunset. 

    Activities: Laxmanpur Beach is an ideal place for many of such activities like swimming and sunbathing.

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  • 02Wandoor Beach

    Wandoor Beach
    Wandoor Beach is one of the popular beaches in Port Blair and one of the famous places to visit in Andaman, that lies at a distance of about 25 kms in the east of Port Blair. It is a pictorial beach and a major tourist attraction that grab visitor's attention and interest. This beautiful beach is ideal for witnessing the colourful corals and enjoying swimming. With calm and clean blue water, the beach offers soothing ambience to chill and spend quality time. There are smartly constructed changing rooms and benches built for the convenience of the visitors.

    As located near Port Blair, Wandoor Beach is easily accessible by the tourists visiting Andaman. If you are an adventure lover, then you can take a short trek to natural caves formed over the passage of time by high tides which enclose the beach. The picturesque scenery of the beach makes it ideal for swimming and coral sighting. If you’re the adventure junkie, then a short trek to the natural caves here is just the thing for you.

    The caves, formed over decades, have been carved by fierce high tides that surround the beach. The challenging trek is best taken up in the morning because the tides are low and you’re able to get back by early evening. Overall, the calm and beautiful scenes of Wandoor beach are worth a visit for a soothing experience with the cave trek adding just the right amount of adrenaline.

    Activities: swimming and coral sighting
    Jolly Buoy Island Adventure

    Jolly Buoy Island Adventure

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    lJolly Bouy Island

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  • 04Collinpur Beach

    You have read about the many places in Andaman and Nicobar Islands, there is another wonderful addition to the list of all the beautiful places to see and enjoy within this group of islands, Collinpur. This island is only about 36 kilometres from the city of Port Blair and can be easily accessed via road, only from Corbyn Cove. But unlike the latter, the Collinpur Beach, is not at all allowed crowded as it is not considered to be among the major attractions of the region.

    The best part about a visit to this beach is that, if you are a lone traveller or a couple, seeking privacy and peace, then you are most likely to find solace here, as it is almost empty. It seems like a heavenly, untouched beauty which you can enjoy and keep all to yourself. Apart from this virgin beach itself, there are quite a few advantages of being at this beach as it is quite strategically located.

    Several renowned tourist attraction spots are very easily accessible via this specific beach like Cellular Beach is only 1 km away from Collinpur Beach, the famous Ross and Smith Island, the historical Anthropological Museum is just 1.9 km away from this beach.

    Activities: Apart from sunset and sunrise views, plenty of people come for an Andaman and Nicobar trip to see this beach, to identify the rare species appear in multiple colours and size.
  • 05North Bay Beach

    North Bay Beach
    North Bay Island is another most visited attraction. There are amazing activities in Port Blair, like rich coral reefs and amazing water activities here attracts tourist from all over the globe. Located nearer to Phoenix Jetty of Port Blair, this beach is also very famous for underwater corals. Snorkeling and scuba diving activities are also available in North Bay. There are one-day package trips include North Bay, Viper Island and Ross Island. You can also take an Andaman cruise to explore the beauty of the region. 

    Coral island with white sand beaches and surrounded by the pristine beauty of Nature. The sea has gifted this island with all the splendour to attract any sea loving human. The Coral reefs are gorgeously decorated by nature to stun the visitor. The corals at North Bay are rather good and spread over large area. You're very likely to spot many fish, a lobster, or even clams on the coral reef. North Bay is definitely one of the best beaches in Port Blair that one must visit during his trip.

    Activities: It is an ideal place for scuba diving and snorkelling

    You can also check out our guide on things to do in Andaman, which will help you plan your trip. 
    Sea Walking at North Bay

    Sea Walking at North Bay

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    lNorth Bay Island

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  • 06Corbyn's Cove Beach

    No one comes to Port Blair for the beach, but if you need a break from town, Corbyn’s Cove has a small curve of sand backed by palms. This is one of the most sought-after beaches in Port Blair. The coastal road here is a scenic journey and passes several Japanese WWII bunkers along the way. Located 7km south of town, auto-rickshaw costs Rs150, or you can rent a motorcycle. Crocodiles are occasionally spotted in the area.

    Secluded, and unspoilt, the Corbyn's Cove beach is just 8 kilometres from the City centre and a prominent sightseeing place in Andaman. With pleasant blue sea water and lush green coconut palms, the beach allows visitors to relax alongside and enjoy several water sports available on the shore of the beach. Further, the beach is also a perfect location for taking pleasure of sunbathing, swimming and surfing.

    This coconut palm fringed beach is surrounded by Andaman hotel and small offering refreshments and food. From here, tourists can also visit the Snake Island, which claims to have a lot of deadly snakes. The snake island is also known for colourful corals, mesmerizing fishes and rock faces. One can take a motorboat to land on this island. 

    Activities: Some of the water activities include scuba diving, surfing, and boating
  • 07Munda Pahar Beach

    Image Credit :
    Pinpointed at a considerable distance of about 25kms from the capital city of Port Blair exists the very exotic Munda Pahar Beach. The luxuriant green mangrove lumps, the tweeting birds, the rich dense forests and the crystal clear waters all seem to add up the magnificence of the Munda Pahar Beach.The beauty of the place is such that it creates a charm on its visitors. The Munda Pahar Beach is one of the most visited beaches of the Andaman Islands.

    Residing in the lap of nature, the Munda Pahar Beach is truly a sight to behold. The Munda Pahar Beach is a mind blasting beach with an extensive collection of birds possessing over 46 varieties of endemic birds. The Munda Pahar Beach has become a dwelling place for these vibrant, pulsating and beautiful birds. The Munda Pahar beach, being an inseparable and significant part of the Andaman Islands is of splendid tourism value. The beach tends to create a charm on innumerable tourists who keep flocking to the place all through the year.

    If one is travelling to Port Blair then he must go to have a dip at the Munda Pahad Beach 2-3 km away from Chidiya Tapu. It’s an extremely good beach, with white soft sand and absolutely clear water. There are hardly any waves so children can enjoy the shallow waters for a distance. There are also some interesting warning signs at the beach, for crocodiles and sharks, but there is a huge boat patrolling the waters and nothing to worry. It is one of the best beaches in Port Blair.

    Activities: Trekking from MundaPahad

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Adventure in Port Blair

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Nature and wildlife in Port Blair

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Chidiya Tapu

As the name suggests, Chidiya Tapu is the perfect haven for unseen migratory birds and common native birds found in the Andaman Islands. Recognized as the most enchanting beach in Andaman and tourists arrive here on a large scale as the beach extends the best ever sights for them including the eye catching sunrise and sunset views. This is a silent yet crowded beach encircled by evergreen forests on one side and the short hills on the other side. 

As it is considered to be the presenter of the most finishing touch of sunset and sunrise views, it is the main hub in Andaman Islands. The beach is filled with 46 varieties of endangered species of birds, and white spotted deer. There are a lot of seasonal orchids and other varieties of plants.

Highlights: The major attractions of Chidiya Tapu are the Chidiya Tapu Biological Park, the Sylvan Sands, the Munda Pahar Beaches etc. You will be able to stay at a forest guesthouse located nearby atop a hillock and from there, the panoramic view of Chidiya Tapu in detail.

Activities: Apart from sunset and sunrise views, plenty of people come for an Andaman and Nicobar trip to see this beach, to identify the rare species appear in multiple colours and size. Even though many of the birds are commonly found on the beach, you would find it as a unique and unnatural scene to find the colourful gathering of them.

Boating is an attractive activity done here as well as snorkeling and swimming are also a part of the adventure activities usually experienced by those who visit here.

Distance from Port Blair: It is located about 25 kms from Port Blair.



All fans of eco-tourism should pack their bags and have an exciting vacay at Diglipur when they are visiting Andaman. It is famous for its green landscapes and its exotic marine life which makes it a must visit for nature lovers. The island is renowned for having many prominent beaches like Kalipur Beach, Ross and Smith Islands, Ramnagar Beach and Pathi Level Beach.

There is also the Saddle Peak Mountain National Park which can be accessed from Diglipur. It is replete with many exciting attractions with rare animals like Andaman wild pig, Andaman hill myna, Andaman imperial pigeon, water monitor, dolphins, whales and the Saltwater crocodile.

A must visit for trekking aficionados, Diglipur is the largest peak in the archipelago of Andaman islands and offers a wonderful sight of its unique wildlife. One of the most visited tourist places in Andaman, Diglipur is sure to leave you enthralled with its gorgeous scenery consisting of glittering white sands, nice weather, lofty palms and its exciting marine life. Diglipur is one of the most serene spots if you forget all the worries of your life and enjoy an eco-friendly holiday.

Highlights: The main attractions of Diglipur are Kalipur Beach, Diglipur National Park, Ram Nagar Beach, Mud Volcano, twin islands of Ross and Smith and Saddle Peak National Park. This place is luxuriant in flora and fauna, which makes it a must visit for wildlife enthusiasts.

Activities: Trekking, Snorkeling, and Mangrove creek safari are some of the activities the activities that one can enjoy on their holiday in Diglipur island.  Beach combing, sunbathing, surf riding, swimming, fishing, bird watching, trekking in Jungle, sailing, kayaking are some other activities not to be missed here.

Distance from Port Blair: Diglipur is at a distance of 290 km by road from Port Blair.

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