55 Places to Visit in Srilanka, Tourist Places & Top Attractions


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Think of Sri Lanka and what springs to mind? Beaches and Buddha, temples and tree clad hills. Heady metropolitan sophistication? Not so much, right? But after 5 years of the civil war between government and Liberation Tigers of Tamil eelam, Colombo has transformed itself. From a shabby sprawl, to be skirted enroute the beaches of south, Colombo has become a confident Cosmopolitan. Largest city and former capital of Sri Lanka, originally Kalantotta(“Kelani ferry”) was corrupted to Kolumbu by Arab traders and was changed to Colombo by Portuguese. Colombo is a burgeoning must see tourist place in Sri Lanka today. It is no longer that boring city that you simply had to get away with it when on your way to the Southern Beach but is rather a worthy holiday destination in its own very right that demands a definite visit when in the country.

City’s major sections are the old area of narrow streets and colorful market stalls; modern commercial and government area and a wealthy residential and recreational area. Along with the shady paths, the legacies of the colonial Colombo’s garden roots are indeed unmarred with its garden roots. While Pettah brims with boisterous commerce and shopping hubs, Fort restores its historic colonial architecture. Even the congested Galle Rd is getting swanky with its gleaming hotels, resorts and stays. On the other hand, the seafront gains massively from the new roads which are stimulating hotel construction. The urbane side of Colombo supports further more stylish galleries, eateries and museums. Marvels are plentiful in the old quarters where one can avail succulent local food and tiny convivial cafes or characterful shops..

Adding to this charm, the tourist places in Colombo include some of the historic Buddhist temples, monuments and places that showcase the socio-cultural richness of the place. Being famous for its Nightlife, Colombo has numerous trendy bars, pubs and lounges. Hotels are well-equipped with modern amenities, therefore making them well-placed in the hospitality sector. There are all kinds of restaurants here, serving scrumptious Sri Lankan meals that have gained global popularity with their blend of fiery spices, rich flavours and unique textures. With everything it has to offer, this city is indeed an interesting start or even end to your Sri Lankan ventures and adventures

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This historic city of Sri Lanka is located on the country’s southwest coast, and is famous for its portuguese heritage and dutch colonial buildings. The best tourist places in Galle includes grand museums, mansions, churches and mosques. Offering the ocean and pretty sunsets, the beautiful city of Galle was founded by the portuguese in the sixteenth century, and you will find the city embracing its ancient heritage every inch. Galle will remind you of its dutch and portuguese lineage, a town famous for its rich Sri lankan cuisine, pepper pot towers and bastions. The city gives you a Mediterranean feel with its bright sunny skies, beaches and blue waters, rainforests of Kanneliya and Hiyare, the city’s narrow lanes lined with various shops that sell you everything from intricate jewellery to shoes and garments.

If you visit Galle between November and April, you can drop by a Mirissa to see the largest animal on the planet; a blue whale. For a beach lover who loves the ocean and the warm sun, there’s no better place to go other than this tropical retreat. The rainforests of Kanneliya and Hiyare are famous for the nature walks they offer, you will see small animals and an excellent diversity when it comes to the flora and fauna. To sum it up, the tourist places in Galle offers you a variety like no other place in the country.

You can explore historical buildings, relax at any beach, go scuba diving, go cliff jumping at Flag Rock, go for safaris, discover the city and its culture on foot, shop artefacts, go for nature walks, and simply relax at your hotel while enjoying the tropical spirit. You can even go on boat trips in the Indian ocean; you may be able to spot humpback whales, dolphins, blue whales, sperm whales etc. The Sri Lankan cuisine has been largely influenced by the Dutch cuisine, as you will find from the dishes.

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Rated among the major cities of Sri Lanka, Kandy is a special city. Surrounded by dense forests and mountain ranges, acquiring a height of 500 meters from the sea level, the tourist plces in this town gives you a feeling that you are living in a modern valley. Nature supports this place immensely and makes it the city with a pleasant climate. A city with lakes and special landscapes is always a delight when you plan to spend some romantic evenings and playful late nights while mooning around.

Kandy has a rich historical background covering the major events of the medieval era and colonial era. Every square inch of this nicely planned town has a piece of Sri Lankan history to share with you. You can feel the pulse of royalty in some colonial architecture and feel the divine blessings while visiting a large temple where science meets religion and together they try to explain the complexity of life. The Colonial-era constructions left an imprint on various cities of the world, current generations term these imprints as "old world charms." While moving in the capacity of a tourist, Kandy gives you this opportunity to capture the old world charm where the ambiance of the city plays a pivotal role and transports you into the world where things were easier and more enjoyable. For many of you, it can also become a travel in time when you will visit this nice city that has a mystique associated with it.

If you wish to explore the evolution of a cityscape and witness that how historical factors contribute to it, then the town of Kandy is the right place for that. Check out the map of the city drawn in 1815 and visit the present city. You will understand the point that we are trying to make here, also about the tourist places in Kandy. The town of Kandy added a value to its legacy and never changed its roots for the sake of development. This one virtue makes this town worth a visit.

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Rock gently in the mild breeze, slip into a hammock and crack open a coconut, assuring that the hours, days or may be weeks’ slip by calmly. That’s Mirrisa or for you! It is a small town located on the Southern Cost of Sri Lanka in the Matara District of the Southern Province. Situated at an elevation of 4 meters above the sea level, Mirrisa lies at a distance of about 240 km from Colombo and 4 km south east of Wligama. It is a small yet quickly developing beach of Sri Lanka.

Modern resorts envelope the beach and there is a myriad of simple cafes along the sand that may well seem to appear and vanish with the tides. At present, the government is taking measures in context to the sand encroaching constructions and has put an absolute ban on it for the time being however, since the tourists visiting here is rising every year, the ban may soon see a lift. None the less, the beach and the nightlife here make it a prominent tourist attraction. Being a massive fishing port, people swamp in large numbers to fish here.  Other activities common here include dolphin and whale watching.  

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Nuwara Eliya, which literally means, ‘City of Light’, is the coolest city of Sri Lanka. The picturesque landscapes of this beautiful city will surely blow your mind if you love visiting hill stations. With the highest mountain peak in Sri Lanka, Nuwara Eliya boasts on its natural beauty.

Nuwara Eliya is also the prime tea producing land in Sri Lanka. With is lush green terraces, it produces some high quality aromatic tea. Due to its cool climate in a hot and humid country like Sri Lanka, Nuwara Eliya is also referred to as ‘Little England’. During the winters, the nights are chilling. But as soon as the day breaks, the place gets warm and comfortable.

In April, the natives of Nuwara Eliya celebrate Tamil New Year by taking out band carnivals on the street. If you are planning to come down to the city of lights during the festivals, you might not get an accommodation in the hotels easily.

The main attraction of this city is the highest peak in Sri Lanka named Pidurutalagala, which is 2524 m high. The other attractions include a beautiful golf course, an oasis named Victoria Park, Lake Gregory, and many more alluring tourist spots.

If you have a query like where to stay and where to eat in the city, here are some suggestions. The Blackpool Hotel, Heritance Tea Factory, Jetwing St. Andrew’s, Stafford Bunglow, etc., are few good places for your stay. Grand Indian, Salmiya, Mackwoods’s Labookellie Tea Centre, etc., are great ideas to visit and dine in.

If you want a happening nightlife in Nuwara Eliya, visit 19th Hole Pub for some good drinks. If you are wondering where to shop in this city and you can bargain hard, visit Cargil’s. There you will get a lot of stuffs cheaper than other markets. Happy shopping!

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The district city of Hambantota is located towards the extreme south of Sri Lanka. The city was completely destroyed by tsunami in 2004, but now it is growing up to be the 2nd major city in Sri Lanka after Colombo. Hambantota is well-known for its biodiversity. There are approximately 20 wildlife sanctuaries and national parks in the entire Hambantota district. You will encounter a lot of colourful and magnificent birds in the parks and sanctuaries. Not only birds, you will find many other animals which are rare in other sanctuaries. There are some heritage sites too in Hambantota like Buddhist temples and stupas.

Hambantota, being a city, has a happening nightlife. You can enjoy in one of the many nightclubs and bars like Café Chill Out, various hotel bars, etc. The food in Hambantota is just mouth-watering. You will get to choose from a variety of sea foods like crabs, lobsters, etc. Some of the good restaurants are Bojun Hala, Jade Garden Restaurant, and Sera.

You must be thinking where to stay in Hambantota. Well, you have a plenty of choices to choose from. The best sea facing hotels are Shangri-La’s Hambantota Resort and Spa, Peacock Beach Hotel, Hotel Camellia, and a lot more of them. If you are a shopaholic, you will get a lot of junk jewelleries, fancy showpieces, shells, etc. to buy from the road-sides. There you have malls too to hang out.

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A quaint hamlet dotted with lush green tea plantations, Ella is a heavenly abode for nature buffs and peace seekers. This small town in Sri Lanka captivates the hearts of travellers with its adventurous mountain hikes, beautiful spice gardens and stunning waterfalls. From the pleasant environment of Nine Arches Bridge and Little Adam's Peak to the breathtaking waterfalls like Ravana Falls and Bopath Falls, Ella is truly nature's treat. With its historical tourist spots such as Ravana Caves and Dhowa Rock Temple, it will also offer you a vivid glimpse into its glorious past.

One can't bid goodbye to this beautiful town without visiting the Uva Halpewatte Tea Factory. The largest of all the tea factories in Sri Lanka, Uva is known not only for its picturesque surroundings but also for its delicious teas. The town also boasts of several vantage points from where you can relish the birds-eye view of the surrounding places. One of such spots is Porawagala, which offers you a sneak-peek into the dense forests, valleys, and green pasture land. Ella also houses a large number of temples and monasteries which offer a sneak-peek into the culture and traditions of this place.

Muthiyangana temple, Dhowa Rock temple, and Mahamevnawa Monastery are some of the popular spiritual spots in the town. With its unique blend of beauty, spirituality, peace, and adventure, it has emerged as the most sought-after tourist location in Sri Lanka. Whether you wish to head for an enthralling hike or soak in the spectacular sunset view, this place has something for everyone. The beautiful town of Ella is home to several old-style bridges and structures from the World War era which add its visual appeal. If you want to take a break from your hectic life and escape into nature, Ella is a perfect holiday destination for you.

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The remnants of Anuradhapura are unequivocally the most expressive sites of South Asia. This sprawling complex is composed of an opulent collection of architectural and archaeological marvels: gigantic brick towers, crumbling temples, humongous dagobas and archaic pools that were all constructed during the rule of Anuradhapura which went on for several thousand years. At present, most of the sites here remain in use solely as temples and holy places. Incessant ceremonies retain the very ebullience and buoyancy of Anuradhapura which is a stark reverse of the the ambience at Polonaruwa.     

Present day, Anuradhapura is significantly different. It is rather engaging albeit sprawling city. Its main street is orderly in comparison to the the ugly concrete agglomerations found elsewhere. This saintly city was entrenched around a cutting from the 'tree of enlightenment' which is supposedly the Buddha's fig tree. Legends say that in the 3rd century B.C, the tree was brought there by Sanghamitta who was the founder of an order of Buddhist nuns.  

Ceylonese’s religious and political capital, Anuradhapura bloomed for 1300 years but was then eighty-sixed post the invasion in 993. Shrouded in the dense jungles for several years, this magnificent tourist place with its breathtaking places to see, resorts, monuments, palaces and monasteries is accessible all over again.  

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Hikkaduwa is a small town in extreme south of Sri Lanka. This is a place with a great beach, perhaps the second best in Sri Lanka. If you love surfing, Hikkaduwa is your paradise. This small town was hit by tsunami in 2004 and was totally destroyed, killing a lot of locals and tourists. There is a tsunami photo museum too which you must visit to see the damages that Hikkaduwa suffered. Since then, it’s re-growing from scratch.

There are a lot of tourist spots in Hikkaduwa. The beach is the prime attraction. Apart from the sea, there are national parks, Buddhist monasteries, really good restaurants, and many more places to pay a visit. In short, Hikkaduwa is a complete tour package.

The food in Hikkaduwa is mouth-watering. As it is situated near the sea, you will get great sea-foods in the beach side shacks and restaurants including shrimps, clams, oysters, crabs, octopuses, etc. There are tasty options for the vegetarians too like tropical fruits.

The nightlife in Hikkaduwa is not much famous. You will get some night clubs and bars in the town but they aren’t that much known. There are a lot of hotels and resorts facing the sea, you can choose one of them for your stay. Your hotel or resort might organise a whole night party on weekends.

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Most of us tend to talk about the African safari but in the process, forget that even the beautiful and one of the largest continents – Asia too consists of a range of unique ecosystems that connects to the country of India by another place called Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is known for many things especially its range of largest safaris and the beautiful city of Harbarana.

One can simply enjoy a stroll through this city by witnessing the numerous contrasts of green and ethnicity of the whole country. The elephant being one of the most significant animals there – there are numerous other animals that will come to sight too.

Harbarana is actually quite small when we speak about its geographical occupation in Sri Lanka. Situated in the Anuradhapura district, the city is perfect for visitors as not only is there a range of varied activities that they can choose from but also has numerous mid-range and up hotels aimed at package tourists. Avid travelers will know that Harbarana also serves as a departure point for numerous locations of greater interest.

Harbarana is a popular tourist destination especially for safari-lovers. There are special sessions conducted in the Habarana jungle and the Minneriya sanctuary that takes visitors through the beautiful and rich flora and fauna that is singular to the place. Other primary attractions of the place include the ruins of the fortress Sirigiriya, the roads that lie between Colombo and Trincomalee, Polonnaruwa and Batticaloa and its delicious food.

The area has some of the best hotels and the wild life and greenery just adds extra value to the place.

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Udawalawe has grasslands and is one of the wild life sanctuaries in Sri Lanka. The Udawalawe National Park is a home to many wild animals, birds, and reptiles. You will find many water birds and elephants in this sanctuary. 200 kilometers from Colombo is Udawalawe National Park, spread across more than thirty thousand hectares, and things to do here. You can take open safaris at this place and trek in a few areas. The climate at this park is uniform throughout the year except for the rainfalls. Rich in vegetation and wild life, you will find species of many shrubs, trees that cover most of the forest and grassland.

You can book the luxury resorts near the national park for a stay and take safaris to have a look at the wildlife. These look similar to savannah reserves in Africa. This is one of the dry regions of Sri Lanka. You will find waterfalls in a few areas of this region. This is one of the popular tourists places when you visit Colombo in Sri Lanka. There are temples, dams, rivers, waterfalls, caves, and hot water springs that you can visit in these areas. Especially, during the flowering season the wild jasmine and many other species of plants and flowers bloom and make this place look scenic.

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Ohiya is a small village in the Uva Province of Sri Lanka, which is one of the most famous off-beat destinations for tours famous among bag packers and solo travelers as well as those who want to get themselves lost to nature. It is a refreshing retreat for those who are desperately looking for means to unwind their souls, usually tired of the hectic city life and want to get away from the hustle and bustle of urban life.

Ohiya is mainly a trekking and nature hotspot and an ultimate destination for those who have a fetish for trekking, hiking and mountaineering, especially through dense, thick green forests while being surrounded by thick fog which sets chills down your body.

Ohiya is without any doubt one of the most scenic places in Sri Lanka and the most amazing aspect of it is that no matter what the weather is, you will see views which will be imprinted on your minds for your entire life. No matter how many days you spend at this tranquil destination, you will always wish to extend your trip on the last day, because there is nothing like a holiday destination with so much of peace and calm for its guests.

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Situated on the Colombo-Kandy Road, Kegalle is a large agriculture based town mainly producing rice and rubber. There are few graphite mines in the town. But the main tourist attraction is an elephant breeding park. Apart from this, there are two other organisations working on elephant welfare. Apart from Kegalle, you can visit some nearby destinations like Hikkaduwa and Yala National park. The fantastic place of Kitulgala in Kegalle district is a complete tour package on its own. You can do a lot of water sports in the three rivers of Kitulgala like water rafting, kayaking, confidence falls, etc. Other than these, you can also organise night camps in the jungle. There are a lot of homestays and hotels in Kegalle for your hospitality. Some suggestions for good hotels are Hotel Heshani, Aarya Hotel, Hotel Elephant Bay, Hotel Elephant Lobby, etc. You will also get private resorts in Kegalle like Wijaya Bunglow. The nightlife in Kegalle is not so much famous, it being a suburban. Still you will find some bars and nightclubs in the town like Planters Club. You can have a drink there and enjoy a cosy evening. Are you wondering where to eat in Kegalle? Here are some good restaurant suggestions for you like Channa, a Japanese restaurant; Ambasewana; Ken Food Center, etc. If you love shopping, you will get some malls in Kegalle to satisfy your shopping craves like Athukorala Shopping Centre.

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Matale often spelled (or pronounced) as Mathale is a mid size regional city that geographically lies in the heart of the island. Located 142 km from Colombo, is nestled at an elevation of 300 meters in an expansive dense valley. Aa bland urban sprawl with a congested one way system, Matale doesn’t see too many tourists. So it is quite possible for you to wish to not dawdle here for long. However, the road that lies towards the north of the town is encrusted with an array of welcoming spice plantations where cocoa, rubber, vanilla, cardamom, cinchona and jackfruit thrive. This is not all. This Sri Lankan town is also popular for kohila (an acqutic plant/herb) as well as small benign chilies.   

Traversing east of Matale, through the Knuckles range, you’ll come across some striking mountain views. The B38 goes uphill from the northern end of the town and takes you to the Rattota whereas the other roads going south west will head you to the hill villages of Karagahandala and Elkaduwa before finally leaving you to Victoria Reservoir and Kandy. It is pristine, beautiful and a little backward in terms of development, but a single visit here when touring the other cities of Sri Lanka is very well worth it.    

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Sabaragamuwa is a province in Sri Lanka, the island country and is one of the first level administrative places of the country. Apart from being a destination of civil importance, this place is a pure retreat for tourists, mainly because of its indigenous yet important culture which it has to showcase.

A home to various natural cascading waterfalls, elephant orphanages and sites of religious importance like temples and shrines, Sabaragamuwa is a place where you will have one of the most unique experiences. It is indeed not like most of the tourist places which are over-crowded and expensive, but is full of purity and calmness, with everything authentic.

This place will show you a perfect blend of culture, respect and perseverance of wildlife, adventure and everything else you wish to see on an off-beat destination tour. This place is suitable for tourists of all age group and preferences because what it has to offer cannot be a disappointment for any one. Right from nature’s serenity to adventures to man-made tourist pleasures, this place is a retreat for all who seek to have a vacation where they can successfully unwind their souls by taking a break from the hustle and bustle of city life which everyone is fed up of.

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Dehiwala-Mount Lavinia is the second largest municipality of Sri Lanka after the capital city Colombo. With a decent population, this suburb of Colombo lies immediately south of the Colombo Municipality. The colourful suburb is an amalgam of certain principal urban communities and suburbs that are combined for the administrative purposes. Home to the National Zoological Gardens of Sri Lanka which still happens to be the largest of the kind in Asia, the Mount Lavinia and Dehiwala are both located along the Galle Road Artery which runs along the coast leading you to the South of the country.

This Municipality of Sri Lanka comprises of 7 key areas including Mount-Lavinia, Ratmalana, Kalubowila, Nedimala, Attidiya, Kohuwala and Dehiwala. All of these destinations have a number of places to see to keep you engaged and interested. Not too far away from the Colombo city, you definitely must come here for a day trip or even stay here overnight in one of the prominent resorts, guesthouses or hotels located here.

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Point Pedro is a beautiful town that lies in the Jaffna District of Sri Lanka. It lies in the northern most point of the island. In the year 2004, this area was badly devastated by the Tsunami. Locals say that fishing boat were located 1 km inland. Here the shore line is magnificent given its coral reef offshore and misty white sandy beach. The sea here is shallow and not a very good spot for swimming. From here, you’ll pass through the succession of the tiny hamlets where you can even spot few sharks.   

The crumbling Point Pedro is the second town in the Jaffna peninsula. It has a few evidences of an ingrained colonial style. The settlements are poor and irregular here. However, you may struggle to find a place to eat.  The town has a bus station that is located 100 meter southwards. Eastern coast of the town is 3 mile wide with a 20 mile long beach that is brimming with sand dunes that may go up to a height of 100 feet often sprawling to Thalayady. The soil here is porous and has a water table deep underground which has an estimated one billion litres of fresh water. Given its geography, Point Pedro is a great tourist attraction of Sri Lanka.

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Jaffna is slowly and steadily re emerging as the citadel of the Hindu art, culture and tradition. Despite all odds, it is once again welcoming the visitors and looking forth to rise again. It is an unimposing, intriguing as well as the most unfrequented destination that can be a roughly rewarding place to invest days when you wish to experience, discover and live the Tamil and Sri Lankan culture.  

Certainly, decades of embargoes, war, emigration as well as loss of life and property have deeply affected the historic Tamil town. More so, for tourists who come here from the south, the impact of all this is very evident given its bombed churches, ruined homes as well as the civic buildings pockmarked by the shrapnel and bullets which are every bit part of the scene. Around one in five structure of the city has faced the war damage. However, all this has now been left behind and the people see Jaffna for its insights into the Tamil people.  It is also an ideal base for the forays to the idyllic islands just towards the west as well as the trips along the coastline along with the lagoons of the nearby peninsula.   

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Located towards extreme south in Sri Lanka, Unawatuna is a beach city. 108 km south of Colombo, it is one of the major tourist attractions in Sri Lanka. The city is rich in biodiversity. Unawatuna is bird-watchers’ paradise. You can spot more than about fifty species of birds there on the Rumassala Hills. The rare birds seen there are a variety of bulbuls, barbets, sunbirds, swallows, crows etc. There are a number of coral reefs too that you just can’t afford to miss.

If you love scuba diving, or haven’t tried yet, head to Unawatuna to get a lifetime memory. There are a lot of historical places in Unawatuna like museums and temples. A 2300 years old heritage temple is there in the main city of Unawatuna. You must also visit a peace pagoda near the Jungle Beach.  The other adventurous activities that you must try are surfing, water biking, snorkelling, etc.

The local food of Unawatuna is just delicious. You will get the best of sea foods. There are a lot of beach-side restaurants that offers great food and drinks.

The nightlife in Unawatuna is not much famous. Small parties are organised by the resorts on the beaches during weekends. Some happening places for nightlife in Unawatuna are Koha Surf Lounge, 680 Blue, etc.

The other nearby places that you can visit are Dalawla, Thalpe, Weligama, Tangalla, Mirissa and Dondra.

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Gampola is a small town that is located in the Kandy District. Nestled in the Central Province of Sri Lanka, the town is governed by the Urban Council. In the mid 14th century, the King Buwanekabahu IV made Gampola the capital of the island. This island was ruled for four years by the King. The last king of the region was the King Buwanekabahu V. He was in charge of the island for some 3 decades. A separate city was built in Kotte during the same time by a noble referred to as the Alagakkonara. In the Saliyalapura Temple of Gampola the longest sleeping Buddha statue is located which attracts a number of Buddha followers.

Gampola is a very small town of Kandy so there are barely few attractions found in this region. However, the little attractions that it does have can capture your eye. So, why not visit the place and decide for yourself? You can be assured to find some phenomenal tourist attractions located here. So, do go ahead and plan a visit.

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Moratuwa is the biggest suburb of the Colombo city. Located on the South Western Coast of Sri Lanka, Moratuwa lies in close proximity to the Dehiwala-Mount Lavinia. Lying 18 km South of the Colombo City Centre on the Galle Road or the Galle Colombo main highway. Surrounded by water on three sides, except towards the northern end of the city, Moratuwa is enveloped by Moratu river on the south, Bolgoda lake on the east and Indian Ocean on the west. Sparsely populated, the suburb has a number of places to see and things to do to keep the visitors engaged for long, making it one of the most attractive tourist destination of Sri Lanka.   

The birth place of a hero, Veera Puran Appu who rose against oppression against the British in Kandy, Moratuwa comprises of 24 key areas – Puwakaramba, Thelawala, Angulana, Indibedda, Kaduwamulla, Moratuwella, Willorawatta, Moratumulla, Katubedda, Idama, Dahampura, Kaldemulla, Lakshapathiya, Soys Puwakaramba apura, Uswatta, Katukurunda, Borupana, Koralawella, Rawathawatta, Uyana, Kadalana, Egoda Uyana, Molpe and Lunawa. All of these areas have an array of attractions that keep the visitors engaged.

Moratuwa is also a prominent trading and fishing center. Sea food here is a hit so you must try the mouth watering sea food at one of the top rated restaurants of the suburb.

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Kadugannawa is a small town situated in the Kandy District in the Central Province of Sri Lanka. It is governed by the Urban Council. Situated along the A1 road that lies west of Peradeniya, the town does not have too many places to see and things to do however, visitors can still undertake a day trip to explore this lesser known city of Sri Lanka. Very well connected to the other parts of the country, you can easily reach the Kadugannawa via the Kadugannawa Railway Station that makes the town easily accessible for the tourists coming here.     

On the direction of William Francis Dawson, the first modern highway on the Colombo Kandy road was built in the year 1820. This highway has also worked well to facilitate ease of transportation within the city. Sadly, before the completion of the highway, William Francis Dawson passed away. In his memory, the Dawson Tower was constructed in the Kadugannawa.

Kadugannawa is a town that most visitors tend to drive through without stopping by. However, if you take our advice, this city is worth taking a break as it has some unsual tourist attractions that can catch your attention. So, while you are out exploring Colombo, do take a stop over and visit this beautiful town.

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Nawalapitiya is a small town located in the Central Province of Sri Lanka. Located in the Kandy District, the town is governed by the Urban Council. Situated at a distance of 38 km from Kandy and 112 km from Colombo, the town lies about 589 meters above the sea level.  

Since, it lies in proximity to Mahaweli Ganga, Nawalapitiya can also be identified as the Peace Town. Here the population is multi cultural mix which has about 14% Muslims, 38% Tamil and 47% Sinhalese. All these people are peacefully coexisting with each other which makes it an exemplary in front of the whole world.

The town holds a pivotal place in locomotive transportation in Sri Lanka as this is one of the three transport division headquarter of the railway. The Nawalapitiya Railway station happens to be the second longest station of Sri Lanka the first one being the Rambukkana. Given the fact, the railway network of the city is huge, it passes through several towns and cities of Sri Lanka. So, if you are on a holiday in any one of the town or city that lies in this network, you must take a train and visit Nawalapitiya. Though the places to see here are less but you must still take a stopover and visit it at least once.  

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Other Attractions

Traditional Puppet Art Museum
Puppet shows are closely related to Sri Lankan culture. Hence this museum is largely responsible for upholding the folk values and traditions of the island nation even today. Since the demand for these shows is quite high, it is better to book your seats early. This place is sure to bring great joy and entertainment for tourists of all age groups. One has to visit the museum to see the expertise with which artisans manage their multi-coloured and attractive puppets.


: Local and international puppet show experts conduct shows at this venue on a regular basis to enthral people who gather here in large numbers.

: This unique museum is located at Dehiwala, in close proximity to Galle.

: The museum is open from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM on all days of the week. 

Approximate price starts from 50LKR per adult
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Negombo Beach
If your nostrils are blown up with the strong fragrance of cinnamon you can be rest assured you are in Negombo. This beautiful beach town 30 kms from Columbo is a perfect reminder of all the European days and is close to Bandaranaike International airport which solves the problem of connectivity, allowing you to be there without much hassle.

Negombo beach is far less when compared to the beauty of other Sri Lankan beaches. For all the fish eating lovers, this is a perfect place to gorge some of the best fishes. Since most of the fishing is done not from the open sea but from the northern end of the lagoon, you would find renowned lobsters, crabs and prawns.

Highlights: You shouldn’t be missing the chance to visit one of the finest eating joint in Negombo, ‘Lords’ where you will find dishes prepared from a combination of western and eastern flavours.
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A visitor’s delight, Colombo is a place of many beautiful tourist attractions. When you are here, do not miss to visit the casinos of the place. These are perfect joints to keep you entertained with their world-class interiors and customised services. The four most attractive casinos in Colombo are Bally’s, Bellagio, MGM Colombo and Marina Colombo. Bally’s is located right in the heart of the city, Bellagio on the main Duplication Road, the highly-sought after MGM, in close vicinity to Majestic City Shopping Mall and Marina, a high-profile casino on the Marine Drive.

Timings: The joints are opened 24/7 on all days of the week.

Price: Approximate price starts from just LKR 100 onwards at joints like Bally’s. That’s not all! You get to taste some awesome dishes as well, while you try your luck at these places.

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Polonnaruwa Sacred City
Just walk into the Golden age by entering the city of Polonnaruwa which is not only its capital but also an ancient kingdom of the Sri Lanka too. You will find some of the ancient remains of palaces, shrines and stupa. Each of these historical remains is blessed with a glorious past of their own.Once you have reached the place it will keep you glued to it that you wouldn’t even realize when time flies by.

Location: Approximately a 5 hour drive from Colombo

Highlights: You shouldn’t miss the chance to see the statue of Parakramabahu I who had his reign during the golden age. You can also witness a spectacular view of the Lotus Pond with its lotus shaped petals built on 4 tiers, the majestic view is not supposed to missed.

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Pasakudah and Kalkudah Beach
Located 35 kms northwest of Batticaloa Pasakudah and Kalkudah are beaches which are quite marvellously adorned with white sands, coral reefs and palm trees all around. The shallow water of the beach makes it an ideal bathing site. Pasakudah beach is known to have a lot of tourists because of its longest stretch of shallow coastline.

Pasakudah beach comes under ‘Special Economic Zone’ with some 14 luxury hotels surrounding it. The waters of these beaches are heated upto bathtub temperatures which makes it ideally suited for swimming. Kalkudah on the other hand was completely destroyed during the civil war of 2004.

Highlights: The beach of Pasakudah is best known for swimming.
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Polhena Beach
You simply can’t overlook the spectacular view of the shady areas along with some good and natural greenery which is available in some of the view beaches of Sri Lanka like polhena located 160kms from colombo. Just let yourself loose in the shady areas of Polhena and enjoy the calmness and quietness of the sea. You can surf into both the fast left and right handers over a reef break which can reach upto 6 ft. You can also watch the popular cetaceans which are not easily available in other beaches.

Highlights: Give a unique spin to your romance by visiting the Crow island which is right in front of Polhena beach which enhances the aesthetic feel of the occasion.
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Open Deck City Sightseeing
Colombo has 3 types of open deck tours. They are – Glimpse of Colombo, Heritage of Colombo and Colombo at night. As the name indicates, the first tour covers the top tourist attractions of the city. In the heritage tour, you will get to witness some ancient architectural wonders. Colombo at night takes viewers through the brilliant monuments of the city during the weekends.

Location: Open decks are available all over the city.

 Do not miss the Colombo at Night tour, as it takes you around illuminated temples and monuments. 

Glimpse of Colombo is between 4:00 PM and 6.30 PM from Monday to Friday; Heritage of Colombo is between 8.30 AM and 12 noon on weekends and Colombo at Night is between 4.30PM and 7.30PM on weekends.

Price: Approximate price starts from 3600 LKR and 1700 LKR for adults and kids respectively; Heritage of Colombo & Colombo at Night tour cost around 4300 LKR and 2200 LKR for adults and kids respectively.
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Minneriya & Kaudulla National Parks
These two national parks in Sri Lanka are only a half hour drive from each other. Situated in the North Central Province, these parks are located near the ancient Minneriya and Kaudulla Tanks. The area has an abundance of scrubs and jungles with wetlands.

Home to toque macaques, crocodiles, elephants and sambar deer, these two parks are rich in biodiversity. Though leopard and sloth bears are also sheltered in the area, it is hard to spot them.

Best For: Getting close to large herds of elephants. Best time to visit is during May to September to watch large number of elephants.

Location: 182-197 KM away from Colombo.

Price: Safari Price is LKR 6,500 for each National Park.

Additional Price: Tickets per adult is LKR 1,500 and per child is LKR 750.

Duration: safari duration is 4 hours.

Timing: Evening Safari 2.30am to 6.30pm and morning safari is 5:00am to 8:00am.
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Bambarakanda Falls, Ohiya
Mark it on your bucket list to visit this one of the most tranquil place while you are in Sri Lanka. With a sheer drop of waterfall from a height of 263 meters Bambarakanda Falls is one of the highest waterfalls in Sri Lanka. The dazzling waterfall lies in the Badulla District among evergreen forest in the Kalupahana Area.

Highlights: The fall is framed by the Uduweriya Haputale Mountain and Kuda Oya, a tributary of Walawe River.

Location: The Bambarakanda Falls is located at Kalupahana - Ohiya Rd, Sri Lanka

Price: The entry is free in the waterfalls
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Dunhinda Falls
Considered as one of the most captivating waterfall in Sri Lanka Dunhinda Falls is a must visit for you in Sri Lanka. This is one of the another best places to visit in Sri Lanka. Cascading from a height of 64 meters creates the most majestic scene when it falls in the pool. Escape to this paradise which is just 5 km from Badulla town. This area was home to the indigenous people – the Veddha tribe. For the best view of the waterfall you can visit this place in the month of June and July.

Highlights: While walking through the Dunhinda Falls you will find many native vendor selling native herbal drinks as refreshment. Try walking to the foot of the waterfalls to catch the best glimpse of the fall.

Location: The Dunhinda waterfall is located at Mahiyangana Road, Sri Lanka

Price: The entry is free of cost.
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This time while you are in Sri lanka don’t miss a chance to visit the Ruwanwelisaya which is famous for its stunning architectural qualities. Sacred to the Buddhist all over the world this stupa was built by King Dutugemunu. The stupa was an ancient ruin in the 19th century but was later renovated after the fundraising by Sinhalese bhikkhu in the early 20th century.

Highlights: Standing tall at an elevation of 338 ft this stupa is one of the world’s tallest monuments. This stupa took 33 years and 3 months to complete.

Location: Ruwanwelisaya is located at Abhayawewa Rd, Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka.

Price: The entry is free while entering this stupa.
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