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Water Sports
COVID-19 : SRI LANKA is in Orange Zone
Last Updated: 09 Sep 2020
Latest Information on Travelling to SRI LANKA?

Entry to Sri Lanka for Leisure Travel is restricted for now. Although, rescue flights are functional from India, Doha, Tokyo, UK and 10+ other destinations.

  • Atleast 5 days of accommodation proof is mandatory on arrival in Sri Lanka
  • Return ticket proof has to be mandatorily presented by travellers on arrival at Sri Lanka
  • A PCR test has to be mandatorily conducted on all arriving travellers in Sri Lanka
  • Travellers arriving from other countries will not be allowed to travel in public transport in Sri Lanka
  • No inter-district travel restrictions for international tourists
  • No quarantine for asymptotic travellers who have negative PCR test report (not older than 72 hours)
  • If on-arrival PCR test results positive or if symptoms are found, quarantine will be arranged in a designated hotel or hospital for 14 days to 21 days depending on the health reports 

Special rescue flights are available from India, Doha, Tokyo, UK and 10+ other destinations.

Local Transport
  • Public transport is operational in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is completely safe to travel to and can be visited as soon as inbound travel begins as it has not recorded any case of COVID-19 within the local communities since April 30. Although, Thrillophilia recommends travellers to follow all guidelines issued by the government and maintain proper personal hygiene to stay safe during their visit.

Sri Lanka prepares to reopen borders to foreign visitors in August Updated: 20 Aug 2020

Sri Lanka plans to reopen its shores to foreign visitors in August after several months of an international travel ban due to the coronavirus pandemic. Although, Initially, only a limited number of small groups of travelers will be allowed into Sri Lanka at a time. Individuals traveling alone will not be permitted to enter the island country.

Sri Lanka get approved as a safe country for tourism by Russia Updated: 14 Aug 2020

Russia has listed Sri Lanka among the 9 countries that are approved for safe tourism after Sri Lanka successfully contains the spread of COVID-19Read More

World Travel and Tourism Council issues Safe Travel Stamp to Sri Lanka Updated: 14 Aug 2020

The World Travel and Tourism Council has recently recognized the safety protocols and standards implemented by Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority (SLTDA) and has awarded it with the safe travel stamp. The safe travel stamp ensures that Sri Lanka is safe for domestic and international travellers.Read More

No new COVID-19 cases in Sri Lanka's local community found since April 30 Updated: 14 Aug 2020

Since April 30, Sri Lanka has not reported any new cases of COVID-19 infection in the local community.

Anantaya Resort & Spa Certified COVID Safe by the Sri Lanka Standards Institution (SLSI) Updated: 14 Aug 2020

Anantaya Resort & Spa Chilaw was recently certified safe for COVID-19 Management Systems by the Sri Lanka Standards Institution (SLSI). Travellers can now stay at the resort safely. Read More

Popular tourist attractions in Sri Lanka to reopen in August Updated: 14 Aug 2020

Various popular tourist attractions in Sri Lanka including Yala National Park, Arugam Bay, Udawalawe National Park, and Trincomalee, will be reopening in August. Read more.

Dashing into the water is your dream then try water sports in Sri Lanka is the place to be. It will give you ample opportunities to have fun, relaxation and your own bit of enjoyment too. Indulge in some extreme thrilling experience of snorkelling, kite surfing and scuba diving which will leave you truly refreshed. These water sports will also allow you to discover the richness of the tropical waters of the Indian Ocean.

If you are not a hard core professional it is best to take the help of a trainer. It is one of the best place for adrenalin junkie and at the same time it will also allow you to taste adventure in its most raw form. It will give you memories which you would never like to forget.

Water Sports in Sri Lanka that you should experience:


White Water Rafting in Kitugala

White Water Rafting in Kitugala
Image Credit : Anuradha Ratnaweera - Flickr

If you have always dreamt of living like Robinson Crusoe, a plunge into the White Water Rafting in Kitugala is worth a shot. You will experience rafting in one of the wettest place in the country – Kitugala. 

This place is located 90 km from Colombo on the banks of the river Kelani River It offers grade three rapids making it an adventurous experience for both the beginners and intermediate rafters.The overall rafting experience will leave you completely thrilled.

Best Time: April to November is the best time to opt for this activity.

Prices: Approximate price ranges from 1500 LKR. 


Scuba Diving at Hikkaduwa

Scuba Diving at Hikkaduwa
Image Credit : aussiediversphuket.com

Bathing in warm Indian Ocean currents is an experience of a lifetime. You will find a wide variety of marine creatures in Sri Lankan waters. From the mighty Blue Whale to the tiny nudibranch, Sri Lanka has it all. 

The friendly locals of the place well complemented with an amazing food make the experience even better. This reef is located off the coast of Mount Lavinia which will never disappoint you. It is home to some of the most beautiful aquatic creatures such as Lionfish, rays, and nudibranch.

Best Time: If you want to dive in the west and south-west coast then October to May is the best time. However, May to October is the ideal time for the northeast coast.

Price: Approximate price starts from 41 USD




If you want to have a good snorkelling tour, it is time for you to test the Sri Lankan waters where you can span for 3 nautical miles in a length. The whole of the south coast of Sri Lanka is filled with such adventurous sports.

If you want the adventure to reach its peak, you can try Bar Reef which is considered to be Sri Lanka’s largest reef.

Highlights: For the best experience, you can try snorkelling in Hikkaduwaa, Weligama and Kirinda.

Best Time: The best time to indulge in this activity is March, April or May.

Prices: Approximate price starts from 410 USD


Lagoon Canoeing Tour at Unuwatuna

Lagoon Canoeing Tour at Unuwatuna
Canoeing is a beautiful experience in Galle and also one of the best activities to do in Galle. Unawatuna is an astounding island where most of the adventure sports happen in Galle. It is brimmed with canals, lagoons, beaches, rivers and reservoirs.

Canoeing can take you in the midst of the Natural beauty of flora and fauna characterised by changing landscapes and fascinating mangroves.

Location: Unuwatuna Lagoon, GalleHours and timings: starts at 8- 8:30 am and comprised of two hours of paddling

 Canoeing trip includes a local guide, water and refreshments and a life jacket. You can reach the Unawatuna Lagoon by a tuk-tuk. You would get to explore coastal flora and fauna untouched by the human civilization, the deeper sector of mangroves etc 

Timing: Morning or Evening time is suitable for this tour.

Price: Approximate price starts from Rs. 2100, per canoe 2 - 3 people can accommodate 

Best Time to Visit:
 November to May

Deep Sea Fishing

Deep Sea Fishing
Image Credit : fishinggadgetshub.com/

If you have a fetish for fishing and searching for a suitable place for fishing then this is a must do activity for you in Sri Lanka. Here the South-West coast is very famous for deep sea fishing. With the provided fishing gears catch some huge fish which will surely make your day.  Another interesting thing is that you will get a chance to explore the exotic marine life of this region. Feel the thrill while deep fishing with a chance to catch fish like Jack Trevally, Spanish mackerel, skipjack tuna, yellow fin tuna, sail fish, marlins, and frigate tuna.

Location:  Hikkaduwa is located at a distance of 17 km North-West of Galle and 98 km south of Colombo.

Best Time: The best time for deep sea fishing in Hikkaduwa is during the month of November until mid-April due to the monsoon.

Price: The approximate price starts from 17800LKR.

26 Ratings
Superb 26 Ratings
26 Ratings Ratings
Sailing in Bentota in Sri Lanka
  • 3H
  • Bentota
  • 3H
₹8,000 ₹7,500
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About the Activity:
  • Climb aboard on your very own chartered boat and cruise through the sea to see the scenery of Bruwela and Bentota.
  • During this three hours journey, starting from 9 AM, while on board, you can relax and revel in a luxurious environment and also learn how to sail.
  • The boat stops at a wonderful cove, where you can take a jump in the waters or go snorkeling and paddle boarding. 
  • Explore and marvel at the sight of the Barberyn island and its light house during the tour.
  • End your amazing sailing trip at around 12 PM.
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Adventure Explore All (42)
Explore All (42)
24 Ratings
Superb 24 Ratings
24 Ratings Ratings
Galle Fishing Tour | Flat 20% off | Guide Included
  • 5H
  • Galle
  • 5H
₹4,100 ₹3,280

About the Galle Fishing Tour:

- This activity will allow you to go Galle fishing like a local fisherman in Sri Lanka. 

- You will get to ride in paddle boats to let you experience the entire fishing process. 

- The operator will provide all fishing equipment. 

- The activity will be conducted at Hikkaduwa Lagoon. 

- Galle fishing tour is a guided by the instructor. 

- An English-speaking guide will walk you through the entire procedure, and teach you the skill of getting a good catch. 

- It has been designed in a way to let one experience a few hours of a fisherman’s life. 

- The duration of this activity is for two hours. 

- Pickup and drop facility is included in the cost of this package. 

- Unwind with relishing lunch at a local restaurant after spending the scheduled hours in the ocean. 

- The cost of tea and lunch is included in this package. 

- You can book this package as a solo traveller or as a group (two-three or four-seven). 

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24 Ratings
Superb 24 Ratings
24 Ratings Ratings
Catamaran Trip at Topaz in Sri Lanka
  • 3H
  • Trincomalee
  • 3H
₹4,967 ₹4,423
About the Activity:
  • Embark in a memorable seafaring experience on a catamaran which will amaze you and ensure a happy fun filled memories as you sail across the sea in Trincomalee.
  • Take the helm of Topaz and enjoy the adrenaline rush of sailing a large catamaran, which provides a rare and unique experience to be remembered.
  • Start your amazing three hours tour either at 9 AM in the morning or at around 3 PM for the afternoon slot.
  • After a coastal navigation in the wild Vandalous Bay, you will moor in the beautiful reef barrier of Elephant Rocks for a swimming, snorkeling and stand-up paddle boarding venture.
  • Visit of Barberyn Island and its pride, the majestic lighthouse and enjoy the sight for a while.
  • End your amazing Catamaran Topaz tour at around 12 PM for the morning slot and at around 6 PM for the afternoon slot. 
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Water Skiing

Water Skiing
Image Credit : upload.wikimedia.org/
Sri Lanka offers best in class waterskiing experience with its beautiful sandy beaches, coral reefs and clear blue water in a backdrop of the tropical atmosphere which remains warm throughout the year. With water ski camps in all the major locations, you can easily learn to ski even if you are a beginner. Let the adrenaline rush through your body when you race with the mighty ocean waves. There are two different climate zones in Sri Lanka namely South-West & North-East. The best time for water skiing on the South West coast is from October to April while on the North East coast the ideal time is from March to November.

Water Skiing
Image Credits : Jeremy Erickson - Flickr

Location: The major locations for water skiing in Sri Lanka are Negombo, Hikkaduwa, Bentota and Kumudu Valley.
Price: Approximate price ranges from 10000 LKR for eleven rounds and 1000 LKR for one round. 

Difficulty Level: Suitable for beginners as well as experts.

Jet Ski

Jet Ski
Image Credit : bluewavejetskirentals.com
With natural scenery, green palm trees, perfect golden beaches, emerald green water and year round warm weather, Sri Lanka is one of the best islands in the world to go for water adventures. Jet Skiing is one of the greatest water sports for those who love to race against the strong tides. Experience the adrenaline rush in your body when the waves of the ocean lift you and feel amazed as you fly through the misty sea.

Jet Ski
Image Credits : castgen - Flickr

Location: Bentota is the centre of all the water sports in Sri Lanka. Located in the Galle district, it provides all sorts of water sports opportunities. Negombo is another location just 15 Km away from Colombo international airport.

Best Time: The best time to visit for Jet Ski is October to April on the south-west coast and March to November on the north-east coast.

Price: Approximate price starts from 3750 LKR for 15 minutes.



One of the most thrilling water sports is windsurfing. The golden beaches of Sri Lanka and the sultry tone of the atmosphere makes it one of the most desired location for windsurfing. The sport requires a certain mix of balance and strength. There are camps in Sri Lanka where you can easily enroll for a course in windsurfing if you are a beginner. The thrilling moments of surfing over the magnificent waves gives a feeling of elation and a bagful of memories to take back.


Location: Bentota and The Colombo Sailing club located on Bologoda Lake are the places to go. The west coast offers more challenging conditions which are preferred by experienced windsurfers.

Best Time: Ideal time is December to March. Other months are July, September, November and April.

Price: Approximate price starts from 1000 LKR for an hour.


Banana & Tube Ride

Banana & Tube Ride
Image Credit : stag.com/
The best water sport for families with low risk and high entertainment is banana ride and tubing. In Banana ride, a long banana shaped boat is pulled by a motor boat at a very high speed, giving you the thrill of your life. In tubing or the tube ride, you will be sitting atop an inner tube and towed by the watercraft across the water. Both recreational activities are perfect for small families who want to have fun together

 Banana & Tube Ride
Image Credits : Big Swede Guy - Flickr

Location: You can enjoy this fun water ride at the water sports capital of Sri Lanka, Bentota. You can also enjoy the sport with your family at Negombo lagoon.

Best Time: The best time to visit is from October to April with less powerful waves and lesser precipitation.

Price: Approximate price starts from 4000 LKR for six people.


Speed Boat Ride

Speed Boat Ride
Image Credit : http://double-barrelledtravel.com/
Feel the ocean wind rushing on your face and hair with the thrilling speed boat rides in the beautiful emerald water of Sri Lankan beaches. A family adventure with negligible safety concerns is an ideal way to spend a few moments of your holiday. Enjoy the ecstasy of traveling in the speed boat with loads of laughter and screams. Ideal for small group of people or families, the speed boat is one exhilarating adventure that you cannot forget.

Speed Boat Ride

Location: Almost all the water sports can be enjoyed at Bentota, Sri Lanka, a coastal area in the district of Galle.

Best Time: October to April is the best time to visit with tropical atmosphere and low precipitation.

Price: Depends on the time of the trip and the speed of the boat. LKR 12,000 for one hour and 85 HP and LKR 15,000 for one hour and 115 HP.



Image Credit : AlGraChe - Flickr

Peel off the waves with your surfs and let the adventure begin! The thrilling experience of surfing will surely leave you with an unforgettable experience for a lifetime. It is one of the famous things to do in Sri Lanka.

Although surfing is available in many Sri Lankan beaches if you want to have a real surfing experience in the warm water you should go to Weligama beach. However, you can also try other beaches like Arugm Bay, Hikkaduwa, Unawatuna and much more to list. 

No matter whether it is your first time or you are a professional, it is always better to understand the water from a trainer to learn the basics of surfing in safe waters.

Best Time: It is different for different beaches but ideally one should visit during November and April.

Prices: Approximate price starts from 8 USD for 3 days.


Kite Surfing in Kalpitiya

Kite Surfing in Kalpitiya
Image Credit : awe365.com/

If you would like to kite in heaven then the Kite Surfing experience in Kalpitiya will leave you with an amazing experience. The Kalpitiya Lagoon is the best place for freestylers and beginners. It is one of the most popular things to do in Sri Lanka.

If you want some training then there are several schools where trained professionals can teach you the art of Kite Surfing. You will find several accommodations in the nearby area which makes it easier for everybody to try this adventure sport.

Location: Kalpitiya is approximately 3 hours from Colombo.

Highlights: Afternoon is the best time to try kite surfing as there are strong winds that are blowing.

Best Time: May to October and December to March.

Price: Approximate price starts from 45 USD


Enjoy Kayaking

Enjoy Kayaking
Image Credit : bloominglankatours.com/
Kayaking and Canoes are nothing but modes of transportation which was once used by fishermen in ancient times. You can try Kayaking in the famous river of Kalu Ganga which flows to the west coast town of Kalutara where it finally meets the Indian Ocean.

While Kayaking you also get a chance to see the fascinating flora and fauna of the nearby areas. You can also try river canoeing in the calm and serene waters of Samanalawewa reservoir which is one of the country’s vast tanks.

Best Time: When it is less windy, October to early May will be a good time to visit.

Price: Approximate price starts from 15 USD per hour. 

Difficulty Level: Medium, should be able to hike 1.5 miles and swim if you are renting.

Sea Plane Ride

Sea Plane Ride
Image Credit : srilankatravelspots.com/
Sri Lanka is endowed with splendid scenic beauty and cultural diversity. The golden beaches, exquisite flora, and fauna, diverse topography, a colourful culture which is more than two thousand years old island beautiful heritage architectures are the experiences to cherish for a lifetime. Let the comfortable Sea Plane ride in Sri Lanka gives you the bird’s eye view of this impressive island. Enjoy the lush green land with paddy fields and tea plantation. Take pleasure in the sights of some of the marvelous ancient architectures and experience the natural scenic beauty unfolding before your eyes in innumerable ways. The rides are available for most parts of Sri Lanka.

Sea Plane Ride

Location: The rides are available from Colombo, Bentota, Batticaloa, Dickwella, Kandy, Koggala, Sigiriya, Trincomalee and many other cities.

: The ride can last from 10 minutes to an hour.

: Approximate price ranges anywhere from LKR 25,000 to LKR 40,000.


Boat Trip in Madu River at Balapitiya

Boat Trip in Madu River at Balapitiya
Image Credit : http://incredibletravels2.blogspot.in/

The sight of Kingfisher waiting for its prey and monkeys nibbling fruits happily while sitting on the branches of the tree is not to be missed. Madu Ganga is the only pristine mangrove forest in Sri Lanka after Bentota. A boat trip to this wonderful place will let you see different variety of plants and animals. 

You will spot 64 island in total in the river and the lagoon. Meanwhile you can also relish the food cooked on cinnamon woods. The boat trip will take you to an island which has housed a Buddhist monastery Kothduwa where the young monks will show you a 150 year old book made of palm leaves.

Best Time: Sometime late in the afternoon when it is not so hot is the best time to opt for the activity.

Price: Approximate price starts from 2300 LKR. 


Duck Paddle Boating at Beira Lake

Duck Paddle Boating at Beira Lake
Image Credit : President Mahinda Rajapaksa
Paddle boat ride on Beira Lake is a must-do thing when you visit Colombo. Various duck paddle boats are available on rent on this lake, for you to enjoy the beauty of the waters.

The sheer thrill that you get by paddling your way along these boats as you encounter some real ducks or swans on the waters is sure to evoke the child within you.

Highlights: One of the major highlights of the lake is the Simamalakha Shrine, located right in the middle of the lake in an island.

Location: The Beira Lake is situated very close to the famous Gangaramaya temple.

Timings: Boat rides are available all through the day, but evenings are better, because you get an excellent view of the illuminated Gangaramaya temple at the background.

Price: Boating charges are around 100 Sri Lankan Rupees for 30 minutes in a two-seater boat. 

Wake Boarding

Wake Boarding
Image Credit : billdoster.com/

There is no end to the curiosity in us when it comes to adventure. If you are visiting Sri Lanka, then don’t miss a chance to try the thrilling water sport Wake Boarding.  Break through the warm waters of Sri Lanka and feel the thrill as the water gushes through you. The best thing about this activity is that you can just opt for it anytime of the day. This will be a double treat for the nature lover, who will not just enjoy the activity but will also soak in the amazing beauty of the region.

Location:  In Sri Lanka, Negombo and Hikkaduwa are the two best places for wake boarding. Due to the perfect water condition with very less current in the river; it is suitable for the beginners as well.

Best Time: The best time to visit for Wake boarding is during the month of October to April.

Price: Approximate price starts from 2225 LKR for 15 minutes.

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