Negombo Beach Overview

If your nostrils are blown up with the strong fragrance of cinnamon you can be rest assured you are in Negombo. This beautiful beach town 30 kms from Columbo is a perfect reminder of all the European days and is close to Bandaranaike International airport which solves the problem of connectivity, allowing you to be there without much hassle.

Negombo beach is far less when compared to the beauty of other Sri Lankan beaches. For all the fish eating lovers, this is a perfect place to gorge some of the best fishes. Since most of the fishing is done not from the open sea but from the northern end of the lagoon, you would find renowned lobsters, crabs and prawns.

Highlights: You shouldn’t be missing the chance to visit one of the finest eating joint in Negombo, ‘Lords’ where you will find dishes prepared from a combination of western and eastern flavours.

Nestled along the western coast of Sri Lanka, Negombo Beach is a picturesque destination often included in Sri Lanka packages. Known for its expansive golden sands and vibrant atmosphere, the beach is a haven for both relaxation and water activities. Visitors can witness traditional fishing communities, explore the bustling fish market, and enjoy a variety of water sports, making it an ideal stop for those seeking a blend of culture and leisure. The palm-fringed shoreline offers stunning sunset views, creating a serene backdrop for evening strolls. Negombo Beach, with its array of seafood restaurants and lively beachfront scene, provides a unique coastal experience for travelers exploring Sri Lanka through meticulously curated Sri Lanka packages, ensuring a perfect balance of relaxation and cultural discovery.

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