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About Sabaragamuwa

Sabaragamuwa is a province in Sri Lanka, the island country and is one of the first level administrative places of the country. Apart from being a destination of civil importance, this place is a pure retreat for tourists, mainly because of its indigenous yet important culture which it has to showcase.

A home to various natural cascading waterfalls, elephant orphanages and sites of religious importance like temples and shrines, Sabaragamuwa is a place where you will have one of the most unique experiences. It is indeed not like most of the tourist places which are over-crowded and expensive, but is full of purity and calmness, with everything authentic.

This place will show you a perfect blend of culture, respect and perseverance of wildlife, adventure and everything else you wish to see on an off-beat destination tour. This place is suitable for tourists of all age group and preferences because what it has to offer cannot be a disappointment for any one. Right from nature’s serenity to adventures to man-made tourist pleasures, this place is a retreat for all who seek to have a vacation where they can successfully unwind their souls by taking a break from the hustle and bustle of city life which everyone is fed up of.

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Sabaragamuwa FAQ's

Travel Advice

  • Take care of your cash and other expensive belongings like jewelry and electronics.

  • Sri Lanka as a country is very possessive about its culture and hence, take are that you are not offensive to the locals or their culture in any way.

  • There are no incidences common where scammers try to fool the tourists but still, it is better to be away from speaking to strangers.

  • Carry your passport and identity proofs whenever you go out of the places you stay.

  • Whenever you go on hiking or walking trails, make sure that you track your route properly. Also, keep the address of your hotel noted down with you.

  • While visiting wildlife parks, maintain the prescribed decorum and do not mock at the animals or tease them.

  • Learn a few words in local language as there are many Sri Lankan locals who cannot speak any other languages except the local one.

Drinking Laws

According to the drinking age rules of the country of Sri Lanka, the minimum age for consumption of alcohol is 21 years.

Our Recommendations: What you can’t afford to miss?

Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage

This is an elephant orphanage, captive breeding center and nursery for Asian elephants where these wild beasts are taken care of. If you want to see a lot of elephants enjoying their daily routine in the open, you should definitely visit this place.

Adam’s peak

If you are a trekking or adventure enthusiast, this place is your ultimatum. It is a 2,243 meter tall mountain in Sabaragamuwa where there is a ‘Sacred Footprint’ near the summit, which holds many legends according the Buddhist and Hindu legends. This trekking route is one of the most adventurous ones in Sri Lanka.

Sinharaja Forest Reserve

This is one of the most famous biodiversity national park in Sri Lanka, declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. This is a virgin rainforest, totally untouched by commercialization. It is a home to thousands of species of trees, insects, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals. There are elephants and leopards in this park as well, but they are very difficult to be spotted.

Udawalawe National Park

Located on the boundary of Sabaragamuwa and Uva, this park was created in order to protect wild species displaced by the construction. Spreading over 30,821 hectares, this place is abundant in the type of flora and fauna it houses and a visit here will be one of the experiences which will bring you really close to nature.


This is a small town near Sabaragamuwa which is a wet forest zone and gives you a feel similar to the famous rainforests of Amazon. You will feel the cold air, see waterfalls gushing out forming a cascade and witness some reptile sightings if lucky, when on a trip to Kitugala. The climate here is worth visiting this place at least once.


Ratnapura, which literally means ‘City of Gems’, is a traditional center and a trade hub of the country. It is famous for stone mining of gems like ruby and sapphire and also famous for the tea grown in this region. The rice and fruits of this city are worth tasting and you indeed cannot return without buying some original gems extracted from the mines in front of you.


This is a large town in Sabaragamuwa which has production of graphite, precious stones and rice around its areas. Here, you can go and relax around the fields and shop for some of the most exquisite handicraft products made by the local farmers and artisans of the city.

What will like you like there?


The culture of Sri Lanka is very rich as they still respect their old traditions, dialect and rituals. This is one of the very few places in the world which is not really affected by westernization and hence, the vibe which you get from this place is entirely pure and serene.

Forests and Wildlife

Sabaragamuwa is enriched with dense rainforests and abundant wildlife, which is carefully preserved by its locals. As a tourist, you will get to see some of the most unmodified and purely natural forest reserves when you go around this place and hence, this is a completely unique experience.

Safety of Tourists

Sri Lanka is a place with a minimum record of crime against tourists. Hence, even if you are a solo traveler, it is completely safe for you to travel in this island country, with utmost safety for its guests.

Shopping (Handicrafts)

Sri Lanka has a lot of different local art which is modified into some of the best and most unique handicraft souvenirs, which you can buy on your trip. It gives you an essence of authenticity and culture of Sabaragamuwa and entire Sri Lanka as a whole.

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