55 Places to Visit in Vietnam, Tourist Places & Top Attractions
Ly Son
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Quang Tri
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Kon Tum Province
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Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, is known as one of the most ancient capitals in the world. The city is located in northern Vietnam and is situated on the western banks of the river, Red River. The beauty of this city lies in its liveliness of the bustling streets where workshops and cafes all perform outdoors on roadsides.

As one explores the place on foot, the lively atmosphere along with the mouthwatering odors of cooking from the kitchens makes them stop every now and then to simply relish the atmosphere.  The natural beauty of the city can be enjoyed when one visits the Ba Vi National Park located on a mountain range and known for its rich diverse flora and fauna and also animals. It is best to visit hanoi during Autumn or Spring as the city becomes very hot and rainy in summer and cold and dry in winter months.

While exploring this French-colonial city, visitors are enchanted to see beautiful pagodas such as One-Pillar Pagoda, The Perfume Pagoda and many more, colonial buildings such as Hanoi Opera House, the Imperial Citadel, etc. and unique museums such as H?a Lò Prison Museum, Vietnam National Fine Arts Museum, Vietnam Museum of Ethnology and so on. The city also has some beautiful lakes, bridges and parks where visitors love to spend some time.

The city’s delectable cuisines such as Banh Cuon, My Van Than, Pho Chien Phong and many more are  must try while visiting the city. Seating on the roadside plastic stools sipping local beer with snacks is another experience which is unique. Visitors also love shopping for silk and handicrafts which are  famous in Hanoi. The culture of this vibrant city shows glimpses of Chinese, French and Russian influences making the city more beautiful. A vibrant nightlife with activities such as Water Puppet Show or Binh Minh’s Jazz Club also attracts tourists in a mass.

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Set in Central Vietnam, Hue City is one of the greatest historic spots in SouthEast Asia. It had witnessed the great battle of Hue in 1968, which had caused a lot of damage to this beautiful city and had ruined some very magnificent monuments. Still, the place never cease to offer the best tourist places in Hue City. Till date, the citadel in Hue City, even though almost in ruins is world famous. People fly in from all over the world to witness the leftovers of the battle of Hue. This city is located on the banks of Perfume River that gives this city a magical feel. Even though the city is small, it has loads of activities and sights that tourists can visit while here on their vacation. Since Hue City goes back a long time in history, we can see royalty and rich culture among the common people living here. They live lavishly and are extremely hospitable.

The food found here is authentic Vietnamese Cuisine. One can smell the flavor and spices while walking through the streets and get lost amongst the Vietnamese people forgetting all about their monotonous life. Perfect for a vacation spot, Hue City has a lot to offer its tourists and never disappoints them. It is one of the most royal cities present in Vietnam and still has not lost its charm. One can go and enjoy the river and do water sports or take a calm and peaceful boat ride. They can go for camping beside the caves if they want to add on an adventure in their trip. One can even go on treks and enjoy the diverse wildlife that it houses. Boasting the best tourist places in Hue City, ranging from monasteries to national parks to historical places, the Hue City has it all. It is one of the top places for all history lovers and is even a great spot for those who want to go out on a refreshing family trip.

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Ho Chi Minh City, also known as Saigon, is the largest city of Vietnam located at an elevation of nineteen kilometers above the sea level. It is situated along the Saigon River near the border of Cambodia and is a bustling metropolis that has flourished to become the crowning jewel of SouthEast Asia.

Ho Chi Minh City is a visual paradise known for its stunning vistas, lush landscapes, and breathtaking views. It retains the look of a European city with well preserved colonial buildings and relics from the Vietnam War. Bestowed with incredible cultural riches, and historical artifacts, this city offers the perfect mix of mystic and modern.

It is a high octane city that is dotted with innumerable museums, art galleries, and sleek skyscrapers that offer a stunning view of the entire city. You can also find here elegant sports clubs, expansive shopping malls, and upscale restaurants that serve lip-smacking cuisines from all around the world. The ornate Buddhist temples and pagodas are an absolute bliss for the spiritual seekers.

There is no dearth of activities on offer at Ho Chi Minh City, and you’re sure to come back looking for more once you’re over here. From lazing at the beaches and enjoying water sports activities such as surfing and diving to being a part of the walking tours, you’ll never get bored here. You can also enjoy the concert or ballet dance at the opera houses and theatres. You can go for a pampering massage and Ayurvedic treatments at the spas and bathhouses located here.

Ho Chi Minh City experiences a tropical climate, and it has three distinct seasons- hot and humid summers, chilly cold winters and monsoon. The humidity level is around 75% all through the year, and it increases further in the monsoon.

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Hoi An

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Tourist places in Hoi-an delineate well preserved ancient and retrospective towns that grips tourist from afar. Also called Faifo, Hoi-an with more than two thousand years of past history is the proposition port of the Cham Kingdom, that mastered the politic trade of the spices with Indonesia between the time span 7th to 10th century and therefore became one of the vital international ports in between the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries making the foreign influences perceptible till today.The rich heritage and culture are portrayed well through the Cham natives whose domains generally extend between the Hue South to the Phan Thiet. The Champa’s are likely initially from Java. The initial Cham political capital was known as Tra Kieu while the commercialized capital was Hoi-an and the holy capital was My Son also known as Hindu. The people of Cham were originally Hindus and by the earliest tenth century, the domination of the traders of Arab to the city of Hoi-an influenced some to get converted and take up Islam as their religion.


The second most domination was from the Chinese sect to this city, the overall influence began from the Chinese traders who came to Hoi-an to escape the Ming Dynasty armies which resulted in their settlement in this city. The last influence or domination was from the Vietnam natives which came to the city when the Cham natives lost their area of control and domination over their city. Therefore, Hoi-an is an amazing tourist attraction for the travelers who are anxious enough to relive the retrospective history of the place in totality. The Tourist places in Hoi-an  have a lot to offer to the travelers ranging from a wonderful culture to an ancient and inspiring history.  Also, not to mention Hoi-an is exuberantly famous for shoes and clothing with around more than six hundred shops serving to a limited swarm of tourists.

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The third largest city in Vietnam, Danang is recognized especially for serving as home to major ports. Geographically speaking, the city is located on the coast of the Eastern sea. The location is surrounded by Han River and is especially recognized for the atmosphere prevailed by the hustle-bustle region of Ho Chi Minh City. It has its share of lovely sights and is thus considered to be one of the most popular destinations for vacations. One can go on an exploring spree through the central Vietnam or get soaked up by the beautiful beaches located on the outskirts of the city.

Looking back in time, the city sure has grown rapidly. The population recorded 2 years ago was approximately 1,000,000 people and now is much more than that. The city is home to numerous remnants of the great ‘American War’ that took place in Danang. One can easily get an insight into the ruins of the military base that once existed while on their way to the most popular tourist spot – the South Vietnam sea.

One of the other aspects that remains well-recognized about Danang is the fact that it is one of the most friendly cities in Vietnam. Beaches such as Khe beach or the China beach are among the most beautiful locations in the whole of Vietnam.

As far as the climate is concerned, it gets quite hot during May and August. The temperature during these months can get as high as 40 degrees. Tropical storms usually take place during the months of October and November.

The city of Danang is filled with several resorts, restaurants and hotels that make up for a convenient stay at the city. These locations will ensure that tourists gain a smooth, stay while also being able to enjoy the beauties of Danang.

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Nha Trang is a resort city in Vietnam known for its water sports activities, breathtaking view of the offshore islands, and diving sites. On most of the beaches in Nha Trang you will find sea food restaurants and hotels. Coral reefs, nature reserves, and places for beach hiking are available at the islands close to Nha Trang. In ancient times this used to be a fishing village. This resort-town has a beautiful bay and coastline with white sandy beaches. You can get to this town by air, bus, car, and rail. You can visit pagodas, museums, towers, villas, fishing villages, cathedrals, fortresses, and beaches in Nha Trang. You can take a swim at these beaches and also go on rafting and boating tours.

This is the resort-town for food, drinks, music, beaches, shopping, night-life, water sports activities, and adventure. For tourists looking at different tours, this is an ideal town in Vietnam. Though, this town has a low crime rate, you must still follow safety rules and while on the beaches and travelling at night. The weather of Nha Trang is pleasant throughout the year. It is flanked by beautiful mountains and landscape beauty of islands.

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My Son

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