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Petaling Street
Looking for a subtle Kuala Lumpur Chinatown nightlife experience? Head from the main road (Jalan Petaling) to the narrow side and get to the Petaling Street Night Market. The thriving street market with the stalls cluttered close to one another stock everything from the Hello Kitty watches to fake-label Gucci clutches. To get your stuff at the best price, you can stroll along doing ‘window-shopping’ first and then return back to the stall that gives you the best price. All the prices quoted by the seller are usually marked up by approx 50%.

Location: Situated along the Petaling Street at the intersection of the Jalan Hang Lekir

Highlights: Referred simply as the Petaling Street by locals this is your go to place to satiate your every need from the local handicrafts, souvenirs to batik-print shirts. You can also get a range of designer apparel, handbags, shoes, watches and even, pirated DVDs at a much cheaper price.

Best Time: 09:00 – 12:00 & 18:00 - late
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Jalan Alor
Jalan Alor is one of the most famous nightlife spots in Kuala Lumpur. Housing a number of hawker stalls and seafood restaurants, the street is one of the most famous in KL for food. Jalan Alor is an ideal after clubbing dining spot in the Golden Triangle area.

Location: Situated behind the Jalan Bukit Bintang, Jalan Alor is a small stroll away from the Changkat Bukit Bintang.

Highlights: The variety of food available is huge. You can get everything from the barbecued meats, noodles to desserts at the best and the most cost effective rates in the city. Hawker stalls at the Jalan Alor are the city’s favorite food joint. Largely different from the trendy Jalan Bukit Bintang and Changkat Bukit Bintang, Jalan Alor has a traditional charm associated with it courtesy its atmospheric air-conditioned Chinese seafood restaurants, mini red Chinese lanterns and bright fluorescent restaurant signage lighting.

Transportation: You can easily get here via monorail.

Best Time: Hustle Bustle starts from 6 PM in the evening
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Batu Caves
Location:Batu Caves is located in Gombak, Selangor, Malaysia.
It derives it’s name from Batu River which is said to flow past the hill. Batu Caves forms a series of caves and is a limestone.

History:This Temple is dedicated to Lord Murugan and is said to be Holy Shrine outside India. Do not be surprised to know that the Limestone is 400 years old. The entrance of the cave was earlier used by Temuan people. There are 3 major caves inside the Temples. The cathedral cave is also known as Temple cave and devotees must climb 272 stairs to reach the place. If you have always desired to see Hindu paintings and statues, do not miss to visit the Art gallery cave and the Museum cave. They are located at the base of the cave.

Speciality:The specialty of the Temple is the 15 ft. tall Hanuman Temple and 140 ft tall Murugan Temple.

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KL Bird Park
Location: No longer you have to wake-up in the wee hours of the day and hunt for the birds. Visit KL Bir which is located in Kuala Lumpur Lake Gardens. You will hardly take 10 minutes to reach from the city centre of Kuala Lumpur.

About: There are more than 3,000 birds, out of which 200 species of local and foreign birds. It is spread over an area of 20.9 acres which makes it very spacious. KL Bird Park is divided into 4 zones. The free-flight zone is the Zone 1 and Zone 2. The Hornbill park is at Zone 3. If you want to see the birds very closely, have a look at the caged birds. The caged birds are placed in Zone 4.

Speciality: The birds definitely longs for a natural home rather than cages. The birds are left in aviary in Zone 1, 2 and 3. A homely atmosphere is given to the birds here. Breeding takes place naturally here.

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Petronas Twin Towers

The Petronas Twin Tower is the most famous landmark and an iconic structure in Malaysia. The twin towers are situated on the Jalan Ampang Road in the city of Kuala Lumpur. Even though the original purpose of the towers is to accommodate the various offices that operate out of Kuala Lumpur, it is now much more than just an office centre.

Its mind-boggling height, modern architecture, and location have made it an important tourist attraction in the city.  The construction of this magnificent tower started in 1993 and it was completed in 1996. The twin towers were finally inaugurated on 31st August 1999. Between 1998 and 2004 it was also the tallest tower in the world, with a height of 451.9 metres or 1,483 feet from the ground level.

The Petronas Twin Towers, which were designed by Argentina-born American architect- Cesar Pelli, is one of the tallest towers in the world. The towers were built in Postmodern-Islamic architectural style, using steel, glass and reinforced concrete and it cost 1.6 billion U.S. dollars. The Petronas Twin Towers have 88 floors, with 5 additional underground floors.

The two breath-taking Towers are joined on the 41st and 42nd floor by a spectacular double Decker Skybridge. The 192-feet-long bridge is the highest two-storey bridge in the world. The Skybridge also acts as a safety device and stabilizing structure against turbulent winds in bad weather conditions.

Apart from being an iconic structure on the Kuala Lumpur Skyline, it is also home to many world-class restaurants and breathtaking viewpoints from where you can see the entire city sprawled out under you. You can also check out the many tourist attractions, temples, mosques and the famous Malaysian markets located close to the Petronas Twin Towers.

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Aquaria KLCC

The Aquaria KLCC is said to be the world’s largest aquarium, holding over 5000 freshwater and marine creatures, which include massive arapaimas, giant groupers, gar fishes and many more. Some of the major attractions of the aquarium are the scary tiger sharks, bright coral fishes, lethal sea snakes, seahorses, and blue rays. The Aquaria KLCC is one of the country’s foremost sightseeing attractions involving the real depth and complexity.

Location: The Aquaria KLCC is located on the concourse of the Kuala Lumpur Convention Center.

Price: The entry fee approximately starts from 64 MYR for an adult and 53 MYR for a child.

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Plane in the City

Plane in the City in Kuala Lumpur is a one-of-a-kind restaurant, where you can dine inside a full-sized Boeing 737, while also enjoying unique experiences like walking on the wings of the plane and entering the pilot’s cockpit. It is a striking restaurant located in the heart of the city, which replicates a real-life simulation of being inside an aircraft. The whole restaurant is located inside a Boeing 737 plane that has been grounded. The interiors and ambience, both reflect the interiors of a real plane, with air hostesses serving you and live music keeping you company as you enjoy your meal.

One of the most attractive features of the restaurants is the fact that you can explore all the aspects of an aircraft that you otherwise cannot do when you are flying inside one. Because the restaurant is located inside a real plane on the ground, you can simultaneously enjoy other unique experiences such as walking on the wings of the plane. Apart from taking memorable selfies on the wings, you can also explore the cockpit and look out the windows which can be opened. You can also pose beside the turbine and take incredible photos that would otherwise be impossible to capture in a real airport.

Plane in the City is much more than a traditional restaurant. You can sign up for a 90-minute tour which will start when you “check-in” to the welcome lounge. There are stewardesses who take you around the aircraft for your photo session. As for the meal that is served inside the restaurant, you can expect nothing short of the best meals. The food is prepared by some of the best chefs in the world from Elements in Kuala Lumpur which is a 5-star restaurant, and you can enjoy a delicious 3-course meal aboard your “flight”.

Just like in a real aeroplane, you can book your package or “class” according to your budget. At the end of the experience, you can collect all the photographs you have taken throughout your tour from the lounge while leaving. You can book your seat (in pairs) from beforehand to enjoy a seamless dining experience and a memorable tour of this striking attraction in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.

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Central Market
An extremely famous tourist destination, the Central Market Kuala Lumpur is an iconic landmark of this city. Located in the heart of the city center, the market has been in existence since 1888. Once only a wet market, the place was re-established in the 1980s as the current-day Central Market. 

Also known as Pasar Seni, the market is a paradise for art lovers and shopaholics. Hundreds of stalls line the streets with authentic handicrafts, fabulous boutiques, traditional Malaysian batik items, and numerous souvenirs. A significant cultural marker for the city as well as the country, the Central Market is an official Heritage Site which has been often compared with the likes of Fisherman’s Wharf (San Francisco) and Covent Garden (London). 

Aside from the endless shopfronts and food stalls, Central Market is also an important site for several cultural celebrations such as the Chinese New Year, Hari Raya, and the Indian festival of Deepavali. Come during one of these events and you will witness several exhibitions and cultural events taking place here. 

The market is easily accessible via bus, train, and taxi from all parts of the city.
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The Menara Kuala Lumpur is a communications tower built right in the heart of the city, very close to the famed Petronas towers. It is one of the most recognisable structures of the entire city and is also considered to be a building of cultural importance. The tower, being a part of the World Federation of Great Towers, is often used by various organisations for their broadcasting requirements.

Besides the awe-worthy spectacle of the tower being used for Falak observation, the tower has over time also become a venue for interesting and amusing events. A race is organised here annually, where participants compete in a bid to reach the top of the stairs before anyone else. It is also used to observe the moon to declare the month of Ramadan.

As the 7th tallest freestanding tower in the world, it is visible from a majority of locations around the city. It stands at the height of 421 meters and offers the most splendid of the entire city. The original design of this tower represented the human journey for achieving perfection in life.

The architecture of the tower represents Islamic architectural heritage. With amazing restaurants, interesting entertainment centres and a great view, this tower should be a must-visit on your bucket list!

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Pavilion KL

If you’re looking for a shopping Mecca in Kuala Lumpur, then Pavilion KL should be your ultimate destination. This shopping retreat is located in the Bintang district of Kuala Lumpur and is a one-stop-shop for everything that you can ever think of buying. Whether you wish to give a facelift to your home or you want to buy some of the trendiest clothes, handbags, and shoes, this mall is every shopper’s paradise.

It was opened in 2007, and currently, it has three major sections- an office block, two residential towers, and a retail mall. It spreads across an area of 1.37 million sq ft and offers a host of outdoor and indoor shopping options. The main entrance of this mall houses the tallest  Liuli Crystal fountain, which is a national landmark. A huge number of visitors visit this mall to have a glimpse of this fountain, which also works as a wishing well.

You can toss in the coins over here to make a wish, and later, these coins are donated to charity.The entire shopping complex resembles a grand Gracian temple with milky white marbles and post-modern pillars. It is also a leading hub for entertainment with 13 screens Golden screen theatre where you can enjoy the best shows. You can find here luxury brands like Jimmy Choo, Juicy Couture, Versace MaxMara, and Yves Saint Laurent.

An interesting feature of this shopping complex is the unique holiday décor that sets it apart from all other contemporary malls in Kuala Lumpur.For example, in 2011, the Christmas décor included the set up of a Christmas carnival in its atrium along with Santa’s workshop, giant sleighs, and ten feet high pine trees. Similarly, at every time of the holiday season, it follows some unique theme and gets totally colored in the hues of that theme.

The top floor of the mall is home to beauty retailers and wellness centers, where you can buy some of the best beauty products, and you can also have the most popular beauty treatments here. There is a huge food court on the ground floor where you can have the best Japanese, Korean and local fare. So from shopping to entertainment to scrumptious cuisines, Pavilion KL is a thoughtfully designed heaven for incredible experiences.

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Sultan Abdul Samad Building
Sultan Abdul Samad Building is a Moorish-style building set amidst Merdeka Square and the Royal Selangor Club in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. A haven for history and architecture lovers, this significant piece of art is a blend of red bricks, vibrant porch, breath-taking arches, copper domes, and a sky-high clock tower. 

Originally designed by two of the finest architectural brains of all time, Mr. A.C Norman and A.B Hubbock, Sultan Abdul Samad Building speaks of grandness in every sense of the word. The main purpose behind the construction of this building was to dedicate the same to the Sultan of Selangor.

However, a few years after its construction, this monument became a distinguished landmark for many legal luminaries. It served as a popular place for superior courts, the Federal Courts, the Courts of Appeal, and the High Courts of Malaysia. These courts were later moved to Putrajaya. Today, it is home to the Ministry of Information, Communications, and Culture of Malaysia.

The significance of Sultan Abdul Samad Building is not only restricted to historically-rich architecture and political arena. Its aesthetic beauty blends quite uniquely with its aura, which makes this building quite a tourist attraction. In fact, there is a constant influx of tourists moving in-and-out of its premises.

With over a century of rich history, the Sultan Abdul Samad Building has been an inextricable part of Kuala Lumpur and it will continue to remain so for the years to come.
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Suria KLCC
Located on the ground floor of the most iconic landmark of Malaysia, Suria KLCC is a premier shopping destination with over 300 flagship stores, international brands, and unique concept stores. Spread across 1.7 million square feet, the center is not only a shopping complex but is also known for its dining and entertainment options. 

The six-storey shopping destination established in 1999 has been known for its wide range of haute couture stores. Often compared to the likes of Saks Fifth Avenue and Barney’s, the shopping mall is divided in three sections – Ampang mall, Ramlee Mall (a new edition), and Park mall. 

The complex is also home to several other attractions besides the shopping stores. Families with young kids would find Aquaria KLCC, a huge aquarium with numerous marine species, and Petrosains, a science discovery center and an oceanarium, extremely interesting.

Additionally, the shopping mall is also home to the first concert hall in the country, the Dewan Filharmonik Orkestra, and of course, the famous Petronas Art Gallery. Though the shopping complex is extremely modern and lavish, the architecture of the mall reflects a certain hint of European style. With green spaces, exposed glass panels, and impressive columns, Suria KLCC is extremely stylish and charming. 

With an adjacent LRT (light rail transit), Suria KLCC is easily connected to the rest of the city. Some of the most famous stores at Suria KLCC include Charles & Keith, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Ed Hardy, Harley Davidson, and much more. There are also a number of fancy dining options around the mall, a cold storage supermarket, and a 12-screen cinema theatre.
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The KLCC Park is a metropolitan park located in Kuala Lumpur City Centre. Overlooking the Suria shopping complex and the Petronas Towers, the lush greenery of the urban park adds a natural flavour to the otherwise paved and cemented urban neighbourhood. 

The park draws considerable attention from tourists and residents alike. The man-made lake, Lake Symphony, is probably the biggest attraction in the park. The contrast created both between the surrounding greenery of the park and the urban design and lush flora inside the garden is a wonder to behold. 

The park also has a variety of functional features like a jogging track replete with resting benches, waterfalls, fountains, and a children’s playground. The overall design of the park is unapologetically inclusive, and you can have a surreal experience at this park as it is loaded with greenery.

The As-Syakirin Mosque is a notable attraction of the park. The 21-hectare structure is considered a jewel of the park, as well as an architectural landmark amongst the global Islamic diaspora. It serves as a welcome addition to the serenity and cultural vibrancy of the park. 
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KL Forest Eco Park

The KL Forest Eco Park is the only naturally occurring rainforest in the city of Kuala Lumpur. Since 1906 when the forest was first gazetted, consecutive governments have undertaken a number of developmental projects in the forest. This forest presently covers an area of around 9 hectares, and it has several interwoven tracks meant for jogging.

The forest is placed right in the heart of the city. In addition to adding a lot of fresh air to the city centre, it has also become a natural refuge for a number of birds and small mammals. Tourists often pay a visit for a quick stroll or a hike, or even a sultry picnic over here. Conveniently, this forest is very close to a number of other important popular tourists’ spots, including the famed Menara Kuala Lumpur which is actually visible from the forest.

The most recently opened canopy walk gives another great touch to this place. It is an especially great place to come in the wee hours of the day to enjoy the forest in all its expanse and serenity. It is a must-visit for anyone who wants to experience the greenery and picture-perfect beauty of nature.

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Sunway Lagoon Theme Park
The Sunway Lagoon is a vibrant theme park assembled in the mesmerizing city of Malaysia. This extravagant theme park was officially opened on 29 April, 1993, by then Prime Minister of the country, Tun Mahathir bin Mohammad.

Keeping up with its official slogan ‘Your Best Day Ever,’ Sunway Lagoon Theme Park is an adventurous blend of six different lands, including, water pools, wildlife, extreme sports, lost lagoon, scream park, and cement ground. This theme park is glorious with Malaysia’s first simulator ride known as the FlowRider in 2010.

It also fancies itself as the first home to Malaysia’s first 5D Waterplexx in 2012. Amongst the water rides, Vuvuzela is perhaps the most popular amongst the visitors. It’s the world’s largest vortex water ride.  Some other adrenaline pumping rides of this park include river-rapid rides, body slides, roller coasters, and tube slides.

The Sunway Nickelodeon Park is another extraordinary attraction for kids. If you think that the theme park is primarily for children, well, think again. This theme park is quite enthralling in nature. To begin with, the haunted houses located in the Scream Park will take your breath away, literally!

If that’s not enough, the wild adventures, such as bungee jumping, flying fox, archery, the Extreme Park will have you bite your nails with adrenaline rush! Witnessing the beauty of wild animals at the Wildlife Park is another reason to visit this park. There is just so much to do and experience here!
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Sri Mahamariamman Temple
Image Credit : http://www.ilviaggio.biz/blog/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/THAIPUSAM-rid.jpg

Sri Mahamariamman Temple is situated in Jalan Bandar or High Street on the edge of Chinatown in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. Established in 1873, this is the only Hindu temple in the country. Initially, the temple was a shrine that was privately worshipped by K. Thamboosamy Pillai from 1873. However, in 1920, the temple opened its doors to the general. In 1887, the shrine was demolished and a brick structure was erected in its place.

The current temple, as it stands today, was completed in 1968. Italian and Spanish tiles were used along with precious stones and gold motifs to give the temple the brilliant look that it is famous for. The Sri Mahamariamman Temple resembles a human body lying on its back, whose main feature is the “Raja Gopuram” which is constructed at the “feet” of the human figure. This is a lofty 75-foot, five-tiered entrance to the main temple. The entrance is richly decorated with intricate sculptures depicting 228 different gods and goddesses from Hindu mythology and also sculptures depicting historical moments from the Ramayana. The architect of this astounding temple-gate is S.T. Muniappa.

Sri Mahamariamman is the South Indian depiction of goddess Parvati. There are three more shrines around Sri Mahamariamman, devoted to Lord Ganesha, Lord Murugan and Goddess Lakshmi. All of these idols are unique attractions of their own and draws huge crowds of pilgrims and devotees from around the world every year. The temple is also famous for its colourful annual festivals like Thaipusam and Deepavali, which are the two main festivals celebrated with great fervour and enthusiasm every year.

The famous 6.5 metres tall silver chariot, made with 350 kilograms of silver with 240 bells, is displayed here during this time. 
Due to the central location of the temple, you can also visit other nearby attractions such as the aquarium, the Petronas Twin Towers and the famous market places of Kuala Lumpur when you are in the vicinity.

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Bukit Bintang
Bukit Bintang is known to be the trendiest entertainment district as well as the shopping mall in Kaula Lampur. From sleek shopping centres, vibrant nightclubs to all-day restaurants and five-star hotels, there is everything to keep you entertained. Accredited to its centralized location, it is easy to get there from anywhere in Kaula Lampur via public transportation such as monorail, taxis, and buses.

Highlights: The most celebrated landmarks near Bukit Bintang is Pavilion KL. This is a high end shopping mall that houses European luxury retailers such as Coach, Diane Von Furstenberg, Dolce & Gabbana, Juicy Couture, MaxMara, Versace, and Yves Saint Laurent. Nightlife is exiting here particularly at the Changkat Bukit Bintang area. From a posh see-and-be-seen nightclub to an opulent rooftop bar and live music scene, there is just about everything here.

Location: Situated within the Golden Triangle of Kaula Lampur.

Best Time: 9-wee hours in the morning

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Islamic Arts Museum
History: An art is the best way to express a thought, idea or a solution. The Islamic Arts Museum was opened to the public on 12th December, 1998. The art museum is located in Perdana Botanical Garden which is at the heart of the city. You would be surprised to know that it is the largest Islamic Art Museum in South East Asia.

About: There are around seven thousand artefacts which throws a light on the Islamic world. Altogether there are 12 galleries in this museum and they are divided into groups based on their levels. The Quran and Manuscripts gallery is at Level 3 along with Chinese gallery, Indian gallery and Islamic architecture. There are jewellery, textile, ceramic work and armour at Level 4. The Islamic glassware is also displayed at Level 4. The museum is open from morning to evening and is a must visit tourist place.

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Sin Sze Si Ya temple
History: This is a Chinese Temple in Kuala Lumpur and is dedicated to Sin Sze Ya and Si Sze Ya. It is said to be the oldest Chinese Temple. Beautiful objects are used to decorate the Temple. The Temple was inaugurated in 1864, where 10,000 people attended the ceremony.

Speciality: Want to know your fortune? Purchase the fortune sticks and find what the number says about your life. There are staff members to translate the meaning to the devotees. There are wooden chair which are used during religious processions to carry the deity statues. Witnessing these processions is said to be holy.

Location: The Temple is located at Jln Tun HS Lee. The nearest metro is Pasar Seni. The Temple is open between 7.00 am to 5.00 pm for all the devotees. You are sure to find it very peaceful inside the Temple.

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Merdeka Square at night
Merdeka Square or the Dataran Merdeka is a very well known recreational park or the historical place situated in Kaula Lampur. In the year 1957, the Malayan flag was hoisted here. It has a wide and green field just close to the Merdeka Square. This makes it a great picnic spot with a very spacious playground for the kids.

Location: In close proximity to the Merdeka Square there are a number of historical building such as the Old KL Train Station, Galeri Kuala Lumpur, Royal Selangor Club Complex, and the Sultan Abdul Samad Building.

Highlights: The vicinity of the Merdeka Square is well lit and the cool nigh breeze there makes it an exceptionally ideal place to relax after a busy day.

Best Time: In order to actually enjoy the night life of the Merdeka Square, one must visit the place post mid night especially during the weekends.

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Cooking Classes at Bayan Indah

Bayan Indah is a rustic two-storey bungalow that doubles up as a cooking school, located in the middle of idyllic lush greenery of a Malay village. If you’re looking to mix things up while you’re in Kuala Lumpur indulge in this unique experience at Bayan Indah, a culinary retreat that offers over 70 cooking classes all different in its own special way, ranging from your typical mouth-watering Malaysian dishes to more complicated ones such as pies and tarts. Rohani Jelani, a Le Cordon Bleu-trained chef heads the class, with impressive skills on the chopping board and enthusiasm to match.

Location: Kampung Penchala Indah, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Kuala Lumpur

Timings: Classes start as early as 9:30 AM

Price: Approximate price starts from 280 MYR onwards.

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Changkat Bukit Bintang
Changkat Bukit Bintang is often associated with the London’s Piccadilly Circus and New York City’s Times Square. It is one avenue, where one can come across a number of KL’s most popular bars and restaurants. This trendy place is ideal for pub crawling. Jalan Alor happens to be an extremely busy area especially during the weekends and the public holidays.

Location: Nestled behind the Jalan Bukit Bintang, Jalan Alor is very easy to get to especially if you are staying near the Golden Triangle area.

Highlights: Buildings on the Jalan Alor Street are unique. Originally the buildings belong to the pre-war, colonial shop-houses that were later remodeled and converted into the up market pubs and restaurants that usually serve the Western food. There are a number of hawker stalls and Chinese seafood restaurants too. Dining options here are endless. This street has the most vibrant scene in the downtown of KL.

Best Time: 10 PM – 3 AM in the morning.
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Jalan P. Ramlee
Jalan P. Ramlee is the best and the most eccentric alternative to Changkat Bukit Bintang. Famous for its glitzy cocktail lounges, tropical-themed bars and pubs and the chic nightclubs adorning the streets of bustling Kuala Lumpur city centre, Jalan P. Ramlee is always packed with backpackers, business travellers, expats, and a handful of locals.

Location: The night life district of Jalan P. Ramlee is easily accessible within a 10-minute walk from the Petronas Twin Towers as well as the five star hotels such as the Shangri-La Hotel Kuala Lumpur.

Highlights: Night life is vibrant and lively. There are a number of venues here that host events like live bands playing radio-friendly covers and DJs spinning a medley of electro, hip-hop, and retro tunes. Jalan P. Ramlee os known to be the hottest locale as it is a great place to unwind with a pint of ice-cold beer.

Best Time: Visit after 21:00 to experience the active nightlife.
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Pisco Bar
The capital city of Malaysia is famous for its night life. There are a number of bars & night clubs which are tagged as the best in Asia. Pisco Bar in Kuala Lumpur has a poised ambience which is loved by the visitors. The dinner hours at Pisco Bar offer an exclusive range of Spanish Tapas and Peruvian cuisine. The interior of this bar is quite amusing that is best suited for social gatherings and cocktails.

Location: This bar is situated in Jalan Mesui, Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur.

Highlights: Pisco Bar has become the main hub for international travellers and trendy locals. This place is known for live music performances which have attracted a lot of customers. Pisco Bar is home to the coolest DJs in town.

Best Time: Monday to Thursday 5pm-2am and Friday & Saturday 5pm-3am. Sunday Pisco Bar is closed.

Price: There is no fixed price for this place.
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Berjaya Times Square Theme Park
Berjaya Times Square Theme Park is the Malaysia’s largest indoor theme park. This theme park is located on the 5th and the 8th floors of the Berjaya Times Square in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. Conceived as the largest indoor park for all ages and all weather, this entertainment destination of the region is also the largest indoor theme park in Asia.

Spread over an area of 133,000 square feet, the Berjaya Times Square Theme Park is purely dedicated to excitement and fun. Packed with thrilling activities the rides, the park caters to everyone of you irrespective of the age. Thrill seekers amongst you can satiate your appetite over the Galaxy Station’s 6 adrenaline pumping rides. You can even take a leisurely stroll and spend hours with your family at the magical Fantastic Garden that has 8 rides available.

Location: Berjaya Times Square Theme Park is located at 1, Jalan Imbi, Imbi, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Timings: The Berjaya Times Square Theme Park remains open from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

Normal Adult (13 years old and above): RM 51.00
Normal Child (3 to 12 years old): RM 41.00
MyKad Adult (13 years old and above): RM 41.00
MyKid Child (3 to 12 years old): RM 30.00
Senior Citizen (55 years old and above): RM 16.00
Special Needs: RM 11.00
Infant (below 3 years old): Free
Family Package (Normal): RM 147.00
Family Package (MyKad/MyKid): RM 113.00
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Located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur is the place which never sleeps and is always filled with colors and bustles all the time - Chinatown of Kuala Lumpur. If ever visiting Kuala Lumpur, Chinatown must definitely be in your ‘to-visit’ list, especially if you are a true bargain hunter, as it is also famously known as the ‘Bargain Hunter’s Paradise.’

You can find everything here, from the Chinese herbs to the imitation goods. Especially at night, the place is a shopper's’ paradise and turns into a lively and vibrant night market.

Location: The Chinatown is located on the Petaling Street, also known as ‘Chee Cheong Kai (Starch Factory Street.)

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Troika Sky Dining
If there was just one word to put forth the beauty of Troika Sky Dining, then it would be – Magnificent. The localites of Kuala Lumpur are becoming spoilt for choice courtesy the variety of fine dining restaurants with a view however the Troika Sky Dining stands out in every way possible.

 Location: Situated in the Tower B of The Troika along Persiaran KLCC.

Comprising of the Italian bistro Strato famous for its pizza and pasta, Claret wine bar known for its fine range of wines and the fusion focused Cantaloupe popular for its three-course meal  here   with truffled poached egg , Troika Sky Dining is extremely popular with the trendy urbanites and the young generation. It easily blends in with the rest of the city’s industrial skyline courtesy its steel  and   glass structure.

 Best time: 12:00 – 15:00 and 18:00 – 23:00 (Strato); 16:00 – 01:00 (Claret); 18:30 – 22:30 (Cantaloupe Dining Room)
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Jalan Sultan Ismail
Jalan Sultan Ismail was once the key clubbing district of Kuala Lumpur. Today the nightlife in Jalan Sultan Ismail is restricted to a few nocturnal hangout spots which can be just a starting point for everyone who wishes to explore the nocturnal offerings of Kuala Lampur.

Location: Situated just a small stroll away from the Raja Chulan Monorail Station on a street lined up with a plethora of classy restaurants and cafes as well as the five-star luxury hotels such as ParkRoyal Kuala Lumpur, Sheraton Imperial Hotel, and Shangri-La Hotel.

Highlights: Of course there is a huge competition from the popular and happening locales like the Changkat Bukit Bintang and Bangsar there is still a range of activities as well as sights that one can enjoy in the nightlife scene of Jalan Sultan Ismail. Dip yourself in serenity by enjoying the breathtaking sunset views of Kuala Lumpur city with a class or two of champagne, cocktail or wine at the stylish rooftop bar located ahead of the iconic Hard Rock Café.

Best Time: Variable for different restaurants and bars
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Zouk KL

Zouk KL
Zouk Club is the leading night club in Malaysia. This party destination is situated in Kuala Lumpur which makes it so popular. The architecture of this night club has won the hearts of thousands of people who have visited this place. The music along with the ambience is very attractive which makes Zouk the top-rated night club.

Location: Zouk is located at 113 Jalan Ampang, Federal Territory, Kuala Lumpur 50450, Malaysia.

Highlights: Many famous personalities from Malaysia and around the globe have visited this place. The drinks & cuisine is amazing that has helped attract more audience in the recent past. Zouk has maintained a certain standard which makes it a flashy party destination.

Best Time: Zouk is open from 5pm-5am on Friday & Saturday. The timings are 5pm-3am on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Wednesdayand Thursday Zouk closes at 4 am.
Price: There are different entry charges at Zouk.
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The Rabbit Hole Restobar
The Rabbit Hole Restobar is designed and inspired to emulate the much famous fantasy narratives of Alice in Wonderland and The Chronicles of Narnia. It is known to be the most hip and classy nocturnal establishments.

Location: Set in a 3 storey pre-colonial building, Rabbit Hole Restobar is strategically located across the infamous street of the Changkat Bukit Bintang.

Highlights: Dissected into several distinct concept environments with a relaxed atmosphere, the entrance of the Rabbit Hole Restobar is a spacious al fresco dining area that is famous as The Bamboo Forest. Besides, the bar has as elevated stage for the comedy shows, live music and the stage performances. Open area of the restro bar is embellished with the wild bamboos and beautiful trees that keeps you away from the hustle bustle of the city.

Opening Hours: Sunday, Tuesday – Thursday 16:00 - 02:00, Friday & Saturday 16:00 – 03:00

Prices: Variable
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Little India or Brickfields
Little India or Brickfields is a completely different world than the places situated in its proximity like the Bangsar. Known as the Malaysia’s official Little India, it once used to be a small residential neighborhood just outside KL. Not too long ago, this residential town was metamorphosed into a wide street filled with Indian restaurants and stores that are run by the Indian community of the country. In the shops of Brickfields you can get everything from the traditional Indian clothes to spices, Bollywood movies, spices and local delicacies such as vadai, thosai and so much more. Ever since the transformation of Brickfields to Little India, it has become a major tourist spot not just for the Indian stuff found here but also because of its proximity to the KL Sentral station.

Location: Situated just outside the city center in Kaula Lampur.

Transport: To reach Brickfields you can take the KL monorail or the Putra LRT

Best Time: 10.00hrs to 21:00 hrs

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Butterfly Park Kuala Lumpur
Butterfly Park Kuala Lumpur is a secret paradise in where you can actually see the butterflies dancing nonchalantly in huge clumps of fern amidst the beautifully scented flowering vines and the colorful flowers.

Highlights: It is the largest butterfly garden in the entire world. Spread over the garden spanning over 80,000 sq ft it is a home to 5,000 live butterflies, butterfly-host plants and ferns and exotic plants. The other attractions in the Butterfly Park Kuala Lumpur are a museum filled with vivid collection of insects and the butterflies from across the world, Japanese koi fish, live insects, fresh water turtles.

Location: Butterfly Park Kuala Lumpur is located within the Lake Gardens area. It has the main entrance along the Jalan Cenderasari. Being present within the city limit of Kaula Lampur, the place is accessible and well connected by the road. Can be reached by bus, KTM Komuter and taxi.

Best Time: 9 AM -6 PM

Price: Adult RM20 and Child (2-11) RM10

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Sky Bar

Sky Bar
If you wish to visit the best rooftop bars in Kuala Lumpur, then Sky Bar is the perfect place to be. This particular party place is best known for its ambience and scenic setup. The visitors can view the Petronas Twin Towers from the cabana booths. Sky Bar has been lauded with a lot of awards like the Best Nightlife Experience, Expatriate Lifestyle Best of Malaysia 2013 and Best Bar, Pub or Club, Expatriate Lifestyle Best of Malaysia 2015.

Location: The exact location is Kuala Lumpur City Centre, 50088 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Highlights: One must make sure that, it requires the visitors to wear smart casuals which are known to be the unofficial dress code of Sky Bar. The drinks here are quite popular which makes Sky Bar a preferred destination.

Best Time: Sunday to Thursday timings are 10am-1am. Friday & Saturday the bar is open from 10am-3am.
Price: The price is not stated.
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Indoor Rock Climbing

Indoor Rock Climbing is widely popular among fitness enthusiasts but also benefit those who avert from outdoor rock climbing especially beginners. Indoor rock climbing arenas have different walls ranging from easy to difficult to suit the needs and skills of various people. Even children can take part in this activity so it is ideal for a family day out. Most places offer the guidance of an instructor and various safety measures are taken.

There are various arenas to access indoor rock climbing ranging from fully fledged gyms to rock climbing walls set up in many malls around Kuala Lumpur.

Price: Approximate price ranges from 100 MYR to 300 MYR depending onvarious offers like student discounts.

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KidZania Kuala Lumpur
KidZania is one of the biggest names in the world today, when it comes to empowering kids through interactive and entertaining indoor workshops. It has its presence in many countries including Kuala Lumpur.

– 3rd Kidzania in South East Asia and 11th in the world. Safety of kids is the primary focus here. The park is compatible for wheelchair bound children as well. Security personnel are available 24/7 to take care of kids.

– Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

– Children are trained to visit banks to withdraw money, control aircrafts during stormy climates, importance of hygiene, given opportunity to have a look at over 90 different career options to choose from.

– RM 35.10 per kid (2 to 3 years) and per adult; RM72 for kids aged between 4 and 17 and RM29.70 for senior citizens.

– Open from 10AM to 5PM from Sunday to Friday. Closed on Mondays.
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Bungee Jumping At Xtreme Park

Bungy jumping might not be for everyone, but if you’d like a taste of how it is, head over to Malaysia’s first permanent bungy jump attraction, right in the middle of Sunway Lagoon theme park. One of the main attractions in the Xtreme Park, the bungy jump here sees brave souls leaping from the world’s longest pedestrian suspension bridge. Jumpers need to be in between 35kg to 285kg, ten years of age or older, and get to choose either to be strapped the traditional way (at the ankles, with a body harness as a backup) or to be strapped at the waist. You can also opt to do the ‘wet touch’ (head touching the surface of the lake) or just the regular bungy jump.

Location: Bandar Sunway, Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Price: Approximate prices range from 120 MYR for an adult and 90 MYR for a child.

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Cameron Highlands Trails
If you are looking for some fantastic scenery when you undertake hiking, Cameron Highlands Trails is the place that you have to come to. With its pleasant climate and abundant greenery, it presents you some of the world’s best trekking trails.

Highlights – Cameron Highlands is the largest hill station in Malaysia and is known for its authentic mountain climate. The trails here are suitable only for professional trekkers as they are not maintained properly.

Facts – Cameron Highlands is filled with strawberry farms and tea plantations all along its trekking trails, so that tourists can stop and take some beautiful pictures. These trails are quite tough and tourists will have to find their own way out here. It takes around 2 hours to complete this trekking route.

Timings – December and January are cold and pleasant for trekking.

Climb fee – Mount Brinchang, which is the tallest peak (6666feet) can be accessed with a hiking guide for around RM120.

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Night life of Bangsar plays a host to a number trendy restobars, pubs, and cocktail lounges. Ideal for all the international visitors and the fashion-forward locals, it is particularly popular expat area. It is just the right alternative for those tired of the much over crowded bars and pubs in Changkat Bukit Bintang.

Location: Situated just a 10-minute drive from the city centre, a number of the nightlife hotspots of the street are present around the Jalan Telawi in Bangsar Baru. They are just walking distances from each other. About 10 minutes from the Jalan Telawi is Bangsar South which is a popular commercial hub known for hosting trendy eateries with impressive alcoholic offerings.

Highlights: The area is bustling with backpackers and late night revelers during the weekend. Some of the places to visit include Brotzeit Bier Bar & Restaurant, Eau De Vie Retail & Bar, Gravity Club Kuala Lumpur, Gridiron Sports Cafe & Lounge, La Bodega Lounge, Nexo Restaurant & Bar, Mezze Bistro & Lounge, among others.

Best Time: 11 PM – 3 AM
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to Boh Plantation
Boh Plantation is a must visit destination in Cameron Highlands due to its scenic vistas, harmony and tranquillity and last but not the least cool fresh pure breathable air. Founded in 1929 by J A Russel, the British Businessman, BOH plantation holds 3 major Tea gardens in Habu, the first one, the Fairly Tea Garden and the Sungai Palas Tea Garden. The tea products are not only sold and consumed within Malaysia but it has huge demand in International markets too. In a total of 8000 acres remain covered with tea plants and exploring it fully is an adventure in itself. However in Sungai Palas there is availability of tour guide who can help regarding tea leaves how tea is processed. The five steps of tea making are briefed in the tour of 30 minutes


Highlights: Process of tea making.

Location: Ringlet, Sangai, Palas and Habu

Timings: 9:00am to 4:30pm except Monday

Price: Entrance free
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Thompson Falls
An extraordinary scenic location, the Thompson Falls is a perfect place for all those nature lovers who love tranquillity, peacefulness and harmony in the ambience. Away from the city buzz and not much crowded this is an excellent location to take off the shoes and sleeve up the pants and immerse into the cold and refreshing waters. Located near Tanah rata, this place has enough attractions to explore. The refreshing waterfall surrounded by verdant greenery is a visual treat. The view from the top can be fetched by climbing the stairs and it’s more arresting. There are several local shops serving snacks and refreshments which make the location more happening. There are souvenir shops, handicraft shops etc for the interested visitors.

Highlights: Swimming at the cool pools

Location: near Tanah rata

Price: Free tour for all
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Jungle Trail
If the love is jungle hiking then Cameron Highlands provides the right stage for the adventure lovers. Amidst breathtaking scenic vistas the hiking enthusiasts can enjoy the hilly terrain which can be divided into various stages of difficulty. While some parts of the terrain can be compared to leisure walks, while some a little difficult and others a little strenuous too. Most of these tracks move through dense jungles and provide great sceneries to enjoy along with the view of misty mountains.

The jungle trail is divided in to 1 to 10 difficulty levels either in climbing Gunung Brinchang or maybe crossing Gunung Beremban. There are easy tracks available too which can be better confirmed from local guides. However it is advisable not to travel alone as some trails may get blocked in bad weather.
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Sam Poh Temple
Nestled at the back of the town at a small hill top, the Sam Poh Temple is the largest religious construction of the Cameron Highlands. Though primarily the temple is Buddhist in nature but one can find several brass statues of likewise religion inside. The greatest attraction of this temple is the Oriental architecture that designs the whole structure. Significant use of artefacts and designer construction are indeed admirable.


Built in 1972 it provides a fascinating view of the town from the top. The main statue of the temple is a giant Buddha structure . The temple being one of the prominent religious centre of the hill station, it remains quite crowded almost throughout the year. Highlights: The natural surroundings and the oriental architecture of the temple Location : near Brinchang Town
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Mossy Forest hike
The highest elevations of Cameron Highlands as well as other mountain ranges remains filled with forested areas and those areas are often referred as mossy forest. Since these high mountains strip moisture from the laden clouds they are claimed to be cloud forests or mossy forests. As a result as per the casual appearance all the forest trees are found to be dwarfed after proclaiming 10m tall. One can find large number of mosses, ferns liverworts, and fern allies, along with pitcher plants, rhododendrons and wild orchids in these forested areas. For the walking enthusiast and the hiking lovers this is an excellent opportunity to enjoy nature up close and in its most original form. Over viewing the misty mountains and midst of green vegetation it is a hike that sure pumps some blood in the lungs.

Location: Sungai, Palas Estate Road, Malaysia

Price: Free tour for all
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Taman Negara
One of the most adventurous and toughest activities in Taman Negara is trekking to Gunung Tahan. It is one of the best and most suitable activities for mentally and physically fit individuals.

The Taman Negara‘s hiking trail is regarded as one of the most tough and challenging trek route of Malaysia. For anyone who has enough courage to ascend and descent the mountains, camp for a few nights in the jungle, cross the rivers and undertake long distance trekking, this is going to be the best hiking experience you’ll ever encounter in your life span. Here you have a few optional routes to reach the Gunung Tahan. Ever since 1999, this route is open for general public. This route is getting really popular amongst the climbers these days.

Location: This classic trail is located about 53 km from Kuala Lumpur.

Timings: Can be hiked any time of the year.

Price: Depending upon the trail undertaken the Price is variable.
Sungai Relau – Gunung Tahan – Sungai Relau: From 225.00/pax.
Sungai Relau - Gunung Tahan - Kuala Tahan: From 235.00/pax
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Lavender Gardens
If the interest lies in scenic vistas, enjoying charismatic natural surroundings and enclosing the panoramic beauty in the form of pictures, then an ideal location to visit in Cameron Highlands is the Lavender gardens. Beautiful landscaped garden covered with purple haze lavender is a brilliant sight to admire. Though not very big but it has well paved pathways that gives an excellent view of the entire colourful scenic extravaganza. A leisure walk along the garden is a splendid way to spend some quality time with loved ones in midst the treasures of nature. Apart from nature display the garden provides enough entertainment for the visitors in the form of cafe, souvenir shops, games centre for the younger ones and mini bee history section which is quite popular.

Location: Tringkap, Malaysia

Timings: 9:00am to 6:00pm (Monday to Thursday), 9:00am to 7:00pm(Friday to Sunday)

Price: For adults RM5 and for kids RM3
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Honey Bee Farms
Considered as a novelty in Cameron Highlands, the honey bee farms are known for their production of delicious honey which is kept up for sale as well as displayed for the foreigners. There are three major honey bee firms present in Cameron highlands and they are located in Ringlet (Highlands Apiary Farm), Brinchang (Ee Feng Gu Bee Farm) and Tringkap (Cameron Tringkap Bee Farm).All these firms are a prime attraction for the travellers though each vary with the other in terms of size, capacity and honey production. The bee farms are open for the travellers to visit and there remains range of other attractions like vegetable farms, strawberry picking and interesting kid’s activities to entertain the visitors. There are souvenir shops too within the honey bee farms.

Highlights: gallery of bee nests and avid lush garden filled with unique and attractive flowers

Price: Free tour for all
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Big Red Strawberry Farm
A notable attraction in Cameron Highlands is the Big Red Strawberry Farm which is also known as Taman Agro Tourism Cameron Highlands. Indeed it is a magnificent place where onlookers can enjoy the scenic view and consider it as an one stop destination the farm and the garden, to relax, unwind and enjoy harmony. Located in the new Brinchang town it is near to the famous Cactus valley. The farm is famous for growing organic salad vegetables and fresh strawberries. The greatest attractions for the travellers to this stop is to hand pick fresh strawberries or enjoy some freshly made strawberry ice cream. The farm holds a large cafe serving delicious refreshments, a vegetable shop and product shop or a gift. There is a 200 car parking lot for people visiting with a car.

Highlights: Visit the beautiful tomato garden based within the premises.

Location: Brinchang

Timings: 8:30am to 5:30pm daily

Price: Free
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Markets are always a popular tourist destination in any location and the same is no different in Cameron Highlands too. There are two major types of market in this location the morning market which is popularly referred as Pasar Pagi and the night market which is majorly termed as pasar Malam. The two markets of the Cameron Highlands is located in two most prominent areas, the Kea Farm town and the Brinchang town.

The morning market is accessible in Kea farm from 8 in the morning every day. The night market on the other hand starts from 3pm in the evening in Brinchang and continues till late night. Almost all kinds of goods are available in both these markets starting from clothing to accessories, gift shops to household products, vegetable, fruits and even spices. Locals and travellers makes the markets quite crowded every day.

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Time Tunnel Museum
The Time Tunnel Museum is often considered as the “Local Museum” in Cameron Highlands, set up in 2007 by a young avid collector See Kok Shan. It is the first memorabilia museum of the country where the collection provides great details about the history and the culture of the Cameron Highlands. Since See Kok Shan belongs from this land only, he has a collection of his own and not purchased. There several sections in the museum which displays with pictures and models about lifestyle in the early years and how it has changed in course of time. In a nutshell it is a wonderful way to explore the rich history of Cameron Hioghlands and how the people of the land has changed them and accepted modern thinking to their benefit.

Location: In the heart of Brinchang town

Timings: 9:00am to 6:00pm

daily Price: For adults RM5 and for kids RM3
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Mah Meri Art Gallery
A prominent and quite interesting tourist destination is the Mah meri Art Gallery. The art gallery is a museum of unbelievable and fascinating wood carvings which is a private collection of beautiful handicraft work of the indigenous Mah Meri people of the Carey Island in Malaysia. The museum displays hundreds of statues, masks and sculptures out of mangrove hardwood. Being truly world class in terms of craftsmanship and quality they have received the greatest honour of Seal of Excellence by the UNESCO authorities. The sophisticated designs, the fine curvatures and the immense thoughtfulness is the essence of these great structures.

Location: Tanah Rata

Timing: 10:30am to 7:30pm

Price: For adults RM37 and for kids RM21
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Cactus Valley
One of the greatest attractions of Cameron Highlands is the Cactus Valley located in Pahang region. The valley boosts a wide collection of cactus plants of versatile origin and nature where some are as old as 60 years and still living. It has a good collection of plants and foliage which includes roses, calla lily impatiens, fuchsia, ananas, camellia, hibiscus, rhododendron, bird of paradise, glory bush, clivia miniata, peaches, hippeastrum, geranium, coleus and many others. Even various apple trees and passion fruits are also cultivated in this region. One of the interesting part of visiting this place is that all these versatile plants cultivated and stored here are available for sale too. The specimen are grown in pots and can be easily carried. The retail section at the valley does the entire sale.

Location: Brinchang

Timing: 8:00am to 6:00pm

Price: For adults RM4 and for kids RM2
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Rooftop Bars
Kuala Lampur is one vibrant, bustling city right from the sunrise to the sunset. To be able to actually appreciate Malaysia’s capital, you must get away from all the busy streets of the city to experience a whole new angle i.e. the rooftops situated here. Kuala Lumpur is a home to number of nocturnal hotspots from the cocktail lounges to the classy ristorantes that are situated atop the high-rise structures. Watch the sun set below the city horizon with a drink in hand, to unwind the beauty of the city.
3 Best Rooftop Bars:

Marini’s on 57 is an exquisite ristorante set on the 57th floor of Petronas Tower 3

Opening Hours: 17:00 – late Bar; 19:00 – late Restaurant; 15:00 – late Lounge

Sky Bar is a glamorous cocktail lounge on the 33rd floor of Traders Hotel KL.

Opening Hours: 10:00 – 01:00 Sunday – Thursday; 10:00 – 03:00 Friday & Saturday

Lunar Bar is located directly opposite the opposite Menara KL Tower that offers a 360 degree view of the city.

Opening Hours: 17:00 – 01:00 Monday; 17:00 – 03:00 Tuesday – Friday; 10:00 – 03:00 Saturday; 10:00 – 01:00
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Mount Batu Brinchang
Mount Batu Brinchang, also termed as Gunung Batu Brinchang is the highest mountain in the beautiful destination of Cameron Highlands which can be reached through car. Situated on the Perak Pahang border of Malaysia, the greatest attraction of this mount is that the summit of the same can be reached by a car ride through concrete roads.

There is a micro station present in the summit and the observation tower is the ideal place to savour the beauty of surrounding area. Infact the watch tower provides the best views of the pictorial Titiwangsa Mountains. The best way to reach the destination is through Brinchang town. Though car rides are available from the town one can also avail hiking route and enjoy trekking for 12kms which takes about 3 hours to reach the top. Even the trekking trail starts from Brinchang town only.
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Rootz Rooftop Bar
One word that describes the Rootz Rooftop Bar is Opulence. Rootz Rooftop Bar is a nightclub that promotes the idea of debonair drinking. Seen as the lavishly-conceived version of a Russian palace bar, the place is embellished with thick carpeting, velvet drapes as well as gold-gilded paintings of early 19th century.

Location: Nestled in the Lot 10 Shopping Centre, 50, Jalan Sultan Ismail. Despite being situated on the same road as the Hard Rock Cafe KL and Luna Bar (along Jalan Sultan Ismail), a visit to the Rootz Rooftop Bar is something that you’ll just not get anywhere else.

Highlights: The music policy of Rootz Rooftop Bar is R&B, house and remixed top 40 tunes. Together these make it a great nightclub for bringing out the dancer in you. Interiors of the Rootz Rooftop Bar look more like a baroque set of a movie on the life of Russian royalty courtesy its rustic color palette seen in all its furniture and fixtures.

Best Time: 22:00 – 03:00 Wednesday - Saturday

Prices: Depends on what you order
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National Mosque of Malaysia
The majestic, National Mosque of Malaysia is also referred to as the Masjid Negara. Built in 1965, it was constructed to mark the celebration of the Malaysia’s independence. Being, one of the South East Asia’s largest mosque, it can accommodate about 15,000 people. The key features of the mosque include a 73-metre-high minaret and a 16-pointed star concrete main roof. Even Non Muslims are welcomed to visit this beauty outside of the prayer time.

Highlights: One can go inside but it is necessary to be careful about the dress code nothing shorter than long pants is allowed in the premises of the mosque. Ladies must cover their shoulders appropriately. Mosque generously lends robes for the visitors who are inappropriately dressed. Sarongs to cover the head are also provided.

Location: The mosque is diagonally across the Kuala Lumpur railway station. There is a walway made underground that goes via Jalan Sultan Hishamuddin.

Best time: 06:30am - 01:00pm, 02:30pm - 04:00pm and 05:30pm - 07:00pm

Price: Entry is free

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Jalan Bukit Bintang
The variety for a pleasure filled night life in Jalan Bukit Bintang is endless. This street is best known for its after dark entertainment. Hosting a plethora of unique themed nights you can experience everything from games, live bands and the much latest sports matches. Be it the extensive drinks list, excellent food offerings, energetic ambience or the friendly service, everything is best suited to make you feel alive and active.

Highlights: Jalan Bukit Bintang’s nightlife caters to a diverse clientele. So, you can hear anything from a mix of Latin American, house, trance, funk, hip-hop, electro dance, techno to R&B tunes when you come out exploring the night life. The expansive Pavilion KL and Lot 10 shopping centres play host to a number of trendy gastro-pubs, bistros, award-winning cocktail lounges, karaoke centres, and rooftop nightclubs.

Best Time: Almost all the restaurants that adorn the street are equipped with a well-stocked bar that comes in a full swing by 21:00 till wee hours in the morning.
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Agro Technology Park in MARDI
One of the greatest attractions of Cameron Highlands, the Agro Technology Park in MARDI can be broadly divided into six major areas the Herb Garden, English Garden, Rose Garden, Orchid Garden, research centre and an information centre. The Latter sells some of the best souvenirs for the tourist to buy and one can find MARDI’s latest technological and publication details here. The greatest attraction is the collection of 40 varieties of roses, 100 citrus fruits, 10 varieties of strawberries, four significant types of apples, and many other versatile fruits. This is a 42 acre park which is known to have almost 100000 visitors every year. It is the brainchild of Malaysian Research and Development Institute (MARDI) and the oldest research centre of the country.

Location: in Tanah Rata

Timings: 8:00am to 12:30pm and 2:30pm to 5:00pm (Weekdays), 8:00 am to 5:00pm (Weekends)

Price: For adults RM5 and for kids RM3
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