Kandy Tourism, Srilanka 2020 (50 Tours & Activities)

Rated among the major cities of Sri Lanka, Kandy is a special city. Surrounded by dense forests and mountain ranges, acquiring a height of 500 meters from the sea level, the tourist plces in this town gives you a feeling that you are living in a modern valley. Nature supports this place immensely and makes it the city with a pleasant climate. A city with lakes and special landscapes is always a delight when you plan to spend some romantic evenings and playful late nights while mooning around.

Kandy has a rich historical background covering the major events of the medieval era and colonial era. Every square inch of this nicely planned town has a piece of Sri Lankan history to share with you. You can feel the pulse of royalty in some colonial architecture and feel the divine blessings while visiting a large temple where science meets religion and together they try to explain the complexity of life. The Colonial-era constructions left an imprint on various cities of the world, current generations term these imprints as "old world charms." While moving in the capacity of a tourist, Kandy gives you this opportunity to capture the old world charm where the ambiance of the city plays a pivotal role and transports you into the world where things were easier and more enjoyable. For many of you, it can also become a travel in time when you will visit this nice city that has a mystique associated with it.

If you wish to explore the evolution of a cityscape and witness that how historical factors contribute to it, then the town of Kandy is the right place for that. Check out the map of the city drawn in 1815 and visit the present city. You will understand the point that we are trying to make here, also about the tourist places in Kandy. The town of Kandy added a value to its legacy and never changed its roots for the sake of development. This one virtue makes this town worth a visit.

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Car was in a perfectly good condition and i explored each and every corner of Kandy.
On the way to Kandy from Colombo take a visit to see the Elephants. If your timing is right you see them having a bath in the river then cross the road back to the orphanage where they are feed and roam the grounds They appear well cared for and are checked for illness and treated.
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People Also Ask About Kandy

  1. Travel Advice

    • To travel to Kandy, you’ll need a visa. A visa for tourist to spend holidays in Sri Lanka can be easily availed online.

    • Keep away from touts here.

    • Water prone diseases like Dengue and Malaria are common here. Stay alert.

    • Carry with you a strong mosquito repellant.

    • Avoid visiting Kandy during the period of civil unrest.

    • Weather here is unpredictable. It can rain anytime and anywhere so carry extra layers of clothing.

    • Do not indulge in drugs here.

    • Never let anyone mislead or take advantage of you.

    • Travel in vehicles only once you have a fair idea of the fare that it takes to move from one destination to another. If that is not possible, opt for metered taxis or autos.

    • Do not photograph is places that restrict you for the same.

    • Never film or shoot videos without permissions.

    • Do not flash your valuables in public places.

    • Keep your valuables in room safe.

    • Make sure you have a copy of your license and passport with you.

    • Carry with you cash that is needed for your travel. There are ATMs everywhere, so make use of them.

    • Never practice nudity in any city of Sri Lanka.

    • Dress appropriately.

    • Learn few words from the local language to better communicate with the locals.

    • Drink only bottled mineral water.

    • Get comprehensive medical and travel insurance.

  2. Drinking Laws

    The legal age for drinking in Kandy is 21 years.
  3. Our Recommendations: What you can’t afford to miss?

    Ceylon Tea Museum

    This is a quintessential stop in your Sri Lankan tea tour. The museum is located about 4 km from Kandy towards the south. It houses the 1925 vintage Hantane Tea Factory. The museum was ignored for more than one decade however it was then restored and renovate by the Tea Board and the Planter’s Association of Sri Lanka. In the museum, you can find exhibits on the pioneers of the tea Thomas Lipton and James Taylor. There are also humongous appurtenances that relate to the art of tea processing. You can hire a knowledge guide to avail detailed information on this museum.

    Asgirriya Maha Vihara

    They key Buddhist complexes in Kandy hold a significant importance. This temple is said to be the headquarter of the main nikayas. There is a large reclining image of Buddha here.

    Malwaatte Maha Vihara

    Just like Ashirriya Maha Vihara, Malwaatte Maha Vihara also has a considerable importance. It is located across the lake that passes from the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic.

    Kandy Garrison Cemetery

    The Kandy Garrison Cemetry is situated just a short walk from the National Museum. It has more than 163 graves that have been in existence since the colonial era. This is also of the key reasons for the cemetery being an important tourist attraction in Kandy. Another reason why people visit this gloomy place is to see that most of the people who died where in their adolescence. Majority of these deaths were because of sunstrokes or jungle or elephant fever.

    National Museum

    It is believed that the National Museum once housed the Kandyan royal concubines. At present you can find several royal souvenirs that take you back to the pre European Sinhalese life. Several interesting artefacts and objects can be found here.

  4. What will you like there?

    Rich Cultural Experience

    One reason why travelers choose Kandy as their tourist place is because of its cultural attractions. The kings of Sri Lanka ruled the island for more than 2300 years. Kandy happened to be seat of the final kingdom before the collapse of British rule. Residues of the sites, buildings, and monuments built during this long rule can be found in different corners of the city.  

    The charm of Kandy

    Despite being the second largest city of the island, Kandy has very well retained its feel of a small town. The modest grid of the low lying streets which are flocked with the picturesque colonial era buildings have a certain archaic and countrified charm that takes you back to its roots. This very charm of Kandy makes it a pivotal place to see to in Sri Lanka.

    Sri Lanka’s centre for the arts, culture and religion

    Kandy’s colossal history of political independence propagate the multiple aspects of life in the city. It still remains a citadel of the Sinhalese religion and culture and is a home to one of the most glorified Buddhist temple of this island – Temple of the Tooth. Kandy is also the unprecedented art and craft capital of the island. You can find an array of palaces and temples that were built in the idiosyncratic Kandyan architectural style. Most temples here are embellished with murals as well as intricately caved pillars giving them an opulent look.  


    In Kandy, shopping can take several forms right from picking fruits from a traditional fruit shop to bargaining with a handicraft seller while sunbathing at the beach or shopping with the international brands in high-end malls of the city. There’s, of course, a lot in between. Don’t forget to shop at the Kandy City Center.


    You know what’s startling about Sri Lanka? It celebrates festivals, all year round. Festivals of Hindus, Christian, Muslims, and Buddhists are all celebrated here. So, visit Sri Lanka any time of the year and you have a festival to attend.


    Kandy looks every bit beautiful even during the rains. The grass and the surrounding trees look greener and the skies only get clearer after the rains.

    Ride an Elephant

    In Kandy, if you go to the local Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage, where riding, feeding and petting an elephant is an important thing to do.   

    Check the Spice Garden

    Another important thing to do is Kandy is checking out the spice garden. It is a guided tour where you can attain information on the different spices like cinnamon, aloe vera, etc.

  5. Recommended reads for destination (govt. websites, travel forum articles)?

    Website: Srilanka Tourism

  6. What is the best time to visit Kandy?

    Sri Lanka has a different pattern of the Monsoon when we compare it with rest of the South Asia. Based on this monsoon pattern we can derive three seasons of Kandy.

    • May To September

    This is the period of Yala Monsoon and heavy downpour can disrupt your plans, one should avoid this season.

    • October to November

    It is the period of Maha Monsoon in Sri Lanka, be ready for some rainy surprises and off-season discounts if you are visiting Kandy during this month.

    • December to April

    Skies are open and the weather is pleasant, these months are the best months when you can visit Kandy and enjoy every moment of your trip without any hindrance in this great climate.

  7. How to reach Kandy?

    International tourists are required to land at Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka. From there we have multiple choices to get an access to this town. Here you are required to cover a distance of 115 Kilometers and in general, it takes three to four hours.

    • Buses


    Private and state-owned transporters are conducting bus services after regular intervals. Most of these buses are inexpensive options, you can pick among AC and non-Ac buses.

    • Taxis

    Hire private taxis, if you are traveling alone then you can share mini buses and community taxies on a sharing basis.

    • Train

    A direct train from Colombo Railway station connects you with this town; you can enjoy this slow-paced journey marked with scenic views of lush greenery. 

  8. What things can I do in Kandy?

    Every sightseeing tour in Kandy is a tour of history where you get natural surroundings and other activities as bonus attached to them.

    • Stroll Around the Kandy Lake and ignite the romantic passion in you with every sunset.


    • Visit Sri Dalada Museum and other museums to explore the colonial jewels of the history.


    • Visit Ceylon tea museum and check the fountainhead of global tea industry how it started and flourished.


    • Shopping for souvenirs and clothes in local market
    • Trekking in adjacent hills and visit to Udawattakele Sanctuary and many more places.
  9. Which are some best resorts to stay in Kandy?

    The city of Kandy in itself is a nature’s resort inhabited in urban settings, the exotic resorts present in the city captures you in a bubble of natural pleasure where you can feel a detachment from the rest of the world.

    • Cinnamon Citadel Kandy Resort: a Regular resort with amenities where the backdrop of nature casts magic, rooms are great and gives you the feel to have proximity with nature.


    • Amaya Hills Kandy: Choose this place for a “Top of the Kandy” experience amidst the hills.


    • Santana Resort and Spa: An experience in itself, this resort is a place where you can soothe your senses like never before.


    • Nature Walk Resort: Feel the greenery and become a lush part of the green surroundings while staying at this resort.
  10. Which are the best places to experience local cuisine in Kandy?

    Sri Lankan cuisines offer you some seafood delights, the town of Kandy is a cosmopolitan town where you can enjoy local cuisines at some selected places.

    • White House Restaurant


    Travel down the street of Davon and visit this place for some amazing local cuisine in a romantic environment.


    • Sharon Inn

    A beautiful eating joint located next to the lake of Kandy, enjoy the buffet and fix your menu for the next few days by tasting various local food items.


    • The Kandy House


    House for Gourmet food, the freshness of ingredients in the foods will give you an out of this world experience.

  11. What are the best public transport modes to commute around Kandy?

    The connection between one part of the city to the other part and a having a look at the particular part of the city are two needs that a traveler counter during his stay.

    • Buses

    The city has a network of bus routes that can ferry you from one part to the other. Bus stops are shaded. Mingling with a local crowd can become unpleasant sometimes.

    • Taxis

    Bargain hard and find a path between two distant points of the city. Cabs are comfortable and timesaving.


    • Tuk Tuk


    Three wheelers are the best way to cover short distances, they are economic and fares are fixed. They are available during all parts of the day.

  12. What are the best places of shopping in Kandy?

    Kandy has a colorful culture, which has its roots in the colonial era and medieval era. This cultural heritage promotes local art and culture, there are many spots in the city where you can purchase some souvenirs and own these masterpieces.


    • Kandyan Art Association and Kandyan Cultural Centre


    Visit this place to capture the true colors of Sri Lankan fashion and local silk artistry. Explore a range of items that can be counted as antiques.


    • Kandy City Center


    Nice place to check the fusion of Sri Lankan tradition with current world fashion, you can also grab some art pieces here.


    • Waruna Antiques

    Check out this place for Buddhist artifacts and other insignia of Hinduism and Buddhism. 

  13. Which are some famous tea estates in Kandy?

    Tea estates of Sri Lanka offer education, history and an exquisite blend of teas. You can stay in these tea estates and enjoy morning and evening walk to re-energize you.

    • Geragama Tea Estate

    Capture the colonial history of tea plantation and discover its journey from a simple plant to a lucrative export item in this tea estate.


    • Hatale Tea Estate

    Hatale tea estate offers stay in tea estate bungalow, spend two days full of recreation and entertainment in this place designed for tourist.

  14. Which are the best trekking trails in Kandy?

    Dense forests, religious sites and mountains, the trekking trails of Kandy offer three delights to a tourist. Amazing waterfalls, lush greenery, and great architecture amidst nature are few highlighting points of most of the Trekking trails.

    • The Knuckles Mountain Range

    Capture five important peaks of this rich mountain range and visit a tea plantation village during the course of this trek. It is an easy trek and you can fix a difficulty level by changing the choice of peaks.

    • Belihul Oya

    Visit a zone of high biodiversity and capture the God of Nature in details while visiting this trek located at the junction point of wet zone and dry zone of Sri Lanka. An amazing experience if you have a love for flora and biodiversity.

  15. Which are some famous temples in Kandy?

    The temple of the tooth located in the heart of the city makes it a holy place. When we have a look at the religious tourism map of Sri Lanka then we find that Kandy holds a prime position there. The countryside of this country also has many temples belonging to Hinduism and Buddhism.

    • Gadaladeniya Raja Maha Viharaya, Kandy

    It is a cluster of temples located in a village; witness this jewel of history where you will discover that how temples can become central to the local economy and social practices in a village and a region.

    • Embekke Devale

    Witness the temple architecture at its best carved in wooden artifices. The stories behind every work of art will transport you into the world of folklore and allegories.

    • Lankatilake Viharya

    An advantage point to enjoy the panoramic vision of the locality hosts this temple; every corner of this temple is an ode to the Buddhist teaching about life.